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British pharmaceutical nutrition group

This important new contribution to safe clinical practice is designed to provide information and guidance to anyone responsible for administering medicines to patients with an enteral tube. It covers the types of tubes used and methods for flushing such tubes, as well as how to maintain or restore patency. Both causes and remedies remain elusive, and BPNG is developing a series of projects to investigate this and shed further light on both cause and solution.

We are exploring such questions as the possible link between the composition of the PN mixture and the frequency of occlusion, the length of treatment between blockages, and the success or otherwise of methods to remove occlusions from blocked lines. The second project aims to obtain information on the different types and sources of catheters employed in the administration of PN and again examines possible links between the type and nature of the line and the frequency of occlusion.

The third and most technically demanding project is to seek samples of blocked lines from hospitals in order to examine the nature and composition of the material causing the occlusion. Finally, we are planning to develop a laboratory model which aims to replicate the problem in the laboratory and then examine the effectiveness of different methods of removing the blockage, based on knowledge of actual and potential methods used in clinical practice.

Web advise service The group maintains a website, and members are encouraged to post any problems and queries they experience for comment and advice from other members. As an illustration of its value, recent examples include responses to a query concerning the consequences of adding acetate salts to PN mixtures, and the use of antibiotic and ethanol locks to treat and prevent line infections.

This is a major contribution to best practice in PN, and it also encourages more involvement by pharmacists in the delivery and management of PN services. Inline filters development and application The group has a long interest in the use of inline filters, and has previously published guidelines on their choice and application.

This is currently being reviewed, and updated recommendations are expected shortly. The executive committee is constantly reviewing the needs of its membership and so other current projects include the development of a supplementary prescribing pack for pharmacists, and a position paper which hopes to provide a valued comparison for the user of standard vs individualised PN feeds.

In conclusion, BPNG is highly active in supporting the profession. Our vision is for Nutrition Group to become an international partner to the health and nutrition market. We want Nutrition Group to lead in manufacturing across multiple disciplines, collaborating with our partners across the world.

We are confident we can reach this goal with the dedication of our team, and by providing the right infrastructure and environment. To achieve this mission, we must create high levels of trust with our partners and continue to build upon our reputation for reliability and quality. People are the foremost assets of the company and we are determined to create a place to work that is rewarding and fair.

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The British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group is a specialist interest group for all healthcare professionals interested in all aspects of pharmaceutical. BPNG (British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group). likes. The British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group (formerly the National TPN Group), founded in British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group. Being a member of the BPNG you will enjoy membership of ESPEN form a greatly reduced cost.