is epistane a steroid or prohormone

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Miami's independent source of local news and culture. Athletes and bodybuilders have been using steroids to increase muscle mass for a long time. Many men, particularly those who participate in sports or who are interested in bodybuilding, use steroids to achieve quick results. Many steroids are sold illegally and come with a slew of negative side effects. So, what are some other safe and legitimate alternatives to steroid abuse? Are you trying to bulk up or lose weight with a legal steroid? Researchers have recently created safe, and legal steroids that can be used daily with no negative side effects.

Is epistane a steroid or prohormone training 6 days a week on steroids

Is epistane a steroid or prohormone


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Many weightlifters, bodybuilders, Epistane is a Dihydrotestosterone DHT derivative. This compound was around back in but was never marketed for medical use. Fast forward to , and this designer steroid has popped up as a dietary supplement that is used by many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. This supplement is a prohormone based product containing Epistane.

You might also know it as 2,3- epithio methyl androstan ol or Havoc. A lot of prohormones got banned in when the Designer Steroid Control Act passed, including Epistane. There are still a few places that have prohormones for sale. In my opinion, these alternatives are almost as good as the good old RPN Havoc. The effects started kicking in after just one week. I ended up taking it for 4 weeks at 40mg per day and gained a significant amount of lean muscle mass.

It has a high anabolic activity which will result in dry lean muscle gains. It also makes you gain strength very fast. There are some alternatives like 1-Andro and 4-Andro which are still available. However, they do not have same effects as RPN Havoc has. Overall I was very pleased with the results. On the other hand, it will suppress your natural hormone levels and is liver toxic. However, this can be combatted really fast and efficient with products like Rebirth PCT and something like Tudca elite.

There are a few things you should know before starting an Epistane Cycle. First of all, it should not be used for more than 4 weeks because it is hepatoxic. Next up is the dosage. Based on anecdotal experiences, the sweet spot seems to be anywhere from 30 to 50mg. Also, do not stack Epi with other orals or prohormones. When running Epi you will also most likely require a Post Cycle Therapy to help restore your natural hormone levels.

Epistane does have side effects.