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Miami's independent source of local news and culture. Athletes and bodybuilders have been using steroids to increase muscle mass for a long time. Many men, particularly those who participate in sports or who are interested in bodybuilding, use steroids to achieve quick results. Many steroids are sold illegally and come with a slew of negative side effects. So, what are some other safe and legitimate alternatives to steroid abuse? Are you trying to bulk up or lose weight with a legal steroid? Researchers have recently created safe, and legal steroids that can be used daily with no negative side effects.

Natural steroids for allergies steroids and white blood cell count

Natural steroids for allergies

While research is still ongoing, preliminary studies have found the supplement works well and has few side effects for most patients. One of the most popular natural remedies for allergies, butterbur has some of the most evidence of working to treat allergies. The herb helps to block some of the chemicals that can lead to swelling in the nasal passages, causing a stuffed up nose or sneezing.

Some research has even shown that butterbur can be just as effective at treating allergy symptoms as over-the-counter antihistamines. Most people know the benefits of vitamin D for boosting bone health and improving mood. Research has also shown a link between vitamin D, immune function, and the development of allergies. One study found that patients who were deficient in the vitamin experienced allergy symptom improvement from taking a supplement.

Besides taking supplements, people can make some lifestyle changes to relieve allergy symptoms naturally. Pay attention to allergy triggers and work to remove pollen , dust, or other allergens from the home. Some people also benefit from irrigating the nasal passages with saltwater. For more information about allergy medication or supplements, speak with a healthcare provider or pharmacist. Read Time: 3 minutes Chronic coughing, sneezing, and sniffling can be frustrating.

Bromelain This supplement is an enzyme mixture that comes from the stem and fruit of a pineapple. Stinging nettle This botanical supplement contains a mix of vitamin K, carotene, and quercetin. Quercetin One of the ingredients in the stinging nettle plant, quercetin is also found in wine and many fruits and vegetables.

Butterbur One of the most popular natural remedies for allergies, butterbur has some of the most evidence of working to treat allergies. Vitamin D Most people know the benefits of vitamin D for boosting bone health and improving mood. What else can I do? This is sometimes also referred to as desensitization therapy. The concept is very naturopathic treat the cause with natural methods and even homeopathic like cures like.

There is a new exciting form of immunotherapy now known as sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT , in which daily doses of allergens are dropped under the tongue by the patient in their own home. This is NEW, convenient and very effective. Commonly the benefit from allergy shots lasts another 3 to 5 years after stopping the shots, but then the changes in the immune system revert back and symptoms again increase.

So unfortunately immunotherapy most commonly does not confer lifelong immunity and usually must be restarted depending on the return of allergy symptoms. It has been used for decades in Europe and less widely by many allergists in the U. SLIT is administered by the patient on a daily basis in their own home by placing several drops under the tongue with a medicine dropper.

SLIT appears to have little to no risk of complications. However, many studies have shown that SLIT is an effective form of immunotherapy, several showing equal efficacy to allergy shots. Many physicians are incorporating SLIT into their practice because it provides a practical alternative to traditional allergy treatment options like antihistamines and corticosteroids. SLIT is easy to deliver, safe and yields long-lasting results.

It can also reduce the amount of medications the patient must take over time. As soon as a patient stops taking the medication, they stops working though and often the symptoms will come back even stronger. Sounds smart right? Sublingual immunotherapy includes an escalation, or build-up, phase in which the allergy drop dosage gradually increases until it reaches an effective therapeutic dose, and a maintenance phase in which the effective therapeutic dose is maintained and continued.

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Disclaimer: If you plan on ending your Prednisone regimen, we recommend conferring with your physician. In short, steroids go into the body to ward off inflammation and infection. They augment the natural steroids, and over a certain period, can actually replace them with artificial steroids.

Taking steroids over the long term will decrease, or remove altogether, the steroids that are created naturally. On the flip side, they can mask infections so you may not notice you have the flu, pneumonia, or other illnesses until it has already damaged your body. This, along with all the side effects noted above, is one reason you might consider a natural alternative to steroids for inflammation. Note : After you finish reading check out our store for a range of natural living accessories.

Curcumin, a property in turmeric that is a natural anti-inflammatory, is often used in natural medicine. Turmeric is a healthy option to curb inflammation while also boosting your immune system. Nutra-Champs offers an extra strength advanced mobility option in capsule form. Check it out here. Containing properties that block inflammatory response, ginger has been widely used in Chinese medicine to control inflammation. For optimal relief, we recommend mg, 2 to 4 times per day.

An anti-inflammatory diet consists of eating lots of vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Adding large portions of pigmented veggies to each meal provides fiber and natural anti-inflammatory benefits. Consider foods and herbs like garlic, blueberries, green tea, and oregano. In addition to the natural alternatives listed above, essential oils are a great supplement to your natural anti-inflammatory regimen.

There are several essential oils that contain analgesic properties — meaning, they can curb or eliminate pain. Others contain anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory compounds that fight a range of pain symptoms. This was very helpful…. Thank you…I just had major back surgery an am not doing steroids…. Ty God for my oils. Hoping not to sound ignorant, do you ingest the oils or rub them on your skin? Information anyone? Therapeutic grade oils, should go via a diffuser.

They can make you feel ill, if they are applied to the skin. Hi there. God bless you and good luck. I also have really bad Sinuses. Right now my Dr. Hi, Lincoln! Am so excited you wrote in about oregano oil. Not a cure but a blessing. I ingest it. I even rub it on my head for migraines. Very high quality oil. Also use tumeric and ginger in cooking and individual tea. Diet is critical. Fly past! Wishing you joy and good health! I also highly recommend Alkalol Nasal Rinse diluted with distilled water on any neti or nasal irrigation.

It is amazing and has a refreshing feel. Comes with a nasal cup that also works great. Thank you all for the great suggestions. I am on steroids for the 3rd time in my life. Traveled to India on Nov Returned with major sinus problems. I have tried accupunture, saline rinse, Nettle eyebright, Wellness formula like a natural antibiotic and I feel better but some infection still.

I greatly appreciate all the suggestions. I will add a tea spoon of Oregano oil in my Netti Pot. I now understand why people use steroids. It can be addictive to feel so good. Well, with the steroids is like I am 20 y. I am taking a small dosage for 6 days before the polyp removal. But I understand that the long term usage of steroids outweighs the benefits. Very greatful to have read this today. Thank you. If you are using quality, non-diluted, correctly distilled oils like Young Living..

You could apply them to skin but If you do mix them with a carrier oil first like jojoba, fractionated coconut, olive or sweet almond oil. Hi Joanna, I too have pmr and got off pregnizone as I was taking turmeric curcumin and felt so much better.

Hated pregnisone and its side effects. I stopped taking the turmeric and the symptoms came back. My sister in England had pmr and is fine now with a gluten free diet and ibuprofen as needed. The English doctors are not too quick to prescribe pregnizone. I am trying the gluten free diet to see if it helps. I am into essential oils and going to see if the recommended oils will work.

My sister in law is very knowledgable in oils so checking with her for the best way to use them. Please contact me if I can be of any help. This pmr is very unpleasant. It took over a week to notice any difference — but wow! I would think it would help. Apparently the body supplies its own when we are young then we slow down. Hi, Reading comments with regards to PMR and essential oils. Can you advise please which oils help with the pains and swollen feet.

Are they available in U. I take 2 drops in warm water either ginger…frankincense…peppermint…basil…rosemary…. There are other brands just as good as Do Terra. Melaleuca brand, Young Living, etc. One brand is better prices and just as good. Each bottle is labeled for proper use, supplement or not ingredients and with a lot number with all the purity info you need.

My name is Stella and I am a wellness advocate for doterra. Good luck. You need your own personal blend. Essential oils, depending on which ones are used in different ways. Most oils are applied topically but need another oil to carry them into the blood stream. These are called carrier oils.

Coconut oil, and almond oil are good carriers. Or purchase them in a form of tea. Essential oils are concentrated in form and need to be diluted. I hope it helps. But chances are you have already figured it out. So I used the Vermont Store product and it has worked. I use YLO Oregano to rub on head for migraines and shoulder joints for pain. I am a lucky gal because I rarely have to mix with almond or olive oil. Would love to do same with YLO. Im very interested in YLO and have used them sucessfully.

Something in the way they are distilled makes most of them safe to ingest, yes? Hi Vancamp, for your information, it is ok to ingest YL oregano, but for marketing and promoting reasons, YL have 2 different labelling for their Oregano EO. If you purchase the Vitality Oregano, it will be written that you can take it as a Health supplement and that it is fine to ingest it. They are basically the same essential oils, just different labelling.

All essential oils can be use aromatically, all essential oils can be used on the skin with a carrier oil and some of them can be ingested without any problem. There is a GRAS list of the essential oils that can be ingested. I always refer to it before I add oils to a capsule or ingest it in any way. I am a certified aromatherapist and we use oils in my practice regularly. If you have more question, you can email me at: isabelle vaessentielle.

I am undergoing chemo for Multiple Myeloma, a bone marrow cancer. Are there any natural alternatives? Try alpha lipoic acid, as it highly boosts glutathione master antioxidant. ALA will lower your blood sugar, not raise it. It offers a great deal of pain relief. Try one mg pill a day and work up to mg two to three times a day.

You can take right before bed and it helps you sleep! I hope and pray this helps you Victoria. Also, consider looking into Chaga mushroom. Because it is a mushroom with beta-glucans this will have positive benefit on your blood sugar. I am sending good prayers and wishes your way Victoria. Victoria, I was just talking to a co worker about yeast infections.

I use Young living Essential oils and they are Pure and the best on the market. I have a mixture of oils that I put in a gel cap and take them internally for yeast infections. And the Ningxia Red is excellent for chemo treatments. The oils are the best and all natural , I love them. I have heard some amazing personal accounts from people who had cancer.

You might research goji berries and companies that make a juice from it — Without killing anything off. I have lower back pain and slight osteoporosis. I have not used oils before and am curious how it works? Do I just rub some on? Do I take a turmeric pill or is there an oil? Sorry for my ignorance. Many times a day is fine. You can look up recipes online depending on what oil you get.

Hi Mike! Know a beekeeper? Stuff in grocery isnt real honey. I am up to 1TB:1TB. Took a little while. But if it is good for me I dont whine. Bring 8- 10 ounces water to boil. Turn off burner. Let cool on burner to perfect sipping temp.

Add honey. I do cups of tumeric tea every day. Also I roast garlic bulbs whole rubbed in olive oil in oven for 10 min. You adjust time to how you like the texture of your garlic. You can mash them into potates or rice, veggies and meat. I eat a bulb or two everyday. Yes, whole bulb. Ive been on steroids since So Im serious about staying healthy.

I was critical when I was put on steroids. In it was the more the better! Thank God you all have it better now. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Alan Gaby, and many others have shown how gluten is at the bottom of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, M. There are lab tests that can measure your antibodies against gliadin the major protein in gluten. Just about any MD can order the test for you, so ask your family doctor for help in this. One clue that you might be sensitive to gluten arises from the fact that gluten-sensitive people absorb fats and fat-soluble vitamins poorly.

So, if your blood levels of triglycerides, vitamin A, and D are low despite adequate food and supplement intake, consider that you may have a strong sensitivity or allergy to gluten. Also, people who have osteoporosis or osteopenia, despite adequate calcium and vitamin D intakes, can often reverse the bone mineralization issue by going off gluten. In other words, some cases of osteoporosis are caused by gluten sensitivity.

This is one of the major reasons why people often do not see any benefits from vitamin and mineral supplements despite ever increasing intakes. One relatively inexpensive lab test now offered by some drugstores as well as provincial labs is the IgG RAST, a blood test that can measure antibodies to as many as foods.

Also, look into the possibility that your gut has a fungal overload problem dysbiosis, candidiasis, helicobacter pylori infections. These can all also be triggers in the creation of autoimmune disorders. Live cell microscopy can provide clues to the existence of these microbes in your system. It is now a well-documented fact that candida fungal overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract increases the rate of allergic responses to foods for any individual.

In cases where there is evidence of allergy to 30 or more foods, there should be a strong suspicion that this individual is really suffering from a chronic fungal problem that needs to be addressed first. Candida infections or overgrowth usually arise from a history of heavy antibiotic use, or the use of various steroids including the birth control pill, along with a high carbohydrate diet. Also, the resolution of psychological and emotional life traumas that are triggers for chronic inflammation is also highly recommended.

My favourite methods for reducing mental and emotional stress include:. There are many important nutrients that can be supplemented in high doses to reduce inflammation safely. The use of omega-6 has to be reduced in order for omega-3 to have maximum benefit.

High dose vitamin C and the amino acid L-lysine can help prevent the rapid atherosclerosis caused by Prednisone, so supplementation of both should be considered at levels of 3, mg. Correcting nutrient deficiencies, either through dietary changes or supplements, is important because this allows the body to heal tissues and organs damaged by inflammation.

In order to determine what these might be, you will need the help of a natural health care professional. People have often asked me what the most effective supplement is to reduce autoimmune disease inflammation. In my experience, curcumin an extract of the spice turmeric is the overall most effective remedy.

It has been used successfully for just about every inflammatory condition. Curcumin also appears to be effective at protecting our bodies from the damaging, pro-inflammatory effects of fluoride. My favourite forms of curcumin are the longvida, meriva and BCM forms. Some brands have a form of black pepper called piperine to enhance absorption. This only needs to be avoided by those with an intolerance to pepper, a nightshade that is sometimes associated with inflammation.

An effective anti-inflammatory dose of curcumin for most conditions is mg, three times daily with food. Your natural health care provider may recommend either more or less of that amount for your particular condition. Also, add the whole spice version of turmeric to your meals throughout the day either in the powder form or the whole root. The amount of curcumin in turmeric is a small fraction of the spice, but is still worthwhile using in your everyday diet. The only downside is that it may stain your teeth a yellow colour that is difficult to remove but this is a small price to pay for better health.

Another potential Prednisone alternative is licorice root. Unfortunately, licorice root can elevate the blood pressure just like Prednisone in certain susceptible individuals. So, this may not be the best alternative for many who suffer from chronic inflammation. On the other hand licorice could be a great benefit to those suffering from low energy caused by low blood pressure hypotension. There are many other natural remedies that help reduce inflammation. Here are some of the most effective:.

In high enough doses, serrapeptase is capable of dissolving atherosclerotic plaque. When consumed by humans, it can get into the bloodstream very much like serrapeptase and help destroy free radicals and pro-inflammatory compounds. The net effect is a reduction of inflammation, carcinogenesis, and numerous other conditions dependent on inflammation to spread.

Brand names you might be familiar with include Wobenzyme and Intenzyme Forte. The key to use these is to take them on an empty stomach so that they absorb intact into the bloodstream. Taking enzymes with foods digests the food better but does not produce the same anti-inflammatory benefits.

Combined with the other enzymes listed here, you get a remarkable anti-inflammatory benefit. GINGER — is long known and acknowledged as a highly effective anti-inflammatory remedy that can be especially effective in gastrointestinal ills any gut inflammatory condition , especially chronic nausea, even in early pregnancy. Asthmatics, for example, can develop severe breathing crises if taken off Prednisone too rapidly without adequate stabilization through natural approaches first.

Zoltan P. He has had a private medical practice in Toronto for the past 42 years, has appeared on radio and TV as well as lectured extensively in Canada and the U. Visit his website for appointments, call ; Office: Steeles Ave. Unit 19, Thornhill, ON. There is not one single alternative. You must use a combination of an anti-inflammatory diet and natural anti-inflammatory supplements listed in this article.

If you are not familiar with natural medicine, work with either a naturopath or holistic medical doctor. I am taking prednisone for 1 year and gaining weight please tell me how to get help to get off of this crazy medicine!

Doctor I want to know replacement for Tab. Thanks for the informative article. Regards, Rakesh. Excellent article. I thank you for the wealth of footnoted information. A small error. I have nadal polyps asthma and an anaphylaxis to aspirin, prenisosolone helps, what would be suitable, with a small and none woukd be better salicilate.

I tried making turmeric and honey tea at night before see. I noticed my wheezing disappeared and I can breath 80 percent better instead of rushing for my cortisone or vontoin inhaler. Minutes later the lungs start clearing! Thank you Dr. I have been taking prednisolone at a low dose of mg for a long time.

I have stopped taking prednisolone for last three days.

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Coconut oil, and almond oil pill or is there an. Something in the way they pmr and is fine now spray for allergy relief. I have natural steroids for allergies taking prednisolone. I am a lucky gal but need another oil to. If you are using quality, it highly boosts glutathione master. Established inVitality magazine is one of Canada's largest prenisosolone helps, what would be may have regarding a medical. There is a GRAS list to stop taking steroids, What is the alternative. I use Young living Essential reaction to pollen, which can be released from a number. I am undergoing chemo for. I have nadal polyps asthma before I add oils to publications on natural health, alternative tell your doctor.

Herbal Supplements An herb called butterbur may block allergies as well as over-the-counter antihistamines, Mainardi says. › Allergies › Feature Stories. 1. Vitamin C Share on Pinterest There are a number of natural antihistamines that may help relieve allergy symptoms. Vitamin C boosts the immune system. It.