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Miami's independent source of local news and culture. Athletes and bodybuilders have been using steroids to increase muscle mass for a long time. Many men, particularly those who participate in sports or who are interested in bodybuilding, use steroids to achieve quick results. Many steroids are sold illegally and come with a slew of negative side effects. So, what are some other safe and legitimate alternatives to steroid abuse? Are you trying to bulk up or lose weight with a legal steroid? Researchers have recently created safe, and legal steroids that can be used daily with no negative side effects.

Steroids for back pain dosage how much do epidural steroid injections cost

Steroids for back pain dosage


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Our dog is 35 pounds and 13 years old. Any ideas on length and dosage amount? Hey there, J Holt. Or, consider having your vet contact your friend for a recommendation. Best of luck! My 3 year old rottweiller typically around 80 pounds was lethargic. The vet said it was a miracle she was even able to walk into the vet. She has been diagnosed with anemia which they have no idea why. They ran tests, did bone marrow aspiration and found nothing, there was no signs of cancer. She had a transfusion and they put her on 30mg of prednisone twice daily.

Atopica mg in the morning and mg in the evening, Omprezmpole and plavix. She had bouts of vomiting and then diarrhea. She has lost 17 pounds and now cannot put weight on her back left leg. She had both knees done with TPLO. She has been on this prednisone dosage for a month and we cut it and it looks like we will continue to taper. Do you think we will be able to have her regain her muscle if we taper her off of everything?

Hey, Paul. As a fellow Rottie owner, you comment really tugged at my heart strings. We wish you the very best of luck and hope your gal is able to get back to her normal self. I took my 35 lb. The vet did an exam on her blood work included. He started at 20mg per day. But later that night he called me at home and said to up it to 30mg. Another blood test still no movement so the 5th month he upped it to 50mg a day.

Still no platelet movement. By this time my dog was this fat bloated hyper panting little dog. She had muscle atrophe…could barely function and he still wanted to increase the dosage. By this time my dog had developed diabetes and subsequently developed diabetic caused cataracts. So she is now blind and diabetic. All because of a vet that was incompetent in the administration of prednisone. So yes I have lived the horrors of prolonged high dose prednisone. My advice is before anyone agrees to prednisone treatment is to ask your vet if he is competent and get him to write out the procedure for your records.

FYI since Sept. And my little girl is a shadow of her former self. Hey, Craig. We wish you and your little gal the very best. Charlie is a chiweenie; he looks like a long almost chihuahua with an identity crisis. This said he is one of the sweetest , most adorable little guys around. He is almost 4 and developed severe food allergies just past his first birthday. He has been diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel disease. He is on a hydrolyzed vegetarian diet which has stabilized the vomiting.

He has been on prednisone for 2 years. He began with 1. He takes for his weight. Now he had to go onto thyroid medication for hypothyroidism. He is currently doing well now but it has been a difficult road for him. I have concerns regarding the long term use of prednisone. I am assuming at this point it is to late to remove it completely, now his thyroid issues. Just what can his life expectancy be while on an apparent lifetime maintenance dose.

IBS with diet and prednisone and now thyroid meds all in control for now. What is an average if anyone knows. Hey, Sharon. Your vet would probably be the best person to talk to about life expectancy, as there are just too many variables for us to venture a guess. Poor guy has been through a lot.

Give him some scritches for us! Hello my 1 year old female American Pit Bull named Bella is being treated for yeast infection in her ears. The 1st visit they put her on some type of ear drop. My girlfriend kept using the drops for another 1. When we went my poor baby girl had twice the yeast plus she had been having a reaction to the drops. Long story short they gave her prednisone to take.

I can tell her ears have gotten much better. Thank you in advance. I just want my baby back. Hey there, Grant. This is really something to discuss with your vet, as only he or she can help you determine whether there are any other options or whether the benefits of the prednisone are outweighing the drawbacks. Just level with your vet and inquire about other options.

My 12zyear old German Shepherd cross has been put on this corticosteroid for chronic diahorrea. It has cured this but she gets very hungry and drinks more. She also seems restless. Those are pretty common side effects, Stella. My pooch just completed a course about a month ago and she wanted to eat and drink all day long!

My miniture Yorkshire terrier was given prednicare to treat a cough. Within 4 days she died as what I believe was a bad reaction to this drug. She was not that bad beforehand she just had a cough. Ring your vet asap! So sorry to hear about your pooch, Karen! Unfortunately, a small percentage of dogs may react badly to any drug — just like humans. And we echo your sentiments: Anytime your dog acts strangely after starting a new medication, contact your vet at once.

Thanks for sharing your story. At 20 MG per day, down to 1, in a matter of two weeks he barely could walk. My 6 yr old Border Collie has been on Prednicare since he was 6 months old — Steroid Responsive Mengio Arteritis — I have been giving him various supplements to help with the side effects he experiences. He is now down to 1mg every other day which is good news but over the last few weeks he appears to be getting weaker. He has always loved exercising and doing Hoopers not showing signs of any problems at all just loving everything he does until just recently.

How can I help him and if this is the result of long term steroid use will he recover? HER total protein levels were Total protein at Hoping when we are off, her coat which has gotten thin and dry will return to its original shine. Other effects…. My little chihauhau has always has a tracheal cough but worsened o z trip to Florida. Seen in an Emergency care hospital where Dx collapsed trachea He was put on Prednilisone which will be completed tomorrow thank goodness!

He has experienced the usual, drinking more, periodically g more, GI upset, tired etc. My older Chihuahua had the same thing happen In which left him diabetic, blind within a month He passed away a year ago. I discussed my concerns about prednilisone with the Vet but she said the benefits out weighedthe risks. I do not like this drug but until something better is discovered for conditions of this nature, no choice. Will discuss with our Vet back home.

First if your dog had such a bad reaction from prednisolone or prendnisone it would have been from too high a dose and the adverse reaction that made your dog blind with other adverse reactions is more on the line of deathly reactions from rimadyl. If your dog has severe collapsing trachea, probably the best treatment would be a muscle relaxer plus hydrocodone syrup. My 11 year old German Shepherd was given Prednisone for possible lime disease which resulted in hind leg weakness.

I discontinued the prednisone and will contact the ve ton Monday. Any words of advice or encouragement that he will improve? Let me set the record straight. I used to raise German shepherds and Prednisone does not cause hind leg weakness.

Unfortunately, this is one of the flaws of the breed. I give one of my dogs Prednisone for hind leg and hip weakness. Now if you want something that will work, go online and buy protandim nrf2 for dogs. You can thank me later…. I have a close to lb pit bull who has had hind leg and hip issues since he was a pup.

We were told down the line he was going to have issues. He is now 10 years old and can barely get up at all. Or sit once he is up. His legs slide out from under him like he is loosing control. He has been on cosequin for years, and not working anymore. I recently added another supplement called Glyde. To early yet to see a difference i suppose but with your experience with larger dogs do you think prednisone will help him?

Just wanted to say, my dog also has hind leg weakness after being on Prednisone for almost 2 weeks….. How is your dog? I want to quit but I am afraid of the withdrawal. My dog has polyarthritits in front arm joint and also back leg. Has been on prednisone last two years taking anywhere from one a day to just one half for the past year along with gabepentin. The swelling has been huge and never changed so just added one more prednisone a day and giving him four drops of CBD oil twice a day. All of a sudden the swelling is going down.

Elaine king…are you saying that the CBD oil was what caused the improvement? Interested to know as my bulldog is on prednisone for low blood platelets; but I am the type that would much rather use natural alternatives when I can. Have looked up this oil, but so far have only found info by those trying to sell it.

Prednisone will slightly raise the white blood count and if you have low blood platelets then you should be giving wheat grass juice. This the most effective and proven solution to raising red blood platelets since it is almost all chlorophyll. This is absolutely a must for anyone on chemo or radiation treatment because it amazingly replenishes red blood platelets.

I take it and now grow it for me and other people after being cured of a blood disorder for others that are anemic or going through radiation treatment or chemo and it replenishes the blood cells that are killed off from those treatments. Tour normal blood count is 15 and the person that put me on to this had cancer and a blood count of 7, half of what it needs to be and was getting blood transfusions every month.

After seven months his blood count was back up to 15 and stopped the blood transfusions every month. You can buy powder make sure it is a good quality powder or get fresh squeezed juice from a health food store.

This is the single best thing you can take for your health. We are at end stage right now but we got two pretty good years! I highly recommend it! It literally happens FAST too…and the process of weaning off the drug are just as bad and I made the firm decision to do that and probably way to late. Hi What did your Jack Russell have? Mine has masticatory myositis and is currently on prednisone, we are also doing acupuncture in conjunction and the acupuncture has made a world of a difference. How long has your dog been on prednisone?

Early improvements within seven days were not significantly different between the two groups, occurring in seven of 21 patients in the dexamethasone group and four of 12 in the placebo group. In those subjects initially found to have radicular type pain on straight leg-raising, however, eight of 19 treated with dexamethasone, compared with only one of six in the placebo group, had diminished pain on straight leg raising repeated within seven days.

The limitations of this study include a small subject number, the use of additional analgesics, which may have obscured group differences, the clinical uncertainty of a radicular process in a significant number of subjects, and the loss of several patients to follow up after one year. In the setting of acute low back pain with radiculopathy , oral corticosteroids are typically prescribed in a quick tapering fashion over one week.

Multiple adverse effects have been associated with prolonged steroid use, including suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, immunosuppression, psuedotumor cerebri and psychoses, cataracts and increased intraocular pressure, osteoporosis, aseptic necrosis, gastric ulcers, fluid and electrolyte disturbances and hypertension, and impaired wound healing. The severity of these complications correlates with the dosage, duration of use, and the potency of the steroid prescribed.

The relationship between hypertensive side effects and the duration of therapy is also not very clear; steroids should be prescribed with greater caution in the elderly, in those individuals with known hypertension, and when compounds with greater mineralocorticoid properties are prescribed. As hyperglycemia is a well-known complication of corticosteroid use, oral steroids should be prescribed with caution in the diabetic population.

As potent anti-inflammatory agents, oral steroids represent a theoretically useful agent in the treatment of patients with radiculopathy due to local inflammation secondary to disc injury or herniation. While many adverse effects are associated with oral steroid use, these are more frequently encountered in the setting of prolonged administration. The effectiveness of oral steroids in the acute low back pain population remains unproven; further research in this area is needed.

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Written by Gerard Malanga, MD. Studies: Corticosteroids and Acute Low Back Pain Studies designed to investigate the use of oral steroids in the setting of acute low back pain are limited. You May Also Like Sciatica Exercises: 4 Stretches for Sciatica Pain.