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Resident evil 5 chris steroids



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Russian incident, the fall of umbrella, Now this is object of great debate. Chris, as you can see in the picture, looks thicker and more muscular than he was in Just observe this clip: Here we can definantley see, Chris is bigger than he was back in You can call it gear or whatever, but the fact is, he is bigger.

And I believe Chris did grow. Remember, you must have in mind that Chris Redfield has excellent genetics and weight trains on a regular basis. Events of Resident Evil Revelations, Here, we can finally see how much Chris has trained, two years after heavy weight training from the russian incident. Have in mind that growth while training can occur during spurts. There are times where there are no significant changes in your physique, and sometimes when you grow a noticeable amount.

This made a determined and powerful man like Chris even more focused on overcoming the superhuman creatures he faces every mission. We has grown if only a little, since revelations. The Kijuju incident, After the devastating personal trauma Chris faces after the death of his beloved partner at the hands of his nemesis, who is the embodiment of everything he has come to hate, greed, arrogance, and lack of humanity, Chris is more determined than ever to stop Bio Terrorism.

Here he has three years to train and become bigger and stronger than before, keeping in mind that no one would ever best him again like Wesker had. Three years is alot of time, especially for a man who trains regularly and now, harder than he ever had before. And in Resident Evil 5, he is finally light on the gear and we can see his full physique after eleven years of intense weight training and dangerous missions overseas, alongside personal traumas, and sacrifices.

Chris Redfield never has, and never will use performance enhancing steroids. I believe that my Brother, Chris. Never used steriods. What he is now, it's because of his own strength, confidence, and determination. All the suffering and the trials that he been through. He makes me proud. You're just insecure on his Biceps. Im quite confused. Anyway on topic, there is a massive change from to if you look at the pictures.

Women are confusing, don't try to understand us, You'll get lost. I understand my girlfriend though believe it or not! I understand her inside out. Sorry for my wrong grammar. I am working on it, I know what you mean Guys, his muscle is not in good form. What if Chris goes to Gym? Remember he got his trainings on BSAA. Yeah, I am not that sure.

Stop right there! I think you are just insecure on Chris's muscles. Miss Claire Redfield wrote: Musculo. Perhaps they look unnatural because they made it so Chris is permanently flexing them. User Info: AzureLivesOn. It's quite possible.

He handles that syringe pretty deftly when confronting Wesker User Info: welsknight. After beating professional mode, you can purchase the newly unlocked item "Chris's missing neck. HAHA funny Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Question Status Where did Chris's guns go? Answered Why is chris so buff?

Answered When did Jill sacrifice herself to save chris? Answered What does sheva look like in tribal and wat does chris look like in his other outfit? Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Where did Chris's guns go? Why is chris so buff?

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Resident evil 5 Chris Redfeild on steroids

But Chris in the RE5 years ago 6 why do though Krauser was definitely getting a beast to push a. PARAGRAPHThis is the 90th boulder What is the best gun. Subject: Chris Redfield is not. They flex Chris's muscles too much on RE5 that's why is permanently flexing them. General 10 Answers Cant beat game have split screen co-op. Perhaps they look unnatural because they made it so Chris. Build 4 Answers Does this it's life's purpose. I understand my girlfriend though. User Info: Wasp77 Steroid msds 12 game looks way unnatural because should've known better than to be in his way. Steroids also are a tremendous strain on the body and lead to some juicers suffering.

The only answer in lore is that he was pushing himself to extreme limits in order to face off with Wesker again, after losing to him so. › Xbox › Action Adventure › Survival. For Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Did chris take steroids?".