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Shark steroids

Sampling overlap between the two institutions occurred for 3 months of the year, but steroid concentrations were compared only for April due to the occurrence of sexual conflicts in the sharks at the National Aquarium in Baltimore in that month. For April, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone were significantly higher in the SeaWorld males, and progesterone was significantly higher in the National Aquarium in Baltimore males, while estradiol was not significantly different. Steroid levels were also determined from serial samples taken monthly over 17 months from three male sharks and one female shark at the National Aquarium in Baltimore in and were compared with corresponding observed sexual conflicts.

The steroid levels obtained showed distinct annual hormonal cycles in the male sharks and corroborated a biennial cycle for the single serially-sampled female shark. Furthermore, the steroid levels for individual males correlated with sexual conflicts as well as their position within the male dominance hierarchy. As this species is depleted in some regions globally, insight into the steroid profile of mature sand tiger sharks is important for a greater understanding of the relationship between their reproductive physiology and behavior, and may aid in captive management and reproduction.

In contrast, hormones such as A4 and OHP could be related to sex differentiation in male embryos of U. This progestogen has been quantified in plasma and testis of S. Two papers 3. This could be related to the synthesis of E2 and KT, although this process remains unclear.

However, this study was purely technical, focusing on hormone detection without any biological inferences. However, there is no evidence to date to support the functions of 17P5 in chondrichthyans. This steroid was at higher levels before the gestation period of T.

In contrast, levels of E1 and androstenedione A4 were only detected in the histotroph of early and mid-term pregnant females of U. This could suggest a transfer of energy and substances for the development of these species; however, evidence about these mechanisms remains scarce. This oestrogen has been quantified in plasma and histotroph of U. From the reviewed literature, four papers 6. In chondrichthyan females, E2 has been linked to the synthesis of vitellogenin in the liver Prisco et al.

An increase of E2 has been related to the secretion of histotroph in the uterus of batoids Snelson et al. In recent years, it was suggested that E2 and T could play an important role in sexual differentiation of batoids such as U. From the reviewed literature, a total of 49 papers In female batoids, E3 was more abundant in immature individuals compared to mature individuals of T.

In a recent study, this steroid was postulated to influence sex differentiation along with E2, as it was detected in the early development of female-only litters of U. This oestrogen was quantified in the plasma and histotroph of U. From the reviewed literature, only two papers 3. The concentrations of E where consistently lower than F , with a decrease of these steroids from immaturity to gestation in the analysed females.

In contrast, the concentrations of CORT increased. An increase in CORT levels was linked to sexual development and mating in males of elasmobranch species such as Negaprion brevirostris , S. In females of S. However, this pattern was not observed in females of H.

From the reviewed literature, five papers 8. This glucocorticoid has been analysed in the plasma of T. Although S was recently detected during pregnancy in plasma and histotroph of U. In elasmobranchs, DOC was detected during different maturity stages in T. In the case of male sharks, DOC was suggested as a protein-bound component of seminal plasma in S.

DOC has been detected in semen of S. Three papers included DOC in their analysis, which constitutes 5. In chondrichthyans, DHC was first detected in late term females of the round stingray U. However, the concentrations were found below the limit of quantification. Nevertheless, the scientific research related to this topic is scarce and there is no evidence of its effects on chondrichthyan metabolism and reproduction. General models illustrating the function of steroid hormones in male and female chondrichthyans are provided in Figs.

These theoretical diagrams summarise the observations made to date in all the analysed species and can highly differ between taxa. In this regard, considerations for each reproductive strategy, embryonic nutrition and species should be cautiously considered since research in most of the hormones is currently insufficient. A brief summary of the effects of steroid hormones during each biological phenomenon are mentioned below.

Overall, male chondrichthyan steroidogenesis is initiated in the testis by the action of the luteinizing hormone LH and follicle-stimulating hormone FSH produced in the pituitary gland on the Sertoli and Leydig cells Fig. During sexual maturation and the beginning of each reproductive cycle in mature specimens, the effect of E2 on the liver favours the synthesis of vitellogenin, which is essential for oocyte development Prisco et al.

After mating, the action of CORT and KA4 allows sperm storage in preparation for conception and synthesis of a tertiary membrane. This structure becomes the egg case in oviparous species or a protective membrane in viviparous embryos Hamlett, As previously mentioned, all these effects would change according to the species. In the case of histotrophic batoids, a rise in E2 affects the ciliated cells in the uterus for the synthesis of the histotroph Snelson et al.

The oviposition or the birth of the pups likely stimulates an increase in DHT levels that could act as a negative feedback for the synthesis of gonadotropin-releasing hormone Fig. Due to their importance in reproduction, these hormones have been described in many of the studied species Table 3. However, the detection, quantification and analysis of other steroid hormones is considerably limited in chondrichthyan literature. The lack of a reliable characterisation of the chondrichthyan reproductive cycle through hormonal profiles is likely related to the limited number of studies reporting on these other steroid hormones Anderson et al.

The analysis of E2, T and P4 can provide substantial information regarding reproduction. As mentioned by several authors such as Anderson et al. Scientific research of endocrinology in chondrichthyans has increased since the s Fig. For instance, only seven articles were published between and , constituting an average of 0. During —, the species of sharks with the greatest number of hormones analysed were S.

In the case of batoids, a total of 10 and 13 steroids were detected for T. The spotted ratfish H. The scientific research on steroid hormones and their functions in the reproduction of chondrichthyans is mainly based on a selected number of species used as biological models. This is highly related to high quality facilities, available research instrumentation and supplies, as well as financial support for the development of science, all of which are not frequently provided in developing or non-developed countries.

The rest of the scientific effort The latter is the only country that has explored steroid hormones in the reproduction of elasmobranchs in South America. Regrettably, research is noticeably lacking in areas with a high biodiversity of chondrichthyans such as the Caribbean and Red Sea, the Eastern Tropical Pacific, the Indo Pacific Ocean, the polar seas and nearly the entire coast of Africa Fig. Considering the ecological richness of chondrichthyans, the analysis of additional species from different habitats could lead to a better understanding of the function of steroid hormones on the biology of sharks, rays and chimaeras.

This would in turn benefit the reproductive assessment of commercial and protected species. The study of steroid hormones could become increasingly relevant for the science-based management and conservation of marine wildlife such as chondrichthyans.

In recent decades, there has been an increase in the protection of sharks and rays worldwide, as well as of the habitats where they feed or reproduce Maestro et al. The holistic science-based approach to the creation of marine protected areas should include the study of the reproductive biology of the species present in these ecosystems.

This would benefit from steroid analyses, along with other methods such as ultrasounds and morphometrics for the biological monitoring of protected populations in critical habitats such as nursery areas Anderson et al. Steroid hormone analyses with traditional methodologies requiring dead specimens will allow the generation of baselines, particularly for the characterisation of steroid profiles throughout the reproductive cycle in the different strategies found in chondrichthyans Prohaska et al.

Analyses of sex steroids besides E2, T and P4 are highly needed to bring to fruition all the benefits that hormonal investigation can provide to the field. In the reviewed literature, the effects of steroid hormones on the reproductive biology of chondrichthyans were discussed according to sex and embryonic nutrition.

However, most of these studies analysed three sex steroids and only a few publications detected and quantified more than such number. This can be partially explained by the limitation in tissue mass, financial support, available antibodies, and methods for the simultaneous analysis of a larger quantity of hormones using the same biopsy. Systematic research using captive model species under controlled environments can clarify the function of E2, T and P4 on specific biological phenomena, while the combination of methods could provide relevant insights of the role of other steroid hormones during such reproductive processes.

Although the obtained information is highly valuable for present and future comparisons, the potential bias in terms of cross reactivity should be considered Nozu et al. In this regard, the presence of metabolites interacting with antibodies during immunoassays should be analysed in future studies, since most of the research used blood with no consideration of metabolic waste and pollutants that could be present in the bloodstream of these taxa.

The use of sensitive physical-based separation techniques that can simultaneously detect multiple steroid hormones and their metabolites in tissues other than blood, has proved to be useful in other groups of vulnerable species such as cetaceans Boggs et al. The study of hormone panels from small samples obtained by non-lethal collection using validated physical-based separation methodologies, could greatly benefit the scientific monitoring and protection of vulnerable species.

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Please enable Javascript to view PeerJ. Twitter Facebook Email. Share Twitter Facebook Email. Steroid hormones and chondrichthyan reproduction: physiological functions, scientific research, and implications for conservation. View article. Biodiversity and Conservation. October 1, Minor Corrections: The authors have noted the following errors: In Table 2, there are two errors in the "Lethality" column.

For Awruch et al. Similarly, for Sueiro et al. In the third paragraph of page 11 of the published PDF, this sentence: "The sample mass required for the extraction of hormones in tissues like blood, gonad, histotroph and yolk usually entailed the use of a lethal methodology in Identification of essential habitats: Including chimaeras into current shark protected areas.

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 29 6 , DOI The adult dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula L. Journal of endocrinology, 3 , Stage-dependent modulation of Sertoli cell steroid production in dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula. Reproduction, 97 1 , Introduction In recent decades, the study of hormones has greatly advanced our understanding of the reproductive biology of vertebrates.

Survey Methodology Literature related to steroid hormones in the reproduction of chondrichthyans was obtained from several sources including Google Scholar, Web of Science, university and research centre websites, as well as scientific journal libraries using key words such as steroid, hormone, reproduction, and shark, ray or chimaera. Analysed species Reproductive steroid hormones analyses were reported in a total of 34 chondrichthyans, including 21 sharks, 12 batoids and one chimaeriform Table 1.

Download full-size image. DOI: Table 1: Chondrichthyan species subject to steroid hormones and reproduction analyses during — Table 2: Scientific research regarding steroid hormones in chondrichthyan reproduction during — Table 3: Steroid hormones analysed for the study of chondrichthyan reproduction during — Table 4: Steroid hormones analysed per chondrichthyan species during — Extraction methods as mentioned in the reviewed scientific literature regarding steroid hormones and chondrichthyan reproduction.

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Bibcode : PNAS.. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Gulf War and Health. National Academies Press. ISBN Clinical and Vaccine Immunology. Government Accountability Office. March Archived from the original PDF on 27 February National Public Radio. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. Dale 20 April ACS Central Science. International Journal of Toxicology. S2CID Journal of Forensic Sciences.

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Serum Concentrations of Steroid Hormones in the Mature Male Bonnethead Shark,Sphyrna tiburo General and Comparative Endocrinology, (3). The bonnethead shark Sphyrna tiburo reproduces by placental viviparity with one of the shortest gestation periods ( months) known in sharks. Levels of reproductively-related steroids were determined in captive male sand tiger sharks, Carcharias taurus, maintained at two institutions: SeaWorld.