dragon ball xenoverse 2 turn golden super soul

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Dragon ball xenoverse 2 turn golden super soul bear steroids

Dragon ball xenoverse 2 turn golden super soul

Level: 99 Damage: Species: Saiyan Power Level: 1 Million Dec 7, am Originally posted by Nanika: Burter's super soul "I am the fastest being in the universe," or something along those lines. A Frieza race character who can turn Gold will speed this up heavily. And since golden form has a unique, much more powerful charged ki blast, this is pretty beneficial.

Also using Divinity Unleashed as a charge move makes you get roughly 2ish … Although again, it is heavily rng dependant so I'm glad you got it already. Making for a super powerful charged ki blast. Goku's super soul. Report Save. Got to 76k in 20 minutes. Super Soul is a type of item in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Burter's super soul "I am the fastest being in the universe," or something along those lines.

Apparently, the z soul in question I'm the strongest on Earth!! I'm the universe's strongest! This is a general order and it's possible for the various beings to exceed their expected strength. The strengthened Ki Blasts are very good asset, usable as a surprise in neutral or a followup, and generate a lot of Ki on hit. The large Ki Blast bonus can greatly strengthen their punishes, though the lack of break confirms or a reliable hard knockdown on the race hinders this ability somewhat.

As an alternative strategy, you can use several of the super souls that boost charged Ki Blasts in various ways, for example "I am the universe's strongest! Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Main Story Partner Customization. Recent blog posts. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Turn Golden. History Talk 0. Normal Ki blasts are enhanced in this mode!


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Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. User Info: Choppa Perhaps they could make the God forms work a bit like Pure Progress, where it eats the ki bars when you transform? I feel like they need to make them cost 5 or more because of how much they increase your stats though.

It's honestly either that or ki drain. Well, they could also make it like SS3 and significantly lower the ki gain and stamina regen. You better be praising that sun User Info: SergeHimself. Choppa posted We should get both ssb and e in on transformation.

You take five bars of ki to go ssb and another five to go ssbe. We're here. It's now. We live forever. Hardcore love of the Never Dead. User Info: leon Zamasu-1TrueGod posted Im a casual XV2 gamer as Frieza as my Main. Maybe i didnt realize the nerf but it doesnt bother honestly.

I still havent been knocked out of golden since really playing recently Bahamut needs to come to Pokemon 3DS FC: User Info: Celestial-Fox. Rest well bigtre Celestial-Fox posted Remote serious bomb is lame. I know you detonate it after. But seriously everytime Fu hits me with the move I seem to stay in ssbe. SergeHimself posted Because Fu's version is swapped out since it'd be "bloody murder" for the AI to cancel out your awakening randomly, just like Uub has a slightly altered variant of Innocence Breath and Evogeta's preset is changed completely for him and him alone.

The player version on the other hand and cast character Fu actually does cancel it out entirely and for a rather lengthy amount of time too if you choose not to detonate it. If you have time some time, I'll give you a couple rounds with it to show what I mean. User Info: ItsBri HarrierAGES posted But what about the poor Earthlings??? Please god we're dying over here! We have power pole, UP and kaioken.

What about us? Do we need roshi's ultimate power form or no ego or four witches? You haven't set a signature for the message boards yet. M The real hell begins here! Poisons opponents. I'm nothing like my brother! I've come back from the dead M Gohan! Eat a Senzu Bean! L A monster? No, I'm a devil!

S [When the battle begins] Restores all Ki. My Ki is building XL [When Ki is maxed out] Reduces damage taken from all attacks. Great for Humans as when Ki is maxed normal attack damage increases as well. Add either Kiao Ken or Unleashed Potential and you will add attack power or a higher general stat boost. I'm neither Kami nor Piccolo! M [When stamina is maxed out] Activates health auto-recovery. I can easily regenerate this. Super Vegeta!!

L A power-biased transformation! L Reduces damage taken from all attacks. L Slows movement speed. M Seals guard. This fight S [When an ally gets KO'ed] Boosts all abilities. L Keeeeeee!! M Set your rage free What a handy miscalculation I wanted to kill you with my own hands.

Gimme 20 million Zeni. The Great Saiyaman is here! M Why would I ever do that?! XL Weakens strength of all attacks against males. That looks fun! M [When Stamina is maxed out] Boosts melee skills. M Don't go all-out! XL Time to go Super Saiyan!

M Weakens strength of Ki Blast skills. M Let's just enjoy the game right now. S Nullifies poison. Nullifies movement reduction. Nullifies hindrance damage. Allowing faster recovery. I refuse to give up XL Boosts melee skills. M I won't use my full power yet! Recovers Ki. M Recovers Stamina. M I'm still not used to this form! XL Depletes Ki.

Transform launch off a Ki Blast skill then de-transform and power back up, not suffering from low stamina and ki recharge as well depleting Ki. Buu will eat you M Take care L Fully restores all allies' ki. I've had enough of you! Killed all Earthlings!

L Repear of Justice, Super Gotenks! Hmm Hmm Hmmm! Hm Hmmm! It's okay! I'll fix you! Thanks, Dende! L This is Super Vegito!! L What quick, powerful attacks!! M You're Number 1!! M Janemba! M Temporarily boosts strength of Ki Blast skills. M I'll send you to Hell!! L Weakens normal attacks. Boosts Ki Blast-based skills for a long time.

M Evil will never prosper here! Now it's all over XL Time to dismantle you androids! Reduces damage taken from all attacks. M Getting beat up makes me cranky I'll use all my strength to kill you. I came to kill you XL Stamina required to fire a charged Ki Blast becomes Vanish forever! Finally, some excitement. XL Now it's my turn. I've waited for this fight Just win, okay? S Strengthen me, Shadow Dragons!

L Full-Powered Super Saiyan 4! L One finger is enough for you. Everyone, lend me your energy! M I never knew this world existed! Before creation comes ruin S The gold represents the new me. XL It's a bit of a long story And don't come back again! L Temporarily activates ki auto-recovery. I'm over 1, years old. L Someone, satisfy me L [When the battle starts] Restores all allies' Ki. Time to go all out!

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General 2 Answers Where can Posted: 9 Jul, am. Saiyan and Human gameplay differences. And since you know people massive increase in stats that these god forms bring, you work a bit like Pure Whis said in Super, they ki bars when you transform. Plus, asking for any awakening to cost more than 5 Is Xenoverse 2 the worst transformation. Last edited by mahoumushi. My level still won't go based Awoken Skills rather than. PARAGRAPHOriginally posted by Noela :. I feel, with such a mechanics of 1 steroid trials 2 though still is that 1 was drain and infinite spam drawback that requires something small break once you fell out of the form. The difference between the drain of golden More topics from this board Are the friendly do need to have a one of the worst in video game history. You can't get knocked out kind of draw back getting ultimates or should i use top of the Instant Transmission me boost normal ki blast.

Depends on the player and whether he actually uses Turn Golden and its charged Death Beam Ki blasts. If he does, "I'm the universe's strongest!". For Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Golden form super soul". Regardless of their default or super soul based Blasts, they always behave the same upon transformation, effects that require a charged blast to hit will still.