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Dragon chinese golden valley nv


They are nice, fast, and food is good. Never had any issues. Order a Chefs Special Dinner. PoPo tray is great. Our family of nine had a really nice dinner to celebrate my wifes birthday. The food was very good and the staff members were all very nice. There are not many food choices in the north valleys ,but we like to stay close to home. The food is good and reasonably priced, but every now and then it's a little off.

So you never know until they bring your food. Service is Its fast, but for a family ran restaurant the workers are not overly friendly! This place has been here for a long time. I I moved here in I really wish they would do some updating on the inside of the restaurant! They need to replace the dirty carpet and maybe paint and clean a little better in the restroom and dining area.

The front doors could use a good cleaning too, after all, they are what welcomes the guest to their restaurant and the customers first impression!. I am not a clean freak by any means! Its just that when I go out to eat, I like to dine in a clean relaxing environment not somewhere that has a dirty and dingy dining room, because it makes me wonder how clean their kitchen is?.

Our school staff are very please everytime we order our Chinese food at Twin Dragons. Elizabeth the owner has been going over and beyond to serve her customers. If you are craving for Chinese food we highly recommend this restaurant. We come here every so often because it is convenient. We decided to stop in on Thursday night about 7pm. It was not very busy, a few other tables were occupied. The menu is The food is good not the best, service is fast and the prices are very reasonable.

It's a good option in the area! We have gone here a few dozen times. They are pretty consistent with the taste and their prices are reasonable. If you are ordering the egg fu yung to go, request it in a flat box otherwise they stuff it all in one of those Chinese boxes. Their wor wonton soup is very good. The rating is between average and good. We opted to give them very good. As always the food is excellent and well as the service. We were seated right away and got our hot tea and water within 2 minutes of being seated.

As we were eating a woman approached a waitress and said that the bathroom had no soap. The waitress could barely comprehend what the woman was telling her. Last time we ate there. Last night my son brought me Chinese, the rice as too wet but since I like mushrooms, I ate the glop.

Today I spent most of the day in the bathroom. Learn it the hard way or more likely the soft way and discover what a health hazard this dump is. A nearby resident suggested we try this restaurant. It was quite good, not phenomenal. The portions were very generous. There was plenty of sweet and sour chicken, but only four of the shrimp in my shrimp choice I would return, but not go out of my way to get there.

We've only been inside the restaurant to eat a couple times but for many, many years, we've ordered food for take out. Our recent order was sadly one of our worst experiences; it just was not a tasty batch of food! We ordered numerous items The shrimp in the house rice and noodle dish were very small and considerably overcooked and overall, the quality of all the dishes just was not there!

This happens every once in a while and we stop ordering from them but since there aren't many restaurant options in the North Valleys, we eventually try them again and sometimes we're pleasantly surprised. On the plus, they have always gotten our orders right, never giving us the wrong food or forgetting something! Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Skip to main content. Sign in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

Twin Dragon, Reno. See all restaurants in Reno. Twin Dragon Unclaimed. All photos 6. Ratings and reviews 3. Is this restaurant good for brunch? Yes No Unsure. Sliced beef sauteed with orange peels in hot pepper sauce. Sliced tenderloin beef sauteed with green onions.

Sliced beef with green pepper and onions in brown sauce. Shredded beef sauteed with chopped green onions in hot chili sauce, garnished with fresh lettuce. Finely shredded beef fried with shredded carrots and celery in hot chili sauce. Sliced beef sauteed with green peppers, carrots and onions in strong curry powder. With beef, chicken and shrimp. Noodles pan fried to crispy, then topped with beef, chicken, shrim, pand vegetables.

Stir fried with peanuts, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots in hot pepper sauce. Cooked in house special sauce, served in potato nest. New York strip sirloin, broiled to order, thickly slicedand served with Chinese vegetables on a sizzling platter. Served with 4 pancakes.

Served with pancakes. Fried in egg batter, then sauteed with chopped onion and mushrooms in chef's house special sauce. Beef and scallops. Tender chicken breast, lightly batteredand deep fried, then topped with our homemade lemon sauce. Woodears and water chestnuts, simmered in hot spicy garlic and ginger sauce. Deep fried chicken and shrimp sauteed with vegetables in special sweet and sour sauce. Filet of fish, lightly batteredand deep fried, then topped with our homemade lemon sauce.

Shrimp and scallops. Sliced beef, chicken or shrimp deep fried in egg batter then stir fried with sophisticated spicy brown sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Served in a bed of crispy noodles. A dish you will remember. Deep fried in batter, then stirred with vegs in sweet and sour sauce. Perfect combination for sweet and sour lovers. Chicken and vegetables in light sauce with shrimp in red tomato sauce. Shrimp scallops and crab meat. Beef and shrimp. Please order 24 hours in advance.

Crispy skin peeled off and served separate, followed by the tender meat. Served with homemade. Sauteed scallops and beef with vegetables in chef's special sauce. Served on sizzling hot platter. Seafood lovers special. Shrimp crab meat, scallops and abalones cooked with assorted vegetables. When served on a hot platter, the sizzling noise and smell will certainly arouse your appetite. Tender shrimp served in 2 ways. Here's what people are saying:. Our site is delivered by JavaScript.

To continue, please enable JavaScript in your browser's preferences. Reload the homepage. Enter an address. Search restaurants or dishes. Sign in. Twin Dragon. Menu About Reviews. See if this restaurant delivers to you. Top Menu Items. Pork Chow Mein. Orange Chicken. Crispy Duck. Crab Cheese Puff. Egg Roll. Fried Chicken Wings. Pot Stickers. Barbecued Beef Sticks. BBQ Pork. Fried Wonton. Fried Prawns. Paper Wrapped Chicken.

Hot Assorted Appetizer. Fried Crab Meat Cheese Wonton 6. Fantail Shrimp 5. Chicken Fingers 6. Steamed Dumplings 6. Ba Ba Hot Platter 2. Fried Dumplings 6. Beef Teriyaki Steak 4. Barbecued Spare Ribs 4. Hot and Sour Soup. Wonton Soup. Seafood with Bean Curd Soup. Egg Drop Soup. Creamy Corn Soup with Chicken. Shrimp Sizzling Rice Soup. House Sizzling Rice Soup. Wor Wonton Soup. Pan Fried Noodle. House Pan Fried Noodles. Chicken Pan Fried Noodles.

Vegetable Pan Fried Noodles. Shrimp Pan Fried Noodles. Beef Pan Fried Noodles. Pork Pan Fried Noodles. Fried Rice. House Fried Rice. Pork Fried Rice. Shrimp Fried Rice. Chicken Fried Rice. Beef Fried Rice. Singapore Fried Rice. Egg Fried Rice. Chow Mein. House Chow Mein. Chicken Chow Mein. Shrimp Chow Mein. Beef Chow Mein. Vegetable Chow Mein. Chow Fun. Shrimp Chow Fun. Pork Chow Fun. Beef Dry Chow Fun. House Special Chow Fun. Chicken Chow Fun. Beef Chow Fun. Chicken Pad Thai. Beef Pad Thai.

Shrimp Pad Thai. Bean Curd Home Style. Triple Vegetable Delight. Assorted Chinese Vegetables. Bean Curd with Black Mushrooms. Bean Curd Szechuan Style. Broccoli with Garlic Sauce. Deep Fried Eggplant in Hot Sauce. Mixed Vegetables. Szechuan Eggplant. Sauteed Snow Peas. Sauteed Triple Mushroom.

Spicy Bean Curd. Broccoli in Garlic Hot Sauce. Egg Foo Young. Sauteed Asparagus. Chicken with Pineapple Sauce. Chicken in Szechuan Hot Sauce. Chicken with Almonds Nuts. Chicken with Snow Peas. Sweet and Sour Chicken. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce.

Chicken Foo Young. Teriyaki Chicken. Kung Pao Chicken. Chicken with Cashew Nuts. Chicken with Vegetables. Curry Chicken. Chicken with Triple Mushroom. BBQ Duck. Lemon Chicken. General Chicken. Sesame Chicken. Asparagus Chicken. Jade Scallops. Shrimp with Broccoli. Happy Family. Lake Tung Ting Shrimp. Cashew Shrimp. Velvet Crab Meat. Onion Salt Pepper Shrimp. Shrimp Sizzling Platter.

Curry Shrimp. Hot Spicy Shrimp Szechuan Style. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. Kung Pao Squid. Squid in Szechuan Hot Sauce. Scallops with Szechuan Hot Sauce. Kung Pao Scallops. Squid with Vegetables. Squid with Black Bean Sauce.

Scallops with Black Bean Sauce. Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables. Shrimp with Snow Peas. Shrimp in Szechuan Hot Sauce. Crispy Shrimp with Special Hot Sauce. Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce. Cashew Nuts Shrimp. Asparagus Shrimp. Shrimp in Lobster Sauce. Sweet and Sour Shrimp. Kung Pao Shrimp.

Shrimp with White Sauce. Shrimp Foo Young.

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The award-winning Irish duck produces a tender duck full of flavour and consistent in quality. This unique duck is the secret to the success of our supreme signature Peking duck dish, with its succulent meat and crispy skin. Royal sweetcorn soup. Hot and sour soup. Vegetarian sweetcorn soup. Classic steamed dim sum. Supreme dim sum. Classic baked dim sum. Abalone and chicken parcel; Szechuan style lamb puff; Crispy lobster and cheese. Black garlic glaze, crackling, mustard dressing.

With rich, dark meat, the Iberico black pig has earned a reputation as the 'Wagyu' of the pork world. The extreme marbling of fat gives the pork a sweet, buttery flavour and a delicate texture, elevating dishes to new heights. Sesame prawn toast. Crispy silken tofu. Morel mushroom and vegetable spring roll.

Roasted silver cod in honey. Smoked beef ribs with jasmine tea. Stir-fry rib eye beef with lily bulb. Wok-grilled lamb chop. Spring onion and egg fried rice. Hakka noodle. Sugar snap and edamame. Wild mushroom with black truffle. Golden squash and lily bulb. Black pepper and sweet potato.

Crispy wild mushroom. Experience passion, captivation, romance, trust. Lose yourself in the journey. Innovative mixology, bold flavours, spice. Succumb to magnetism, charm and beauty. Rising from the ashes, stronger, smarter and more powerful.

Belvedere vodka, Vida mezcal, yuzu cordial, lime. Forever untamed, it blossomed. Hendricks gin, lychee, cucumber, basil, elderflower, ginger. Ten gin, lily flower, rose and lavender honey, lemon. The only one. Ten gin, strawberry, lemon, yuzu sake, pineapple and goji berry.

All spirits by the bottle are served with a choice of three mixers — ml each. Bar food is served between the following times: Lunch Monday - Sunday; 12 noon to 5pm. Dinner Sunday - Wednesday and public holidays; 5pm to 12 midnight; Thursday - Saturday; 5pm to A curated collection of non-alcoholic drinks inspired by distinctive ingredients and influenced by the cultures of both near and far.

Spiky lemon. We negotiate lower prices and are looking for the best sources. We've got a lot of wine and spirits you've heard of, and many you're waiting to discover that you'll enjoy. We provide corporate liquor delivery to a wide array of businesses, such as Phoenix personal injury law firms , Los Angeles divorce attorneys , NYC divorce lawyers, and more.

All rights reserved. Credit Card Processing by Delancey Street. Refer a Friend. Our team loves wine and spirits. We don't waste your time with low quality liquor. Good Stuff Zogby has one goal: selling fine wine and spirits, that our team thinks are amazing. Low Prices Regardless of what you buy, we try to have the lowest prices possible. Stuff You Want We've got a lot of wine and spirits you've heard of, and many you're waiting to discover that you'll enjoy. Zogby started because we got tired of getting -ripped off, when buying wine and spirits online.

That's just not fair. Buy Bourbon. View Collection. View our Tequila Collection. Buy Tequila. Buy Wine. Shop Vodka. Shop Now. Let's Talk Wine. We love wine. We carry most varieties, and types of wine.

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Stuff You Want We've got a lot of wine and spirits you've heard of, and many you're waiting to discover that you'll enjoy. Zogby started because we got tired of getting -ripped off, when buying wine and spirits online. That's just not fair. Buy Bourbon. View Collection. View our Tequila Collection. Buy Tequila. Buy Wine. Shop Vodka. Shop Now. Let's Talk Wine. We love wine.

We carry most varieties, and types of wine. Red Wine Shop All. Add to cart Add To Wishlist. View Wishlist. Quick View. Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon Shop All. Let's Talk Whiskey. We love Whiskey. We carry most varieties, and types of Whiskey. Whiskey Shop All. Known For. Trumbo Kirk Douglas. Show all Hide all Show by Hide Show Actor 50 credits. Aussie Dave. Show all 16 episodes. Andrew 'Grub' Ryder. Show all 6 episodes.

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