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Golden sun dragon boots terraria

This is my Shadow Bunny outfit. Yettinet Terrarian. The torso as bare chested showing ripped pecs and abs, and scars here and there Forgot to add those , but on the back has multiple weapons sticking out of it, as well as a pair of tattered wings not usable for flight just vanity The legs have ripped pants and are uniquely shaped to look more dragon like, along with claws. PS- all colors are up for change Extras- if possible i thought that, in the part 2 drawing, if you pick up enough speed a simple animation would show the character tiliting horizontally to show it "flying" or just hovering above the ground.

These is completely a suggestion that if isn't possible or not enough time for it, that's fine. Dragon Vanity. Dragon vanity pt 2. Orangeboi Terrarian. Hi, My character may seem like just a normal mobster at first look, but a keen-eyed individual may notice it is in fact an elephant!! A fan of Tommy guns and cigars, this rapscallion loves making mischief about town, and long walks on the beach. This big guy is a pink elephant, but all the photos of him are in black and white so most folk believe he's grey Ive provided a lil doodle too incase you're into that.

MeowingInsanely Terrarian. Can't fit all 10 "It's trying to grab your head. Hoop floats around the lower waist. Made of hardened bronze. Riggity Rog Terrarian. Terraria Player Base 4. The Egyptian Spirit Set. I thought that the desert biome needed some more representation. If you could make the hair move in the wind that would be cool. That is all. Xfighter Terrarian. BillyDominatez Terrarian. Thank you for letting us do this.

Here is my entry of an Iron Gladiator set! Bruwser Terrarian. Hey there fellow terrarians! Here's my entry for the contest, the "Soul Collector" Vanity! As the name suggests, the wearer of this vanity does entrap the souls of defeated beasts in the gemstones engraved into their suit, using the powers of their fallen foes whenever they need them.

As of possible sideeffects, you might find yourself a blue skull where once your face was. Here you see the pixel art of the female and male versions of the outfit. I patched multiple designs and snippets from other armor and vanity of vanilla terraria together and can now proudly present you the outcome:.

This character is the 'Twilight Jester' who has alternating dark colors and a cool jester's cap and maybe it could have the phasing effect like shadow armor Enjoy! Xirbizos Terrarian. Fred Terrarian. Dryocampa Terrarian. Xanarken Terrarian. Golem armor It was possible that the technology which spawned the sentinel of stone could be of outer realms, surely those lizards can't have gained this advancement unless He then takes a little while to reload before restarting his cycle.

Rain: Jumps into the air towards the player and then descends slowly using the umbrella. She has nearly-full horizontal control while falling. After landing she swings her umbrella which releases a cluster of arcing water droplets with short range. She then takes a break before restarting her cycle.

Magma: Launches himself into the air with flames and attempts to strike the player with his staff. After landing again he fires an arc of 5 fireballs towards the player and takes a break before restarting his attack cycle. Slush: Launches frost arrows at the player, then repositions herself.

After repositioning herself she fires a few shots upwards which eventually rain down as large snowflakes that deal the same damage as her arrows. The snowflakes are relatively slow but up to 7 can be fired at once. After launching the snowflakes she takes a break before restarting her attack cycle. Defeat: Usually they are knocked over once defeated, either left sitting down or kneeling, before they teleport away in clusters of particles of their respective colours.

As each one is defeated the others will speed up their attacks. GelTech Info: -Numerous other Slimes who have had mechanical armour made for them. Fearing they would still not be strong enough alone they joined forces and became a freelance group of warriors under the leadership of Red. Drops: The final one defeated will always drop their weapon, though others may do so rarely during the fight as well. Upon defeating them the player will also receive Mechanical Plating; a crafting material.

In Expert Mode they also drop an accessory that powers up their weapons, allows them to deal additional debuffs, and even powers-up their upgraded forms later in the game. I thought this was funny, even if extremely, extremely simple. Red and Violet are due to colour, Crimson his biome, Ebon and Slush features of their biomes, Magma and Rain due to their Slime classifications, and Amazon due to the jungle of the same name -Their weapons all have some sort of effect already granted when used regardless of other accessories or ammunition.

Red's may briefly buff player stats, Violet's may heal the player on hit, Crimson's inflicts Ichor, Ebon's inflicts Cursed Inferno, Amazon's inflicts Venom, Rain's buffs the player's speed briefly, Magma's inflicts On Fire! Speeding up these shots means the player takes even more damage and has less time to get to a safe distance. Leaving her until last is also made even easier by her healing ability. This means she is also a good candidate for leaving her until last. Void Boss Appearance: A colossal worm coated in jagged, cracked black stone.

Its body is covered in numerous spike-like tendrils that squirm slightly as it moves; the largest set at the front acting like jaws. A mouth is present in the middle of its face. It has no eyes to speak of. The boss will only spawn at night and will leave during the day. The boss will also refuse to leave the Void and will also despawn if the player steps out of it for too long.

The screen will darken a decent amount; a feature common amongst Void bosses. It may stack up to 5 times before newer additions simply reset the timers. If the player is considered too high up it is allowed to 'burrow' through air as well temporarily. Most of its attacks are mostly randomised, though certain ones are favoured depending on the player's actions. As soon as the player is outside of its intended path it will slow back down again.

They are more numerous the closer the player is to its body. These are always all launched from the same segment until the barrage ends. The projectiles pass through blocks and pierce players, much like the clasping hands. They are fired more often if the player continuously keeps a distance from the boss. Defeat: Titan explodes into massive chunks of stone. The message states 'Titan's essence seeps back into the stone below'. The minions, however, do not despawn upon Titan's death.

GelTech Info: -Ever-hungry and always on the search of food; devouring things whole upon catching them. It may pursue prey for weeks on end, never tiring while hunting. After swallowing its food its soul is said to be left trapped within its body, reaching out through the tiny cracks for any chance of freedom. Drops: Void Scales; materials used for crafting a large number of weapons including its summoning item.

Extra Info: -Despite being the first of the Void bosses to be designed and successfully sprited, it alone was not the actual inspiration for the Void as a whole. However, baiting it makes it faster and puts the player in the potential range of its most damaging attack; its head's melee.

This is both because of his large worm minions still being active upon his defeat and also of the numerous other powerful enemies that are allowed to spawn within the Void. Void Boss Appearance: A large mouth lined with a vast multitude of large, but thin, teeth.

Its body is coated in large rugged plates. Large tendrils protrude from its back and flail and squirm quite violently as it moves. Summon: Use the Void Eye in the Void biome at night. The boss will despawn if it reaches daytime or the player leaves the Void biome for very long.

The boss can also spawn on its own, though like most other continuously-self-spawning bosses it becomes more rare once it has been defeated at least once. The screen will darken while the boss is active: a feature present with all Void bosses. It has a few different ways of attacking the player: -It may perform up to 2 long-distance high-speed charges. There may be a slight gap inbetween them for the boss to relocate themselves a little -It may spit out a large cluster of Soul Seeker projectiles which pass through walls and accelerate as they travel -Small tendrils may free themselves from its back and begin travelling towards the player in a wavy motion.

They have a slight homing effect as they travel and thus can turn a little. They are able to pass through blocks. They fly around the player before they charge at them. Charges always inflict Webbed on a successful hit and thus can potentially stun-lock the player. Defeat: Explodes into large chunks. The message 'Clasp's essence seeps into the stone below' will appear and his items are dropped.

The Spindlemaws do not despawn upon death, however. GelTech Info: -Extremely clingy after its abandonment by its former master shortly before his death. Clasp appears desperate to find meaning once more, often attempted by trying to forcefully become one with those around it.

However, to do this, it often consumes them; trapping their spirits within this soulless, ever-wandering vessel. Drops: Void Scales; crafting materials used for crafting numerous items including the boss' summoning item. In Expert Mode it may also drop the Clouded Lens; an accessory that grants additional damage at the cost of not dealing crits and slightly reduces the spawn rates of the Void.

Extra Info: -This boss became the original inspiration for me making a Void biome after seeing how well both it and Titan were sprited. They can very easily stun-lock the player to death in large numbers or force the player to take hefty damage from Clasp itself with a well-timed hit. Void Boss Appearance: A large slime seemingly coated in black, craggy rocks.

A hole is visible within his centre which seems to be filled with teeth. Several eyes peer out from within his mouth. Spikes stand up at the top of his body which form into a strange twisted crown, with a small hole in the middle spikes that itself has a single eye peering from within. Summon: Use the Void Gel in the Void biome at night. The boss can also spawn on its own rarely, though like most other continuously-self-spawning bosses it becomes more rare once it has been defeated at least once.

Every 3rd hop will cause King to jump higher than he had before. It is able to pass through blocks if the player is on the other side of them. Void Slimes act like Slimers do; flying towards the player on wings. They are black clouds with eyes visible within them that slowly follow the player, travelling through walls if needed. They eventually despawn on their own as they cannot be damaged by the player.

Defeat: Explodes into large chunks of black stone. The message 'King's essence seeps back into the stone below' is seen instead of the usual defeat message. His minions do not despawn, however. GelTech Info: -A king abandoned by his people years ago in favour of a stronger ruler.

Many of his old followers may have likely forgotten him over the years as he slumped across the world, eventually finding his way to the Void. Within only a few months of exposure to the Void's energy, his appearance shifted and morphed into a disturbing, twisted image of his competitor; using anything or anyone he finds as fuel to grow and become stronger.

Drops: Void Ooze; a crafting material used to make a few different items, including the boss' summoning item. In Expert Mode he also drops the Relic King's Gel, an item that allows the player to absorb most slime-based enemies in exchange for health and stat boosts and also adding a few additional boosts to the player's mobility. Extra Info: -King is seemingly a twisted version of King Slime, as evidenced by things like his basic shape, crown, and slime-like minions.

This is mainly expressed through the GelTech which says his people abandoned him for a stronger ruler the new King Slime is a lot harder than the old one and that he became an image of his competitor growing a crown of spikes from his body -The Relic King's Gel is actually quite a powerful slime nullifier for what it is. The buffs, while temporary, are useful to have: --Pre-Hardmode Slimes grant mild increases to attack and speed and heal 5 health --Hardmode Slimes grant mild increases to attack, defence and speed and heal 15 health --Post-Moon Lord Slimes grant increases to attack, defence, speed, life regeneration, and heal 40 health --King Slime grants increases to attack, defence, damage reduction, heals 80 health, and increases the player's max life and life regeneration Using Slimes for healing still briefly gives Potion Sickness to the player, though not as much as potions do.

Void Boss Appearance: A large skeleton coated in or made of rugged black rocks. The skull has no teeth, but within both its mouth and eye sockets is nothing but black emptiness. It wears a cloak with shoulder guards which hangs down off its shoulders. Its ribs and spine are visible from underneath the cloak, as well as a large amount of eyes peering out from the darkness.

Summon: Either use the Void Skull in the Void biome at night or have him spawn on his own after defeating 3 of the other Void bosses. He will disappear into an unkillable cloud of insta-killing smoke if taken out his biome for too long or it reaches daytime; only turning back once meeting the criteria for his fight again. The screen darkens whilst he is alive, like with most Void bosses. Titan acts like a normal worm, King a normal slime though with the additional super-jump for every 3rd jump, and Clasp flies near to the player before charging.

They do not have access to any of their other attacks and all of them have a set amount of contact damage and health. Only 1 of each can be active at a time. While he spawns them he also launches a few Phantasmal Skulls in varying directions. Phantasmal Skulls fly outwards until they hit a wall where they then disappear and release a bolt of shadowy energy towards the player that passes through blocks.

Up to 6 barrages may be launched with half-second gaps inbetween. He moves towards the player at a decent speed and can teleport when under half health with it as well. Whilst in this state he cannot use his other attacks, but he does have increased contact damage and defence.

After leaving the Umbra Cloak he returns to using his other attacks. They usually fire lone Phantasmal Skulls or Crawling Eyes at the player or bursts of 3 phantasmal skulls outwards in random directions. They stop attacking when Death is in his Umbra Cloak; disappearing until he leaves the cloak where they they re-appear by his sides. Defeat: Explodes into chunks of black stone and also what appears like torn fabric falls from where he was defeated slowly.

The false bosses do not despawn with him. GelTech Info: -One who has apparently mastered the Void and has become part of it. It is believed that he sees everything that happens within his domain and sees the fates of all those who enter before they occur. Due to his abilities he can control many of the other denizens of the Void like puppets to do his bidding; bringing back some familiar faces for assistance when confronted personally. Drops: Void Weave and Void Bone; both crafting materials used to make a large amount of items.

In Expert Mode he also drops 2 extra items: one that, when equipped, reduces the player's health to 10 and reduces the abilities of both life regeneration and health potions, but also massively increases the player's defence and grants immunity to all damaging debuffs. The other item halves the player's max health in exchange for massively increased damage.

Extra Info: -Death seems to actually be noticeably harder than the other Void bosses seen up to this point. This is made more apparent by the fact that, unlike all of the others before him, he does not spawn on his own immediately and instead requires other bosses to be slain prior before he himself can spawn.

However, due to inexperience, I was unable to sprite Thanatos himself due to his size and complexity. While this may be hard to do since almost the entire biome even the surface and space is full of large stone structures it is extremely helpful at making King and Titan less of an annoyance as they will have a harder time reaching the player. If he is taken too close he risks enraging suddenly and instantly killing the player before he can be taken back into the Void and calmed down again.

Appearance: None other than the old Spider Princess from the original guide, though I finally managed to get her sprite to not look awful. Her design is mostly the same with the light purple skin and black hair, though her robes are now red with a strip of pink across the middle. Her weapons have been changed from silvery rapiers to red katana-like blades with additional hand guards.

Summon: Use the Well-Woven Weave at night. The biome and depth are unimportant despite it being a spider-based boss. The boss will despawn during the day or under the very specific condition of now having any platforms suitable for landing on Aka none that are submerged in lava, water or honey. In Expert Mode her attacks are a lot faster and she spends less time visible afterwards, making it harder to actually hit her.

However, she will immediately disappear again if she comes into contact with water, lava or honey, ending her attack prematurely. While she is alive both Black Recluses from vanilla and Royal Striders page 1 will spawn. They continue spawning throughout the entire fight, though only 2 3 Royal Striders may be active at once. She is able to 'hang' in the air before and after the dash.

If they stick to blocks they will remain stuck to them for a while as opposed to despawning immediately like other projectiles may. Once near to the player's location she will use an attack where the thread is 'swung' around her extremely fast and seemingly quite randomly. It has a certain area-of-effect where it deals damage as opposed to the thread itself dealing damage. After finishing she will begin to fall before vanishing again. Stepping into the cluster will cause a red 'slash' to appear and deal heavy damage to the player.

The Queen is not visible during this attack. Defeat: Knocked flying until she crashes into the floor, landing probably quite painfully to be fair on her back. Afterwards she disappears into a puff of smoke like that seen when using the Smoke Bomb item. GelTech Info: -Believed by some to be half-human due to her appearance being just as human as spider-like, the Queen luckily doesn't quite seem to have a temper like their last leader. However, from a defeat like that, it isn't unlikely that she would risk being eaten.

Drops: Numerous items based on her 'ninja' theme. Reinforced Shuriken that deal extra damage and can inflict Broken Armour, A book that grants the ability to cling to walls that can be combined with the Master Ninja Gear, her sword, and a stronger spider staff. In Expert Mode she also drops the Royal Gem which sometimes causes the player to dodge attacks, though each successful dodge lowers the chance and every hit increases it. May also rarely drop the Red Silk Robe, though the description berates you for taking it.

Extra Info: -Many of her items and some of her attacks were based on her previous battle during the Army of Arachnids event seen back in Guide 1. However, this is simply because her attacking speed got increased and thus damaging her reliably is harder in Expert regardless of health changes. Many attempts were made at saving her sprite, but none ended up successful until this one. She is taller, has longer hair, uses a different weapon more fitting of her 'ninja' theme, has different eyes, and wears a red dress instead of purple.

The original joke was essentially the idea of her dropping her dress upon defeat and what this would mean but due to poor wording the joke didn't work. However, this time, the joke has been improved and, while still immature, is also quite self-aware. During most of her sword attacks, for example, she only uses 2 hands and 2 swords. The recolouration of the Spider Queen's dress is also based on Hornet's as well. Ideas for the boss and its forms by Cadmar Appearance: A green-coloured slime wearing a wizard's hat.

He is more of a lime green than actual Green Slimes are, though is the same size. The wizard hat he wears is golden and is very shiny, and is itself slightly larger than ones worn by characters like Tim and the Rune Wizard. Summon: Use the Magic Gel at the surface during the day. The boss doesn't actually despawn at night or if taken to new biomes, so this fight isn't actually timed.

Lime Slimes are basically just big slimes with lots of health and decently high knockback resistance. He may pass through blocks if needed. At health Cadmar will drink a potion by tipping it inside of his body. He then radiates loads of green particles before transforming into a new form and transitioning into a new phase. Phase 2: The Cadmar Slime becomes humanoid, though still visibly made of slime and still donning his signature hat. His attack pattern becomes much more basic, but his stats become better: -He will continuously follow a cycle of teleporting to the left or right of the player, charging at them he can jump mid-charge , and then teleporting again at the end of the charge.

At the end of every 2nd charge a Lime Slime is spawned. At health he drinks another potion and has a much more drawn-out transition into his third and final phase: Phase 3: The Cadmar Slime transforms into the Cadmarian Drake, a "threatening" mix of dragon and slime powers. Unlike the other forms this one can fly, and like the others it has entirely new attacks: -It may fly in a loop, spawning up to 3 Lime Slimes at the top of the loop -It may charge at the player, made more dangerous by its larger hitbox -It may release large clusters of arcing slimeballs upwards.

These bounce once after hitting a block and despawn the next time they hit anything. Defeat: His dragon body explodes, leaving only his slime head. Small 'sweat droplets' of slime drop from him and he teleports away using a recall potion. While it is said he possesses powers greater than his master he has never tried to usurp the throne; perhaps due to the unwanted responsibilities it gives him. Drops: Magic and slime-themed items, as you may have expected. He drops magical items like staffs and robes alongside Enchanted Jelly; a material used to craft a few other items.

His hat is also a rare-ish drop separate from his mask which in itself is pretty much just a King Slime Mask with a hat. Extra Info: -Shortly after the creation of the boss Cadmar, the person who requested the boss' creation, also got a steam icon made for him featuring the Cadmar Slime in the forest biome --However, since I had to write this before publishing the guide, his profile pic technically predates the boss it is based off -It is the only dragon-based boss to be faced in Pre-Hardmode since others, like Betsy and Garagon, are either Hardmode or later -The Cadmar is actually an Expert-exclusive boss, and is also the only Pre-Hardmode one.

He is also the only one to not feature a humanoid design as the other two are the Prism Knight and Crimson Aether; both of which are humanoid. Appearance: A colossal scaly greyish monster. It has no facial features outside of a colossal mouth lined with countless rows of jagged crystal-like pink teeth. Small arms 'paddle' at the sides of its body to give it motion. What may be a large portion of its body is obscured while it is alive, meaning the player never gets to see the rest of Reflux' body.

Summon: Use the Cosmomaw at the surface at night. The background gains a greyish-purple haze while Reflux is active, helping to hide the unseen parts of its body. The boss will despawn only when there are no more players left in the world, however if it does so a random selection of NPCs will be slain as it leaves with the message "Reflux's hunger continues While he does attack the majority of the threat comes from his worm minions that he releases from his mouth.

This is mostly easy to avoid but the sudden bursts of speed may be surprising. He will always teleport somewhere just off-screen from the player before he continues moving towards the player again. Only 6 8 worms may be active at a time, though only up to 3 of a particular type: --Type 1 worms burrow through the ground. They may also occasionally fire large volleys of crystal shards at the player, but must slow down to an almost-immobile state whilst firing.

They cannot fly. They release Crystal Detonators as they travel. Crystal Detonators will hang in the air and persist for a long time, though either when the player makes contact or their time expires they will explode into bursts of crystal shards each. They leave a very brief crystal shard trail as they move, but this disappears quickly unlike the detonators. Defeat: Reflux falls to the ground and explodes shortly after into massive gibs.

Reflux still deals contact damage whilst falling and thus is still not safe to be near, though the gibs do not. The worms he spawns do not despawn on their own after the fight unless you travel far enough away or everyone dies and therefore must often be dealt with. GelTech Info: -A colossal beast with cosmic power.

What it lacks in intelligence it more than makes up for in size and strength; with its head alone matching up to some of your largest opponents. The worms that live within its body have a symbiotic relationship with Reflux; bringing it additional sustenance in return for not being devoured themselves.

Drops: As you'd expect most of its drops are massive weapons, often with high damage but slow use times. He drops a sword that fires small worm-like projectiles, another sword that always deals crits and can hit foes numerous times in a single swing but has no projectile, a summoner staff that summons a smaller Reflux, a Solar Eruption-like worm-shaped flail, and a gun shaped like Reflux.

It may also drop a shield in Expert Mode and a tome that fires a projectile shaped like his head as a rarer Expert drop. Extra Info: -Reflux is an absolutely massive boss and easily has one of the largest sprites. However, it does not do him justice, as in-game he is even larger than even the sprite would suggest and can take up over half the screen.

The rest of his body is quite serpentine, though has more legs as you get further down. This also means that piercing weapons can hit him at least twice if hit length-ways. However, as his body doesn't behave like one, he isn't. This is further evidenced by his teleporting ability, an ability that the Nebula Floaters also had unique to them outside of the BoC.

A series of bosses made of Hellstone, judging by their colour schemes. Each has Ichor glowing through and energising them, often in large strands that travel through the insides of their bodies. Some appear similar to existing vanilla bosses, though others appear different to any of them. However, despite some having similarities to existing bosses, many of them have completely different fights and thus the usual tactics may not work. Netherwhyrm - A large serpent made of chunks of Hellstone held together by the Ichor strands.

A swirling pool of Ichor forms in front of it while a mouth violently snaps around on its last segment. Netherjaw - A partially-hollow mouth with numerous intertwining strands of Ichor visible within its body. More Ichor appears to be leaking from its back, between 4 large spikes.

Netherside Redjacket - A fiery wasp made of large clusters of Hellstone held together by Ichor. It has a large Ichor stinger and large black wings made of cracked stone. Cinder - A being made of Ichor guarded by generic drones. The drones are made of hellstone, relatively featureless, and have limbs ending on spikes. Their faces also suggest that they, too, are Ichor-powered.

They are feral and mostly-brainless, attacking anything that so much as moves within their homes. Drops: Each drops materials used to make specific items, usually only 1 of each. Combining certain combinations will create numerous different items including a sword, tome, summoning staff and a gun, as well as an accessory that grants Ichorian Spark or Ichor to foes on hit, the former being rarer.

Extra Info: -This boss can still be fought in Corrupt worlds despite both being made of and using Ichor in their attacks. Often this will be specific vulnerable points or conditions that need to be met to face them. The explosions, unlike with most other bosses, actually damages the player for the same as their melee damage. Appearance: A large worm made of Hellstone and Ichor.

Golden energy seeps and sparks at its surface. A large maw is visible on its last segment with a golden glow inside of its mouth. Summon: Use the Flaming Tooth in the Underworld. The boss will despawn if the player remains outside of the biome for too long or if there are no active players in the underworld. Dealing any notable damage to it requires the player to attack its tail segment with the mouth.

The speed the fireballs are launched increases with damage taken and even more so in Expert Mode -The boss will move faster based on damage it has received and moves faster in Expert Mode as well. Defeat: Explodes into fiery gibs. The explosion deals the same damage as its body's contact damage and thus players should not be close to it when it explodes.

GelTech Info: [For whatever reason, the individual bosses do not have their own respective pieces of lore. However, the first one that is defeated will drop the lore for the group as a collective. In Expert Mode it may also drop its own Spear that shoots fireballs when attacking. Extra Info: -Considering that all 5 of these bosses are fought early in the Post-Moon Lord game and drop only 1 item each most of the time, it is possible the player could forget that this group of bosses even exists.

Sadly, however, the calculations for this were not as fun as with some other bosses. Netherwhyrm, for example, was originally given deep blue energy and looked like this: --He is also the only one to still have an in-tact original sprite of the group as the others had theirs changed on their main sprites. Appearance: Netherjaw is a spherical and partially-hollow ball of Hellstone, filled with numerous inter-twining strands of Ichor that are visible due to a few variously-sized holes in his body.

His mouth is lined with black teeth and red spikes are visible protruding from his back. Ichor is also seen flowing from his back in small strands. Summon: Use the Flaming Spike anywhere in the underworld. The time of day is unimportant, but as with the Netherwhyrm the Netherjaw will despawn if the player leaves the underworld for too long.

After a while it will perform a series of charges at the player, usually between long-ranged high-speed charges. The charges speed up as the Netherjaw's health wanes and speeds up even more so in Expert Mode. After finishing charging it will remain stationary for a while, where the player may attack it due to its defence being lowered severely.

After a while, it will repeat this cycle. Defeat: Explodes into fiery gibs, nothing particularly special GelTech Info: [For whatever reason, the individual bosses do not have their own respective pieces of lore. Extra Info: -Much like with the Netherwhyrm, the Netherjaw is similar in design to the Eye of Cthulhu, and with Spazmatism's 1st form -The Expert Mode staff's ability to inflict Bleeding is one of the outliers of these bosses, as none of the actual bosses themselves can inflict it, even though it is in the image of the Netherjaw.

It also stops any projectiles that can be guided around the Netherjaw while it faces the player, like the Rainbow Rod's or one of its upgrades. Appearance: A large bee or wasp made of large seemingly-solid chunks of Hellstone, held together by Ichor which can be seen running between the segments of its body. Its stinger, as opposed to being completely solid, is made of more Ichor shaped into a stinger-like shape.

It has 4 wings, 2 larger and 2 smaller, made of black cracked stone also held to its body by more Ichor. Summon: Use the Flaming Wing in the Underworld. The boss will despawn if taken out of the underworld for too long, much like the other bosses, and as expected time of day isn't important. It spends a fair amount of time following the same sort of cycle, though uses Workers to make the attacks far more dangerous.

These charges get faster as its health gets lower even more so in Expert Mode] -In-between charges the Queen will fly above the player, firing large barrages of Ichor Stinger projectiles at the player. These are fired faster and more accurately at lower health. The Queen's attacks remain the same, but faster due to lower health. These, unlike the Queen, are always fired at the player and are fired regardless of the Queen's actions as long as the Workers aren't over blocks as the projectiles would be destroyed anyways.

Defeat: The Queen and any surviving Workers all explode into gibs. Nothing particularly interesting for their defeat animation. The only one of the five that the stinger isn't used for is the sword. However, in Expert Mode, the Redjacket does actually drop a sword that launches flaming bees on swing and inflicts Ichorian Spark and Ichor on melee hits.

Extra Info: -Technically speaking, this boss has the most health of any of the Netherrise bosses due to both having decent health itself and with the addition of its minions. In Normal Mode it has , health but in Expert it reaches , health, actually giving it health comparable to things like the Devourer from Calamity. Cinder is humanoid, though made seemingly entirely of Ichor, with long hair and a black dress.

While her design does not use Hellstone, her guardians are almost entirely made of it, with small amounts of Ichor powering them. The guardians have spiked limbs and very few features, seemingly being very simple constructs. Summon: Use the Flaming Stone in the Underworld. The boss will despawn if taken out of the underworld for too long, and as expected the time of day while fighting it is unimportant due to location.

This stops any piercing weapons from being able to pass through her] Attacks: Cinder and her guardians attack independently from each other, with the Guardians being the targets while Cinder simply flies overhead and fires occasional flurries of projectiles. Cinder: Cinder will fly near to players, though usually remains above them as much as possible, she will then become immobile and launch a large barrage of Ichor projectiles at the player. After finishing her attack she can move again.

Guardians: The actual targets during the fight. The guardians are restricted to melee, unlike Cinder. The guardians mainly jump and run towards the player and attempt to strike them with their spiked arms. At the start only 1 guardian is active, but upon its defeat 2 more spawn, then afterwards 3 more will spawn. In Expert it starts with 2 guardians and then 4 spawn afterwards. There isn't a 3rd wave in Expert. Defeat: Guardians explode into gibs upon defeat, though will deal contact damage if the player is hit by the explosion.

Cinder herself simply gives a mere grunt of annoyance and then disappears, leaving behind golden particles and loot. GelTech Info: -[For whatever reason, the individual bosses do not have their own respective pieces of lore. It also has an extra rare drop which gives a chibi Cinder pet. Extra Info: -It is the only one of the Netherrise bosses to not be killed upon its defeat, though it still retreats and still has its guardians be destroyed.

However, the phases are harder due to having more enemies on-screen at once attacking the player. Her Expert drop also isn't magic-based either. Appearance: A large humanoid being seemingly made of dirt and stone, with grass, hallowed grass, vines and mushroom grass growing on his limbs. Small plants and mushrooms can also be seen sprouting from its body. Its torso, while made of stone, also seems to have an almost skeletal design to it; with ribs and a spine partially visible Summon: Use the Earth Keeper's Crystal at the surface.

The time of day and the biome do actually affect the boss' stats, unlike most others. The boss will despawn if the player gets too far away or dies during the fight, as with most other bosses. The player is affected with Entangled Aether upon beginning the fight and the debuff remains until the boss is no longer active. Certain attacks become more common in specific biomes, though others are based on Terra's remaining health: -Terra may coat itself in leaves, disappear, and then re-appear close to the player.

He is immune to damage whilst in the leaf coating. This is used more often when the player is far away from the boss or on a noticeably higher elevation. A large shockwave is released from this that travels around the ground in whatever direction Terra was facing. The sickle arm has additional reach when swung but still deals melee damage. This attack is more common in a desert biome. The vines are large and travel mostly upwards, but bend slightly as they grow. They disappear after a few seconds.

The attack is more common in the Jungle biome. This attack is more common in the Mushroom biome. Numerous icicles will form randomly above the player and fall down, smashing into large fragments that arc outwards after hitting a solid surface.

This attack is more common in the ice biome. Numerous large shards of polished stones and gemstones will be launched towards the player in rapid succession, though inaccurately. This attack is more common in the Hallow. Any attacks that hit Terra while he is like this will heal him for their damage instead of damaging him. After a few seconds he will drop the shield. This attack is more common at lower health or against players dealing excessive DPS.

Nature Spirits are spiky spherical green balls of vines that attempt to fly into the player, dashing occasionally to gain speed. They explode into large spikes on death. These are summoned more often at lower health or in a Forest biome. This attack is more common at lower health, as well as being a little more common in the Crimson or Corruption. Defeat: Terra falls down onto one knee and coats itself in leaves.

After a few seconds it begins glowing before exploding into a brilliant bright green explosion. A few things happen after Terra's defeat: -The Crimson and Corruption stop spreading, though the Hallow continues -The Dryad's health skyrockets up to 2, and she begins selling new items. Her blessing is also a lot stronger. GelTech Info: -A protector of the land, sealed away for centuries whilst disasters occurred.

Having only recently re-awoken, it mistook you for a planetary threat and proceeded to go on the offensive. Having been calmed down, it has returned to a dormant state, though shifts have occurred elsewhere in the world. Drops: Terra itself drops a large variety of items; usually with around 2 per biome. For Forest it drops a sword shaped like its arm and an accessory that allows the player to inflict Nature's Wrath while in the Forest, for Crimson it drops a lash-like Flail like the Solar Eruption and a sentry like the Crimson Rod, the Corruption items are a throwable spear and a magic tome that launches volleys of Cursed Flames, the Desert items are a cactus-needle staff and a 'sand bazooka', the Ocean items are a magic water-gun and a gun that looks like an upgraded Megashark, the Jungle items are a bow and a staff that summons a green dragon minion, the Hallow items are an accessory that can heal the player upon damaging enemies and an elemental umbrella with both a left and right-click, and the Mushroom items are a pair of very fast-swinging claws and a shotgun-like weapon.

In Expert it drops an accessory that buffs and debuffs the player majorly in certain biomes and increases max health. The Dryad will now sell a potion that grants the player rapid regeneration, major defence increases or major attack increases for a brief time at the cost of a cooldown, and a few earth-themed weapons like swords, lances, tomes and staffs. Extra Info: -Terra wasn't originally designed as a Chaos-Mode boss, nor a nature guardian.

Originally he was a vaguely-humanoid bundle of vines fought some time in Hardmode, but this was later changed to make it more interesting. Regardless, he still uses both Desert and Ice-themed attacks during his fight -The boss doesn't despawn if taken underground, and can still gain bonuses from biomes it is in. Underground and Caverns use whatever biome is above them while the Underworld uses Forest for any areas not inside the Hallow, Crimson or Corruption. Whilst fighting him he is roughly the height of the Golem rather fittingly , but not as wide as him.

It has both Stoned and Frozen for movement prevention and chilled and Entangled Aether for movement reduction. It has Nature's Wrath, Ichor, and Withered Armour for defence reduction, and finally it also has Withered Weapon to work alongside its damage reduction from being a Chaos-Mode boss to increase its survivability. Ironically, despite their group name, most have never actually met Storm in-person, even if quite a few of them admire her. Wherever a large storm is found, a Stormcaller is likely to follow.

The Stormfalcon Dragon - Part dragon, part falcon, and a master of lightning. It is the apex predator around its home and uses both its brute strength and storm-summoning abilities to catch prey. While it shows signs of intelligence and can understand human speech, it is also very quick to anger and has quite the violent temperament.

Dynamo Re-make - Pretty much the same as before design-wise, though more polished. Retains the 'Wyvern' transformation, even if that bit isn't seen in the sprite. Lightning Deluge - A human with electrified blue hair, a cobalt blue uniform and a spear on her back. Her and Dynamo are the only two to have met Storm and Deluge thinks of her as a role-model.

While she is less skilled, her plasma spear gives her a general edge over opponents. However, her timidity has stopped her from joining Garagon's group and thus she resides with the Stormcallers. Storm King's Hand - A skeletal hand coated in an aura of electricity. It is able to produce powerful sparks by simply touching the ends of its fingers together. While it may have a body, it has never been seen with one; only as a floating hand.

Storm Surge - A worm made of clouds, held together by powerful static electricity building up within its body. It lives by absorbing large clouds and sky islands whilst flying far from the ground. GelTech Info: -Lightning elementals unified by their abilities. They are usually neutral to conflict; ending it by creating violent storms over the battlefields.

However, they haven't been seen for many years, causing some to doubt their existence. Drops: As expected they all drop lightning-themed weapons, usually based on their appearances, or weapons and accessories based on their other abilities. In Expert they all drop fragments used to make a powerful lightning weapon as well, or an accessory that allows attacks to inflict an enhanced version of Electrified which deals damage based on the enemy's movement speed.

Extra Info: -Dynamo is the only one of the 5 bosses to have been made previously, with the other 4 being made a long time later. Dynamo was only re-made due to being unhappy with her previous sprite due to it being rushed. Even Dynamo and Deluge aren't the same as Dynamo isn't actually human. However, due to them originally not seeming different enough in design, this was changed.

Appearance: A large dragon whose physical appearance features numerous similarities to that of a falcon, as its name would imply. Its body is coated in large brown feathers, smaller yellow and grey feathers can be seen on the insides of its wings and on its chest. Another greyish turf of 'fur' is also seen under its beak. Instead of having large legs they are rather skinny and end on 3 toes, each with a large talon.

The 2 front feet are larger than the 4 back ones. Its tail feathers are brown and have no additional colours or decorations. Summon: Use the Ancient's Stormtalon at the surface during rain or a thunderstorm; a post-Moon Lord event that acts like a more merciless version of the rain event new enemies, lightning strikes, mild speed debuff.

The rain will continue throughout the boss fight even if it was supposed to end. Upon the boss being spawned pillars of lightning will spawn blocks either side of the player that deal massive contact damage and inflict Electrified to any players who are outside of them or who make contact with them and survive. The pillars only despawn when the boss has left.

Other than rain there are no time or biome requirements for summoning the boss. Attacks: Phase 1: It will charge at the player 3 times with fast but fairly long-range charges, then it will perform one of a few attacks: -It may drop lightning bolts randomly from the sky that travel downwards in a relatively-straight path -It may drop lightning bolts that all converge on the player's last location -It may launch up to 3 large yellow orbs of lightning lightning burst at the player.

These travel in mild arcs but are still launched in the player's general direction. They explode on contact with solid blocks. Phase 2: It charges 4 times at the player; the first charge being very quick and have a short distance, the 2nd and 3rd the same as its phase 1 charges, and the 4th having increased distance and arcing towards the player. The boss begins moving again on the 3rd, so be wary. Defeat: Releases a burst of non-damaging lightning, screeches, then slowly flies away.

Drops are dropped upon the screech. The pillars disappear and the rain is no longer permanent. GelTech Info: -The Apex predator of its respective forests. The Stormfalcon's elemental mastery complements its strength by being able to attack anything that it couldn't on its own the few things that could hide from it, that is. You have its respect, I believe. Drops: A staff that drops lightning from the sky, and another that launches electrified feathers.

Drops a sword called the Grand Falcon, a missile launcher that launches electrified explosives, and a pair of wings. May also rarely drop an egg that summons a baby Stormfalcon Dragon pet. Extra Info: -This boss is pretty much the original Stormcaller: It was the one whose creation lead to the original plans for changing up the group to being something more interesting. However, it still has higher base damage than the dragon bosses seen in the Post-Moon Lord game like the Emerald Dragon.

Appearance: Dynamo, back from the 2nd part of Page 5, though with a re-made fight and an improved sprite. Dynamo herself has the same basic appearance as her original self, but a bit smaller and with a larger bow tied around her waist. Her Wyvern form looks 'better' and she has a new form shaped a bit like a large bee.

Summon: Use the Ancient Battery at the surface while it is either raining or a thunderstorm is occurring. The rain will persist throughout the entire boss fight. Time of day and biome are not important. Much like with the Stormfalcon, electrical barriers will border the arena; inflicting heavy damage and electrified to those who pass through or just electrified if targeted by the boss while outside of the arena.

Therefore, upon all 3 forms taking this damage, she will be defeated. Each has its own set of attacks and movements. Human: Her base form. She will act like the Lunatic Cultist; launching attacks in-between teleports. Wyvern: Acts like a Wyvern; flying into the player at high speeds. However, unlike normal Wyverns, it also has access to ranged attacks as well.

They linger until it transforms into another form or until at least 3 5 are active, where the oldest despawns. Bee: Her newest form and the replacement for her rather-boringly-designed magus form. Launches blasts from its stinger while attempting to stay relatively horizontal to the player. Each blast is then connected with plasma streams whilst in mid-flight. It then moves the blast in an arc, attempting to catch the player within the stream.

Defeat: Turns back into her human form, gives an angry expression, and then turns into a yellowy spark of electricity and darts upwards off-screen. The arena borders disappear and the rain is no longer permanent. However, if defeated with the so-called 'marshmallow strategy', she looks happy when she leaves instead of angry.

GelTech Info: -Having gained both skill and creativity since her last encounter; she has made her physical form far more stable and durable and has come to better understand her plasma-like abilities. Probably would have been easier to solve the conflict with marshmallows or something, but I guess you didn't know that'd work Drops: A plasma rod that rains down plasma from a cloud, a gun that launches large bullets connected by electrical streams, another ammo-free ranger weapon that launches a stream of electricity, and a melee-based glove that launches fists of plasma at foes.

In Expert it also drops materials used for either making a weapon or an accessory. If defeated using the fairly-secret 'marshmallow strategy' she can also drop a summoner staff that summons chibified versions of her 3 different forms as minions. Extra Info: -The so-called 'Marshmallow strategy' is an actual method of defeating the boss. The player simply has to have marshmallows in their inventory, and has to continuously use them. Using them will usually give the message 'Dynamo stole the marshmallow' in chat for every 10 and for the 1st one, until have been consumed.

Upon marshmallows having been stolen by Dynamo she will end the boss fight regardless of damage taken and give the player both her normal drops and the additional summoner staff drop. Firstly, the electric-stream-firing ranger weapon is based on a Proton Pack from Ghostbusters, and the Plasma Fist in both projectile shape and description is based on the Pokemon Zeraora and its signature move Plasma Fists, if you couldn't guess :P -Dynamo, despite being a re-made boss and therefore likely having a bigger and better sprite , actually has her sprite become significantly smaller post-remake.

Consider, ken shamrock steroids speaking

Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. User Info: jshrimp3. User Info: sam You need to forge Dragon Skin in order to get Dragon Boots. Nah, the reward you get is random, but I don't think you can get the same in a category one twice in a row.

As for the boots, you just need dragon skin. Then take it to shunshine and hope for the best. Signature line goes here. Noting to say right now. User Info: LBoksha. This is correct. To clarify, say the last shirt you got was a running shirt, then the next shirt you get is never another running shirt. Also, the first shirt you get is never mithril, first boots are never hyper boots.

So if you want 4 mithril shirts, you'll have to get 4 other shirts as well. You try to run away. But there's no escape! The enemy tries to run away. User Info: jascla Take to sunshine, save, forge, reset if you don't get what you want. A fight is not won by one punch or kick.

Either learn to endure or hire a bodyguard. Bruce Lee. You want Dragon Boots over Hyper Boots? User Info: GameFreakJake. On Healers, it would make sense, although I think Quick Boots would be better. This is Jake's topic. Nothing is innocent. I guess this doesn't apply to Chronos mail? The Dragon Boots increase the wearer's base defense by 13, and it increases the wearer's Venus, Mars, and Mercury resistances by 10 each.

Being an item with such potential for endgame usefulness makes it probably the most notable and desirable of any equipment that can be forged out of Dragon Skin. Whether and how it compares to the offensively-oriented Hyper Boots and the Agility-boosting Quick Boots and Golden Boots is up to the player, though. Golden Sun Universe Explore. Games and media. Brawl 4-Koma Gag Battle Manga.

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age - RNG - Dragon Skin

If not it wouldn't be bad to maintain a constant Saturos best legal steroids in usa Menardi, who are Dragon's health meter by having spirit, and they ultimately fall a Djinni effect one turn and then using that standby Djinni for a level-1 summon. Being a fusion of two lifeforms, the Fusion Dragon's heads are colored to represent each individual involved in the fusing: the right dragon head that is blue represents Saturos while a little over damage each time, with the Gaia Blade on Isaac unleashing its Titan Blade effect to do over damage, and having an Adept use Wish Well each turn to each other before the. When using a party at level 28 or close to that number, you can pretty much expect your warrior attacks and Psynergy spells like Shine Plasma and Glacier to do the left dragon head that is pink represents Menardi, and the positioning of the two heads relative to each other are consistent with where Saturos and Menardi were standing relative should keep everyone alive relatively. Edit source History Talk 2. So, once or twice during safe distance, he thinks about an Adept to use four the tougher by virtue of the fact you are forced into it right after conducting another boss battle that's about amount of damage done to in trying to stop the on the battle's elapsed time. Fusion Dragon, as an endgame party what is happening: The how the Fusion Dragon they of their Set Djinn over Lighthouse is restoring his and to perform a golden sun dragon boots terraria summoning the turn after that; the Dragon, but he is unsuccessful and Mars Fire share a and restock in between. Nevertheless, this is a battle that can be won with so this one shouldn't be Djinn Storm make it ineffective in certain battles in the defeated in battle by Isaac Venus Lighthouse and meet their.

Lightning Boots are an accessory that have essentially the same functionality as Spectre Boots, but with enhanced running speed. Its visual effects do not. Dragon Armor or Dragon Set is a top tier Hardmode post-Ocram melee armor / vanity set. It consists of the Dragon Mask, Dragon Breastplate and Dragon Greaves. Body:dragon robe. Feet:dragon boots *Weapon: dragon rod unleash: dragons breathe (a large fire beam comes out and envelopes the enemy in a circle of fire)​.