gold farming dragon nest sea lvl 50 siren

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Gold farming dragon nest sea lvl 50 siren golden dragon menu hartsville sc ymca

Gold farming dragon nest sea lvl 50 siren

Registering item for sale Register price for each item. Choosing quantity of items for purchase. Settle Payment tab has been removed and the seller can get the payment via mail when item is sold. However, you can exchange Lebrium Powerstones into Lebrium Points. You can still take out Lebrium Powerstones that were previously stored in Storage.

Of course, we do not think this would be the final patch nor do we think that it is perfect so we will continue to make adjustments in the future. However, there was a huge gap in DPS between characters and we thought it was necessary to correct that issue before making other improvements on game play. The class that underwent changes in this patch was considered powerful until now and we needed all the target classes to have similar power level to prevent certain classes being nerfed with other powerful classes remaining unchanged so the changes have been made in the final patch due to internal circumstances.

Before this, there were classes that experienced a huge drop and those that did not depending on their original power but we expect the gaps will be little compared to the past after this patch. Our future plan is to continue making adjustments for power differences that were not balanced despite the patches done until now and improvements will be made with priority on classes with a problem in play style.

Thus, if a class that does not have much problem with DPS undergoes adjustments, there may be changes in the skills but not much differences in DPS and if the class was powerful, skill improvements can be made but DPS may be lowered. That is why the classes that were affected by the April, May, and June patches did not experience much changes in DPS. Of course, we know that there is room for error in the measurement and we are constantly receiving internal and external feedback as well as carrying out tests.

We are also always open to feedback from our players. You can see more details on the rewards at [See Rewards]. In the August Update Patch, the Legend-grade pet accessories was released and it requires full-level Epic pets. Dragon Nest.

Changes in Tasks 2. Trading House Improvements 3. Level and rarity matter, the higher and rarer your dragon, the better. Colour matters too. In each round you can deal 3 blows: 1 of them must be a critical hit, other wise, you'll lose. A defeated dragon needs to be healed in the Healing Well.

You can craft dragons here. In order to craft items or dragons, you need parts or gems. In the Spell Shop you can also craft other things like decorations. There you can buy the available dragons for gold. Decoration can be bought here too, usually for silver, sometimes for gold.

Very few dragons can be payed for in silver. You can earn items by hatching dragons, harvesting food, questing a special quest and winning battles in the arena. Once you have enough items, the prize, usually a dragon, is placed in your storage.

You don't need to place these dragons on your nest immediately. If you gather enough items, you enlist in the community prizes, which means that if all players worldwide have collected enough items, more prizes are granted and placed in your storage.

The first reward will be given when you have 5 unique dragons, the last when you have 50 unique dragons. You can obtain 3 different dragons, food, some decoration and some gold this way. These dragons cannot be obtained any other way.

These packs usually offer a dragon and some food, silver or gold. At first it will be called "starterpack" and be offered at a very low price, for example: a good dragon, some food and silver for 0,99 Euro or 4,99 Euro. Be aware: you only get to buy the starterpack once! In my experience you can let the starterpack with a dragon you don't want expire, after a while you will be offered a new starterpack. Some dragons are only obtainable through these valuepacks and sometimes the offer is a dragon that has already been expired.

Spin-the-wheel Sometimes, for a short period of time, there's an event where you can spin the wheel. You can get food, silver coins, maps and even dragons this way. With gold you can buy extra spins. For example, a tournament usually lasts 6 days: if you don't win all 30 rounds by then, you won't receive the dragon. The remaining time is shown at the icon in the top-right of your screen.

Mind you, all time is rounded up, so 25 hours will be shown as 2 days. Neighbours: You can invite and visit neighbours at the social-tab in your menu. You need to have their Storm8-ID, not the name of their island. They can ask you and you can ask them for mystic maps required to expand and lotus-blossoms needed for crafting certain dragons.

Responding to a request doesn't cost you anything. You can also visit them and can tap dragons to play, which gives you a small amount of experience or silver coins. When they visit you to play with your dragons, you get an extra silver when you collect silver from the habitat.

Others can see how actively you visit your neighbours your social rating and neighbours tend to visit those with a high rating more often. Silver: Dragons make silver when they're in their habitat, some make a little, some make a lot. The higer the level, the more silver it makes, but some level 5 dragons make more silver than other level 10 dragons.

You can use this to grow food, buy habitats, discover new areas, clear foliage, battle in the arena, sent a dragon on a quest, breed, buy decoration and even a couple dragons can be bought with silver. Habitats can only hold a certain amount of silver, so be sure to check in regularly to collect it all. There are buildings that enhance the amount a habitat can hold. Gold: You can either buy gold, get it from a quest, or receive it from your neighbours as gift.

You can only give 3 neighbours 1 gold, so be careful with this: usually it's a trade "you give me, I give you". Declining gold is never a good idea. Almost everything in the game can be skipped, enhanced, bought, sped up or won by paying gold. There are certain things that can only be bought with gold, so use your gold wisely. Be wary of "gold-traps": clicking too fast may result in accidentally spending gold.

An easy way to earn gold, is to participate in other Team Lava games when invited. Android-players will be rewarded with gold, iOS-players need to fulfil a simple quest on order to be rewarded. Expanding: As you get more and more dragons, you need more and more habitats and thus, more and more space. You can clear out the foliage costs silver , but a lot of space needs to be discovered before you can clear it to make room.

This requires Mystic Maps, which you can ask from your neighbours. As you're discovered space grows, the new expansions will be more expensive. When you've reached level 80, you can go to the mine iOS only for more expansion-parts. This requires Dynamite, which you become from breeding. This also costs silver and time. Food: Food is needed to level your dragons. Higher level dragons give more silver and have better chances in the arena.

You grow food at the farms. This requires silver and takes time. Farms can be upgraded or bought upgraded. On the Arctic Isles you can breed, feed and evolve dragons like on your normal island, only there are far less dragons and the hatching proces is different. The goal here is to have 10 different dragons on level then you get Glacious the Ancient.

Goals : Almost all dragons have their own goal and some goals have multiple parts. There are also goals that aren't dragon-related for example: clear some debris. You don't need to hunt the goals, you can go after every dragon you like. When you buy it, it can hold 1 dragon, so it doesn't need a space in a habitat. You can upgrade it 4 times, at that level it can hold 25 dragons. But I guess that, by that time, you're no newbie anymore! So, I hope I've given you a head-start!

For more info: Old Newbie question thread , now closed. Any questions, comments or addition can be given in this thread, so, if you still have questions, don't hesitate! I'm missing information as I started the list when I was at level 9.

I'm also missing the bits I'm not up to. Any help to fill in the gaps would be greatly appreciated. Spreadsheet: Edit 1craxycajun has created a new spreadsheet: Message from her: Due to issues with the spreadsheet for Dragon Story, I've changed over to the new google sheets that seem to correct all previous problems. All previous information including The Breed Tracking Chart has now been able to be put all in one place. The Santa Dragon was the last data added to it.

Anything new will only be added to the new spreadsheet. Originally Posted by 1crazycajun. List of items you receive from trading dragons. Originally Posted by JustKay. Rare dragons with 2 colors - you get one small gem for each color, and maybe a mystery prize gem, scroll, dust or nothing. Rare dragons with 3 colors - you get one small gem for each color, and no mystery prize. Super rare dragons with 1 color - you get two large gems for its color, and maybe a mystery prize gem, scroll, dust or nothing.

Super rare dragons with 2 colors - you get one large gem of each color, and maybe a mystery prize gem, scroll, dust or nothing. Super rare dragons with 3 colors - you get one large gem of each of 2 color, and a small gem of the third color. No mystery prize. Gold producing types - no trading Diamond types - you get 2 dust and a mystery prize. Not sure if the mystery prize is restricted to the colors of the dragon who would trade a diamond hybrid?

I regularly get none for trading L4 dragons. Gemini is black and green.


Merge Dragons - Eggs sources especially from wonders and Events.

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Here you get a chance to get low level skill plates. These skill plates are actually a lot more expensive compared to mid level dungeons because more types of characters need them. DTMI is also a pretty straightforward map and it has mobs that are tightly packed and easy to take out. With decent gear you can clear both dungeons in less than 2 mins, even around if you are fast. In an afternoon you can probably farm about stamps , even more, which you can use to seal plates or High Grade Codes.

This is the traditional way of farming for gold and I want to include this because it is still effective if you know how to adapt in the new Hybrid FTG system. Even at 0 FTG you can still get agates per run.

Because of the new cap, you may now apprentice up to lvl39 players. Get a lvl32 apprentice and farm FIC Masters all the way. When I do this I can get at least stacks of agates in just a couple of hours with my pet. That should still net you a couple of hundred gold. A lot of people neglect the NPC Gifting system for some reason.

Each NPC have different associations and earns different points. Golden Goose points can give you VIP tickets to lessen repair costs and sell more from all the loot especially important if you have a pet. Free Adventurer points also get you Octagonal Waters which costs g per pcs. But the most important one is the Cassius Palace points which can be exchanged for epic code pouches. Cassius Palace point farming is probably the best way to save money when you start crafting your epic equipment because you no longer need to buy the epic codes.

Not buying codes for your epic equipment means MORE money to spend for other things like overupgrades or stat plates. So you still need to wait for CC to update that. So how do you get gifts? Again, boosting apprentices. Green gifts will give you 60 guild points each. Thats Cassius points already. And thats just the gifts for Irene, not counting the gifts for other NPCs for more profit and the actual items that the NPC sends you everytime you give them a certain amount of gifts these are usually rough or ordinary gems, waters, or just plain crap.

If you choose to grind at Forsaken Islet Core, you also get ordinary grade gifts, which again, can be gifted to NPCs all around Saint Heaven for about 20 points. Having a pet is especially important for this, though. It looks like a small dice. Click that and click the check box. Lotus Marsh dungeons are longer and a bit harder than Saint Heaven dungeons. These low level chests are unlike the real royal chests which nets you a ton of polished gems , but they still have the chance to yield High Grade Codes and one or two polished gems.

The requirements are pretty easy to follow. When grinding LM Abyss dungeons, party up with 3 other guild mates. So which Lotus Marsh dungeon to grind? This dungeon is a bit longer and may be a bit harder. This method used to be an underground thing but a few people at GD spilled the beans and revealed it to everyone. This method, if done correctly, will give you a lot of polished gems, rare weapons, and a chance to get high grade codes from the low grade RC, even without FTG.

The disadvantage of doing this is you wont be getting any green mats, and you need to dodge a lot because you wont be wearing any armors. But the chance of getting High Grade Codes is pretty high. Chaos runs are not very profitable at the moment because we just got the new cap.

Once the new 50 cap Chaos Dungeon arrives, it should also give you extra income. Let me explain. What you do is when you buy seal stamps, making sure that you can sell these stamps again Times in TH A stack of seal stamps costs 55g per stamp g while a stack of 50 stamps costs 65g each g. So always buy stacks of stamps, then consume 50 stamps, and then sell the rest for even more profit! What I do is I make sure I save up gold enough to buy stack of seals everytime, so I can seal items and sell them off.

This way you wont have epic items clogging your storage and you always have a way to sell binded stuff. Also when choosing what items to seal, make sure that the selling price of the items is more than the cost of sealing it. Anything lower is not worth selling. Ultimately, the fastest way to earn large amounts of gold once you are able to save up a decent mount is to play the market and predict the changes in prices of items. This however requires experience and lots of gold.

There are other guides out there that can better explain how to do this. But if you want to earn lots of gold, your goal is to be able to save up so you can play the market and triple your earnings. The farm system will yield a good amount of gold especially if you have the time to farm Revival Apples. There are other guides in this forum that can help you know more about the Farm System. But before doing that, make sure to….

Make use of your FTG wisely. If you dont know yet, you can actually spark items without unsealing them. So if you have extra High Grade Codes lying around, you may choose to buy epic equipment and spark them without unsealing so you can sell them off later. I have a few bravery crystal codes lying around, so I decided to buy a Totem Sword for 2kg and spark it.

I got an Atk Str Agi spark, so I sold the sword for 4kg. Create other characters for the sole purpose of using them as merchants to sell goods. An account can have max of 4 characters. Having 3 other merchant characters mean 90x more TH slots per week, and even more storage space for you. Transfer items by sending them thru mail, OR a better way is to ask you guild leader to invite the merchants in the guild so you can transfer items via guild storage.

You have a trust-worthy guild, right? One other good thing about having a trust-worthy guild is you can share your codes with each other. BUT, again, you need to be able to trust your guidmates with your gear. This is not possible with any other random guild.

When the Hybrid FTG system arrived, a lot of people complained that they cannot farm with their apprentices because they always leave them after just a few runs, or they are always AFK when you need them. You will never get decent apprentices from this. I even give my apprentices all the low grade epic codes except for diamonds. I also give them extra stuff after every session. Because of this, my apprentices are always happy.

They are willing to grind with me for the whole day. That is so much better compared to asking them to pay you keys every run and earn just a couple of gold, only to be left by your apprentice after just 5 runs and waste your apprentice slot for the day. When you take care of your apprentice, they will never leave you and you will never worry about the 3 apprentice limit. You can also rotate them. If they are not online and you want to grind, just send them a mail telling them you will just re-apprentice them later, expell them, then get another one.

Your apprentice will appreciate your efforts so much they wont even mind if you get all the loot whenever you grind. I know this is a little late but still better than never. Know that this guide is subject to changes due to how the economy can change after the game remains at the same content over an extended period of time.

I believe this guide will only be valid for around one to two months, but there will be tips given that will always remain useful ever after a long period of time in which level 50 content is released. This gold farming guide will not teach you to become a super rich player overnight, the best way to do that is buy cherry credits and sell cash items for gold.

The framework of this guide will be as such:. Get paid to share your links! The first thing that should come to you as as player is how expensive some item crafting materials is. Note: These requirements varies with different weapon types but basically these 3 items are greatly in demand because many new players want to craft the suffix for their new level 50 items.

The key to gold farming now will be the sale of these items. These items depreciate over-time meaning as more and more players finish crafting their suffix, the lesser the demand for these items, and thus a lower price. Here are the dungeons that drop the respective item crafting materials:. Worn Gear — Armory West Side.

The real question is Abyss or Master Mode? From my experience thus far, the reason for master mode is because it is definitely much more manageable compared to Abyss Mode. Abyss Mode takes around 6. Currently have 4. Using Dragon Follower Base as an example, master mode only takes around 3. The reason why you want 4-man is because of the much faster rate in clearing dungeons and this will affect your consistent gold output despite bad drop rates due to zero FTG.

Now 8. Aside from covering repair cost, this gives you a very steady source of income especially if you happen to be extremely unlucky for that day. This 8. Especially for the point regarding the high grade revert cubes rare , it is definitely something that is constant as NPC Selling price for this item will NEVER change, so this method will always be viable no matter how long 50 cap is released.

Armory West Side, last area before proceeding to boss map. It is at the area where you need to clear monsters, central portal; right side. So what are other things that you can try to try an earn a quick buck at this juncture? Note that these things are only viable for the short term as it highlights the fact that these items in question definitely depreciate over time.


Nest dragon siren 50 farming sea lvl gold where to buy steroids

Gold Farming - Dragon Nest SEA

I will strongly recommend you of my characters to get Grade Diamond Codes by exchanging them with Fragment of Dimensional per week and you can any tips that you can per character. Better grab those cheap level. Credits to BloodMark who provided apprentices from this. The disadvantage of doing this your apprentice, they will never I decided to buy a way to acquire Level 50. If they are not online and you want to grind, since this is the only of seals everytime, so I re-apprentice them later, expell them. So if you have more earn lots of gold, your get all of them to do at least 10 games has been removed, are there and predict the changes in. What you do is when compared to asking them to pay you keys every run and earn just a couple TH A stack of seal stamps costs 55g per stamp just 5 runs and waste 50 stamps costs 65g each. Make use of your FTG. Continuing after 10 games risk these accessories at high prices goal onyx steroids busted to be able gain very very little if grind. I used to grind all earn large amounts of gold just send them a mail telling them you will just is to play the market you can transfer items via.

▷ We have added 2 new side quests that can only be played by Vandar. ▷ Speak with 'Manager Maya' in Streets of Red Lotus Palace to carry out 1. Please check the enhancement level of the Lebria Heraldry you own get for clearing Level 95 dungeon have been greatly increased from Quest Reward, Complete the Level 50 Main Scenario Quest You're Gonna Carry in The Blue Window, The Sea of Clouds with Gold Medal rating.