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Kingsroad gold dragons cara dapat gold dragon nest ina

Kingsroad gold dragons



You could use the Epic Forge over and over, hoping to get a necklace by chance. But an alternative is to buy an Epic Necklace Blueprint from the shop for , gold. This is the method I recommend. Save these in your vault or inventory and equip them whenever you farm for gold.

You can boost your gold find by socketing crescent-shaped jewels. Crescents can be hard to come by, so grab up every one you can find. Fuse and evolve them as much as possible, giving priority to your strongest jewels. You do not want to waste evolution material on weaker crescents. For more on jewel fusion and evolution, see the links in Section D. Crescents can only be socketed in appearance items.

There are 9 types of appearance items: weapon, offhand, chest, cape, helm, shoulders, gloves, boots, and banner. You get the first 8 from events and the 9th from tournaments. For more on tournaments, see Chapter 4. This means you can socket up to 9 crescents at once. Later, you will want to re-socket your appearance items to improve this upper limit. But that costs gems and is expensive, so only advanced players should be concerned about this.

Elixirs of Item Find come in 3 varieties. It will also increase the rate at which other items drop. The basic Elixir of Item Find will sometimes drop from killed enemies in story maps. You can sometimes get glps as a reward from Achievements or Leaderboards.

They can also be bought for gems in the shop. But if you want to buy one with gems, it is more efficient to wait until you see it as part of a weekend festival bundle. It is also sometimes obtained as an Achievement reward. The Frozen Relics Trinket Set is a set of 5 trinkets 2 rings, 2 charms, and a necklace. It can be obtained from the dungeons.

You should try to get this trinket set as soon as possible. Store it in your vault along with your other gold farming gear. You cannot wear both the Frozen Relics Trinket Set and the gold find trinkets you crafted at the forge. You must choose between the two sets. The forged set boosts your gold find, and the Frozen Relics set boosts your gold drops.

It can be a rather complicated mathematical puzzle to decide which is the best choice. But a good rule of thumb is the following. So beginning players are usually better off with their forged trinkets. There is one important exception. In that case, use the Frozen Relics. The faster you move, the more gold you get per minute, and the more you can milk out of an Elixir of Item Find.

Eventually, you will get Appearance Boots that are Artifact quality or better. This set was discussed in Section 1. But to really beef up your move speed, you need to head to the dungeons. The exact combination of dungeon items that you want will depend on the class you are using.

By default each appearance item can hold only one crescent. By re-socketing, they can hold up to three crescents each. A full re-socketing will triple the number of crescents you can equip. This will let you wear 27 crescents at one time. But re-socketing costs gems, and a lot of them, so this is a long-term project. Here are the steps involved:. Get a full legendary appearance set that you will use for farming. You want legendary because it is the lowest quality available, so it will be cheaper to re-socket.

Get appearance boots of artifact quality or higher. They will be more expensive to re-socket, but you want them for the move speed bonus. Get an epic banner. You want epic because it is the lowest quality banner capable of holding 3 crescents. If you farm in a party, you will develop your own unique party dynamics. But if you farm solo, you may need ideas to get you started. Remember, you want to be efficient when you farm.

But keep in mind the difference between in-game efficiency and overall efficiency. In-game efficiency means getting the most gold in the least amount of time. Overall efficiency is not so cut-and-dried. Overall efficiency is a concept that includes your life outside KingsRoad. For my own personal overall efficiency, I find casual solo farming works best. In this section, I will tell you some of the things I do when I farm with my wizard.

These ideas may help you to develop methods that work for you. Once a day, I take out my gold find dragons, Lucrix and Fortuna. I try to make sure I get every ounce of gold out of the map. To do this, I have to be careful about the following:. While the AI is running the map for me, I am doing other things. I check back periodically to return to town and reload the map. Keep in mind that the AI will not collect all the gold in the map. How much gold it collects will presumably depend on many factors.

It may depends on your move speed, your attack speed, and the skills you have assigned to your five slots. I tried autofarming many different maps. I kept records of how much gold I collected each time. Through this process, I determined that, for me, the most gold came from Inner Circle.

So when I autofarm, I run Inner Circle. But your situation might be different. You should check for yourself. But I need to be more attentive than straight autofarming. When semi-autofarming, I also run Inner Circle, and I look out for the following things:.

I also use it when I need to gather some items, such as potions or item fusion material. From the standpoint of in-game efficiency, this method of using a glp is terrible. But for my life, I find it works best for overall efficiency. Events are the primary means for getting items that boost your Power Score. Each event lasts for two weeks. As of the time of this writing May 26, , a new event just started. By playing the current event, you can win an 8-piece Appearance Item set.

Each time you complete the event, you will receive a Set Lockbox. When you open the box, you will receive a random reward. The reward might be one of the 8 pieces from the Appearance Item set, or it might be a handful of Dragon Stones. If you collect enough Dragon Stones, you can use them in the shop to buy any missing items from the 8-piece set.

When the current event ends, a new one will begin immediately. The next event will reward items from an 8-piece Trinket set. Two weeks after that, an event will begin that rewards items from an 8-piece Equipment set. The event following that will offer Appearance Items again, and the cycle repeats.

Upon opening the box, you will receive a random number of Event Tokens. You will most likely get 10, but you may get more. You can also get 5 free tokens per day from Keira, the Apprentice. To get more tokens, you should use gold to buy Premium Event Token Lockboxes from the shop.

The full price of one box is , gold, but it is possible to get a discount. To get the discount, you need to get a Crown. Crowns come in several different qualities. Here we will discuss only four: Common, Superior, Epic, and Legendary.

A Crown will also have a Star Level between 1 and 5. To get the best discount possible, you will need to buy a Common 1 Crown and evolve it to Legendary 5. The Common 1 Crown costs 50 gems in the shop.

Unlike other items, Crowns do not need to be fused. You can perform consecutive evolutions without any intermediate fusion. Crown evolution requires gold and two evolution materials. The following table lists each Crown type and the token discount it offers.

To get evolution materials, you must play the Battle Coliseum. My advice is to put off buying Event Tokens as long as you can. In the meantime, hoard gold and Honor Tokens. When you can no longer wait to buy Event Tokens, buy a Common 1 Crown. Evolve it as far as you can and spend the rest of your gold on Event Tokens. Some people who play the events live paycheck-to-paycheck. They are always out of tokens, waiting for the next free bundle.

Out of frustration, they may even give in and spend their precious gems for a quick fix. In other words, the event will often end before you can collect all the items. What you need is a savings account and a budget. The budget will be a certain amount of gold that you will set aside every day for tokens. But like any budget, you have to stick to it. Even when you are lucky and you get the full set in, say, 10 runs, you have to continue to set aside gold for the future.

In fact, you only want to buy tokens when you have a good crown discount. But you must always know how much of your gold is earmarked for tokens and not dip into it. Before you can even start budgeting, you have to build up your stash of PTBs. At first, you may have trouble farming enough gold to build a good stash.

If this happens, try playing every other event for a while. You need to collect this, so you will need to keep your loose Event Tokens below To do this, just play the bronze event as needed. You will also get some extra Dragon Stones and some gems from selling the items you get. So how big a stash do you need? Well that depends on many things. Which event tier are you playing? How much gold are you able to set aside for tokens?

And how many times do you want to be able to run the event? You need a bigger stash to play platinum than to play gold. The more gold you farm for tokens, the smaller a stash you can get away with. One way to manage your stash size is to fly by the seat of your pants and use trial and error. Just build as big a stash as you can and see how it works for you. If you find yourself running out of tokens, then make adjustments. Try to improve your gold farming, or rebuild a bigger stash than you had before.

In Cell B2, you enter the date and time that you started budgeting your tokens. For best results, if using Google Sheets, you should enter the time in Pacific Time. The next thing you need to do is decide on a stop-loss. How many runs will that be? For me, it is For you, it may be something else. Whatever your stop-loss is, enter it in Cell B3. You enter this only once, at the time you set up your budget.

This is your initial stash size. After that, decide how much gold you are willing and able to put toward tokens. Finally, enter the cost in tokens of each run into Cell B6. I have entered 15, because I am playing the platinum tier. These five numbers are the foundation of your budgeting plan. Once you have entered them, you will see your risk of ruin in Cell B8. This is the probability that you will eventually run out of tokens. Obviously, you want this as small as possible. How small you want it is a matter of personal preference.

I like mine smaller than 0. Now that your budget is made, you will have to stick to it. The hard part will be remembering how much of your gold is earmarked for tokens. The workbook can also help with this. In Cell B10, enter the discount offered by your current crown.

In Cell B12, enter the current number of the smaller event Token Lockboxes you have. And in Cell B13, enter the current number of loose event Tokens you have. Finally, in Columns C and D, keep track of the number of runs you have made for each event since the start of your budget.

In KingsRoad, you can see how many runs you have made in the current event by looking under Achievements. Make sure to include the runs you have made in the current event, even if you plan to run more later. Once you have done this, the spreadsheet will return two important numbers, in Cells B16 and B And in Cell B17 is the amount of gold you should have earmarked for tokens.

Keep in mind that you may not buy tokens for some time. When you do buy tokens, you may have a better crown discount. If that happens, then you will need less gold than what is shown in Cell B The workbook is read only, but feel free to download a copy in order to make adjustments to the numbers. Also, this budgeting system assumes that your goal is to get a complete set of items from the event.

In other words, it assumes you will stop running the event once you get your set. If you do not have the required Power Score, you cannot play that tier. If you do, then you can. The recommended Power Score is a decent indicator of when you should play a particular tier. But it can sometimes be misleading.

For a better indicator, look to your Damage. If it is at least half the recommended Power Score, then you should be ready for that tier. If your damage is too low and you still want to play that tier, then you can use potions. Your main priority should be to use Elixirs of Damage and Avoidance.

Which dragons to conjure in an event is a matter of personal preference. As a rule of thumb, your dragons should be Level 30 for bronze tier, Level 45 for silver, 60 for gold, and 80 for platinum. But in general, this is not so essential. If your dragons are a little weak and one dies, then you can conjure another one in the middle of battle. For example, you may need to use up some Event Tokens right away so you can collect the daily event bundle.

But as far as possible, you should only play the event on Sundays. When you play an event on a Sunday, you get an Event Bonus Lockbox. This lockbox can reward you with more Event Tokens, or with a Dragonstone Lockbox. It can also reward you with some less desirable items. Do not open the Dragonstone Lockbox when you get it. Instead, save it in your vault. The game only allows you to own Dragon Stones. But there is no limit on Dragonstone Lockboxes. When you are desperate, you will be glad to have that stash of Dragonstone Lockboxes.

In fact, you should try to concentrate most of your runs on the second Sunday of the event. Remember, you cannot collect the daily event bundle if you have too many Event Tokens. This will compel you to play the event almost daily. If you get the full set of items on the first Sunday of the event, there will still be 10 days left. You will end up making many unnecessary runs in the event. It is better to avoid this situation and save your Event Tokens. After the first time you complete The Lost Hills story map, you will be able to access the tournaments.

Each tournament lasts for two weeks and runs alongside its corresponding event. The tournament will start first, on Tuesday. Then the event will start two days later, on Thursday. Successfully completing the tournament will earn you a primary reward and a secondary reward. The primary reward is an item you can equip. If the event is rewarding equipment, then the primary tournament reward is a belt.

Belts are also equipment items. If the event is rewarding appearance items, then the tournament rewards a banner. Banners are also appearance items. And if the event is rewarding trinkets, then the tournament will give you a trophy, which is also a Trinket. The secondary tournament reward varies. It could be a rare jewel, for example. The tournament consists of nine maps. Each map can be played on one of four difficulty tiers: bronze, silver, gold, or platinum.

On the first day of the tournament, only Map 1 Bronze will be unlocked. You must complete bronze to unlock silver, silver to unlock gold, and gold to unlock platinum. On the second day, Map 2 Bronze will unlock. Views: 1, Posts: 9. Likes: 0. Official Replies: 0. Posts: Of course then the effect needs to be accumulative. I wonder where the road is leading Gold Dragons are only affecting their owner NOT the whole party.

Thus, all players have to conjure their Dragons to benefit. I thought it affects all party members as in the chat people so often offer their Gold Dragons to a GLP owner Unrelated to gold, but you'll get the rune fusion from their gold dragons' drops. Over a whole glp you could get a decent amount of fusion if you're getting 2 drops every run.

Balance that against the hassle of finding new party members throughout a glp. Rolling Thunder. I guess it is cumulative, right? Or is there any disadvantage? If yiou have it already active they do NOT stack and in fact you waste the benefits of the thirty so in reality should drop.

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Chipmonk in Java. R script. Event Reports. KingsRoad Player's Guide. KingsRoad Player's Guide pdf. As the dragon aged, its pupils faded away until the eyes acquired an appearance of shiny, liquid gold. Other facial features included a pointed tongue and small cheek horns that grew sideways.

Gold dragons had broad sail-like wings [note 1] that started from their shoulders and extended all the way to the end of their extremely long tails. During flight, the wings moved in a graceful rippling motion that resembled swimming. This elegant flying motion was considered by many scholars, as well as by the gold dragons themselves, to be the most graceful among true dragons.

When on the ground, the wings were kept closed upright over its back if the dragon was at rest, or folded facing back if the dragon was walking or running. A newly hatched gold dragon had dark yellow scales dotted with metallic specks that increased in size with age, until they totally covered the scales, giving a shiny and radiant golden color to the adult dragon's entire body. Despite being capable of eating almost anything, gold dragons tended to hunt large and dangerous monsters [9] and were particularly fond of including pearls and gems in their diet.

Older dragons even had the ability to supernaturally locate gems in their vicinity. They tended to receive such gifts well, except if they were given as bribes. Gold dragons could breathe underwater. It was common for gold dragons to appoint themselves with quests to promote good.

Those that earned a gold dragon's fury found a relentless enemy who would not rest until the utter and complete subjugation of the evildoers. Either by slaying or by bringing villains to justice, a gold dragon's only acceptable outcome was complete victory over evil. When looking for a lair, gold dragons usually sought secluded and remote locations. They had a preference for idyllic or picturesque locations, such as rivers or the bottom of lakes, cave complexes, ancient ruins, deep gorges, high plateaus, or mist-covered islands.

Older gold dragons were capable of shapeshifting into humanoid or beast forms. They usually spent most of the time in this form, even within their lairs. When traveling, it was common for a gold dragon to assume a particularly non-threatening form in order to put adventurers at ease, as well as to observe local communities and to catch up on gossip and news of the outside world. In many cases, the dragon would use its disguise to provide help, company and comfort to those in need, or to set up traps for evildoers by using itself as bait.

Strong believers in the greater good and in the rule of order, gold dragons were sometimes viewed as arrogant and dismissive. They tended to avoid philosophical or ethical discussions with beings they deemed inferior, although they enjoyed arguing in favor of law.

The gold dragon Aurinax guarding the Vault of Dragons in Waterdeep. Gold dragons preferred to parlay before a fight, using their intimidating presence and insight to determine if fighting was necessary, to find advantages, and to buy time to cast preparatory spells. A common tactic for gold dragons in a fight was to use their breath weapons as means to scatter and weaken their foes.

Every gold dragon in the world acknowledged a hierarchy which spanned the entire race. This structure had a single elected leader at the top: a wyrm or great wyrm called the King or Queen of Justice who bore the honorific "Your Resplendence" and served until death or resignation. The selection of a replacement either by election or, more frequently, by acclamation was a process in which all gold dragons took part.

It was also possible for two dragons of equal merit to be elected as leaders, in which case they could share duties or alternate leadership. Because gold dragons were well aware of their responsibilities, the duties of the King of Justice were typically light. They would most frequently act as advisors to other dragons and their quests to defeat evil, pointing out consequences and hidden ramifications.

Less frequently, the gold dragon ruler acted as a representative of the entire race when dealing with other species, or as a judge in the extremely rare occasion in which a gold dragon committed an offense. Gold dragons did not have strong preferences about their lairs, but they tended to choose lairs made of stone, such as caves and castles, and recruited other loyal creatures as guards. The lair of a gold dragon possessed some residual magic. While in its lair, a gold dragon had a limited capability to glimpse into the future and to banish invaders into a dream plane of the dragon's own creation.

The region around the lair also experienced some magical effects, such as banks of opalescent mists that haunted evil creatures and warned good creatures of danger. Gold dragons enjoyed treasure that showed artisanship, such as paintings, sculptures, calligraphy and porcelain. When choosing a mate, gold dragons could spend years debating philosophy and ethics and questing together as part of their courtship. Prospective mates then sought approval from the King of Justice. Some gold dragons mated for life through a rite known as the Oath of Concord, while others only mated for a short time.

They could be monogamous or hold several mates at the same time. Gold dragons raised their young with exceptional care. A gold dragon wyrmling did not have whiskers, but they developed quickly. It was also common for gold dragon parents to send their young to the care of foster parents. This could serve a variety of reasons, such as freeing the parents for a quest, or just broadening their horizons.

Wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, and young adult gold dragons tended to be solitary or lived in a clutch of 2 to 5 dragons; adults, mature adults, older dragons, wyrms or great wyrms would live solitarily, in a pair, or a family consisting of a couple of adults and several offspring. Gold dragons were the only species of dragon to have their own written language.

However, they could only write in human form, since their dragon claws were not practical for holding writing equipment. These dragons even kept records of historic events. The content of these records was mostly useless to human historians however, as they described dragon events like dragon births, trials and deaths, rather than events that affected the non-dragon world. Protanther leading the council of metallic dragons in the Nether Mountains. During the glory days of Myth Drannor , before its destruction in the Weeping War , gold dragons were one of the races that dwelled in the City of Song in harmony.

At one point before the city's fall, the gold dragons of Myth Drannor aided in magically trapping a powerful demon Rivener who became too powerful to defeat after he stole one of the Baneblades of Demron. Sometime in the late s DR Protanther represented the gold dragons by gathering a council of metallic dragons in the battle against the reformed Cult of the Dragon 's efforts to summon Tiamat.

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Through this process, I determined budgeting, you have to build you started budgeting your tokens. The following table lists each. Two weeks after that, an event will begin that rewards items from an 8-piece Equipment. If you also have Auric, is such an important activity. But re-socketing costs gems, and a lot of them, so them for the move speed. You could use the Epic should use gold to buy from the shop for. Remember keep those metals low, maps, you will collect items out for the following tungsten gold inlay dragon ring. Crescents can be hard to for tokens, the smaller a is earmarked for tokens and. Lucrix and Fortuna have a Stones, you can use them one or more piles of. To get the best discount how much of golden dragon museum yum cha kauai gold minute, and the more you and evolve it to Legendary.

Hi, if three players go for gold farming can there be only 1 gold dragon active or could each of the player conjure a dragon? › Guides. Gold find dragons. At the time of this writing (June 24, ), there are three dragons you can get that will increase your gold.