dragon quest 6 gold dragon statue

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Dragon quest 6 gold dragon statue

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Side Quest 2 Answers Hero vocation? Build 1 Answer Is there a Magic Carpet? I need legend armor and cant find it. Side Quest 3 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password?

User Info: Mwulf Mwulf 10 years ago 1 Okay, there's a cave you can only access by sea in the western end of the real world. The B1 is a labyrinth. Clearly, I need to do something here User Info: quina9vivi quina9vivi 10 years ago 2 There's some NPC in the Dream World that says something along the lines of "Circle the wall south of the Dragon statue and search the grass to find the stairs".

User Info: LightHawKnight LightHawKnight 10 years ago 3 You didn't talk to the right npcs, you need to go south from the golden dragon statue till you hit the wall, go right a bit and south again and then left again and exame the grass patch. This is the most adventurous Dragon Quest game.

Vocation traits. Differences from the SNES version? Flail of destruction drop rate.


User Info: LightHawKnight. Talking to NPCs and writing down what they say is rather useful, at least when they say something useful like ways to traverse dungeons. More topics from this board What are the best classes for humans in this game? Build 2 Answers Where can I find the legendary equipment? Side Quest 2 Answers Hero vocation? Build 1 Answer Is there a Magic Carpet?

I need legend armor and cant find it. Side Quest 3 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: alex alex 10 years ago 1 im in the cryptic catacombs and im on the floor with the golden dragon statue and i dont know what to do.. User Info: alex alex Topic Creator 10 years ago 3 alright found it thanks dude Switch: User Info: alex alex Topic Creator 10 years ago 4 how bout in the next room? User Info: alex alex Topic Creator 10 years ago 6 wow never would of thought of that thx again Switch: Vocation traits.

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Use this trick for easy money. Dragon Quest Wiki. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. Warning: Spoilers! Click expand to view content The following opportunities only applies if The Hero is married to Nera or Debora Briscoletti : A soldier hired by Rodrigo Briscoletti drops off a chest containing 2, Gold Coins. Series Mechanics V - D - E. Battle Mechanics. The Wagon Ships Other vehicles Horse and monster riding. Categories : Recurring elements Items Articles with content from Wikia.

Affiliates Dragon's Den. Wiki tools Wiki tools Special pages. Page tools Page tools. Clearvale dream Clearvale real Destiny's Drop Castle Swanstone The Spiegelspire Pescado Seabed Shrine Sorceria Mt Snowhere Everfrost Grotto Turnscote Mountain Pass 2 Weaver's Peak 2 Somnia 3 Cryptic Catacombs Castle Graceskull Stormsgate Citadel Cloudsgate Citadel Pillar of Pegasus Dullerton Gallows Moor Prison of Sorrow In DQVI, you take the role an unnamed hero who is just a normal boy from a remote village.

He awakens one day and finds himself in another world, the dream world. Traveling between reality and dreams, he meets up with other heroes who will join him on his quest to defeat Murdaw. DQVI, along with DQV, is many people's favorite, as the ability to travel between different worlds adds a lot to the game, making it a very lengthy adventure. There are also over 10 recruitable party members, and a full-fledged class system. He is caught in an adventure between worlds, and may turn out to be more than meets the eyes In game, he is a balanced character all around.

Milly A mysterious girl the Hero first meets in the dream world, she joins him to help out. In game, she is a great spellcaster-type character, physically weak, but has more MP than most others. She is an essential character early on. Carver A carpenter's son who first meets the Hero as a rival during a challenge. He then joins forces with him, turning out to be a great friend underneath the heap of muscles.

In game, he is a brute force character with high defense and attack. Ashlynn A girl from the real world the Hero meets during his travel. He helps her out and she joins the team. In game, she is another great spellcaster, but has weak defense. She has the most Style. Nevan A young apprentice from the church, he joins the Hero during his quest. In game, he is the best character for healing, but he is weak on the battlefield.

He makes a good back-up character for the wagon. Terry A strong swordsmaster the Hero encounters on his path many times. He only joins the party very late in the game. In game, he is a strong, balanced character, but is somewhat overshadowed by other characters that offer similar stats. Optional characters: Amos: He is the local hero of Scrimsley. You can recruit him early in the game, and he makes a good party member for most of the quest, until Terry joins.

He is a strong physical attacker with fair defense. Click here for the sidequest involving his recruitment. Goowain: Goowain is a good character for the Slimopolis, but that's about it. He can equip most gear, and can act as a healer. He is good early on, but many characters are better. You can recruit him after Howcastle, in the inside courtyard from Howie's room.

Healie: Healie is a weak character, but the only one along with Curie who can learn Omniheal, the most powerful healing spell in the game. It's good to keep him in the wagon until he learns the spell, so you can use it outside of battles. Healie can be recruited once you have the flying bed, in Clearvale dream world , in the northwestern corner of the town. Spot: Spot doesn't really stand out compared to the other characters, but he's a balanced one. You can recruit him on the right of Castle Graceskull, in the dream world.

Goober: Goober doesn't have particularly good stats, but he has one of the most powerful magic attacks Cold Breath. He is also the best slime to win the Best-Dressed Contest on Level 7. Goober can be recruited by winning the whole Slimopolis competition and then talking to an old man above the arena. He can only be recruited by winning the Best-Dressed Contest on Level 7, and then talking to the old man at the bar above.

Lizzy: Lizzy is a powerful dragon character who starts with the Dragon vocation. You will need to wait until Terry is part of your team before recruiting him. Find him at Arkbolt Castle, in the room with the cells. Curie: Curie is a similar character to Healie. He also learns Multiheal and Omniheal, so he's good to keep in the wagon. You can recruit him in the Suite Dreams after beating the game, or by collecting ten friends's dreams.

Shelley: Shelley has very high defense, but that's about it. He's good at standing up after a major hit. You can only recruit him with Curie in your party. Find him at the underwater inn near the Fashion Forge. Mercury: Mercury is an excellent slime character, who can survive magic attacks and deal a lot of damage with spells. He also has the best agility.

You can recruit him in the Suite Dreams after beating the game, or by collecting 20 friends's dreams. Go north through the back door to find a forest and follow the metal slime there. Someone will come help you after a while; talk to him and then corner up the slime to catch him. Mastering several different classes allow you to open new, more powerful classes, needed to beat the game. You can start changing vocations a few hours into the game, when Alltrades Abbey is in good shape in the dream world.

To level-up your class, you will need to fight a certain number of battles only works on enemies that are around the same level as your party. A nun in Alltrades Abbey will tell you how many battles until the next rank if you talk to her. She is found on the left of the entrance. When changing vocation, you will still keep all the abilities you learnt in other classes.

It's good to make everyone a Priest at some point so all your characters learn Fullheal and Zing. Basic Vocations Warrior: battles to master. High strength and HP. Martial Artist: battles to master. High agility and critical hits rate. Mage: battles to master. High MP. Priest: battles to master. High MP and healing.

Dancer: battles to master. High evasion rate. Thief: battles to master. Can steal items from enemies. Monster Master: battles to master. Can control monsters with spells. Merchant: battles to master. Receives more gold in battle. Gadabout: battle to master. Lucky Dip effects increased. High melee damage.

High strength and MP. High melee damage and healing. High MP and Mp costs decreased. High party support and can run from battles. Can disable enemies and help party members. High damage and recovers HP every turn. Dragon need Dragonic Diligence scroll from final dungeon or 90 Mini Medals reward -- Lizzy is the only character that starts with this vocation : battles to master.

High melee damage and area-of-effect. Liquid Metal Slime need Liquid Metal Mind scroll from post-game -- Mercury is the only character that starts with this vocation : battles to master. High defense against magic. Useful Tips to Know -To save your progress, talk to a priest in a church Confession.

You can change party members during a battle too. Attributes During your adventure you'll find various seeds hidden in jars and furniture around towns, each will increase different stats and can only be used once. Experience Ex Party members gain experience as they defeat monsters.

Once a certain amount of experience is earned, a party member's level will go up. Level The various attributes will increase as the party member's level increases. HP An indication of a character's health. MP The power needed to cast spells. Strength A measure of physical brute force. Damage inflicted to enemies will increase as the attribute increases. Agility A measure of physical speed. This affects the order in which party members attack in battle. Resilience A measure of physical hardiness.

The damage taken from attacks will decrease as the attribute increases. Wisdom A measure of natural intelligence. Luck A measure of a party member's tendency towards good fortune. Attack The sum of a party member's strength and that of the equipped weapon.

Defence The sum of a party member's resilience and that of the equipped armor. Tactics Assign different tactics to your party members from the menu so you don't have to constantly give them orders. Fight Wisely Pay equal consideration to both attack and defense. Watch My Back Concentrate on protecting the hero with healing and support magic, instead of attacking. Don't Use Magic Fight without casting spells.

Focus on Healing Keep a close eye on party member's HP, and heal them early. Follow Orders Listen to your instructions. Talk to them, then you will be taken to an empty castle. Go up the path on the left until you reach a large door. Beyond the door is There are more items to fetch. Items: Medicinal Herb in pot left of general store Seed of Resilience in barrel in SW house 10 gold coins in barrel in front of house left of tavern 3 gold coins in barrels inside tavern Medicinal Herb in pot left of mayor's house Antidotal Herb in pot inside mayor's house Head over to the mayor's house at the north end of town and speak to him.

He will give you a task, so accept it to begin the adventure. Leave town by the south exit and go down to the Mountain Pass. From here, there are two ways you can take to scale down the mountain. You can go down the ladder, or slide down the far end of the cliff on the right. Start by climbing down the ladder to get some items first.

Enter the cave on the right and go left at the fork to get 20 gold coins in the chest. No point in going further, so exit the cave by where you entered. Go left and cross the bridge. Slide down the cliff near the graves and open the chest down below for Wayfarer's Clothes. Enter the cave and climb up the ladder to re-emerge outside by graves. Go back to the entrance, and this time, slide down the cliff on the right of the blonde boy. Enter the cave below to find two chests with Medicinal Herb and Oaken Club.

Equip that, then jump down the hole on the left and exit the cave. Climb up the ladder and go down the next one on the left. You have gathered all the items in this area, so continue south to exit Mountain Pass. On the world map, follow the path down to arrive at Haggleton. There are two merchants in town who will offer you gold for it. Buck in the left bazaar tent, and Bill in the right tent.

Talk to both, but don't sell the goods. They will offer you different prices. Talk to them back and forth to increase the value of your goods until they offer That's the max, so take the money. With this, you can buy the Thief's Key from a man in the left tent. Refuse his offer until he drops the price of the key to That's his lowest, so take it. With the key, you can unlock two doors in the inn to get the Big Book of Beasts and gold coins downstairs.

Items: Seed of Agility inside pot in left merchant tent Medicinal Herb and 5 gold coins in barrels left of inn Big Book of Beasts in dresser inside inn thief's key gold coins, Chimaera Wing inside inn downstairs thief's key To proceed with the storyline, talk to the girl in the house northeast of town.

She asks if you can help look for her missing father. Leave town and walk west across the bridge. Follow the trail to a large empty hole in the middle of the map. Enter this hole to find a man hanging for his life. Help him up, but something unfortunate happens. You can now access Wellshire in your misery. Also, you can listen to the two men in the northern part of the twon to hear about a kidnapping. You don't have to do this, but it will be used for later.

Inside you will find a well that takes you back to where you were before the incident. Return to Haggleton and visit the girl in the northeastern house. Her father will thank you by giving you the Spirit Crown. With this, return to your home village of Weaver's Peak. You can use a chimaera wing if you want. Back in town, talk to granny in your house to sleep the night.

Go out after nightfall and follow Buddy outside. After the ceremony events, go speak to the mayor in his house to receive an Entry Pass. Back outside, check on the left of the house to find Tania and Buddy talking. Afterwards, go back to your house and speak to Tania to sleep again. In the morning, talk to her again and leave town to return to Haggleton you can use another chimaera wing if you're lazy : From Haggleton, walk south to find a castle.

You can head down the well in the northwestern part of town to find a chest guarded by Golum no, really. It takes about 8 to 10 blows to defeat him, so it's best to level-up to LV6 first, buy the best equipment in town and bring lots of medicinal herbs. Heal every two turns and use all of your agility seeds to make sure you attack first. The chest contains an Antique Ring, which belongs to the woman next to the well.

You can either keep it, or give it back to her to receive a Seed of Strength. Items: Medicinal Herb in drawer upstairs of church Plain clothes in dresser in house behind inn Antidotal Herb in pot in NW house Now head over to the castle and speak with the guard. You can't get in now, so go to the church meanwhile, to bump into a soldier. Return to the castle at last to go in. After the captain's speech, head back outside to the world map and travel east a bit, then south across two bridges until you reach a tower.

Take the top-right set of stairs to the second floor and grab the Chimaera Wing from the chest at the bottom. Then use the stairs on the left. On the third floor, you can go around or defeat the tower sentry to pass. Make sure you have a lot of healing items on you if you fight him. Get the gold coins from the chest behind him, then exit on the left and re-enter on the right. Go upstairs to reach a puzzle. Step on the tile at the bottom to go to the inner part of the puzzle.

Then step on the second tile above the man to reach the stairway. Go outside again to a balcony where you can slide off to the left or right. Choose the left and go inside. In the next room, there are three doors. The correct one is the left one, but go into the right one first to nab a Mini Medal from the drawer upstairs. Also talk to the man here to receive a Gold Ring. You will loose some points for going through the wrong door, but the medal is worth it.

Now go through the leftmost door to the top of the tower. There's a Medicinal Herb in a chest south of the hallway, then you can just climb up the rest of the way. At the top, you can either fight Garret to obtain the Restless Heart, or jump off to the left.

You will win the competition if you get the heart, but you don't have to in order to proceed. Garret is quite hard, so if you want to play it safe, leave the tower with the ring instead. You will need to return and make it to the top again to watch Carver take the heart instead though, unless you defeat Garret, that is.

Go back to Somnia Castle after this. Whether you won or not, the rest will remain the same. Then go to the inner courtyard in the center and speak with the old man. He will ask that you find a horse. Leave the castle and the city, and Carver will join your team as you start walking off the world map.

To find the horse, start from Haggleton. Head south along the shore until you find a bridge to the west. Cross it to find a signpost. Enter the clearing next to it to find the horse. Run after it until Carver comes up with a better idea. After trapping the horse into the dead-end, speak with Carver to catch the horse. Return to Somnia Castle with the horse and take it to the old man. You will be entrusted with the wagon and will then meet the king, who will request that you find a mirror.

Before leaving, check the drawer in the room to the left to find a Silver Tiara. You can now leave with your new wagon. Head east and north, through the border, which is now open. Continue north, then east until you arrive at a church. Nab the Pretty Betsy from the drawer on the right and the Phial of Holy Water from the jar on the left, then rest and save.

Travel south from the church to find a house inhabited by a dwarf. Search his drawers for a Hardwood Headwear and check the jar for an Antidotal Herb. Talk to the dwarf and answer No, then Yes to all of his questions. After Carver has built the shed for him, talk to the dwarf inside to learn about a secret tunnel to the east.

Go east from his house on the world map to find a patch of dirt near the shore, shaped like a circle. Examine the center to find the secret passageway the dwarf talked about. Go south at the first fork for a Bronze Shield. Then continue right to the next screen. Go down to another part of the tunnel, then walk right. At the second fork, go north to find gold coins. Exit the cave east, then keep on traveling east.

You'll come to purple water and a hole in the ground. Enter the hole to find a similar area to where the man fell earlier. Jump down the top of the cliff to find yourself back into the other world. Alltrades Abbey is right there, but it's just some ruins. Instead go west until you find a new town named Port Haven.

Afterwards, speak with Johan and then return to the southern house near the entrance, just below the church. Speak with Ella and she will go upstairs. Follow her and speak to her again. A scene will ensue. The next morning, go to the western building on the docks where the ship is and talk to Milly, a blonde-haired woman that you should remember. Right, so save at the inn and leave the town after pillaging it a bit.

Items: Bamboo Spear in drawer inside south house near entrance Medicinal Herb and Mini Medal in pots inside inn Pretty Betsy in dresser inside inn Iron Claw in barrel outside building to the right of weapon shop Fur Hood in storehouse north of docks On the world map, Milly will take you to a fortune-teller's house to the south. During the night, Carver will wake you up. Check the drawer and pot in the house to find Lucida Shard and Seed of Magic. Then speak with lady Luca and accept to go retrieve the dream dew or not, but in this case you still have to go fetch it, and without Milly's help.

Outside her house, you can battle if you want the Well Wisher inside the well on the right. He's quite easy if you're at Lv8 or 9, just stay healed and keep on attacking after using Sap. He drops the Trailblazing Bandana, good for Carver. Now just travel south on the world map and cross the bridge to the left. Continue south to find the cave. On the second floor, go right at the first fork, then go south all the way to find a Seed of Resilience.

Back at the last fork, go west, and west again to find a chest with gold coins north of there. Then go south and right at the branching path to go deeper into the cave. All the way to the left of this floor is a chest with a Bronze Knife. Then go south in the middle and right. At the end is a chest with a Fur Cape. Now proceed all the way left to the final area where the dream dew and boss await.

The Bloodcreeper is fairly easy to defeat. He has no big attacks, and he will waste turns trying to blind you, however it only seems to work on Milly, and she does no damage anyway. She should keep you healed while you attack the boss. If he uses Buff, use Sap twice to lower his defence. Eventually you will defeat him no problem. After getting the Dream Dew, leave this place and return to Madame Luca. Milly will join the party permanently. Equip the Silver Tiara from earlier on her, then go back to Port Haven.

Enter Johan's house and talk to him upstairs in his room to clear up what happened with Ella. When you're ready to leave, go to the dock building where the ship is and buy three tickets from the man in green for gold coins. Then talk to the sailor to set sail. You will arrive at Cape Somnia. Leave the port and travel west to find Somnia not too far. The guard will not let you in unless you are wearing a Noble Garb, which can be bought at the armor shop.

Equip it on the hero, and speak with the guard again to have access to the castle answer 'Yes' to his question. Items: Phial of Holy Water in drawer inside church upstairs Medicinal Herb in jar inside house behind inn Mini Medal in jar inside NW house Poison Moth Knife in drawer inside shop thief's key you have to enter from the back Inside the castle, go down to the dungeon in the northwestern corner of the first floor and speak with the prisoner in the first cell.

Go back upstairs and upstairs again to the second floor. Head for the northeastern corner where a guard is blocking a staircase. Speak with him, then you will be able to proceed. Nab the Silk Robe from the drawer in the left room, then speak with the maid. As you leave the room, the chancellor will show up and ask you a question. There is no correct answer, so it doesn't matter what you answer.

You will be kicked out of the castle. Leave Somnia and walk south, then west along the mountains. Go north and cross a bridge. You should find a signpost on your left. Walk south and east from there, past an empty cave, and you will find the next town south of the cave. Then, you will need to talk a few people to proceed. Start by talking to the innkeeper, who will inform you that the inn is full.

Then speak with the soldier between the armor and weapon shops. In the northeastern house, talk to the man with the glasses. And finally, talk to the man inside the southwestern house. Now you can enter the church, which was closed earlier.

Then speak with the old woman to sleep the night. You will then awaken, and find things have changed. Check the pots in the room again to find a Mini Medal that wasn't there before. If you go outside, you will soon realize you are back in the dream world, and there are new items to find. Items: 50 gold coins in drawer inside SW house Bunny Ears in drawer inside NW house Phial of Amor seco Essence in NW house basement Speak to the villagers to learn more about the situation, especially the man and woman in the northwestern house the pub from earlier.

You will learn that you need to pay a visit to the cave just next to town, which seemed empty earlier. Head out to the world map and go there. Then head down the stairs on the right. Go down from there and cross the bridge to the left to find another staircase.

Go down and get the Seed of Magic from the chest. Return to the previous floor and go left. Ignore the stairway in the middle and go south to obtain Pretty Betsy from the chest there. Go back up and left, down the westmost staircase. Go south to get the Mini Medal from the chest, then go back up where you can see three logs on the water. The northern one will take you to a chest with an Edged Boomerang, and also a stairway leading to a chest with gold coins. Now go back all the way to the three logs, using the log nearby and taking the whole route again up to there.

Use the middle log this time to reach a little island, then take the log beneath that one to reach the southwest corner of the floor. The stairs here will lead you to the bottom floor. Go right, then up for a chest with Iron Claw, then all the way left and up for some Magic Water on the other side.

Then just return to the fork in the middle and head straight north to the final staircase. In the next room, you'll find a man fighting a beast. Go help him to fight the Grrrgoyle. Not a difficult boss per se, but quite annoying. He will cast spells to dazzle and confuse your party member, although it doesn't always work. Cast Sap first, then normally attack and heal, and have Milly use Crack. After the battle, take the man back up to the entrance you have to use a different stairway though and he will reward you with the Agility Ring.

Now return to Amor and sleep at the church again by talking to the man in the room. After the heart-warming scene, you will receive the Mirror Key. Now your next destination is the Moonmirror Tower, which is close to Somnia. Return over there using the Zoom spell the hero should have it or using a chimaera wing. From Somnia, go north above the river, then west to find the tower between some mountains. Instead go down the one in the top-left corner to find a chest with Iron Cuirass.

Go back up and examine the mirror next to the staircase. Check it twice to trigger a battle against three Corpsickles. They don't hit hard, but they have a lot of HP and can poison you. Use Milly's Squelch to heal poison and keep everyone healed. Having the Edged Bomerang equipped helps for this fight, as you will hit all three and take them down gradually. They can heal themselves, but not by a great deal. You can return to Somnia to rest if you used too much MP on this fight. Then return to the tower and head on through the new passage behind the mirror.

Before heading up the stairs here, go right to grab gold coins from a chest. Then go up the stairs to end up outside between the two towers. You can only make it through the right tower for now, so head inside. The first stairway on your way leads nowhere, so take the next one in the top corner.

Keep following the path, on your way to the floor above you'll find a chest with a Seed of Strength at the bottom. Then take the stairs above and keep on following the path until you come across a girl. She will come with you, so give her a bit of the dream drew. If you encounter any shadow enemies on this floor, use Milly's Crack to get rid of them. Then head for the top floor.

Push the lever at the top first, then go up the next set of stairs. There are two staircases here. Take each to find two purple orbs. Just push the orbs around until they break, then once they are both broken, just off the south side of the tower. The left tower should now be accessible, so go inside. This tower mirrors the other one, so just make your way through it again. The chest will contain a Seed of Agility instead. When you get to the top, ignore the lever; you don't need to pull it.

Take the stairway, then do just like before. Each staircase will lead to a purple orb; push it around to break it. Do it with both, then drop down the tower and enter the new room in the center. Pick up Ra's Mirror, and Ashlynn will join you. Now leave the tower and use Zoom to return to Madame Luca's place. Speak to her to receive a spell that allows you to switch between the real world and the dream world.

You can access the spell through Zoom. Now use your new spell to switch back to the dream world and zoom back to Somnia. Go see the king in his chamber and give him the mirror. During the night, go back to the king's chamber for the ensuing events.

Apnea will join you in the morning. Leave Somnia and walk east, then south to cross the outpost. Cross the two bridges east of there across the poisonous water to find a cave. There is nothing to get before that so just keep going.

When you reach the room, go left to re-enter another tunnel. Go through until you reach a chest with a Seed of Magic. Then turn back and return to the large room. Follow the path going south all the way around. There is a chest with Iron Helmet on the way. At the end, climb down the ladder to another room. Follow the path down another short ladder, then cross the bridge on the right. Go down the next ladder, then follow the path behind the ladder to the right to find a chest with Magic Water at the end.

Return to the ladder after and follow the path to the left. Enter the tunnel to re-emerge in the middle of the room at the other end and go through the large door at the back. In the new area, go down the stairs on the right and press the two switches on the floor below.

Then go back up and enter the four rooms at the top of the larger room. There are four switches to press in there. This will light up the floor below. Now go down the left stairway and make your way to the top of the room. If you fall down, you have to start over. There is a chest at the top of the room with Dancer's Costume. Then head for the bottom-right corner and go left to a stairway. You can't really see the floor around it, but you can still reach it without falling.

Press the switch in the room above, then go back down and make your way back around to access the middle part of the floor. Take the stairs to the last room where Murdaw awaits. First, lower Murdaw's defense with Sap you can use it twice , then attack with physical attacks.

Keep Milly's MP to heal every turn. Occasionally Murdaw will change your party's commands, just change them back in Tactics at the first of your next turn. He will also raise his defense with a spell, so just use Sap again if he does. Heal with both the Hero and Milly if needed, or use items. After he goes down, use Evac to exit the dungeon and zoom to Somnia.

Go talk to the chancellor in the castle to rest, then leave the castle. Use Zoom to switch worlds and return to the real world. Zoom to Somnia in this world and go see the king. He will then ask that you see him alone outside. Go out on the balcony around the castle and find the king on the left side.

He will give you the Royal Missive. From Somnia, walk north across the outpost, then a bit east and north again to reach Ghent. He will refuse to lend you the ship. Leave the house and you'll bump into Nevan. This will change the course of things, so head out and follow him to the shrine.

He will replace Ashlynn for a little while. Equip him with better stuff, then get off the ship once you arrive at destination. Walk down past a shipwreck and enter the cave at the bottom. A little north of there you'll find a chest with Chain Whip. Then cross the lava to the right to reach another set of stairs. You could also go around but the lava doesn't hurt much so it's not worth the detour. Follow the next tunnel to a chest with Seed of Life. Now return to the entrance and go north, then left.

In a corner you'll find gold coins in a chest. Continue north for another chest with Full Plate Armor. Go back to the entrance again and go north, but this time go right instead of left. In the lava are some stairs leading to a small room. Follow the path and go north at the fork. You can fight the cannibox here for a Seed of Agility. All the cannibox you will encounter in this dungeon hold agility seeds. You can take them out easily with magic.

Continue right at the next fork to leave this floor. The next part of the dungeon has water instead of lava. Go around to the left and you will get to some stairs on the right and up north. The right ones lead to a chest with Magic Water and a cannibox. Then just keep on following the straightforward path to an area with a waterfall. Go south on the other side and cross the bridge to fight a cannibox.

Then proceed north until you exit the dungeon. You will find yourself in a familiar place, in a familiar situation. Wake up, then proceed north and speak with your party members. Talk to Milly to reach the castle. Then, head up the stairs in the top-right room to reach a small room with gold coins, Iron Mask and Amor seco Essence.

Go back down and take the other way leading left. You'll arrive in a room with a statue of Carver. After the scene, take the lower-right door the lower-left one leads to cells you can't open yet and defeat the Sculptrice blocking the way.

On the floor above, ignore the jar in the bottom-right corner it's a strong enemy not worth fighting as it drops nothing , and head for the top-left room. Defeat the Sculptrice, then get the Fire Claw from the chest, a really good weapon for Carver. Go back to the room where the Carver statue was and head up the stairway at the back.

The path leads to Murdaw Murdaw has two phases and is an extremely hard boss at this point in the game. I had to go from Lv16 to Lv19 in order to finally defeat him. Make sure you have equipped all the best equipment from the stores in Ghent and that Carver has the Fire Claw. During the first phase, he will have two jesters by his side.

Don't kill them; that was my first try and it didn't go well. He will just keep on summoning more powerful enemies and you will lose turns attacking them. Only attack Murdaw. The second phase is where things get bad. You will probably need to use the Hero, Milly and Nevan to heal every turn, while Carver attacks. This round is about surviving. You will probably be at around 10 HP after each of Murdaw's attacks, so keep on healing everyone and have Carver attack. I had to start over this battle a few times, so level-up if you need Lv20 would be good.

If you have Kabuff, use it! Eventually you will get lucky and defeat him. This battle was definitely nerve-wrecking for sure. After the battle you will be returned to Somnia castle. Speak with the queen after the king is done talking, then save at the church and leave Somnia. Use Zoom to switch worlds and you should appear next to Alltrades Abbey, which is now in service! I would recommend to do so, as your characters will get stronger.

You also have all sorts of things here like an inn and bank, so it's a good spot to return every time you need something during the adventure. When you are done, go downstairs and head up through the back door in the middle. You will find yourself in a large room with pots lighted up with blue flames. At the top end of this room, examine the floor where you can see a shining dot to find a Mini Medal. Then go back to the hall and head down where the well is.

On both sides of the well you can find a room with a chest, containing a Seed of Life and a Seed of Magic. That's all there is for here, so leave the abbey for now. At this point, you can continue the quest or take on some sidequests see Sidequests section. Sidequests: Kidnapping in Wellshire Optional party member: Amos After the sidequests, or if you choose not to do them, take the ship from Ghent in the real world and sail to the east until the path on the sea is blocked by rocks and you can't continue any further.

Get off on the nearby land and cross the bridge to the right. A bit further ahead you should find a castle. First, rest at the inn and save at the church. Buy the latest equipment, then speak to the guard blocking the way up. You will fight Bronson. He is just a bit harder than a regular enemy, so cast Kabuff and Sap, and take him down. You now have access to the top part of the castle, so start exploring. In the dining room to the left, check the barrels for a Mini Medal.

Then go down the stairs in the top-right corner to find a chest with a Slime Gooniform. Go back upstairs, then go down to the outside balcony. Head down the stairway in the bottom-left corner and check the jar in the trainning ground to find another Mini Medal. When you're ready for the next challenge, talk to the guards blocking the door in the middle. The fight with Brick and Brock is similar to Bronson, but they are two. However, they don't attack for much damage, and Brock will spend most of his time protecting Brick.

That's why you should take down Brock first, or the fight will go on for really long. Cast Kabuff twice, then attack Brock until he is defeated. Keep on healing and defeat Brick afterwards. He takes a while to kill. After the battle, go to the king's throne room and speak to him. Talk to Brutus in the same room and everyone will move to the training room.

Go upstairs first to get the Silk Robe from the drawer, then go back to the balcony. Before the fight, you should go down the stairs in the top-right corner to go outside to the right of the castle. Then go left to pass through under the wall it's actually just a walkway and speak with the lost merchant here to buy Gold Bracers for your party -- good defense for the upcoming fight. Now head for the training room through the bottom-left stairway of the balcony.