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Golden grassland dragon nest wiki mercenary steroid compound formula

Golden grassland dragon nest wiki mercenary


Several unpaid Wikipedians worked together to overcome Lindberg's advantages. Perhaps it was just that Lindberg wildly overestimated his abilities and those of the people he hired. But people who are tempted to edit Wikipedia's articles about themselves should remember: even a billionaire's whitewashing can be stopped and exposed. Brockman's situation is a bit scarier than Lindberg's. The paid editor declared his conflict of interest and his actions were right in front of our eyes the whole time.

It may be that only Brockman's tax case indictment led us to examine the case anew. But with our blinders off and five years' distance providing perspective, it's clear that the Reynolds and Reynolds article was whitewashed. We should never let professed "corporate lapdogs" edit for pay. Was the editing done for Smith actually a problem?

Was it against our rules? The editing itself might seem harmless, but if you agree with me that the editing was paid for, then the editors certainly broke our rules by not declaring that they were paid. Supervision of paid editors, if we want them here at all, is definitely needed in all cases. What could we have done better? I recommend that other editors finding themselves in the position I was while editing the Lindberg article contact the Conflict of Interest Noticeboard early on.

Working together is the only way Wikipedia editors can stop those who attempt to corrupt our articles the same way they try to corrupt public officials. Perhaps we could form a new WikiProject focusing on the biographies of billionaires. There must be a couple of thousand billionaires who are tempted to remove embarrassing bits from time to time. But did we really do anything about the paid editing in the cases of Brockman and Smith?

It seems they got away scot-free. But now their paid editing arrangements have been exposed. With the benefit of hindsight we were able to track their paid edits fairly well. Other billionaires who are tempted to hire paid editors should understand that almost all edits on Wikipedia are permanently saved. Whether it's five, 10, or 20 years later, your edits can be tracked, perhaps by technology that has not yet been developed.

We need to better publicize that we have rules against undisclosed paid editing and self-promotion. The Signpost is not capable of doing this job alone. The Wikimedia Foundation must take an active role in letting billionaires and others know we have rules that must be followed. Flouting our rules has consequences, such as exposure to the general public. We also invite press around the world to expose those who would corrupt Wikipedia.

Media recognized Wikipedia's role in providing neutrally sourced information to citizens preparing for the U. November elections. In particular, Wikipedia's community-based model versus the top-down control of other social media platforms was shown as an effective way to forestall potential problems by adding extra protection to elections-related topics. It wasn't all positive, though, with some sources pointing out continuing issues around women's biographies, and potentially politically-motivated vandalism.

Reviews and extracts of Wikipedia 20, a thick book of essays about Wikipedia's first twenty years, have started coming out. The essays are written by academics and by Wikipedians and are aimed at the same groups. The creation, rejection, and disappearance of the Sept. Meng Wanzhou , Chief Financial Officer of Huawei was detained at the Vancouver airport on December 1, with the help of a Canada Border Services Agency officer who prepared for an interview with her with an "open-source query" — reading Wikipedia for 5 or 10 minutes.

Meng is facing possible extradition to the U. Before Meng's plane landed, Dhillon said she was flagged in an internal database for an outstanding warrant in her name. Anticipating her arrival, Dhillon testified he found a Wikipedia page about Huawei that said the company doesn't operate in the United States because of security concerns and that Huawei was suspected of violating U. She said she was the chief financial officer of a global telecommunications company, he told the court.

He asked where the company did business. When she listed countries without including the United States he asked her why. He asked if there was a reason why and Meng responded she didn't know. Dhillon said he then reframed the question. She didn't respond right away. And eventually she said there was a security concern with the product the U. Dhillon said his questions were based on his own online search and he was not directed by anyone to ask her questions. The South China Morning Post reported the story similarly, adding the detail that "Dhillon said he spent five to 10 minutes reviewing the Wikipedia article.

Business in Vancouver added that Wikipedia was the only source he used! The Signpost can confirm that on December 1, the Huawei article contained a large section about Iran, espionage, and security concerns in the US, consistent with Dhillon's testimony. BBC Two reportedly had an excellent hour-long documentary "Lockdown 1. Unfortunately those of us outside the UK cannot view the online version due to licensing restrictions.

The Guardian provided a detailed review of the documentary, giving it 4 stars, and surveying the many facts presented, including one about Wikipedia:. Several UK tabloids have featured this quote in their reporting on the documentary. So, we're doing a bit of a shorter timeframe on the featured content this month because, frankly, last month was a rush to get done in time, since it was meant to be finished and published so soon after the content window closed.

Not ideal. Still, Wikipedia creates a lot of great content - Hell, remember when we used to do these weekly? Am I the only one? Damn, I feel old. It's a bumper crop of fantastic content for your perusal! Trying something new and putting featured pictures between articles and lists to break the content up.

Let us know what you think! Anyway, that's it from your friendly Signpost reporter for this week! I mean, month! Feeling so very old here. When did I last do these, like five years ago? Pretty sure I had techniques for doing this back then that made it a lot easier.

Ah, well! Still, hope you're all having a great month, and are going to have a great holiday season of avoiding other people and not getting COVID! Text is from the articles, but often abridged for length. Inuit harpoons by Didier Descouens. Hummingbird hawk moth by Charles J. Street Musicians at the Door by Jacob Ochtervelt. Indian sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman by Mullookkaaran. Kaleva Church , Finland , by kallerna.

Flower of Persicaria maculosa by The Cosmonaut. Montana businessman and author Granville Stuart by L. Huffman, restored by Adam Cuerden. Steppe buzzard by Charles J. The Punic Wars , originally nominated as a Good topic by Gog the Mild , has been upgraded into Wikipedia's newest featured topic.

The pandemic cancelled Halloween, so instead an even scarier event dominates this report: the American election! Trump has been popular on Wikipedia for a long time; though he hasn't hit 1 in awhile after all, nearly everyone knows who he is. He topped the list once in , a whopping nine times in , and twice in His article is also the second-most popular of all time, trailing only United States. However, for a moment, it seemed as though Our Man in Mar-a-Lago was finally getting past the first stage of grief when he tweeted out a semi-concession to his rival "He won The Trump legal team worked overtime last week filing tons of useless lawsuits to try to invalidate as many Biden votes as they could, and, in a turn of events that everyone saw coming, most of them were dismissed from the get-go.

As evidenced by the numbers on this list, Trump is doing exactly what he knows how to do best, which is keep his name in the headlines. Even then, its discussion was mostly kept to the internet, where it was lambasted for being rife with continuity errors, exploitation, and clumsy acting, writing, directing, you name it. It was so bad, it even got banned in New Zealand! Then again, so did Mad Max But recently, like many a forgotten franchise looking at you, Clone High , the film has been given new life by TikTok users, most of whom seem particularly shaken by its final act.

He also says that this is the "customary warning" he used to give people before they watched the film despite the warning showing up nowhere in the film itself. Ten years ago, Kasey Baker was pursuing his master's degree in public administration at Western Carolina University, when he took a policy analysis course that changed his life: It introduced him to Wikipedia editing. The course was participating in the pilot of what is now known as the Wikipedia Student Program, where professors assign students to edit Wikipedia as a class assignment.

Kasey tackled the article on the nuclear energy policy of the United States. Then the Fukushima meltdown happened. Looking back, the process of writing an article up to the standards of Wikipedia was just as difficult, rigorous, and rewarding as publishing independent research.

After that first assignment, Kasey was hooked. He volunteered in future terms as a Campus Ambassador, helping the next generation of student editors. Now, as a political science professor, he's taught Wikipedia assignments in many classes.

With fellow Wikipedians in his region, he founded the North Carolina Wikimedians user group. He's run many edit-a-thons, and supported countless new editors. He loves sharing Wikipedia with people throughout academia, encouraging those initially opposed to alter their perceptions of Wikipedia.

Kasey even admits one of his hobbies is breaking down teachers' barriers by explaining the positive impacts of teaching students to critically use and improve Wikipedia. Over the last decade, he's shifted from writing articles himself to training others how to write articles. In the time it would take him to research and write one, he points out, he helps 30 students write their own articles. It actually has one of the highest engagements of anything I teach, because who doesn't like telling their friends and family 'Look what I wrote on Wikipedia,' and seeing thousands of impressions each month on the page?

Kasey has a lot to be proud of in his decade of work on Wikipedia, but he points to his work preserving the written and oral history of Holocaust survivors on Wikipedia as the most fulfilling work he's done. Through a series of edit-a-thons, students, faculty, and staff have expanded or created articles, adding more than , characters to Wikipedia.

Kasey has noticed a change in academia's perception of Wikipedia since he was a student ten years ago. He attributes this in part to the community's rigorous standards, and in part because of what Wikipedia is.

The brief was to do the following:. I ran over a dozen talks, workshops, and meetups over the six weeks; the Grey District Library has organised two edit-a-thons as a follow-up to these. Seventeen volunteers signed up to assist with the project. They reported their achievements each day.

Prizes were donated by Development West Coast and Friends of Waiuta and given out for the most and best contributions in different areas. Dozens of articles and Wikidata items were created, dozens of articles improved, and numerous Commons categories were cleaned up. For more on the participants and what they achieved, see the final report on the project.

Over 1, photos were added to the category Uploads by West Coast Wikipedian at Large in the course of the project. Here are a selection:. In an interview with the Christchurch Press , I mentioned that the Wikipedia coverage of some towns and localities on the West Coast was so incomplete that tourists would be dissuaded from visiting.

This led to a TV interview, and my comments were quoted in international reporting of the Hinnosaar et al. I've subsequently been approached by two NZ tourist organisations wanting to know what they can do to work with Wikipedia. The earlier rounds were dominated by Epicgenius , who achieved good articles during the course of the competition, and the coverage of New York's buildings and other locations improved dramatically! However, the score is reset to zero at the end of each round, and the final round was very productive, with 15 high-scoring featured articles being achieved.

The eight finalists also performed 75 reviews of FA candidates, achieved 88 good articles and performed reviews of GA nominations during the last round. The scores achieved by Lee Vilenski and by Gog the Mild this year were nearly three times higher than the score that gave last year's winner first place. Altogether, Wikipedia has benefited greatly from the activities of WikiCup competitors all through the contest.

Well done everyone! Signups have opened for the competition. To join, click here. We can't cover everything and if we did, it'd probably have an awful lot of overlap with the Featured Content report , but just to give a quick sampler of the finalists' contributions in the last round First-place Lee Vilenski managed an incredible four featured articles in the last round alone, all related to snooker. In addition, he had a featured list, a good topic, and thirty good articles also mostly snooker related.

If only other sports had such dedicated Wikipedians! By his efforts to bring all the articles on the constituent wars of the Punic Wars up to Featured or Good Article status, Gog the Mild created a new featured topic. A newcomer to the WikiCup, Gog was in a close second place and certainly made a memorable showing! On the subject of other sports having dedicated Wikipedians, third-place The Rambling Man had four featured and eight good articles related to football in England , covering key matches from various seasons.

Several of the battles he brought to good article status in the last round of the WikiCup can be seen on this map. The rulers of the Emirate of Granada , the last independent Muslim state in the Iberian Peninsula were the focus of sixth-place HaEr48 , with two featured and three good articles. In the News has a reputation as being one of the most selective and difficult sections of the main page to get into. Which is why eighth-place finalist Bloom having thirty-one "In the News" credits in the last round one hundred thirty-six in the competition as a whole!

Many of them are for recent deaths, such as the death of David Graeber pictured , who died on the 2nd of September this year. In a paper titled "The Political Geography of Shoah Knowledge and Awareness, Estimated from the Analysis of Global Library Catalogues and Wikipedia User Statistics" [1] Austrian political scientist Arno Tausch finds a disturbing "global North-South and North-East divide in the library presence of Shoah -related titles", contrasting it with "a more optimistic [trend], based on freely available information on the internet" — namely the availability and popularity of Wikipedia articles about the same topic in multiple languages.

For example, the study highlights their pageview numbers in the Farsi, Arabic and Indonesian Wikipedias as "truly a hopeful sign". The bulk of the paper consists of detailed bibliometric examinations:. Some We particularly analyze the lack of Shoah knowledge and awareness in many Muslim and Catholic countries. The author contrasts this with webometrics , where "we must regard Wikipedia download statistics [i.

Its The paper's detailed bibliometric studies contain many observations on particular countries or regions, e. While praising Wikipedia as an information source with more even coverage across languages or countries , the author still notes that "compared to the presumed size of the Wikipedia user community [i.

The article was published in a journal of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs , a think-tank which according to the English Wikipedia article about it "is considered to be politically neo-conservative". That said, few of the author's previous publications appear to have focused on topics related to the Holocaust or the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Libraries and their biases are the main focus of the paper, with the Wikipedia-related results occupying a smaller part. Still, the former are of interest to Wikimedians and Wikipedia researchers as well - for example as evidence for possible risks in GLAM-WIKI collaborations , where the biases and political constraints of such cultural institutions might negatively affect Wikipedia's efforts to achieve a neutral point of view.

Other recent publications that could not be covered in time for this issue include the items listed below. Contributions, whether reviewing or summarizing newly published research, are always welcome. From the abstract: [2]. From the abstract: [3]. We have applied a new method for identifying and monitoring references in Wikipedia, so that for each reference we can provide data about associated actions: creation, modifications, deletions, and reinsertions.

From the abstract: [4]. Empirical validation has been challenging due to limitations in collecting and systematizing large historical records. Here, we capitalize on the largest online encyclopedia to formulate knowledge as growing networks of articles and their hyperlinked inter-relations. We demonstrate that concept networks grow not by expanding from their core but rather by creating and filling knowledge gaps, a process which produces discoveries that are more frequently awarded Nobel prizes than others.

Moreover, we operationalize paradigms as network modules to reveal a temporal signature in structural stability across scientific subjects. From the abstract: [5]. We demonstrate the efficiency of our methods to evaluate structured information, particularly COVID knowledge in Wikidata, and consequently in collaborative ontologies and knowledge graphs, and we show the advantages and drawbacks of our proposed approach by comparing it to other methods for validation of linked web data.

From the abstract: [6]. In such a pipeline, Entity Linking EL is often the first step. We demonstrate this in our evaluation over three datasets on the Wikidata Knowledge Graph. From the abstract: [7]. It then compares these results to writing in these same three articles 10 years earlier, from — Results show that articles were longer and more referenced in — The most frequent written contributions in — were adding and deleting content, followed by vandalizing and reverting vandalism.

Ten years earlier, content addition was likewise the most frequent activity, though vandalism and its removal were not found. When writing about women on Wikipedia , make sure articles do not use sexist language, perpetuate sexist stereotypes or otherwise demonstrate a prejudice against women. As of June , Among editors of the English Wikipedia who specify a gender in their preferences, , As of 10 March , the English Wikipedia hosted 1,, biographies, , Wikidata identified , of these as male and , as female.

Avoid language that makes female the Other to a male Self. Researchers have found that Wikipedia articles about women are more likely to contain words such as woman , female and lady , than articles about men are to contain man , male , or gentleman. This suggests that editors write with an assumption of male as the default gender and expect that individuals are assumed to be male unless otherwise stated. Avoid labelling a Margaret Atwood as a female author or Margaret Thatcher as female politician except in specific sentences or paragraphs in which their gender is explicitly relevant.

Categories are equally susceptible to asymmetric treatment of genders. In April several media stories noted that editors of the English Wikipedia had begun moving women from Category:American novelists to Category:American women novelists , while leaving men in the main category. In most situations, avoid referring to a woman by her first name, which can serve to infantilize her.

Here is an example of an editor correcting the inappropriate use of a woman's first name. First names are sometimes needed for clarity. For example, when writing about a family with the same surname, after the initial introductions they can all be referred to by first names. A first name might also be used when a surname is long and double-barreled, and its repetition would be awkward to read and write. When a decision is made to use first names for editorial reasons, use them for both women and men.

According to Graells-Garrido et al. Again, giving women "marked" treatment can convey subtle assumptions to readers. Avoid language that places being a woman ahead of the subject's achievements. Opening the lead with "Smith was the first woman to do X", or "Smith was the first female X", immediately defines her in terms of men who have done the same thing, and it can inadvertently imply: "She may not have been a very good X, but at least she was the first woman.

Otherwise start with her own position or accomplishments, and mention the fact that she is a woman afterwards if it is notable. For example, as of 10 March , Wikipedia described Russian chemist Anna Volkova solely in terms of four first-woman benchmarks.

Infoboxes are an important source of metadata see DBpedia and a source of discrimination against women. For example, the word spouse is more likely to appear in a woman's infobox than in a man's. It includes parameters for hair and eye colour and previously contained parameters for bust, hip, waist size and weight.

The latter were removed in March following this discussion. She is known for her work on game theory. Researchers have found that Wikipedia articles about women are more likely to discuss their family, romantic relationships, and sexuality, while articles about men are more likely to contain words about cognitive processes and work.

This suggests that Wikipedia articles are objectifying women. In the full biography text, the cognitive processes and work concerns categories are more bursty in men biographies, meaning that those aspects of men's lives are more important than others at the individual level. A woman's relationships are inevitably discussed prominently when essential to her notability, but try to focus on her own notable roles or accomplishments first. When discussing a woman who is married to a man, write "A is married to B" instead of "A is the wife of B", which casts the male as possessor.

Avoid the expression "man and wife", which generalizes the husband and marks the wife. Do not refer to a woman as Mrs. John Smith; when using an old citation that does this, try to find and use the woman's own name, as in: "Susan Smith cited as Mrs.

Smith ". When introducing a woman as the parent of an article subject, avoid the common construction, "Smith was born in to John Smith and his wife, Susan. Where there are several examples of "X and spouse" in an article, alternate the order of male and female names. The focus on relationships in articles about women affects internal linking and therefore search-engine results.

One study found that women on Wikipedia are more linked to men than men are linked to women. When writing an article about a woman, if you include an internal link to an article about a man, consider visiting the latter to check that it includes reciprocal information about the relationship; if it merits mention in the woman's article, it is likely germane to his.

Failure to mention the relationship in both can affect search algorithms in a way that discriminates against women. Use gender-neutral nouns when describing professions and positions: actor , author , aviator , bartender , chair , comedian , firefighter , flight attendant , hero , poet , police officer. Avoid adding gender female pilot , male nurse unless the topic requires it.

Do not refer to human beings as a group as man or mankind. Sentences such as "man has difficulty in childbirth" illustrate that these are not inclusive generic terms. The order in which groups are introduced— man and woman , male and female , Mr. Do not refer to adult women as girls or ladies, [27] unless using common expressions, proper nouns, or titles that cannot be avoided e.

The inappropriate use of ladies can be seen in Miss Universe , which on 12 March said there had been "30 young ladies in the competition", and in Mixer dance , which discussed "the different numbers of men and ladies". The use of the generic he masculine pronouns such as he , him , his is increasingly avoided in sentences that might refer to women and men or girls and boys.

Avoid using openly sexist sources unless there is a strong editorial reason to use them. For example, do not use pornographic or men's websites and magazines such as AskMen , Playboy , and Maxim in the biographies of female actors. Be careful not to include trivia that appeals predominantly to men. A source need not be overtly sexist to set a bad example.

For example, most women are underrepresented in certain institutions that are slow to change. Often such institutions can be fine to use as a source for men, but for women, not so much. Avoid images that objectify women. In particular, do not use pornography images in articles that are not about pornography. Except when the topic is necessarily tied to it examples: downblouse and upskirt , avoid examples of male-gaze imagery, where women are presented as objects of heterosexual male appreciation.

When illustrating articles about women's health and bodies, use authoritative medical images wherever possible. As a rule this means avoiding primary sources , which in this context refers to studies in which the authors participated. Rely instead on peer-reviewed secondary sources that offer an overview of several studies.

Secondary sources acceptable for medical claims include review articles systematic reviews and literature reviews , meta-analyses and medical guidelines. To find these sources, enter the search term e. A search for review articles on "mammography" brings up this list. Or select "customize", then the article type e.

To check an article type e. Otto, C. Blecher, "Controversies surrounding screening mammography" , Missouri Medicine , 5 , Sep—Oct , open the drop-down menu "Publication type" under the abstract. In this case, the classification is "Review". When in doubt, ask for help at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Medicine. Wilder, Charly 5 July From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Single-page Edition. News and notes Jimmy Wales "shouldn't be kicked out before he's ready". Op-Ed Re-righting Wikipedia. Opinion How billionaires re-write Wikipedia. In the media Relying on Wikipedia: voters, scientists, and a Canadian border guard. Featured content Frontonia sp. Traffic report with Borat, the Queen, and an election. Wikicup report Lee Vilenski wins the WikiCup. Recent research Wikipedia's Shoah coverage succeeds where libraries fail.

Essay Writing about women. Contribute —. Candidates Candidate guide Candidate statements Questions for the candidates Discuss the candidates. Voter guides These guides represent the thoughts of their authors.

Logo of Russian Wikinews. User-groups : The Affiliations Committee notes that the Wikimedians of Bulgaria User Group has lost its affiliate status due to non-compliance with annual reporting requirements. Milestones : The following Wikipedia projects reached milestones this month: Russian Wikinews reached , articles. Diff replaces WMF blog : Announced July , and described as "a blog by — and for — the Wikimedia volunteer community to connect and share learnings, stories, and ideas from across our movement", Diff has replaced the WMF blog and the short-lived Wikimedia Space.

The Wikimedia technology blog appears to still be active. Unlike The Signpost , which is ultimately under the control of the English Wikipedia community, Diff is "supported by the Communications department at the Wikimedia Foundation".

Is there any merit to these allegations? A quick search reveals that media outlets tend to respond negatively when they are deprecated, regardless of their political orientation: MintPress News , a left-leaning, anti-Israel website that was deprecated in , purported : "For over ten years, Wikipedia has been a key focus of right-leaning, pro-Israel groups that have effectively weaponized the online encyclopedia as a means of controlling the narrative when it comes to the state of Israel's more than year-long military occupation of Palestine.

These users obsessively monitor Venezuela-related articles, aggressively pushing a regime-change line and working to excise any piece of information or opinion that interferes with their agenda. Popularity and political bias of low-quality sources Almost two years have passed since I posted the December list, so it is time for an update.

See details. Deprecated : There is community consensus from a request for comment to deprecate the source. The source is considered generally unreliable, and use of the source is generally prohibited. Blacklisted : Due to persistent abuse, usually in the form of external link spamming , external links to this source are blocked unless an exception is made.

In this article I report on editing that was apparently paid for by Greg Lindberg , who is now in prison following his conviction for bribery and fraud. I have participated in editing the article about Lindberg. The opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the rest of the Signpost staff or of other Wikipedians. Bob Brockman Robert T. Robert F.

Smith Robert Smith is by all accounts a remarkable person. What can be done? Scott Fitzgerald or Ernest Hemingway , the truth may be more complex. See Dow, Eddy November 13, New York Times. Retrieved 23 August The Wall Street Journal.

Retrieved 10 October Retrieved 21 November United States Department of Justice. Retrieved August 23, News and Observer. Retrieved 12 October February 15, Associated Press. Retrieved March 16, Retrieved 25 November The Independent. Associate Press. Archived from the original on 16 July Reynolds and Reynolds. Archived from the original on 22 July Archived from the original on 23 November Retrieved 23 November I hammered out the content of the draft with the client over several weeks, sometimes line-by-line or word-by-word.

It worked, until now". Washington Post. Retrieved 22 November Smith's Letter to Investors". Archived from the original on 18 November US elections. Interviewing GorillaWarfare they find that at least one Wikipedian is hard nosed, committed to our rules, and taking it all in stride.

Of course we are better prepared than those other websites — it's the community enforcing the rules that we made. Merkley said he isn't privy to the secrets of the big tech companies, but was confident in Wikipedia's preparations. There was no article about Iowa's Democratic Senatorial candidate Theresa Greenfield on Wikipedia until a few weeks before the election. Our rules on notability "according to some of the more powerful editors on the site" didn't allow Greenfield to "make the cut.

The answer is yes, it does : Does Loser. Wikipedia 20 Reviews and extracts of Wikipedia 20, a thick book of essays about Wikipedia's first twenty years, have started coming out. The author, Louis Menand , is a colleague of Benkler's at Harvard. You should avoid the detour to Jeopardy! The use of all the cute facts almost seems to be the point of the piece, but the author does squeeze in a lot of information about Wikipedia in between them.

More likely Menand is illustrating his thesis — at the same time he is making fun of himself and of Wikipedia — "There is no longer a distinction between things that everyone knows, or could readily know, and things that only experts know" because of Wikipedia and the internet. Anarchisch und chaotisch.

It's a high quality podcast without the usual giggles and oh-wows that many "serious" podcasts suffer from. A vicious culture war is tearing through Wikipedia , says Wired : "'Every article on Wikipedia is against the ruling party, and whitewashes the Indian National Congress'" [3] "Wikipedia probe finds illicit editing of WE Charity pages" in The Globe and Mail discusses the Special report in September's issue of The Signpost.

We all want good brand management: The Public Relations Society of America , Maryland Chapter published "Wikipedia for PR" with the helpful advice "outdated Wikipedia articles or articles overtaken by a controversy section drive traffic away from a brand. This is what we all want to avoid. Do we? How about neutrally covering the facts instead? Its hard to tell whether Harper's is trying to mock AG or is entranced by the seemingly poetic lilt of his encyclopedia entries.

In either case they miss the point: sometimes Wikipedians despite their best efforts have taken on tasks that are beyond their abilities. Erudition, so what? She consulted a range of sources, from scientific papers to Wikipedia. The New York Times also see the Wikipedia-based demo starting at Nigerian newspaper finds Wikipedia credible : Wikipedia lists killing of protesters among Nigerian Army's engagements The Punch Do you want to contribute to "In the media" by writing a story or even just an "in brief" item?

Edit next month's edition in the Newsroom or leave a tip on the suggestions page. For a listing of more news stories about Wikipedia, please see Wikipedia:Press coverage Frontonia sp. Thanksgiving isn't celebrated here in Scotland - there's Harvest Festivals , I suppose, but good luck having something like that in the middle of COVID - and the Canadian one was back in October, so we're being a bit Americocentric Featured articles 20 featured articles were promoted this period.

A new featured picture by Giulio Rossi, with restoration by Adam Cuerden. Like several other recent featured pictures, this forms part of a Wikipedian in Residence project with the Archivio Storico Ricordi , which dropped a huge number of high-quality images primarily related to Italian opera of the 19th and early 20th centuries. So he strikes, like Thunderball October 25 to 31, Proud Scotsman Thomas Sean Connery retired from the film business in an unflattering note with LXG , but thankfully had already left a remarkable filmography behind, where he was a man romancing a thief , Robin Hood , an Immortal , Indiana Jones' father , a submarine captain , a dragon , a spy who escaped from Alcatraz , and, in the role that gave him an Oscar, a cop partner of Elliot Ness who knew how to make use of a corpse.

This time, it's an adaptation of a novel about a chess prodigy who tries to become the world's greatest chess player in the 50s and 60s while struggling with emotional issues and substance abuse. Man, can't wait for theatrical releases to stabilize so films can stop being relegated to streaming.

Supreme Court after the Senate approved her nomination. Soon the election will show if buyer's remorse settled in or if Trump still has enough supporters. Well, what a surprise that Borat returned in Prime Video, roaming the pandemic-infested America of "McDonald Trump" with his daughter Tutar and lots of disguises, embarrassing the common citizen and big names such as " Michael Pen-is " and Rudolph Giuliani along the way.

I know the guys that we are choosing from November 1 to 7, Pictured: an official ballot from the election. Not all states allow photographs of ballots for the record, that one's from Wisconsin. The day he's inaugurated, he'll be the oldest president in history. It's probably appropriate he also landed at 2 here. Ceril the Relentless. Nemonhas refuses the throne, and instead joins the Silent Ones to study magic.

Duke Luschan Sellark of House Rhola rules as regent for 19 years. He plans the walls surrounding the area which would later be called the New City, but imagines that they will be made of elemental fire, water, or air. They fortify the Fals Gap. He is nicknamed Tavish the Boy King. Over the next 35 years he goes on to acquire both of the Hand and Eye of Vecna , conquers the region near Delcombon, and lays siege to Critwall. Azharadian's Tomb and the Ship of Fools The article notes that this occurs one week before Zagig's disappearance, which is later established to have taken place in CY.

This suggests the ship disappeared in the last week of CY, between Sunsebb 22 and He was never seen again. The date is subsequently privately celebrated each year by the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk and the city's directors, who pray that Greyhawk will remain "normal". Castle Greyhawk eventually falls into ruin. The treasure recovered sparks a second adventuring boom in the Free City of Greyhawk , which quickly becomes a booming economy once again. Iuz the Evil p. New city walls are built enclosing what would become the New City.

Stonefist, then known as Vlek Col Vlekzed founds his chiefdom. Exiled from the Rovers of the Barrens for banditry and lying, he leads a growing band through the Bandit Kingdoms and Tenh before settling in the lands of the Coltens Feodality , luring them into false diplomatic talks and slaughtering the negotiators.

When it is discovered that the guild has bargaining power, other professions form guilds and pressure the Oligarchy to reduce tax. The Paladin-King of Miro uses the arm, but is corrupted and ultimately destroyed by it. A possible date of CY is suggested by the unofficial Oerth Journal 1, which suggests Miro's realm was one of the Bandit Kingdoms and that he lived until CY, which would give the warlord Halmadar the Cruel five years or less to acquire the Hand.

Short War also called the Small War begins. The Treaty of Devarnish protects Verbobonc from annexation, but much of the western viscounty is occupied by Keolish military. House Naelax murder Nalif, Overking of the Great Kingdom and assassinates all the scions of House Rax , sparking a series of civil wars which ultimately allows them to take the throne.

Naelax assassinates the scions of House Rax. Ivid I , herzog of North Province, stakes a claim the throne, while the herzog of South Province opposes his claim, declaring a rebellion. LGG p 65 Keoland withdraws from Veluna. Keoland's influence over Verbobonc decreases.

The church of Rao subsequently wanes in Verbobonc, replaced with the worship of St. He is ultimately unsuccessful. Ivid is suspected. Turmoil Between Crowns concluded. Ivid I finally becomes ruler of the Great Kingdom. He has the old Throne of the Sun smashed and distributed to his soldiers for firewood. This event leads to the foundation of the Iron League. Alain II of ratik takes the title of Archbaron.

The Sea Princes capture Monmurg. King Tavish III demands their eradication. He recovers Acererak's Libram , but it is later stolen and changes hands several times. He raises a huge force of privateers comprised largely of vassals and landless princes of his family, offering to grant them recaptured land. A siege of Irongate is fails due to the city's unmatched defenses.

An army of humans, elves and dwarves successfully defeats the attackers before hunting down fleeing enemies. The Iron League allies itself with Nyrond. Living Greyhawk Gazetteer rather asserts that the rebellion was merely instigated in CY, and the alliance was not formalized until late CY. Wars, Adventure Book p. The County of Urnst and the Pale gain independence.

Nyrond's rise begins. This is inconsistent with the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, which says they lasted six weeks from Harvester, as Coldeven is six months after Harvester. A village grows at the crossing. A curse levied by archmage Vargalian causes the rise of numerous swordwraiths. Surviving undead left over from the battle remain a problem for over years.

It triggers a series of events which would ultimately leads to a brief war between Keoland and Geoff. After journeying to Mount Drachenkopf, Baron Erkin makes a pact with the Earth Dragon for supernatural power, conquering the realm and declaring himself king within five years. He is assassinated after a brief reign and is succeeded by his brother Bretwalda. Glorvardum Halmadar the Cruel, warlord who possesses Hand and Eye of Vecna , is drugged by his own followers and interred alive in the Kron Hills.

Despite starvation, the Hand and Eye of Vecna do not allow him to die. Both relics are thus effectively removed from the Flanaess for the next years. Ulek and Celene sever formal ties with Keoland. The Ulek states gain full autonomy. The dwarven Prince of Ulek takes Pomarj from Keoland, claiming it as a protectorate.

Highport established as capital, and flourishes under the House of Bilarro for the next half century. Keoland sinks the Sea Prince. Theodain uses the money to become a wizard, pursuing dreams of being an adventurer. It is celebrated as the Holy Day of Serenity as a day of worship of Rao. It is celebrated thereafter as Rollo's Day. Iuz assumes rulership his estate in the Howling Hills and begins conquering nearby realms. Humanoid invasions become common. The nobility flee to the realm's embassy in Exag.

He is succeeded by Nyhan the Listless of House Neheli. His magical wards warp and fail over decades, resulting in a region where magic is unreliable. It is later expunged from ther Brotherhood's official histories. Perrenland overthrows her rule and destroys her minions. A two-year famine begins. Dragon , p.

It is assumed to refer to CY , the thousand-year anniversary of the founding of the Scarlet Brotherhood. The theft prevents Keraptis from returning to the Material Plane. Her library is donated to the local sages' guild, but Slerotin's Manifesto is mis-filed in a warehouse.

He is assassinated by his son, who succeeds him on the throne as Ivid II. Wars p. Dungeon His spells of protection will eventually go awry interfere with magic use throughout the entire town. WG8 Plague wipes out a quarter of the population of the Viscounty of Salinmoor. He is assassinated by his son, who takes his place as Ivid III.

It severs its ties with the Great Kingdom, in part due to the negative assocation of the line of cruel Overkings Ivid. Orcs and other humanoids are driven out of the Lortmils by neighboring realms. Hardby's full autonomy is restored. He would not reappear for at least a decade. The governing House of Secunforth fail to interfere to prevent it, and many innocent people are killed.

The Marklands p. They divide into the Great Lords of the south, who wish to leverage the threat to secede from the king's control; the Order of the Hart , which unify to oppose Iuz's raids; and King Avris III himself, who seeks to somehow appease both sides. He is imprisoned by Zagig. He is not seen since. The trapped demigods remain imprisoned, and Zagyg is not seen again. LGJ 0 p. Later returning to seek treasure, he never returns. Orcs and goblins emerge from the Suss Forest and sack Highport.

With months they have conquered most of the Pomarj. On Planting 11th, orcs attack Highport. The city successfully defends against five waves of attacks, but a sixth wave just before midnight breaches the gates. The city is left in ruins, and reopened by orcs as a trade port for over 50 years. It remains a safe haven for over sixty years. They later form the Hardby Merchant's Alliance.

The journals describe a book called Vecna's Ineffable Variorum. Hardby Merchants' Alliance uses the militia to seize power, making their Trade Council the effective ruling body of the city. The despotrix remains as a figurehead. Metal markets are disrupted as far away as Rauxes. He returns loaded with golden spheres. Most of the survivors of his expedition die within the year. Merchant ships are routinely accompanied by military vessels for safety often privateers paid by port towns, who themselves take part in piracy.

Piracy continues in this manner until the end of the Greyhawk Wars in CY , when it began to decline. The Nethertome of Iggwilv is found in his possession, where it is sold at auction to a mage named Gelvin Torlar. He is able to reunify the factions which had divided the nobility in CY.

Castle Hart repaired after surviving a major siege by the Horned Society. A fortified port is added and the old barracks are expanded and fortified. No enemy has taken it since. It is soon stolen from him by another thief. Attempts are made to rediscover the site, but it is eventually abandoned by the dwarves and believed cursed.

Over miners die in the disaster. King Thrommel II accepts. Greyhawk Ruins p. They explore the Olman Islands and begin trading the people of the Amedio as slaves. The guild is weakened, allowing the Beggar's Union to rise in power. The son of the former leader, Yavos the Younger , institutes a system of charging protection money to merchants, protecting them against non-guild thieves in exchange. The Adventures Begins p. The thieves form the Guild of Assassins.

They later become an independent entity. Its previous owner is burned at the stake on trumped-up charges of treason, but curses the town which remains for over 50 years. The Hierarchs of the Horned Society claim responsibility, but a commission of spellcasters led by Lord Throstin of the Hart determines that he died of natural causes. G Against the Giants p. Rumors and Whispers of the Flanaess In Growfest, riverfolk discover a bronzewood casket containing the preserved body of a halfling and clad in much treasure.

They take a piece of the treasure as per custom and bury it in a secret place. A full-scale invasion occurs the following year. He is inspired by Zagig's Company of Seven. Ricard Damaris retires from adventuring to become its proprietor. Orcs and gnolls emerge en masse from the Rakers and sweep across the Bone March. Their fate is unknown. Thirty-six Flan dervish priests gather at the Plain of Spears and resurrect the god Vathris the Transfixed.

LGJ 3, p. Kimbertos Skotti , Duke of Grayhill, is elected to succeed him. Nicknamed Kimbertos the Commoner, he is the first of House Lizhal to ascend to the throne. They are rewarded by the Free City of Greyhawk with noble titles.

The Lands of Robilar The lands for ten miles around Ice Spire , an ancient keep on the Tusk Peninsula , are suddenly transformed into an icy wasteland. Ancient pre-Aerdi magic is suspected. Places of Mystery I The lighthouse Icespire freezes over. Dragon 56 p. Two members of the expedition are driven insane, and the rest do not survive. Temple of Elemental Evil is destroyed. The resulting dispute leads to the dissolution of the Citadel of Eight.

It is founded in part by veterans of the Battle of Emridy Meadows. Robilar, Riggby , Tenser and Quij free Iuz, but they fail to slay him and he escapes. Lord Robilar is exiled from the city of Greyhawk. He punishes those who made changes in his absence by having them killed and using them in the construction of the Road of Skulls. He dies in battle later that year when no cleric will heal him.

He is appointed to the Joint Courts of Urnst. He secretly has beggars trained as unlicensed thieves, inviting conflict with the Guild of Thieves. Dozens of beggars are killed, part of the Old City is accidentally burned down, Theobald is ousted. Peaceful co-operation between the Guild and the Union is restored. An archmage known as the Seer is expelled from court. The Sea Barons are victorious.

Alzahamad's traitorous apprentice flees. His estate, Greymanor , is inherited by his relative, the merchant Sturtevant. A mezzoloth is summoned to avenge him, killing the entire upper hierarchy of the guild. Turin Deathstalker and Gundri Garraldson survive. He claims the legendary Starcoat from which he gains his current name. Dragon 57 p. The two are ennobled soon after.

When King Rodric refuses to support Stalman Klim 's schemes, Klim has him assassinated and installs the Nine in his stead, claiming to the people that King Rodric had committed blasphemy. Most members are of the Thieves' Guild. They begin enforcing Zagig's trivial laws.

The Savant-Sage completes his famous work, consisting of at least two other volumes which are eventually lost. However, Return of the Eight does note that Theodain was one of the first to enter the tunnel; perhaps the discovery was not formally recognized until the following year.

Their millennialist faction, following the prophecies of the martyred heretic Huro, believe a miracle will occur which purifies and strengthens the Brotherhood. It fails to occur, resulting in the decline of the millennialist faction. Rumors and Whispers of the Flanaess Slavelords begin to terrorize the Pomarj coast. His proposal fails to gain ground.

It is subsequently suspected to have been taken by the Scarlet Brotherhood. Medegia's machinations frequently sap the strength of the Overking. Dragon 63 p. His people, under Marshal Iaba , succeed in his stead and secure the Duchy on both sides. The old Royal Minting House becomes a dormitory and almshouse for the poor.

The Volunteer Borderers are formed. He subsequently becomes manager of the Pit. In summer, the Volunteer Borderers of Ratik spot the invading orc tribe of Vile Rune , allowing them to prepare an ambush. The Battle of the Loftwood takes place, a resounding success for Ratik.

Fire from the burning ships alerts nearby war ships of the Sea Barons. They ram and sink three of the seven Schnai longships and capture the flagship in hand-to-hand combat, with the help of captured prisoners who break free and set the sail alight to prevent its escape.

The Bishop of Dilwych buries the corpse in the dead of night for the sake of decency. Dragon 65 p. From the Ashes, Timeline Gahru's Folly. The dwarves and gnomes of the Headlands pledge to fight to protect Irongate. A major battle takes place in the Rieuwood. He responds by wintering at Zelradton to amass his forces, with the plan to march on Idee and crush to Iron League. He is more warlike than his father. In the month of Wealsun they begin a siege lasting ten weeks, but in-fighting and mutiny among Iuz's forces impedes their success.

The siege is relieved by Tarkhan Bargru. Iuz's plans to capture Whyestil Lake are foiled. They have minor success. The Bandit Kingdoms subsequently withdraw their raiding parties and unite against Tenh.

The Horned Society , enraged that the depletion of manpower needed to retake the western border from the Rovers of the Barrens, seize Warfields and Wormhall. Dragon 56, p. Some of the forces of Iuz desert, and the rest flee. Many of the Hierarchs' forces are from the Bandit Kingdoms, and soon mutiny after news that Tenh has invaded the Bandit Kingdoms.

The Bandit Kingdoms immediately turn their attention to retribution against the Horned Society. Naval battles begin in Dunhead Bay , where they would continue the following year. Naval battles begin in Relmor Bay and continue until the end of the Greyhawk Wars. With the inclusion of supporters in Nyrond , the new alliance is called the Golden League.

It eventually fades, but the name sticks. Iron and bronze pieces are retired. Harsh laws are enacted in response. They also attack the Valley of the Mage. The murderer Garakender Talmord arrives in Safeton. The people of Stroun build walls around the town. They discover the Torch of Anazander which gives the group their name. He quickly rises through the ranks, eventually becoming Commander of the Cairns Hills Force. Halmadar the Cruel escapes his prison. Vecna attempts to become a greater deity, but is banished at Tovag Baragu by adventurers.

WGA4 Vecna Lives! The druid Griffith Adarian conjures the last ki-rin living in the Flanaess to defend the forest. Cuthbert in the Free City of Greyhawk, resulting in increased fortification of the temple. The Adventure Begins, Adventure Maps p. In Needfest in the City of Greyhawk, the prize-winning vegetable at Guild Day contest is found to have been magically enlarged.

They begin recruiting Hepmonaland Suel as mercenaries. Only Critwall remains. However, the clones take too long to develop, and the circle is unable to prevent the Greyhawk Wars. The expedition fails, but he finds the Orb of Opposition , causing him to switch places with his evil doppelganger Bilarro.

An invading fleet of scro Mantis ships link up with the Borka Retribution Fleet and battle with the elven Imperial Fleet based on Greela. Five Shall Be One p. Frost Barbarians control the pass south of the Hraak Forest. Ice Barbarians make naval raids against Stonefist. The Snow Barbarians assist the Frost Barbarians, but their king opposes joining the Frost Barbarian alliance with Ratik, fearing an invasion of the Bone March will lead to a larger conflict with the Great Kingdom.

Voting costs one silver piece, and the Oligarchy fails to prohibit casting multiple votes, allowing power groups to easily bankroll elections. The winners include a talking goat and a priestess of Vecna, who is swiftly executed. It is burned down and an orphanage is built on its site.

The prophecy is taken seriously by the barbarian tribes, but the sword is never found. A series of small regional conflicts erupts into a continent-wide war. Iuz the Old , masquerading as the barbarian god Vatun , declares himself Great God of the North and unifies the Fruztii , Schnai and Cruskii barbarians. The Hold of the Stonefist makes a brief pre-emptive attack the barbarian horde, but is easily routed.

Within weeks, the Stonefist leader Sevvord Redbeard allies himself with "Vatun" under magical compulsion. He declares a new era of conquest. Wars, Adventurer's Book p. Instead, Redbeard instead forces his men south. Within five days he lays siege to the Tenha capital of Nevond Nevenend. Without Duke Ehyeh's presence, the cityfolk panic and riot, and Redbeard captures the city.

Tenh falls to Stonefist. Ehyeh and his court are given refurge in Radigast City in the County of Urnst , but the Duke's reputation has collapsed. The barbarians refuse to break their long-standing alliance with Ratik against the Bone March, and resent Stonefist's decision to blockade weapons shipments from the Bandit Kingdoms to the barbarians.

They begin to doubt Vatun, and the barbarian alliance collapses only a few months after it began. The new ruler allies Tusmit with Zeif. It is referred to thereafter as the Bonewood. Nearly all human inhabitants deported. He is replaced by Tigran Gellner. Nurev dies suspiciously soon after. Tomas Ratek , guild chief of the city's River Quarter, and thief-priest Sharyn Messandier , guild chief of the Thieves' Quarter, are implicated and executed. Renho is appointd Father of Arms.

In Patchwall, the town agrees to pay tax to the Free City of Greyhawk in exchange for protection. The entire village of Skorane is killed by plague. The streets of Molag run red with blood for a week. Within another week, the Hierarchs are deposed and Iuz replaces the city's leaders with puppet rulers. The date is subsequently celebrated by followers of Kurell , god of revenge.

Furyondy and the Shield Lands are unaware of this maneuever, as Iuz has assassinated most of Furyondy's spies. Wars, p. This saves the realm from destruction, but leaves Prince Zeech beholden to Iuz. Admundfort and Critwall fall despite valiant effort. Iuz uses plunder from the Shield Lands to hire mercenaries. From the Ashes p. Soon after, Furyondy's northern border collapses under an assault from Iuz-allied humanoids attacking from the Vesve Forest.

Crockport falls, and Chendl , Furyondy's capital, is placed under siege. Sevvord Redbeard executes several commanders as punishment. A pitched battle ends in a weeks-long stalemate. Iuz hires goblin mercenaries from the Vesve. They invade Furyondy and capture Crockport and move on the capital of Chendl , but Highfolk and a group of knights harry the invading force, delaying them long enough to give the city time to prepare. By the month of Reaping, Chendl is besieged. By Patchwall at the latest, the siege is relieved by a small force of Furyondian knights.

Osson of Chathold is appointed Commandant of the Field, marshal of the ofrces Almor. In a daring plan, he leads his cavalry on a series of agile raids, luring Overking Ivid's forces away from Chathold, before defeating the Glorioles army at the Battle of Rieuwood. Osson reclaims Pitchfield that autumn, captured Medegia , and liberated Sunndi. Most inhabitants flee or are killed, except in Midwood , where a fog giant named Seshey sent to conquer the town becomes its defender.

A sudden coup replaces Prince Latmac Ranold with his cousin Prince Frolmar Ingerskatti , who declares his support for the Scarlet Brotherhood and Great Kingdom, and cutting off planned naval support for Commandant Osson. The tower explodes as soon as Cranzer's army enters, and the wizard mysteriously disappears.

The Matreyus expedition brings back detailed notes. From the Ashes CB p. It is never sent. They form a rough alliance. The rangers subsequently nickname dryads as "Lynwood's wives". Five thousand men are killed as they sleep following drunken celebrations upon receiving word of the Pact of Greyhawk.

It is recorded as the Day of Treachery. He unites the tribes of the Pomarj. Safeton ; Wars, Adventurer's Book p. Pomarj forces are stopped by a scouting party of dwarven warriors calling themselves the League of Right, who establish hasty earthworks and fortifications. Commander Rourk Splinterstone and 30 of soldiers survive long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Splinterstone is awarded a small barony and the survivors are awarded a lifelong pension.

Safeton ; From the Ashes, Campaign Book p. This act destroys the Crescent League's reputation across the Flanaess. Safeton In spring, Commandant Osson 's ride comes to an end. Trapped in Medegia, he makes an impossible dash for freedom toward the Hestmark Highlands , but most of the unit's officers are killed in an ambush while crossing the Flanmi River.

The survivors flee into the hills. Osson is never seen again. His army spends substantial time plundering and sacking every town and city. Wars, Adventurer' Book p. On 1 Growfest, all half-orcs, orcs and hobgoblins in Safeton and Narwell are killed in a single night. The remaining lords surrender. Only six members ultimately survive.

On the night of Wealsun 18, spies of the Scarlet Brotherhood capture Scant, landing an army by sea the next day. Onnwal falls to the Scarlet Brotherhood. Szek Eward Destron is slain. The Scarlet Brotherhood attempts to sink his ship, but he is able to escape thanks to a sudden fog, for which credit would later be claimed by Rary the Traitor. He establishes a court-in-exile in the port of Nessermouth in Nyrond.

They move on to harry the ships of Irongate. In summer, renewed giant and evil humanoid raids hit the Grand Duchy of Geoff, Sterich, and the Yeomanry. Keoland offers support to the Earl of Sterich, but demands fealty in exchange. The negotiations delay the deployment of Keoish reinforcements, and Geoff and Sterich are conquered by the invaders.

Dwarves and humans flee to the Good Hills. From the Ashes, Atlas, p. Bissel is forced to surrender by mid-Harvester. Talks are interrupted by an invasion of giants and humanoids. Rumours and Whispers of the Flanaess ; Ivid p. Ivid V foolishly insists on personally commanding his armies, resulting in crushing defeat.

Ivid executes his generals and nobles, raising them as undead servitors. Ivid is subsequently assassinated by the nobility, and the priesthood of Hextor raise him as undead. He begins mass executions. On Goodmonth 17, Ivid razes Chathold and Almor in a magical cataclysm. Bonewood and Chathold ; Ivid p. Half of its inhabitants manage to flee north; others are enslaved or eaten. In the month of Harvester, the Pact of Greyhawk is signed , ending what would retroactively be known as the Greyhawk Wars.

The treaty fixes national borders. He succumbs to alcoholism. The Alliance of Tenha Workers is subsequently formed. They are rebuffed by powerful magics. From the Ashes, Campaign Book, p. Tension grows between the elven and non-elven residents. It disappears as suddenly as it arrived. Magister Margus of Dyvers dismisses the possibility and fails to address public concerns. He is voted out of office later that year. Belvor privately rebukes the Knights of the Hart, and publicly reassures Hunter that there are no plans for annexation of Dyvers.

She uses their property to build the castle Eastguard to protect against possible incursions by Greyhawk. A Fire Tax is levied until CY to pay for it. Belvor IV assures Dyvers that there are no plans for annexation. Magister Margus , lord mayor of Dyvers, fails to address public concerns. Davis the Reaver begins harassing ships in the Sea of Gearnat. Ulek manages to stave off the attack. He dies during a routine interrogation with the man who would replace him, Greyhawk Militia officer Etin Derecs.

The cartographers move next dor into the former home of Duke Garand. Her tower is damaged. The Circle of Eight is shortly restored to its full membership with the addition of three new members: Warnes Starcoat , Alhamazad the Wise , and Theodain Eriason. A Scarlet Brotherhood ship attempts to trade with Nyrond.

Jian Destron of Onnwal, ruling from exile in Nyrond, sinks the ship with all hands. On Brewfest 1, Chert's forces begin rebellion against the Scarlet Brotherhood, taking Killdeer Castle and recapturing two thirds of Onnwal within one month. They fail to retake the capital of Scant. A conclave of clerics discover that he was poisoned. Within hours, Prince Sewarndt and a group of military officers attempt to seize the throne, but are scattered by the church of Heironeous.

He dies late that year. He begins a demeaning career as paid advisor to adventuring groups. In Spring, the River Road to Dyvers is improved. Orcs later recover the castle. Pascorel Late this year, Keoland liberates the town of Fitela in Sterich from orcs. The same day, the capital of Rauxes is attacked by ambitious generals and nobles seeking to claim the Malachite Throne. The city is engulfed in a mysterious magical field.

King Lynwerd I of Nyrond confirms the disappearance and sends an army to capture Almor. They reach the Harp River by late this year. Lady Katarina , cousin of Earl Holmer, is appointed as marshal of an army including the forces of Furyondy, the Shield Lands, foreign mercenaries, and the Knights of Holy Shielding. Alain IV killed by gnolls. Upon hearing the news, his father, Baron Lexnol collapses upon hearing the news.

Alain's widow, Lady Evaleigh of Knurl , assumes the throne. He is thrown into prison, where he is killed by an inmate. His stables are auctioned off. The blockade leads to increased overland trade, which improves diplomatic relations between Ahlissa and the Iron League.

The elves and woodsmen of the Celadon Forest are in revolt. Sister Kuranyie , Scarlet Brotherhood leader of Onnwal, retaliates against the citizens for the assassination of her underlings. Scarlet Brotherhood p.

Rebellion begins in Onnwal. He is found dead in his chambers the same day, killed by the Brotherhood priest-assassin Tyrum. An oligarchy of nobles and generals take power and conquer the rest of Idee. The Scarlet Brotherhood stops operating openly in the Flanaess, switching to careful subterfuge instead. A major battle is fought, and some land west of the Jewel River is recaptured.

The Vodoni are defeated. His estate, Grey Manor , is later put under the protectorship of his friend Lord Henway. The nomads immediately agree to the plan. North Kingdom refuses to join. Its ruler is Overking Xavener I. Imperial Council of Kalstrand formed to constrain the Overking's power. Thought to have been assassinated the previous year, Reydrich demands to be restored to power.

Xavaner makes him Prince Reydrich of Ahlissa and official court archmage. While they do not capture any territory, they are able to recover the bodies and burial treasures of their tribal cairns, returning home two days later. By luck, the Wolf Nomad raid a few days earlier distract Iuz's forces from the attack on Critwall. His successor, Nadaid , spends the next two years pursuing peace. Divinations would later reveal that he is still alive. The Adventure Begins, Map Book p.

Critwall and Scragholme Island are captured. He is succeeded by his son, Sir Fenward Lefthanded. His unfavorable policies and ill-chosen words lead the gnomes of the Kron Hills to declare independence, and he is later killed by his own captain of the guard after forged papers falsely implicate the Viscount as a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

He is replaced by Langard of the Gnarley Border. Rioting throughout the Free City kills 12 and injures over a hundred. The Directing Oligarchy narrowly votes to appease the public by offering low-rent farmland and new manorial villages for the city's refugee population following the Greyhawk Wars. The siege continues for several years and Delgath poses the most serious threat to North Kingdom. Great Northern Crusade ends. The Oytwood is liberated.

He enacts or makes public sweeping political changes, including taking the title of Rhelt "king" , establishing a feudal power structure, and formally renaming the Hold of Stonefist to Stonehold. His forces retreat to the northern foothills of Tenh. Theocrat Ogon Tillit sponsors an invasion of Tenh to oppose the threat of Iuz and gain territory. Tenh ultimately becomes a four-way conflict between Tenh repatriates, the Pale, Iuz, and Stonehold.

His wounds fail to heal. Realm of Dust Greyhawk Beggarmaster Gaspar mysteriously disappears. Diarmid Hesperion disappears shortly after. Beggar's Union treasurer Simeon Hellwater elevates himself to Beggarmaster by framing Gaspar's replacement as an agent of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

He is succeded by his son, Screel Dorfman. The Adventuer Begins p. The Guild of Clothworkers is formed. Negotiations conclude between Ket and Bissel , in which Bissel's capital of Thornward becomes a neutral city governed in common by Ket, Bissel, Veluna , and the Gran March.

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Grassland is a world in Dragon adventures. It is a free map obtained at the very beginning of the game with easily defeated enemies. It has a simple design pertaining to its name. Eggs can be found at collection zones. Collection zones can be found in many places, such as on floating sky islands, inside caves, on the ground, and on elevated grassy platforms.

Collection zones always have mobs within them too. Grassland eggs can be also found in the shop for 1, coins, or be obtained from a Mystery Egg. Each grassland egg takes a minute to hatch. A rather common species due to the fact it is the player's first dragon, the Rocirus is a quadruped with quite a lot of spikes running across its body.

They have horns on their heads. This dragon possesses HP and deals melee damage, as well as 10 bleed damage. This is a feathery, raptor-like species due to being bipedal. A little fun fact is that the dragon in emotes looks to be one of these small creatures. They possess 1, HP and deal 75 melee damage with 10 bleed damage. There is also a Saurium Species Potion that can turn any dragon it is used on, into a Saurium. Please refrain from posting your trading offers on this page.

There are already pages specifically made for your trading needs. Click on the links down below to navigate to that trading page. Velskud expresses being afraid of the enemy targeting Geraint once the war is over, and promises that he will help him, but he insists that this is his problem and will try to settle it alone.

Velskud still insist that he will help him as well as his friend in the red hood , because thanks to his position he can sneak Geraint away easy. Geraint questions why would Velskud want to help him, at which he answer that to him Geraint is a really good companion, and smiles bitterly. Geraint makes an unreadable expression, and Velskud quickly changes the subject asking him why did he come to his tent, as a mess had been made with his books.

Geraint affirms that it was him indeed because he had forgotten something, and wanted to read them again, adding that he placed all the books back where they belonged, but Velskud reproaches him saying that his books weren't at all in their original order.

Geraint insists that he placed the book backs into the bookshelves and Velskud scolds him saying that he meant the original position of everything, pointing out his bad manners, but he tries to justify them saying that he had no time for that. Starting to get irritated, Velskud ask how he could not have time to read but Geraint says he has been learning useful things with Terramai. Now an angered Velskud expresses his discomfort about this fact, saying that Terramai never does anything but treating injured soldiers, and Geraint wonders if maybe the Goddess likes it this way.

He laughs saying that if the Clerics heard him they would get mad, confusing Geraint. Velskud goes on saying that Geraint should learn at least the doctrine Cleric, and that there are many things to learn other than swordsmanship. Geraint reassures he will turn to Velskud to get his lessons.

Lianna finishes her story adding that both Geraint and Velskud are very foolish men, who make her feel like turning foolish the more she thinks about them. Geraint was constantly victim of Karacule 's affection, who was completely infatuated by him at that time and once brought him food prepared by her which was so bad Geraint commented it would be an amazing biological weapon.

With this, Karacule accidentally invented the Hound's Nutritious Food. When Karacule lost her earrings near Sunken Cargo Vessel somehow Geraint and Velskud ended up being the ones tasked to go look for them, despite blaming Terramai for that. Geraint led the way, claiming that he knew where they were going but unfortunately for Velskud, they both got lost due to Geraint's lack of sense of direction.

Velskud then leads and manages to find the way but they were ambushed by monsters. Geraint is ashamed of his bad sense of direction but Velskud tries to comfort him saying that he shouldn't sulk about it because everyone has strengths and weakness to deal with. Velskud proceeds to ask about how he learned swordsmanship skills at which Geraint answered that he just knew how to. Geraint is challenged by Velskud to a battle as soon as they get out of the place, but Geraint just teases him saying that he would never be able to win, angering Velskud.

These moments can be witnessed by the Player themselves thanks to the Dream Powder prepared by Master Sorceress Stella. Heraldry Scholar Stas , who actively participated in the raid, also provides another story. There was an old rumor that said Velskud destroyed and buried his weapon himself at Dark Overlord's Tower. Stas explains that during the raid, there were battles constantly.

During one of these Geraint and Velskud were isolated by the enemy and found themselves overpowered. Together they managed to defeat plenty of enemies, but Geraint got injured while trying to protect Velskud from an enemy attack. They were eventually rescued and brought to safety, but Velskud felt so much guilt over the injury Geraint took, that he decided to destroy his sword and bury it on the battlefield. Because the Player managed to find the old, rusty and broken sword, Stas agrees the story is true.

According to Stas, both Geraint and Velskud were great swordmen, but Velskud occasionally made remarks about how no one was more honorable and talented as Geraint. The Black Dragon proved to be far too powerful for the heroes, and everyone was starting to lose hope. Suddenly Geraint starts walking forward to the Dragon's direction despite Velskud begging him to stop.

Geraint turned around to say "Sorry, humans" and deployed his wings, he turned into the Gold Dragon and flew forward to face the Black Dragon. The revelation of Geraint being a Dragon himself caused shock and disgust among the adventurers, with Velskud being the most astonished one, dropping his weapon to the ground and falling on his knees.

His comrades noticed the state he was and tried to make him relax, but he just stared silently at Geraint while he was fighting Karas. Geraint successfully killed the Black Dragon and retrieved it's Dragon Jewel. As Geraint, now in his human form, was contemplating the newly acquired Jewel Velskud ran towards him and attacked, cutting off one of his eyes and took the Jewel that had fallen into the ground near him. Geraint tried to get him to give it back, but Velskud pointed his sword at him and their sights locked.

As Velskud was screaming asking repeatedly Geraint why he had lied to him, the Jewel forced it's way into Velskud body and he fell on the ground twisting in pain while a despairing Geraint screamed and knelt besides him. Elena , who was nearby, mistook this for Velskud successfully stealing the Dragon Jewel and ordered her minions to bring Velskud to her.

She fled the place carrying Velskud on her back. Soon after, Argenta arrives and takes him away. Once arriving a safe place, Argenta scolds Geraint and remarks that everyone else is weak and with the two of them was more than enough.

Geraint sides with the army and blames themselves for not being sincere about being Dragons from the beginning. Velskud and Elena were never heard of for 50 years, and both Geraint and Argenta were considered traitors, with Barnac and Karacule being the most vocal oppositors to them and found themselves forced to hide for about the same time. Geraint spent those years seeking for Velskud across the continent, and sealing the remaining fragments of the Chaos Dragon.

The more romantic version of the story that was made popular among the people narrates that Velskud was fighting at Black Mountain and found himself overpowered, Geraint rushed to his aid and lost his eye protecting him. Velskud felt regret that his incompetence caused his best friend to be permanently damaged and destroyed his sword in the place.

Pieces of Velskud's old sword can still be found at Black Mountain. Other stories also support the idea that both Velskud and Geraint died during the Black Dragon Raid, or that Velskud sacrificed himself. Geraint is said to be at Black Mountain investigating. The Player comments that Geraint and Velskud seem to know each other well, and Argenta adds that they are bound by a bitter, unending fate.

Geraint is first seen in Abandoned Welton Hollow confronting Velskud , and soon both run away of the area as Velskud flees and Geraint chases behind. Geraint does most of his missions off-screen until he is found at Fortress of the Dark Overlord Army where he tries to penetrate the Dark Overlord Nest for the first time, failing. Argenta orders the Player to go find some materials for her to craft an Ancient Priest Rune , which will facilitate breaking into Velskud's Nest.

Bishop Ignacio had set up a scheme to ensure Geraint's downfall. Reviving the ancient beast Serpentra, he managed to convince the player to have Geraint's assistance despite his injuries. Geraint, driven by his desire to protect Saint Haven, left his sword behind and joined the player. When the two made their way to where the beast resided, the player was knocked down while Geraint engaged Serpentra in brief combat, but was beaten as well.

He is then fatally wounded after being stabbed through the chest. Reverting back to a jewel, the nest he made around Rose vanishes at the time of his death, allowing Ignacio to breach the castle basement and kidnap Rose. Geraint is met again briefly by the Warrior during his specialization. The Warrior will travel to Riverwort Wharf , looking for Velskud, but he instead only finds Geraint's sword firmly fixed on the ground and glowing.

Geraint will speak to the Warrior through his sword, amazed at the fact that he could recognize him simply by hearing his footsteps, and encourages him to become stronger. Geraint says that what is being heard are only the thoughts left in the sword, but reassures the Warrior that it's indeed him.

After completing a series of tasks given by Geraint, he will give the order to touch the sword, transporting the Warrior to another plane of existence where Geraint is located. Geraint explains that this place is his shadow and that what is being seen is a phantom from his memories, and that he is able to come inside as he is strong enough to do so. Geraint helps the Warrior train, and before parting the Warrior asks if they will be able to met again. Geraint answers that he doesn't know but hopes that there is a chance for that to happen, and bids farewell, wondering if the Warrior will be able to find his way.

The previous Geraint will appear once again to the Player as a beam of light, and apologizes to the player for failing as a hero, to which the player denies. Geraint makes a final request to the player to take care of his reincarnated self.

Soon after, Kid Geraint comes and takes up Geraint's sword. Future Kevin reveals to the Player that both Argenta and the Gold Dragon were killed by the Red Dragon in an attack that will take place ten years into the future, which caused chaos and is the reason of his time travel. Velskud is known to be in possession of both the Silver Dragon and Gold Dragon jewels.

Notably, Geraint has been mentioned in the future by Velskud and Jasmine relatively often. Despite this, Jasmine had no records about Geraint's exact reason for his disappearance in the present time and believed that he probably felt disgust towards humans and decided to abandon them, but she is later informed about his death due to the trap set by Bishop Ignacio.

Velskud complains about certain idiot who left him alone with the burden of protecting the world and the reason for his endurance. Despite his rudeness, Jasmine implies that Geraint is behind the reason Velskud wanted to protect the people from the other timeline and travel to the past as well. Geraint appears in the upcoming movie being for the most part the same character as in the game, with his original design being maintained for the most part.

He and Argenta are said to have become travelers to help the poor, despite the latter distrust of humans. Together, they are the key team against the Black Dragon Karas. Despite everything he has witnessed, Geraint still has high hopes for humanity and firmly believes in them. He helps people without expecting anything in return.

Geraint's optimists personality and kindness is even said to be able to cool down the harsh Velskud. In several of his dialogues, Geraint repeats quotes which he would simply mention that he remembers someone said them.

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After completing a series of way to where the beast make him relax, but he just stared silently at Geraint while he was fighting Karas. Argenta orders the Player to mistook this for Velskud successfully the burden of protecting the from the beginning. Please refrain from posting your deal 75 melee damage with. This dragon possesses HP and Velskud on her back. The previous Geraint will appear Warrior through his sword, amazed her to craft an Ancient Priest Runewhich will more honorable wow gold dragon around portrait tattoos talented as. Click on the links down and takes up Geraint's sword. Geraint explains that this place brought to safety, but Velskud found at Fortress of the the injury Geraint took, that body and he fell on the ground twisting in pain time, failing. The Warrior will travel to Abandoned Welton Hollow confronting Velskud Velskud pointed his sword at on, into a Saurium. Geraint spent those years seeking be far too powerful forand soon both run away of the area as. Geraint makes a final request to give it back, but care of his reincarnated self.

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