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Golden dragon info

They usually spent most of the time in this form, even within their lairs. When traveling, it was common for a gold dragon to assume a particularly non-threatening form in order to put adventurers at ease, as well as to observe local communities and to catch up on gossip and news of the outside world. In many cases, the dragon would use its disguise to provide help, company and comfort to those in need, or to set up traps for evildoers by using itself as bait.

Strong believers in the greater good and in the rule of order, gold dragons were sometimes viewed as arrogant and dismissive. They tended to avoid philosophical or ethical discussions with beings they deemed inferior, although they enjoyed arguing in favor of law.

The gold dragon Aurinax guarding the Vault of Dragons in Waterdeep. Gold dragons preferred to parlay before a fight, using their intimidating presence and insight to determine if fighting was necessary, to find advantages, and to buy time to cast preparatory spells. A common tactic for gold dragons in a fight was to use their breath weapons as means to scatter and weaken their foes.

Every gold dragon in the world acknowledged a hierarchy which spanned the entire race. This structure had a single elected leader at the top: a wyrm or great wyrm called the King or Queen of Justice who bore the honorific "Your Resplendence" and served until death or resignation.

The selection of a replacement either by election or, more frequently, by acclamation was a process in which all gold dragons took part. It was also possible for two dragons of equal merit to be elected as leaders, in which case they could share duties or alternate leadership. Because gold dragons were well aware of their responsibilities, the duties of the King of Justice were typically light. They would most frequently act as advisors to other dragons and their quests to defeat evil, pointing out consequences and hidden ramifications.

Less frequently, the gold dragon ruler acted as a representative of the entire race when dealing with other species, or as a judge in the extremely rare occasion in which a gold dragon committed an offense. Gold dragons did not have strong preferences about their lairs, but they tended to choose lairs made of stone, such as caves and castles, and recruited other loyal creatures as guards.

The lair of a gold dragon possessed some residual magic. While in its lair, a gold dragon had a limited capability to glimpse into the future and to banish invaders into a dream plane of the dragon's own creation. The region around the lair also experienced some magical effects, such as banks of opalescent mists that haunted evil creatures and warned good creatures of danger. Gold dragons enjoyed treasure that showed artisanship, such as paintings, sculptures, calligraphy and porcelain.

When choosing a mate, gold dragons could spend years debating philosophy and ethics and questing together as part of their courtship. Prospective mates then sought approval from the King of Justice. Some gold dragons mated for life through a rite known as the Oath of Concord, while others only mated for a short time. They could be monogamous or hold several mates at the same time.

Gold dragons raised their young with exceptional care. A gold dragon wyrmling did not have whiskers, but they developed quickly. It was also common for gold dragon parents to send their young to the care of foster parents. This could serve a variety of reasons, such as freeing the parents for a quest, or just broadening their horizons. Wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, and young adult gold dragons tended to be solitary or lived in a clutch of 2 to 5 dragons; adults, mature adults, older dragons, wyrms or great wyrms would live solitarily, in a pair, or a family consisting of a couple of adults and several offspring.

Gold dragons were the only species of dragon to have their own written language. However, they could only write in human form, since their dragon claws were not practical for holding writing equipment. These dragons even kept records of historic events. The content of these records was mostly useless to human historians however, as they described dragon events like dragon births, trials and deaths, rather than events that affected the non-dragon world. Protanther leading the council of metallic dragons in the Nether Mountains.

During the glory days of Myth Drannor , before its destruction in the Weeping War , gold dragons were one of the races that dwelled in the City of Song in harmony. At one point before the city's fall, the gold dragons of Myth Drannor aided in magically trapping a powerful demon Rivener who became too powerful to defeat after he stole one of the Baneblades of Demron. Sometime in the late s DR Protanther represented the gold dragons by gathering a council of metallic dragons in the battle against the reformed Cult of the Dragon 's efforts to summon Tiamat.

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A depiction of an adult gold dragon from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. This carried over to at least one Forgotten Realms source, Hall of Heroes , p. Monster Manual 5th edition. Edited by Scott Fitzgerald Gray. Wizards of the Coast , pp. ISBN Portions are very generous as well Food was well prepared, tasted great and was ready on time.

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Lloyd seemed to be no match, but as the Overlord exhaled a massive cloud of darkness, Lloyd countered by surrounding himself in a green sphere of energy. Lloyd became golden as he gained the title of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, and he charged forward and sent the Overlord into the air, summoning the Golden Dragon to fight by his side.

Lloyd and the Golden Dragon hit the Overlord with a mass of golden energy and the Overlord circled them, covering the two inside a giant dark orb. Through the darkness, only the Overlord's face was visible, causing Lloyd and the Golden Dragon to fly towards him.

The Overlord opened his mouth and attempted to consume them, but Lloyd and the Golden Dragon's combined powers forced their way out of the Overlord's grasp, defeating it in the process. With the natural order restored, the darkness over Ninjago City faded away and Lloyd landed shortly thereafter.

After the Golden Dragon lowered himself to ground level, he disappeared into thin air. After defeating them, Lloyd made his Golden Dragon disappear and tried to land on the Ultra Dragon, only for it to go towards another direction. He then later summons him again to help him escape from the city which had fallen under the Overlord's control.

During Lloyd's training to become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, he tries to make a bridge, but can't. So he decides to summon his Golden Dragon and uses him to create a golden bridge to the other side. Elemental combination dragons. Ninjago Wiki Explore. World of Ninjago. Seasons and more. Pilot episodes Day of the Departed. The Island. Season Characters Seasons and more Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?

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