quercus rubra golden dragon

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Quercus rubra golden dragon

Fruit Gardening Vegetable Gardening. Quercus rubra. Back to Previous Page. More Images. Species Native to Missouri. Family: Fagaceae. Native Range: Eastern North America. Height: Spread: Bloom Time: May. Bloom Description: Yellowish-green. Water: Dry to medium. Maintenance: Low. Garden locations. Culture Easily grown in average, dry to medium moisture, acidic soil in full sun. Noteworthy Characteristics Quercus rubra , commonly called red oak or northern red oak, is a medium sized, deciduous tree with a rounded to broad-spreading, often irregular crown.

Problems Generally a durable and long-lived tree. Uses Specimen, street tree, lawn tree. Thank You! Main Navigation Visit. Things To Do. Plant Science. We've planted, grown and nurtured each Northern Red Oak for amazing results. Now, you reap the rewards of our hard work at the nursery, with a well-rooted, healthy variety delivered right to your door. The Northern Red Oak is an easy choice. Whether you live in a crowded city environment and want to bring some life to your landscape or you live in a huge countryside and want to give your family the gift of a long-lasting tree, the Northern Red Oak can do the job.

Order your own Northern Red Oak today! Planting: Plant your Red Oak in a spot in your yard that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. And pick a spot that will give this tree plenty of room to grow. Avoid places near power lines or buildings. You'll want to give this tree at least 50' of space.

Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the root ball. After you plant the tree, tamp down the soil until it is firm. Thoroughly water the base of the tree so that water penetrates the roots. Spread a good amount of mulch around the base of the tree to retain moisture.

Watering: Water the tree to keep the ground moist. Watering deeply, once a week, should be enough to help your young tree establish roots. Once your tree matures, you only need to water in the dry seasons where you get less than 1 inch of rainfall per month. Fertilizing: If you notice that your tree is not growing 2 feet every year, you can add a general-purpose fertilizer once a year.

Estimated Shipping Time: Most orders ship immediately. As noted on the website, some items are seasonal, and may only ship in spring or fall. Once your order is shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. Arrived well packaged.

Leaves when it arrived are dropping but new leaves budding out. We planted this tree and have been giving it plenty of water. It looks happy in its forever home. We pray that it remains healthy as the years go by…. Excellent packaging and strong young tree. It recovered quickly from shipping. Is adding new leaves well. Clear planting guide. Plant Care Resource Center. We've determined you're in Growing Zone Planting Elsewhere? Call us at See how our plants are shipped to you!

Product Variant ft. Quantity Add to Cart. Mature Height: ft.


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Cool-Season Grasses Advanced Search. Acorns require two years to mature. Growth Rate: Medium but fast for an oak at up to 2 feet per year. Can be fast under optimal conditions. Maintenance: All oaks are susceptible to a large number of diseases, including oak wilt, oak leaf blister, cankers, leaf spots and powdery mildew. Potential insect pests including scale, oak skeletonizer, leaf miner, oak lace bugs, borers, caterpillars and nut weevils.

Notwithstanding these problems, oaks are generally considered to be low maintenance trees. Propagation: Seed germination code C at 41 degrees F. Has a negligible tap root and transplants easily. Takes years before the plant really settles in and starts to grow. Native Region: Statewide A handsome shade tree with good form and dense foliage and is a desirable planting for lawns, parks and other large areas. You'll get a tree that grows effortlessly.

The Northern Red Oak grows more than 2 feet every year and lives for centuries. That means a well-developed, healthy root system for you and easy acclimation in your landscape. Bring some life to your landscape with a long-lasting tree. And reap the rewards of hardy durability, enduring life and more. Order your own Northern Red Oak Tree today! You are currently in Growing Zone Planting Elsewhere? Northern Red Oak Tree Quercus rubra.

Northern Oaks are the fastest growing of the oaks. Product Details Growing Zones: outdoors This plant may not thrive in your area. Mature Height: ft. Mature Width: ft. Sunlight: Full Sun Spacing: ft. Planting: For best results, choose an area with well-drained soil and full sun 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day for your Northern Red Oak.

Place your Oak, back fill the soil and water to settle the roots. Finally, add 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the base of the Northern Red to preserve moisture.

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Quercus rubra (northern red oak)

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legal.sportnutritionclub.com carries Quercus rubra, more commonly known as Golden Dragon. An excellent Zone 4 tree. Sign up for our newsletter & get 10% off at checkout. 'Golden Dragon' welcomes spring with a luminescent flush of clear yellow foliage that remains colorful and vivid through much of the gardening season. Ultimate. Typically grows at a moderate-to-fast rate to a height of ' (often larger in the wild). Dark, lustrous green leaves (grayish-white beneath) with