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Golden dragon restaurant logo

Our menu features a host of mouth-watering dishes and scratch made specials. We take pride in creating a memorable dining experience. Thank you for ordering directly only from this website and not through any third parties, this helps us keep our costs low so we can focus on quality ingredients and great service while growing our business. Try us out today, you will not be disappointed!

Great lunch and dinner specials that included soup, egg roll and fried or steamed rice. Prices are very good for specials and average for regular menu items. We tried this place for the first time tonight and it was so good. We had a big order and they were busy so it took a little longer than estimated to get our food but we got everything we ordered and it was all hot and fresh and tasted great!

My friend comes here a lot, so one time she decided to bring me with her. I loved the service even with covid around and the food was so stacked In the box they had to staple it shut. Ordered for the first time from here and we were pleased. The food was fresh, the vegetables still crunchy and the egg rolls were not greasy!

The portions were large. This is a good place to visit. It's tucked away in the corner but it's got a friendly atmosphere and good food. It has all the regular dishes. It's a great spot for lunch. My coworkers go out to eat here at least once a month, it's a regular spot.

The food is on par with any Chinese restaurant at a 5 star hotel. I feel this restaurant is abit underrated and is in a quite location. They to die for. We value our customers as family, much like our namesake. If you have any queries , comments or suggestions, please leave your details in the former below and we will contact you. We would appreciate a visit from you at our outlet at Shop No. E Dubai or give us a call on Shop No. E Dubai. Order Now. Welcome To Golden Dragon Restaurant There was once a dragon that glittered in gold and was renowned all over the land for being the first to offer Chinese cuisine in the country.

Our Menu With a contemporary delicious menu in a swanky new ambience Download Menu. Somtam Salad Freshly shredded green papaya salad with red chilli, carrot, green beans and peanuts in sweet and spicy dressing. Thai Red Curry Prawn Prawns simmered in a classic red curry with bamboo shoots, chillies and kaffir lime. Dragon Curry Noodles A Golden Dragon invention- noodles cooked in a luscious coconut curry with Thai herbs and vegetables. Gallery A view into the world of the Golden Dragon — kitchen, private cabins, booths and even tables to fit large groups of friends and family!

The Staff. The Dim Sum Cart. Haute Chinese Interiors. GDR Dumplings. Cozy Corners. The Creators. Contact Us We value our customers as family, much like our namesake. Send Message. Golden Dragon Restaurant Shop No. Hey there!


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Fortune Cookies 6 0. Chicken or Pork Chow Mein 9. Breaded chicken breast deep fried and served on top of Chinese vegetables. Tender pieces of chicken, deep fried to a crisp turn and cooked with pineapple in a delicately balanced sweet and sour sauce. Long Island duckling permeated with aromatic spices and dipped in water chestnut flour, fried and served in natural sauce and crushed almonds.

An exotic combination of boneless roast duckling, pineapple and imported lychee served in our flavorful sweet and pungent sauce. Chunks of chicken coated with water chestnut flour and egg, deep fried until crispy in a light brown sauce.

Chunks of beef or shrimp coated with water chestnut flour and egg, deep fried until crispy in a light brown sauce. Each dish is prepared from carefully selected and uncompromisingly fresh meats and vegetables. We know you will enjoy yourself whether you dine in, take out, or choose to have us deliver.

We look forward to serving some of our delicious dishes. In the Chinese tradition, informal dining is a celebrated event comprised of many courses shared by everyone at the table. For an interesting variety, we recommend selecting as many dishes from each category of Chicken, Duck, Beef, Seafood, Pork and Vegetable available, as there are diners at your table.

Come and dine with us in one of our three traditional Chinese restaurants.