gold eastern dragon

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Gold eastern dragon

All active properties nearby. Gold - Silver -. Explores for. Risk and valuation analysis of the Eastern Dragon Project. Status Risk : Mine development. Country Risk : Important. Title s of the Eastern Dragon Project. Company Profile. All Projects. Company website. Company project page. History of the Eastern Dragon Project. Geology of the Eastern Dragon Project. Eastern Dragon Lode 5 is a high-grade, low-sulphidation epithermal gold-silver deposit which has been tested by extensive trenching, diamond drilling and underground development.

Exploration and drilling. Discoveries and Drilling Results. All information on this page comes from internal and external sources deemed reliable. This information might not be up to date, so please perform due diligence before making any conclusion or making any action.

Capex growth pains for Evolution. Environment for gold prices still supportive: WGC. Alto emerges on song at Sandstone. Hot Chili rises to the top. Ready for development copper-gold project. Filo del Sol copper-gold-silver advanced exploration. Marimaca timing its run to meet resurgent demand for copper. Capella to bring new life to Norway's historic copper sector. Copper Fox: Building a pipeline of North American porphyry copper projects.

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Submit your details to receive further information about this report. Eastern Dragon gold mine is located 45km southeast of the town of Xunke, which is adjacent to the Heilongjiang River which forms the border with Russia. Gold ore is mined initially via open pit method and subsequently via underground mining underneath the open pit. In , refurbishment of the processing plant was underway to facilitate the production of A detailed analysis of the Gold Ridge Restart gold mine.

A detailed analysis of the Plutonic Gold Mine. A detailed analysis of the Brucejack gold mine. We use cookies on the public areas of our website. They let you easily navigate your way around the site and allow us to improve its performance, or even recommend content we believe will be of most interest to you. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

If you would like to learn more about how we use cookies and how you can manage them, see our Cookie policy. Skip to main content. Search label Search Search. Asset Report DongAn gold mine 09 February Add to cart. Share link. Contact us about this report Close Contact us Submit your details to receive further information about this report. They were the primary source of rain, which the Chinese viewed as essential to life. The only fears that Chinese dragons had were simple.

Dragons feared tigers, perhaps due to the fact that they were the 'opposites' of each other in the Chinese Zodiacs. Well, Chinese believe in balance, like the Yin Yang. For all good, there must be bad. For all brave, there must be some fear. Each fear has an element:. Most of the Eastern dragons could also shape shift. They could take the form of different creatures, such as beasts or man. Whensoever they did this, they were always the most beautiful and kind of all the species.

In turn, other animals, including humans, could become dragons. Mainly through magic, people could turn into one of these amazing beasts. One story is of a man studying magic to change into a dragon. Another has it that a boy swallowed a dragon pearl and transformed into one. There is also the Dragon's Gate, where fish can take the challenge to become a dragon.

They must swim against torrents of water and clear a huge leap, and if they complete this they can become a dragon themselves. In addition, the dragons are said to rise from this gate in to the skies in the spring and descend into the waters in autumn. All Chinese dragons are said to have one hundred and seventeen scales total.

Eighty-one of these scales are 'yang', or the active, dominant, moving force. The other thirty-six scales are said to be of 'yin', or the passive, recessive, accepting force. This is said to keep the dragon in balance. The Koreans speak of the following: Mang are four-toed dragons. They are a symbol of temporal power. Chinese speak of the Pa Snakes, on the other hand, as huge serpents that enjoy elephants for meals.

Thus, they appear in elephant-oriented areas. They spit out the bones of the elephant three years after they are eaten! There are the ch'i-lung. They are hornless and tri-colored. The colors are red, white, and green. P'an-lung are dragons that do not have the ability to fly. They are lacking the chi'ih-muh or the po-shan, perhaps. P'eng-niao is a semi-dragon bird. Being half bird and half dragon, they seldom appear in Chinese Mythology.

The deity of rivers was also draconic. Pi-hsi was partly a tortoise and partly a dragon. Pi-hsi is that of the element of water. Fei-lian is the Chinese god of the wind. With him, he carries a bag of wind. He is dubbed a troublemaker, and he is watched by Shen Yi, the archer. Shen Yi is the balance of Fei-lian. He is depicted as winged dragon with the head of a stag and the tail of a snake.

In human form, he is Feng Bo. There are the Tatsu, which are Japanese dragons. They are a symbol of the Mikado. They are also looked upon as imperial and spiritual power, and they tend to live in lakes and springs. Sui-Riu is the Japanese Dragon King.

The Dragon King was in charge of all the rain, and he was sometimes known as 'the rain dragon. Han-Riu is a multi-striped Japanese Dragon. Though the dragon is around or over forty feet long, this dragon can never reach heaven. Ri-Riu, a bit of an unknown dragon, has exceptional eye sight.

As in comparison with other dragons, of course. Ka-Riu was one of the smaller dragons, being that the dragon was only seven feet long. It is said, however, that the Ka-Riu was fiery red. Fuku Riu is a dragon of luck. Hai-riyo is a Japanese 'Dragon-Bird'. Said to be much like the Chinese Ying-Lung, this was the most 'evolved' form of a dragon. What makes the dragon colors so important?

Each has its own special meaning and symbol. They also have their own attributes to them. Eastern Dragons are born with their colors based upon the age and color of their parents. The colors of dragons are: white, red, black, blue, and yellow. Each is born to a different parent.

Black dragons are children of a thousand-year-old dragon that is black-gold. They are symbols of the North. They caused storms by battling in the air. Blue dragons are children of blue-gold dragons that are eight hundred years old. They are purest blue colors, and they are the sign of the coming spring. They are they are the symbol of the East. Yellow dragons are born from yellow-gold dragons who are one thousand years or older.

They hold no symbol. They are secluded and wander alone. They appear at 'the perfect moment' and at all other times remain hidden. Yellows are also the most revered of the dragons. Red dragons descend from a red-gold dragon who is about one thousand years of age. They are the symbol for the West, and are much like black dragons.