lego ninjago masters of spinjitzu golden dragon brick 101

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Lego ninjago masters of spinjitzu golden dragon brick 101 bahamuts gold dragon names

Lego ninjago masters of spinjitzu golden dragon brick 101

The Ninjago product development team in Fort Lee , New Jersey spent several days monitoring groups of eight to ten-year-old boys to gauge their reactions to various concepts and storyboards, including ninjas, underwater adventures and futuristic cities. The chosen concept then went through several rounds of testing to refine the final product in order to produce a successful line.

This rigorous testing and development resulted in the Ninjago line being delayed by a year. During the development process, the Ninjago team took a trip to the Iga Ninja Museum , located three hours to the north of Tokyo, Japan in order to get inspiration for the theme. This allowed the designers to gather historic details from the 15th century ninja building, whilst also developing ideas about how to give these historic elements a contemporary appeal.

The initial story concept for the theme originated in a rough sketch created by Tommy Andreasen on a Friday evening in The sketch depicted several elemental ninja and the word "Spinjago". This idea was later developed into the fictional martial art of "Spinjitzu", which was a combination of the words "spin" and "ninjitsu".

The development team later used this as the basis for the minifigure spinner action toys. The rough sketch was sent to an artist in Canada called Craig Sellars who created an internal concept image of the characters over the weekend. The Ninjago theme then employed the use of an original story that would appeal to young teenage boys, by creating a cast of characters that focused on a group of ninja heroes and a wide variety of villains.

So you can put a ninja on a dragon - the kids found that appealing and very natural. But figuring out the enemies of the ninja was more of a challenge and we tested a lot of things there". The ninja characters were given different coloured costumes and unique elemental powers, which gave them distinctive personalities.

The team also came up with the concept of "Spinjitzu", which was the main fighting method in the story. Andreasen commented, "we wanted to make sure that it was something that would look great on TV, lightning coming out of tornadoes and stuff like that. The toy representation of that was the spinner".

Although the original intention was to remain true to the historical setting, the Ninjago team decided that technology could be introduced without having a detrimental effect on the characters. The introduction of skeletons as the main villains in the storyline was also the result of research with children. The children in the research groups were given the choice of six options, including monkeys, skeletons, robots and lizard people.

The overwhelming preference was for skeletons, which the children considered to be "real" fantasy villains. We could push it one step further - it's fine that these skeletons have these skeleton themed monster trucks and stuff like that. At that point, you could really start to see a product assortment". Writers Dan and Kevin Hageman came up with the initial idea for the ninjas' distinctive flying base, Destiny's Bounty. Their idea was that it would be a "windmill that turned into a helicopter and flew around".

However, the idea to use a junk ship for the ninja base was suggested by Tommy Andreasen. The vessel has changed design over time both in the series and in toy form. Design Manager Michael Svane Knap commented, "One of the approaches that we have is that you need to try and boil it down to what makes an icon.

What is the detail that means this is the Bounty? We are not confined in the same way as Star Wars , where it needs to be a Millennium Falcon that can only look one way. The brand name "Ninjago" was formed from a combination of two words: "ninja" and "Lego".

Andreasen noted that this fell into place naturally, saying "It's universally recognised, it works in any language and it has a good dynamic to it. It's short and to the point. We added 'Masters of Spinjitzu' to it just for flavour". The Lego Ninjago universe incorporates a fictional written language that has been displayed on numerous occasions in both the Ninjago television series and in the Lego Ninjago construction sets. The written language uses a unique alphabet of symbols that resemble the visual style of Chinese characters.

The characters can be deciphered to translate the words that are commonly displayed on signs and advertisements in the Ninjago universe. This was particularly ambitious, as no Lego theme had ever achieved this target, not even the successful Bionicle theme. By late April , a full range of Ninjago products had been defined, which totalled 17 sets in the first year of its release.

Alongside the Lego Ninjago product line, a variety of other media was created, including a Ninjago board game for Lego Games , a themed world for Lego Universe , a video game with TT Games that launched in April , and the development of the animated Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV series that launched in January With its initial launch in early , the Ninjago line was intended to continue for a limited run of three years.

However, the strong sales performance of the line combined with the company's increased engagement with online communities resulted in The Lego Group reversing this decision. The company had begun to use online forums, such as Lego Cuusoo , to engage with fans and obtain customer feedback relating to its product range. The Ninjago brand was consequently extended past the end of and has been in production ever since.

In February , Design Manager Michael Svane Knap commented on the ongoing appeal of the theme by stating, "When Lego Ninjago was originally created more than 10 years ago, it was as much luck as it was skill that made us get to where we are today.

Everyone involved back then was quite new and inexperienced with creating a franchise. Throughout the years, the Ninjago theme has managed to stay relevant with its changing stories. It's kept kids engaged in the universe… The changing story has allowed us to bring variety to the team. We've taken the ninja through everything from battling snakes, robots, sky-pirates , biker gangs and samurai. The series was created by Michael Hegner and Tommy Andreasen.

The production was relocated to WildBrain Studios in Canada with the release of its successor, Ninjago. Regular seasons of the show have been released each year since , along with one pilot season and one extended special.

This close connection is created out of a collaboration between product designers and storywriters. Design Manager Michael Svane Knap has elaborated on this by stating, "The product is important to us, but it's as important that we tell an engaging story from the beginning. We start developing with a lot of concept boards, so we know where we want to go Often the writers also come up with new characters or new plot developments that we can then integrate into the products where possible.

Both story and product are really tight together". The main characters featured in this theme are based on the central characters of the Ninjago television series. The show focuses on a team of six teenage ninja, who are "Elemental Masters" and trained in the art of Spinjitzu by their teacher, Master Wu.

The Ninjago toy line began with the development of spinners, which were created as a way to introduce children to the wider theme. The challenge was how can you actually make a minifigure come to life and play fight with it? That's how the spinner came about. The first iterations of the spinner were actually built from Bionicle elements and looked more like a throwing star with a ninja on top". The first generation incorporated a two-player battle game involving exchanges of weapons and collectible cards.

The second generation was released in and consisted of a ripcord mechanism to launch the spinner into the air, recreating the art of "Airjitzu" in the Ninjago TV series. Since , Lego Ninjago themed playsets have been released in waves each year to correspond with each season of the Ninjago television series. According to Bricklink , there have been Lego Ninjago sets released since Design Manager Michael Svane Knap commented on the design process stating, "In our development of the toys, we always start with the story.

And the ninja is always the constant starting point of the concept… They each bring their own unique thing to the story and products. In , the Ninjago theme released 39 toy construction sets that were based on the Pilot Episodes.

The product range included the spinner toys and skeleton-themed playsets, such as skull monster trucks, and vehicles, dragons and locations from the season, including Garmadon's Dark Fortress, Ice Dragon Attack and the Fire Temple. It introduces Lloyd Garmadon and focuses on the snake-like Serpentine.

The toy line included The Golden Dragon set, which featured the character in his golden minifigure form and was later rereleased as part of the Ninjago Legacy line in The season focuses on advanced technology and this was reflected in the nindroid-themed playsets, such as OverBorg Attack and Nindroid MechDragon. The fourth season focuses on Master Chen and the snake-like Anacondrai and its associated toy range included locations and vehicles from the season, including Jungle Raider, ElectroMech and Enter the Serpent.

The Skybound sets focused on Nadakhan and his band of sky pirates and included pirate-themed locations and vehicles from the season, such as Tiger Widow Island, Misfortune's Keep and The Lighthouse Siege. In , the Ninjago playsets were based on the seventh season titled Hands of Time , which focuses on time travel and the main antagonists Krux and Acronix. Headquarters and the Temple of Resurrection. In the second half of , Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu was released, which focuses on themes of fire and ice.

Prime Empire's video game theme was reflected in its playsets, which included three arcade pods, dragons, vehicles and locations from the season, such as Jay's Cyber Dragon, Kai's Mech Jet and Empire Temple of Madness. In , the Ninjago Legacy line was introduced as a sub-theme of the main Ninjago construction toy line, to celebrate the legacy of the theme over the course of almost ten years.

The way we build with Lego bricks, the way we actually put sets together, has changed a lot. This means we have new elements; we have new ways of making the build even better. On 14 January , the Lego Ninjago brand celebrated its 10th anniversary.

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary, Ninjago City Gardens set number: was released on 1 February as part of the Ninjago Legacy line. The set contains 5, pieces, surpassing the previously released Ninjago City set, making it the largest Ninjago set ever produced. The playset, similar to the earlier Ninjago City set, is a high rise that contains multiple small shops, including Chen's Noodle House and Ice Planet. Additionally, a small temple island build attached to the set displays a statue of the character Zane.

The set includes a "Golden Wu" which is part of the collection of collectible golden minifigures for the Ninjago wave. The collection of Golden Legacy minifigures was completed with the release of the Summer Ninjago sets in June , which include golden minifigures of the Ninjago characters Nya and Zane. These sets were specifically designed to be simpler to build with fewer pieces and slightly larger building elements.

On 17 September , Warner Bros. Since its launch in , The Lego Group has developed the Ninjago brand into a media franchise that has produced an extensive variety of media and merchandise, including books, magazines, video games and app games, and theme park attractions.

Several theme park attractions have been launched at Legoland resorts within Lego Ninjago World, a themed area of the parks. Year Amazon ebay Bricklink. I own this set. I want this set. Minifigs The Golden Dragon contains 3 Minifigs. My Collection. Set Details. Set number. Set Pricing. Retail price. Annual growth. Quick Buy. Amazon Buy.

Bricklink Buy. Set Facts. The set's minifigures include Golden Ninja Lloyd, scout and Warrior. The Golden Dragon Reviews. Obviously, the Golden Ninja minifigure will be one of the hottest minifigures this year since there won't be any more Ninjago sets in and he's only in one other set. More Stone minifigures are a nice addition. The main attraction is the Golden Dragon itself. It's very nicely detailed and very articulated. I would totally recommend picking up this set. The price point is also spot on for what you get.

Full review at www. The set should certainly please those who More are already fans of the Ninjago theme, but I'm not sure it'd win over the undecided. It uses the upper head mold from Earth Dragon Defense, but the eyes are placed further back, and the piece is colored gold and green with different detailing.

Like the other dragons; it has wings that fold out, a head that launches a More ball, a seat for the rider, and legs with black, three-clawed toe elements, but it differs from the other dragons in that it has a split tail and its wings use blade pieces. Subtheme Analysis.

Lloyd, the golden ninja, has summoned the powerful Golden Dragon into an epic stand-off against Lord Garmadon's minions! Attach Lloyd onto the Golden Dragon and soar into battle! Avoid the launching catapult attacks with the huge extending wings! Fire the dragon sphere! Harness the power of the Golden Dragon to send Lord Garmadon's soldiers back underground!


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Includes a Golden Master minifigure. Features a buildable LEGO brick handle, minifigure capsule, blade element, foil dragon wings, rip cord, and a 2x2 round. LEGO Golden Dragon Master Set From: US $ LEGO Zane - Dragon Master Set From: US $ LEGO Kai - Dragon Master Set Minifigures. Season two of NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu concluded with the emergence of Golden Ninja Lloyd and this minifigure has undergone.