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Golden dragon langley

The way she put it is as if there are hardly any good Chinese restaurant in Langley and Dragon Garden is about the best it could get. Even the name tells you as much. You see most of these Chinese restaurant are not quite creative in naming the restaurant and uses a combination of words like Golden, Dragon, Inn, Garden, Gate, Imperial, Phoenix, Silver, Fortune, Lucky, etc. It was a Saturday evening and for the whole time we were about the only customer there. If not for us taking up a table for 11 people, they would probably have almost no business for the day.

Most large tables will fit about 10 people. I find this arrangement more practical as one gets to interact with one another all round this way. Moreover, food are normally shared i. I think they are. Whitney did all the ordering. Because of so many kids around, she ordered dishes that kids likes.

I felt the hot pot is somewhat small. They had a very odd reddish color. Wrong answer! She should not have been so honest. The Szechuan Chicken is supposed to be hot but it was not. And the Beef with Rice Noodle was the final dish. Overall, the food was quite OK and some of the dishes were delicious. The service was superb, friendly and attentive.

He he he … I feel sad for you, Whitney and Ken. You guys should come back and stay in Richmond where real Chinese food are! Anyway, we do not know how much the whole meal was because Ken sneakily went to pay for the dinner and refused to take our share. You see, this is a very Chinese thing … we often fight to have the honor to pay for the meal. So … thanks a lot for paying Whitney and Ken … it was so generous of you as we had always known you to be.

An exotic combination of boneless roast duckling, pineapple and imported lychee served in our flavorful sweet and pungent sauce. Chunks of chicken coated with water chestnut flour and egg, deep fried until crispy in a light brown sauce. Chunks of beef or shrimp coated with water chestnut flour and egg, deep fried until crispy in a light brown sauce.

Tender chunks of chicken in an aromatic sauce of dried orange peels. Tender crispy beef or shrimp in an aromatic sauce of dried orange peels. Lobster, shrimp, crabmeat and scallops, blended with choice Chinese vegetables in a delicious sauce, served with crisp rice patties. Fried crisp wonton, chicken, shrimp and roast pork, blended with oyster sauce and mixed Chinese vegetables.

Surrounded with shrimp and meat.


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