golden dragon bus chassis plans

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Golden dragon bus chassis plans


The purpose of the visit was to tour the plant and check the quality of production. The visit followed Raha's recent purchase of 23 Universe coaches from Hyundai Motor Company in what is to be the first of upcoming orders from the company. The large-size buses will be part of a new transportation business planned by the largest passenger transportation company in Yemen. After a tour of the plant and a test ride, the delegates expressed a high level of satisfaction with what they had observed and reaffirmed their strong commitment to maintaining a close relationship with Hyundai Motor Company in the years to come.

The Lima service conference was equally productive. Presentations were made outlining Hyundai's commercial vehicle service roadmap, major business plans, and plans for service and parts support. Afterwards, an open discussion session allowed participants to exchange ideas on issues of common interest. The seminar included presentation , hands-on evaluation and test-drive of the Universe coach.

Attendants commented that Hyundai should play on the luxury image of the coaches by targeting state agencies and foreign companies in China with demand for high-end buses. Some also expressed interest in making purchases or becoming distributors. The HMC CV Division plans to follow up on the presentation with a road show throughout major cities in order to boost the recognition of the coach series in the Chinese market. The training provided the participants with theoretical and hands-on training on vehicle systems, optional items and unique selling points.

The training was designed to heighten distributors' knowledge about the systems of the Hyundai vehicles they are selling. The participants were encouraged to relay what they learned at the training to their staffs and dealers so that enhanced knowledge about Hyundai vehicles would then lead to greater sales. Hyundai plans to continue the initiative by offering follow-up and advanced courses annually. Construction Equipment and Technologies is the biggest exhibition of construction equipment and technologies in Russia.

Wing Body Trucks Introduction This wing body truck has wing gates for loading and unloading cargo easier and faster than Dry van truck. The gates, attached to the center high beam of the wing body box compartment, are operated by an electro-hydraulic power system and a remote control switch. They all feature an air spoiler to increase fuel economy by reducing air drag.

There is also an optional rear-view camera that allows the driver a clear view of the rear when backing up. Unlike the van truck, the wing body does not use polyurethane or polystyrene foams inside of its panels. Instead, the panels are made of 0. United States, Korea, China, Japan and many others gathered on the area of more than , square meters. Fair and showcased the superiority of Hyundai commercial vehicles.

The fair, held from August 15 through 22, brought together participants from more than 50 countries in and outside the Middle East to a site sprawling over 1,,m , the largest fairground in the 2. During the fair, the participants displayed their best known and newly developed products, including vehicles. The bed of the wing body is made of apitong hardwood that provides enhanced durability to bear the weight of the cargo, and the inside of each wing gate is fitted with a square canvas frame that holds cargo in place, thereby preventing it from shifting in transit.

The wing gates are opened and closed automatically by a remote-controlled switch. The switch activates a battery that powers an electro-hydraulic power unit. The units hydraulic power controls the cylinders attached to the wing gates, which then raise or lower the wing gates.

Demand for wing body trucks is increasing not only in Korea but also worldwide due to the great savings they offer in cargo transportation time. When temperature drops drastically during winter time, it may effect various components of your vehicle causing poor performances. In this issue, we will have a close look at preventive maintenance in winter season which will help your vehicle to output its full performance and to maintain lifespan of the components. Coolant Follow the recommended mixing ratio of anti-freezing fluid and water according to the ambient temperature Anti-freezing Fluid : Ethylene Glycol Base Coolant for Aluminum Radiator Exhaust It is important to replace coolant periodically because old coolant may be the cause the rusting.

Air-Line Moisture in air-line or in air tank may freeze during winter time, and it may be the reason for poor braking. For prevention, drain water from air tank regularly. Fuel Minimize moisture to be created inside fuel tank by fully fueling Moisture may be created due to temperature difference between inside and outside of the fuel tank Check water separator before vehicle operation, and drain water regularly If vehicle is not operated for long time during severe cold condition Under , wax may be created inside fuel tank and it may block the fuel line.

For prevention, fuel tank and fuel line should be kept warm Ex. Windshield Washer Fluid It is recommended to use windshield washer fluid for winter season to prevent it from freezing. Air-Conditioning System To prevent refrigerant leakage, oil should be covered over pipe joints and shafts. Property of Diesel During winter season, paraffin in diesel may freeze and block fuel filter and fuel sender in fuel tank.

Paraffin is white and translucent crystal material looks like wheat grain. It is created during refine process of crude oil, and it is the basic material for candle, insulator and ointment. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous.

Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Truck HMC Oct. Uploaded by Gabriel Escarcena Robles. Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. Original Title: Truck Hmc Oct. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. True to its original concept, the Universe Express is glazing panels have been extended to 2m in length for unimpeded visibility.

The rear-view harmonizes the large engine flap door generous amount of legroom in the cockpit which is with the vertical image lines and rear marker lamps class leading. Indeed, the cockpit area is a for a clean, elegant look. Service staff will showcase of sophisticated design and meticulous appreciate the enlarged engine flap door which craftsmanship. The ergonomic fascia panel is facilitates access to the engine compartment.

Thoughtful design touches include integrate swivel-type reading lamps, climate control Exterior and Interior Express customers are free to specify a range of Sleek and thoroughly modern, Universe Express is interior optional equipment to meet unique local styled with magnificence in mind.

Exterior lines are requirements. Its unique B-pillar, extra-large one-piece front windscreen and black Driver Space front panel are signature design touches. Side Professional drivers will immediately appreciate the which issues an audible alert to the driver when the Engines utilizes automated robotic welding among several driver is backing up.

Universe optional safety enhancement package. From the drink holder and small trays to the special Countless hours of testing in the aeroacoustic wind overhead service box, storage nooks abound. Simply stated, that means reduced wind noise and Ride Comfort less body vibration.

Customers will appreciate the By specifying an air suspension system, undesirable quieter, more relaxing ride. As the tour came to an end, everyone hoped for tourist attractions. A total of 98 customers participated in the two-day more time to view the lines. They commented that the visit had helped program, which lasted from Aug 20 to They ranged from sales to enhance their understanding of the efforts and technology that go managers of distributorships in the Asia-Pacific Region, Central and into producing Hyundais products.

They also suggested a slew of ideas welcome dinner hosted by President Choi of the HMC CV Division for a expand the customer invitation program gradually. The dinner gathering also served as an occasion for include a chance for the participants to test-drive HMCs commercial representatives of major fleet companies and government officials. With more of an educational focus, this event featured beauty and a taste of its unique culture.

They wonders. The tour culminated with a visit to Seongsan Ilchulbong of Hyundais commercial vehicles in the overseas markets and to center in Namyang and test drives of Hyudais commercial vehicles. Choi, the meeting's major topics Hyundai Motors Revs Up To Make Inroads into Chinese CV Market application of Hyundai's At the meeting, President Choi stressed the importance of wellorganized sales plans as a prerequisite for attaining the goals of selling , units and reaching 10 billion dollars in sales by The partnership enables the Hyundai Motor Co.

In the first year, Hyundai Motor Company will satisfy customer's needs completely. At the signing powertrains for Country-class buses. Suh and Xiamen Golden 25, buses in the Chinese market. The partnership County- and Aero Express-class buses under its is expected to provide Hyundai Motor Company own brands. Hyundai Motor Company plans to expand its supplies to the Chinese market by continuing to develop products in keeping with heightening emission The supplier partnership is considered a win-win standards under the Chinese government's push deal for both parties.

For Hyundai, the deal will for environment-friendly policy. Under the agreement, Hyundai Motor Company go a long way toward cutting costs through will supply to the Chinese automaker bare increased production and sales in commercial chassis and powertrains for 10, Country- and vehicle engines.

These Africa. The service academy lasted from June 16 program contributed to enhancing participants' to This was followed by another advanced managerial capabilities by providing them with service academy and a service conference in the opportunity to relate job experience to Lima, Peru, for service managers in Central and course contents. Beside of Equipment and Technologies was held in capacity.

HD with Soosan crane-manipulator, dump exhibited on stands of upper-bodies truck on HD chassis and dump truck on HD manufacturers. Practically all biggest automakers from different countries of the world Russia, CIS, Germany, Special Vehicles Wing Body Trucks Introduction This wing body truck has wing gates for loading and unloading cargo easier and faster than Dry van truck.

As a part of its endeavor to manufacture electric buses in India by following the phased manufacturing programme issued by the department of heavy industries, which mandates localization of key components, including the battery, motor, chassis, axle, suspension, etc. Ltd, in an emailed response.

As a part of its bid to DTC, it has already committed to delivering buses complying to the above guidelines and localization. Therefore the question of assembly of components received from Foton does not arise," Jain added. The bids will be evaluated on the basis of the lowest per kilometre charge per bus, with the plan to eventually deploy 1, electric buses. Queries emailed to the spokesperson of DTC on Wednesday remained unanswered.

Queries sent via email to spokespersons of Golden Dragon and Azad Group on Thursday morning also did not elicit any response. These buses should also be capable of running minimum km on single charge and minimum km with passengers.

While the bus operator will have to initially bear the cost, the subsidy will be subsequently transferred. Also, the national capital receives an average annual rainfall of mm, resulting in water logging as was recently witnessed. DTC has a current fleet of 3, buses across 34 depots and the plan is to increase the bus strength to 5, buses.

India is planning more tariff and non-tariff barriers to check Chinese imports. This hardening of stand comes in the backdrop of fresh tensions between India and China, even as the earlier issues that led to clashes along the Line of Actual Control LAC between India and China in Ladakh, which left 20 Indian soldiers dead, remains unresolved.

In October, the Union home ministry had raised concerns about potentially sensitive investments in critical sectors from "certain countries", given the blurred ownership lines between state-owned and privately-held companies in China.

As part of Atma Nirbhar Bharat or self-reliant India strategy, the government has also made it compulsory to provide purchase preference to local suppliers for promoting manufacturing and production of goods and services in India, with a view to enhancing income and employment. Along with leveraging its growing market to ready an economic retaliation against China, India also wants to play a larger role in global supply chains.

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