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Gold dragon guitar

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We have three Luthiers on hand at all times to answer your questions and we are always happy to hear from you. Payment Policy. Shipping Policy. Note to all Blueberry guitar owners: If you would like to trade in your existing Blueberry guitar and use the credit towards a new one, please let us know.

We will make you a fair offer as we are able to extend the warranties on used Blueberries to their new owners. About us. Blueberry Guitars is the inspiration of Montreal businessman and musician Danny Fonfeder who conceived the idea of marrying outstanding craftsmanship to extraordinary art. American luthier and educator George Morris and Balinese woodcarver Wayan Tuges brought together two great craft traditions, combining the best of Western technology with the best woodcarvers in the world.

Each guitar is handmade and unique in detail and materials. Each is a work of art worthy of the finest musicians. A special group of craftsmen add their exceptional skills to every guitar before it is tested and judged ready to be called a Blueberry Instrument. Blueberry Guitars embody a marriage of East and West celebrating the joining of mind and spirit, functionality and artful reverence. No two are alike. All meet the exacting standards demanded by great musicianship and art connoisseurs and can satisfy even those who demand perfection.

Showing Slide 1 of 1. Showing Slide 1 of 2. Blueberry Grand Concert 12 String Guitar for special order. Blueberry Grand Concert 12 String Guitar for special order Since we started building Blueberry guitars in we have created many beautiful motifs and several of our customers have requested that we bring back some of our original designs. Quebec residents will also be charged QST. Shipping Policy We ship worldwide.

Shipping insurance is included. A tracking number will be provided once the guitar is shipped. The Premium version is built to new standards and is an essential upgrade to the discerning 2A3 amp owner. The ceramic base with gold pins make it physically stunning as it sounds. GD The Golden Dragon is an audio power triode tube used in hi-fi amplifiers. Manufactured in China to strict UK specification. This tube has developed a cult following in the audiophile world particularly in Japan and other Asian countries.

The Golden Dragon B is a very reliable and popular version of this classic tube. GD BC Favoured for maintaining clatrity and depth while offering full bass response and impressive dynamics. The Golden Dragon B has classic vintage lines and was originally manufactured by Western Electric. It is a fore-runner to 6L6.

The Golden Dragon B is popular in amateur radio and hi-fi applications. The C Premium is a high frequency beam power tetrode intended for ultra linear audio frequency amplification service. It was originally intended as a low-cost power tube capable of high wattage levels in push-pull pairings.

Petersburg, Russia, before being tested and matched at the PM Valve labs. Suffixes relate to later modifications. GD The Golden Dragon is a beam powered tetrode, often found in older radio equipment and early hi-fi amps. GD The Golden Dragon is a glass power triode, high-mu, and is mainly used in older transmitters and equipment. This is a most popular tube with guitarists and audiophiles alike. This is a quality robust tube which has been successfully used by guitar amplifier OEM for some years.

This tube is the perfect choice for a balance between quality and cost. Made in China. GD EL84 This is an extremely popular miniature 9-pin B9A power output pentode designed for low to medium output audio power amplifiers.


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