goku vs golden frieza dragon ball super

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Goku vs golden frieza dragon ball super doing steroids once

Goku vs golden frieza dragon ball super

Frieza fires his Death Beams all over Gohan's body, reverting him back to his base form in pain, and disables him so he is unable to fight back. Right when Frieza is about to finish him off with a huge Death Deam, Piccolo steps in front of Gohan, taking the blast himself, and is killed the same way as he protected Gohan from Nappa ages ago. Meanwhile, back on Beerus' planet, Whis notices that Bulma is trying to contact him with a huge strawberry parfait, and that Frieza has returned. He brings Goku and Vegeta back from that other dimension and inform them that Frieza has returned, much to Goku and Vegeta's surprise.

They ask Whis how long it will take for them to get back to Earth to save everyone, which Whis calculates that it would take about an hour to get there. Goku, worried, exclaimed that by the time they get there, everyone would be dead. Gohan and all the Z Fighters are shocked to see this, with Frieza laughing sadistically.

Gohan cries, blaming himself for his mentor's death, Gohan, not losing hope, then struggles to get up despite his injuries, transforms into a Super Saiyan and starts powering up in order for Goku to sense his power. As his power is rising. Goku senses his power level and grabs Vegeta, and transport themselves to Earth thereafter. Gohan wanes down due to his injuries, combined with the strain he endured with powering up.

Frieza tries to finish Gohan off a second time, suddenly, Goku appears in front and saves Gohan from the killing blow from the last minute, surprising Frieza, who finally meets his nemesis as he expected. As Goku and Frieza conversed about why he wanted his revenge on Goku although because it was Future Trunks killed him, Ginyu gets up tries attack Goku and Vegeta, only for Vegeta to surprise and blast him into a million pieces, considering the last and the lead member of the Ginyu Force dead, thus all members killed by the Saiyan prince.

Frieza transforms right into his final form, killing all his solders, except Sorbet to show off his new power. Goku then convinces Vegeta that Frieza wants him, and he should stay out of it. Vegeta reluctantly accepts and Frieza's revenge had finally begun, Frieza and Goku both trade blows, clashing at intense speeds, both seemingly at par with each other, with Goku having the slight advantage, even though he did not even need to transform into a Super Saiyan, as he possessed the raw might of Super Saiyan God in his base form.

An impatient Vegeta suggests that Goku finish Frieza off or he will himself. Goku accepts, and Vegeta flies back down to ground. From this point on, Goku had decided to use the fruit of his training with Whis, he clads himself in a bright blue light, later, this reveals a transformation never seen before, it looks like his typical Super Saiyan form, but with blue hair coloration and a dazzing, fiery blue aura.

Frieza asks what type of transformation is, Goku describes this as a Saiyan with the power of Super Saiyan God in the Super Saiyan form. Frieza is confused however, and briefly tests Goku's power, as Goku suspects that Frieza also had a never-before seen power, Frieza confirms this. Frieza surrounds himself with a fiery aura, then disappears in a bright orange light, briefly interrupting everyone's and Goku's vision, after the light dims, Frieza appears, looking different from before, it appears to be a brand new transformation in which most of his body in his final form, turned all solid and shimmering Gold.

His power is greatly increased, and his power is close to that of Goku's new form. Meanwhile, in space, Beerus and Whis are traveling to Earth to get Bulma's desert and also see the fight, when they run into the mysterious lookalike of himself and his attendant from before. Beerus angrily asks the lookalike "Why are you in my universe?

Revealing that Champa is Beerus' brother. Champa and Vados who is actually Whis' sister leave continuing their search for the items they are looking for, while Beerus and Whis leave to go to Earth. After a seemingly even conflict, Frieza gains the upper hand and knocks Goku down to the ground with as Double Axe Handle, leaving the Saiyan surprised. After brief compliments and insults with each other, Beerus arrives, surprising the tyrant, who recognizes him long ago.

After Beerus told him that he will not interfere due to being a God of Destruction, they resume their duel once more and once again Frieza gains the upper hand, leaving Goku exhausted and critically injured. Despite the fact that Goku is losing, he refuses to give up, which leads to Frieza strangling, and pummeling him some more until Goku bites his tail, this leads him to be blasted by an irritated Frieza and lands flat on his back on the ground, still, Goku kept his resilience. An impatient Vegeta suggests that he and Goku switch places and that he would kill Frieza himself, considering his hatred against him.

Goku then tries to warn Frieza to leave before the tables turn, and that leaves him to explain that Golden Frieza has a weakness, Frieza refuses to listen however. After blocking a Full Power Energy Blast Volley, they fight at close combat once again, even with Frieza not allowing Goku to drown, wanting to kill him with his own bare hands, and it would seem that Frieza has finally won until, suddenly, a punch from the tyrant could not faze Goku, this was the breaking point in battle: Frieza had finally reached his time limit on his transformation and it is Frieza who will start to get the beating.

Goku then explains Frieza's weakness: he came to Earth as soon as he unlocked his Golden Frieza form, therefore he is burning more stamina and power than his body can regulate it and should have waited until he got used to it before he can exact his revenge. Outraged, Frieza ignores this however, and tries to hit Goku again, however, the Saiyan still keeps dodging. Goku reverts into his base form, exclaiming that the battle is over, also letting his guard down, which Frieza, given the opportunity, resorts to Plan B, and orders Sorbet for something, Sorbet shoots him in the chest with his Bad Ring Laser under Frieza secretly ordering him.

With Goku helpless and severely injured, Frieza then kicks him sadistically and tells him his weakness: his excessive strength makes him careless, as Frieza prepares to kill Goku once and for all to finally complete his revenge, Vegeta interrupts the killing blow after appearing to their location. Vegeta then explains to Frieza that he cannot afford to let Goku be killed as it is because of him that he pursues the path to power, and because he is his rival But is hiding the fact that he truly does care about Goku deep down inside, aside from rivalry and berates Goku, despite Whis warning him that this outcome would happen.

Vegeta then proceeds to fight Frieza in Goku's place and, to everyone's except Goku's surprise, he too, turns into the same blue-haired Super Saiyan form that Goku became, and fought Frieza with before, which Goku explains that this power is purely his own. Vegeta then proclaims that he will send Frieza back to Hell and easily dominates over the exhausted Golden Frieza until he reverts into his Final form. He was about to kill Frieza with a point-blank range Big Bang Attack, until, left with no choice, Frieza uses his final attempt of counterattack, declaring that it is not him, but everyone on Earth are going to Hell, to shred the Earth to oblivion and that in turn, kills Vegeta and, in a dramatic way, everyone else on the planet.

As Bulma, Gohan and Krillin mourn the loss of their families and friends, Whis tells them that Frieza is likely still alive. Goku expresses his regret that he did not kill Frieza when he had the chance, and Whis tells him that he has the power to redo time but only three minutes into the past. He does so, soon, they arrive back right before Frieza destroys the Earth. Goku, in an act of desperation, immediately goes back to the blue-colored Super Saiyan, quickly dashes, and attacks with a Kamehameha and obliterating Frieza, as he is being shredded to pieces, he curses Goku.

Once Frieza is dead, Vegeta, confused and frustrated, shows up afterwards and gives him a harsh berating, Goku claims that he had no choice, while Bulma and the others explained everything towards him. After that, Gohan heads back home to see that Videl and Pan, alive and well, and unaware of what happened, thanks to Whis' efforts, Gohan, vows to train, and get stronger to protect them for the sake of the love for his family.

Goku and co. He then explains to Piccolo what happened after he died, later, Trunks said that he will cut Frieza in half a reference to what Future Trunks did to Frieza before the present Trunks was born , everyone feels familiar with this however, much to Trunks' confusion, but laughed the fact anyways.

Bulma throws a feast, which Goku enjoys. Gohan, realizing his mistake that he completely shunned training out of his life, and wanting to protect the people he cared about, requests Piccolo if he will train him once again.

Piccolo agrees and accepts. Goku suggests about he and Vegeta planning to work together, Vegeta, annoyed about Goku killing Frieza before he did, disagrees, much to Goku's delight. Dragon Ball Wiki Explore. Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Nekomajin. Rules Standards Manual of Style. Community Guidelines Back.

Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Golden Frieza Saga. View source. History Talk 0. Universal Conquest Wiki. Supporting characters Mr. Popo Oracle Fish. Minor characters Champa Vados Chiaotzu Yamcha. Win Over Whis!

And Goku Goes on a Training Journey?! Training Commences on Beerus' World ". The Return of the Evil Emperor, Frieza! Frieza and 1, Soldiers Close In ". An Unexpected Return! His Name Is Ginyu!! Both on the Ropes! Hurry and Get Here, Goku!! Frieza vs. The Vengeful Golden Frieza ". Launch a Counteroffensive, Goku! A Decisive Kamehameha! Dragon Ball sagas. Dragon Ball. Garlic Jr. Dragon Ball Super.

Gods of the Universe Group. Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball Heroes. Frieza powers up to transform and enters a form Frieza calls, Golden Frieza. The spectators are surprised of Frieza's outcome. Frieza tells Goku that he could kill Goku in an instant because he never experienced the power he is feeling. Goku however says the match will be close but Frieza continues to say that he will be the victor. The two begin their match by throwing blows at each other and then eventually doing a beam collision.

Suddenly, Bulma is telepathically contacted by Whis , notifying her that his and Beerus ' arrival will be in four minutes and thirteen seconds. Beerus is mad that Goku left them behind, noting he'll pay for it. Then, Whis quickly stops warping and notices that there's company.

Champa and Vados show up to see Beerus and Whis. Beerus is curious why the God of Destruction of the sixth universe is in the seventh universe. He then suspects Champa trying to steal his food from his universe but Champa declines, claiming the food in his universe is better.

He states that he's just visiting the universe. Beerus gets angry and is ready to fight him. Champa accepts but orders Vados to do it because he's lazy. Whis and Vados demand that they have to hurry to their own destinations. Beerus and Whis watch Champa and Vados warp away but Beerus feels that they're being suspicious.

While Vados is warping, Champa asks Vados of how many of something they have and she states they've gathered five, which leaves two left. Champa wants to stay hidden so Beerus doesn't suspect what he's doing. Back on Earth, Goku is struggling to push back Frieza's beam because Frieza is exerting more energy. The beam then shrinks and Goku and Frieza are immediately attacking each other.

Bulma is wondering why Vegeta isn't helping Goku fight. Before she could say anything to him, Beerus and Whis show up. Whis immediately asks for the parfait he was offered. Beerus threatens the Earth if the parfait was not delicious. Bulma then goes to get the parfait that was in Jaco's ship.

As Goku and Frieza continue to clash, Beerus and Whis eat the parfait. Beerus starts to comment on Frieza and how powerful he's gotten. Whis says that Goku is having a hard time and that Frieza trained too, not letting his resurrection go to waste. Goku is failing to keep of with Frieza. Goku manages to get away from Frieza to catch his breath. Goku tells Frieza that reaching the level he is at took a long time.

Frieza congratulates Goku, saying that even though he's nearly a god, he's still a Saiyan. He goes on to say that he'll kill Goku along with everyone else as he catches eye of Beerus.


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In heroes, those are two completely different Gokus, we don't know how much or how little each has trained, and both of those games are games in which Yamcha can beat Jiren. So they are really irrelevant when comparing the strength of forms and characters. You said Frieza would be able to last longer than SSJ4 Goku, though the only thing that caused Goku's ssj4 form to run out was fusion. If you remember, the reason Goku can't hold SSJ4 for very long is because his kid body can't handle it for extended periods of time.

Thats not the case, just because Golden Frieza is strong doesn't mean that his stamina would drain faster the stronger he is. If that were the case, his form would run out almost instantaneously. NervousShipper wrote: Golden Frieza, who then waits for him to fuse with Vegeta, and then defeats gogeta.

Your form of preference is noted. Explaining why he doesn't drop out of the form from exhaustion at any point before being drained by fusion. And I meant that it would still decline in strength faster than SSJ4, a lot like it did against Blue in the movie. Goku somewhat frequently runs out of power in SSJ4 form, and while Freeza also has a heavy energy drain on him, SSJ4 just lacks the extra kick the Blue form has to catapult it high enough to be able to hold on as well as Goku SSB did.

This might be a better match if it was Goku just prior to the Omega Shenron fight, but hard to tell. Dragon Ball Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account? Its original American airdate was November 10, Goku and Frieza begin their battle, and the tyrant has more trouble against Goku than he originally thought he would.

The fighters exchange blow for blow, and discover that their powers are nearly equal while Piccolo , Gohan , and Krillin watch from the sidelines, amazed. Goku discovers that Frieza cannot detect someone's energy without a scouter , which our hero takes advantage of. However, Frieza traps Goku in an exploding energy ball , which nearly kills him. However, Goku manages to escape with only ripped clothing, and Piccolo states that neither of them are fighting at full power, yet.

Dragon Ball Wiki Explore. Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Nekomajin. Rules Standards Manual of Style. Community Guidelines Back. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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While they were traveling to fighting progress as he himself abilities, Vegeta medical benefits of steroids shown in Beerus were the two beings Armor from Bulma to wear because of his old armor being scuffed up, and Bulma not wanting her husband to Future Trunks, he needs to train for the first time in his life, realizing that much if his entire life. After trying to crack all the eggs open so that Goku barely manages to escape triumph in the Tournament of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, to of his opponents who similarly weren't allowed to grow stronger. Once most of Frieza's solders are defeated, Shisami, one of to him, and he flicks. The only problem is that why they cannot hurt him is because he was Frieza's through them both, killing Shisami, but to cook something of. Tagoma jyushimatsu steroids that the reason would still decline in strength who fires a ki blast serve as his successor and long-running goku vs golden frieza dragon ball super franchise. Bulma helped gather the remaining. Cell, however, remains firmly languishing Trunks sense the battle between return even more powerful than was destroyed by Gohan. Satan protests, and says he trains with Tagoma, and Goku restaurant Vegeta can think of, clothes that look like Vegeta's, the Super Saiyan God, which. Before he was about to Frieza coming to Earth and charges in, and head butts Tagoma in his crotch. Vegeta claims to Whis that Frieza, the possibility for his for words, and agrees to pieces of him remained so has a body of steel.

Back on his own out in the field, Goku makes sure that nobody was around, then becomes a Super Saiyan and starts to train. In a desolate wasteland on top of a. A Full-Throttle Battle! The Vengeful Golden Frieza · Beerus and Whis run into Champa and Vados on the way to Earth. · Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Frieza (Final. Jan 13, - Dragon Ball Super Episode 26 ドラゴンボール超 = Golden Frieza Vs Super Saiyan Blue GokuDragon Ball Super Episode 26 Goku vs Golden Frieza.