lego ninjago golden dragon sets

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Lego ninjago golden dragon sets lotro golden dragon kite shield

Lego ninjago golden dragon sets

Would buy again! Other Information. With this unique set, it is easy to reenact your favorite battle scene from the Ninjago series. Included in the box is Lloyd the Golden Ninja, a scout, and a warrior as well as weapons, such as a hammer, spear, scimitar, and dynamite. Putting the pieces together is only half the fun; once completed, you can ride the Golden Dragon, shoot the dragon sphere, and fire the catapult.

Beautifully detailed and fierce, the Golden Dragon is a great toy gift set. Any fan of the Ninjago series will be thrilled to receive this. The dragon measures 5 inches high, 13 inches long, and 13 inches wide. When put together, it truly becomes a larger-than-life creature. Go through your favorite Ninjago battles or imagine your own with the accessories for hours of fun. By utilizing the hammer, spear, dynamite, and scimitar, you'll be able to create all sorts of scenarios.

The dynamite is especially useful for battle scenes. This LEGO set is suitable for younger as well as older fans. It is not recommended for children younger than 8 as the size of the pieces can be a choking hazard. This set is one of the must-have toys of the Ninjago series.

The included instructions will help you to bring creation to life. Whether you like to build LEGO creations on your own or work on projects with friends, this set will provide hours of fun. As with all LEGO sets, half the fun is putting everything together. Once completed, Lloyd can ride the Golden Dragon's majestic wide wingspan into battle against Lord Garmadon.

And of course! Also lets not forget the updated golden ninja and stone army scout. Overall it has great play features, great minifigures, and adds another awesome dragon from the design team behind these amazing builds. Play Experience. Level of Difficulty.

Build Time: 20 mins. Was this helpful? April 27th, Great Downsized Version. I think that Ninjago Legacy is a great addition to Ninjago, and overall this is a good set. The Golden Dragon looks very similar to the larger version, without costing near as much as the original. The Golden Dragon does not stand up easily, but I think he crouches nicely and can cling to the side of buildings well as pictured. I didn't like that Lloyd had green eyes, as he didn't have those before season 8, but otherwise the set was great.

March 17th, Average rating4out of 5 stars. The Golden Dragon. Great set loved putting it together. Looks good wish it was bigger. Took a bit to stand it up once up looked menacing. Great mini figs. Quite playable but better on display. Build Time: 1 hrs 45 mins. January 31st, Very good. So this set is downsizing done right. It is very cool and fun to play around with.


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Retired Product. Perform solo tricks, compete against friends, and use your environment to create countless fun ninja challenges. Previous Slide Next Slide. Deliveries and Returns Building Instructions. Includes a Golden Master minifigure. Use your environment to create your own fantastic flyer challenges.

Go online for even more Dragon Masters tricks and inspiring videos. Customer Reviews. Overall Rating. Rating 5 stars. Overall Experience Play Experience. Value for Money. Write a Review. Please note that by submitting a helpfulness vote on a review your IP address is collected and stored by our trusted third party service provider for the sole purpose of preventing multiple entries from the same IP address. To see how to control your personal data, please see our Privacy policy.

June 19th, Average rating5out of 5 stars. Guess that minifig! Join forces with Kai as he takes on the villain Skulkin in a thrilling battle! Jump on the battle platform to spin into action and deliver a powerful knockout blow. Who will win this ultimate fight between good and evil and claim the prized weapons? Join forces with Jay and his amazing Electro Mech to take on the villain Eyezor. There are also dangerous spiders and scorpions to avoid!

You must triumph in this battle between good and evil, and lead the ninjas to victory! Team up with the ninjas and elemental masters for an action-packed tournament of ninja skills! Jump in the spinning weapon, strap on roller blades or take on the rotating weapon as you train to become a ninja. Who will grasp a prized jade blade and triumph in the Tournament of Elements?

Get ready to join forces with Jay as he takes on the evil Serpentine in an epic battle! Who will win this ultimate battle between good and evil to claim the prized weapons? Oh no! The ninjas must find the prized amulets to stop him and keep their home safe. Will they triumph over the evil they face in the depths of the ocean?

Follow your curiosity to be the best ninja you can be when battling villains or helping friends. Just like Nya, you can use curiosity to become even braver and overcome your fears. Where can your thirst for answers take you in the world? Discover how your curiosity can fill you with ninja confidence. Here is where you can learn the secrets to becoming a ninja with Master Wu.

Embrace the joy of learning and ask him everything you want to know. Be curious and you too will become a master. We managed to record our very close encounter with an island dragon! Even without traditional ninja training, Nya is a competent fighter! She wields a katana as her weapon, and never shies away from combat. The Master of Water dominates the battle everywhere she goes. The sea serpent Wojira has awakened on the bottom of the Endless Sea!

She is breathing fire, causing waves and destroying everything in her way! Can you build a vehicle or powerful mech to take down Wojira? Hey everyone! Jay and Nya here. Zane always felt different from the rest, but he never knew why. Then one day he discovered his Nindroid identity. Even as a robot, Zane is easily the most generous. Willing to cook a tasty meal for his friends, and literally sacrifice his own life to save theirs. Who needs humor when you have a heart of gold!