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Washington golden dragon club


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The five perpetrators, members of the Joe Boysa Chinese youth gang, were attempting to kill leaders of the Wah Chinga rival Chinatown gang.

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Join us in Ellensburg and experience the Golden Dragon Restaurant? With great chinese food like the chicken, our appetizing drinks, amazing service and the experience to tie it all together, we're sure to leave you with a lasting memory! Check out our restaurant menu or call us at ! Restaurants near Golden Dragon Restaurant in Ellensburg.

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I am honored to be a part of this school. What is the connection between self-perfection and sidekicks? Why do we all need to practice punches? A good punch hits a precise target, with the proper fist, at the perfect time.

This requires complete focus, and the entire body working in balance and unison. A steady hand requires emotional stability, and a determination that can only be found in the soul. Any practice of self-perfection must sharpen the mind, enliven the body, and awaken the soul in this way. The ultimate goal of training is not to destroy an enemy or a target.

The purpose is to heal and develop ourselves. The goal is to destroy our own delusions, and to mend the divide between our perception and our reality. The ability to defend yourself is a side-effect. Physically, the martial artist is fast, coordinated, flexible, strong, and enduring. Mentally, the martial artist is creative, focused, strategic, and adaptable. Emotionally, the martial artist is confident, compassionate, honest, and without ego.

The efforts you learn in Tai Chi can lend themselves towards any action—whether it be moving a heavy object, resolving a disagreement with a loved one, or neutralizing an attacker. Popular conception of Tai Chi is shallow, primitive, and generally incorrect. Tai Chi is not to be sold as the mystical cultivation and realignment of universal energy. Tai Chi is not the process of swaying awkwardly from pose to pose.

The roundness of Tai Chi movements express the functionality of the human body. At our club, we practice Tai Chi in the traditional way: as a Martial Art. You must be ready to separate yourself from the pre-conceived notions and superstitions that hold you back. Do it consciously, and always stay in the present moment. According to archaeological research, Chi Gong has been in existence for over 6, years.

When practiced correctly, Chi Gong is good for everything, and everyone. These exercises are very accessible for people of all ages and physical abilities. Chi Gong takes all different forms, ranging from mild to intense. In Kung Fu, the whole training process is based on breathing.

Chi Gong can be called the heart of Chinese Kung Fu. To make the most of Chi Gong, you need to be aware of the main point. When the exercise involves movement, you must focus on connecting your breathing with your movement. This allows your mind, body, and spirit to work in unison. When a Chi Gong exercise is static, we must breath fully, and with purpose.

Make every breath count. You can spend a lifetime improving and refining these techniques. You can spend a lifetime reaping the benefits of this work. Membership at the Golden Dragon is thoroughly vetted. Please answer the following questions, and schedule your in-person meeting with our membership director.

Meetings with our membership director are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6pm. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am, and every Saturday at pm. Meetings are 45 minutes long. The Golden Dragon Martial Arts Club The human is the most physically, mentally, and artistically capable being in our world. Apply for Membership. The name that can be named is not an eternal name. Nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth. The named is the Mother of all particular things.

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