which golden cards to disenchant dragon soul

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Which golden cards to disenchant dragon soul steroid nation newsbeat

Which golden cards to disenchant dragon soul

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You may do it once or twice and you have no cards left. I have yet to see a deck with two Ooze, a deck around Dragon Soul with a backup! Although not in the same order but you get the idea. Blessing of Kings is a card that only paladin runs, Spellbender would be good if you're trying to counter a paladin deck. Acidic Swamp Ooze is a neutral card that any class can run.

And not surprisingly, many meta decks run it. Put it in my highlander, replaced kabal talon priest with it. So far have summoned one relevant dragon, and another on a killing turn. Every time I hear the "clink" it makes me want to irresponsibly cast more spells just to get the dragon. Could take or leave it really. Update: when your putting out Lyra, using coin, potion of madness, silence, shadow visions, etc all the while producing more spells with Lyra, it's actually kind of a butch to deal with.

Last game I got 2 relevant dragons and they expended my opponents resources enough to where I feel it won me the game. You're already casting the spells. With the right hand, you can summon a crazy amount of dragons. Dragon Soul is too gimmicky to build a deck around it. Building your entire deck on the basis that you can draw and play it, and have that weapon stay up long enough to actually get Value out of it only happens with a lot of luck.

So unless you Highroll and have the perfect draw, this deck seems to just loose to most tempo decks or the super greedy or slow control decks, which is the only stuff on ladder right now. If Cavern Shinyfinder where a Neutral Card this would be a fun deck. But sadly it's just another Highroll Priest. Maybe it will find it's way into a decent deck in the future, but for now it just is too inconsistent. It is usually a bad idea to build a deck around 1 card. I do agree with that. I don't know what deck " this deck seems to just loose to most tempo decks or the super greedy or slow control decks" are you referring to, but my experience is different.

You can put them into Miracle-Style decks that can play many cards in one turn and can get a lot of value from both of these cards. Sherazin, Corpse Flower may only give you 1 flower-bud at a time, but it puts down board presence.

Playing any card will resurrect it. Dragon Soul doesn't do give you any tempo. There is no limit to the amount of dragons, and it is not weak to silence. However, it in a way starts dormant and is limited to spells only played cards would be insane. When I had an ideal set up, it often ended up in the bottom half of the deck or I just did not need it to win. And when you have it, it sometimes doesn't do anything for a while. It's a fun card, but way to inconsistent.

Maybe with Patches and Raza nerfed it works now. This card is just awesome! Deck with cheap spells, radiant elemental, Lyra, Yogg even Your opoonent cards too. Every single game is different and super fun too. I just felt like i had to correct you, the action of suicide is called Seppuku, not Sudoku, although to your credit, you did try. I constantly see people putting this weapon and "Dragon Priest" in the same sentence. Help Sign In.

Log in with your Curse username to vote in this poll. And what fun means to you? Mason Steel, or Heeljin, made a miracle priest list and Ancient of War provided an odd version underneath. I've played the odd version because it was cheaper for me and it's a blast. I would recommend if you have the cards playing it a few times, then reconsidering. I don't think Dragon soul will ever be very reliably strong because the kind of cards that enable it are often problems, but it is very fun.

Not sure if it's worth it, but Jackiechan is streaming a dragon soul deck at rank 1 right now. Might check it out or the VODs. If someone can figure out a good use of dragon soul it's him. Agreed, some people see a golden legendary, I see the ability to craft whatever legendary I want. But you can toy around with it until you have a specifing crafting plan plan with the incoming dust. It's like Lady in White. The entire deck revolves around drawing a single card.

This is worse, though, because weapons can be removed. Has potential in the future but right now, it is too hard to build around. So I would dust it if you need to craft something else immediately. Any and all support is greatly appreciated as it helps me make further quality content. Gunnolf's Wild Even Recruit Warrior ft.

Help Sign In. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Dust it. It's a dreadful weapon. For me all the golden cards are not worth. All goldens are dust. Dragonsoul is also a bad card. So definitely dust. Are you high? Dust it asap. Seems like as we get more echo cards it might be useful. It's not.


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However, after the rotation, the card is completely useless. And Oblivitron needs both. Tak Nozwhisker — Normally, shuffling cards into your deck is a really slow play. You can drop a minion, play Togwaggle's Scheme , shuffle 5 of them into your deck, but then what? First of all — Tak is useless by itself, unlike lots of other Legendaries that are also solid standalone, without synergies.

Even at the time when Pogo-Hopper was in Standard, the card has seen zero play. It makes no sense to run it, and unless they print Big Warrior synergies for 2 expansions in a row, it will remain that way. Lucentbark — Heal Druid has been attempted multiple times, but it has just never worked. There are so many things that make it hard to play. You really so hard on Lucentbark combos to even do anything, so not drawing it is bad.

Then you need to take damage before you can heal yourself,. If you survive that long against Aggro, it pretty much wins you the game on the spot. The thing is, though, that neither Control Paladin, nor Dragon Paladin are viable right now. Both of those are just too fair. Commander Rhyssa — I was on the fence about this card, but decided to put it on the list. There was only a single time in the history when Secret Paladin has seen play, and it was during Mysterious Challenger era, only because of how absolutely broken the card was.

Last Standard year, there were some attempts to run Secret Paladin, but it was always an off-meta deck. They would need to print some really insane Secret synergies soon in order for Commander Rhyssa to see play because the card itself is pretty cool in a deck full of Secrets. Elise the Enlightened — Out of the Highlander synergy cards, Elise is most likely the worst one. Even though it has seen SOME play, it was never in an actual Highlander deck, but a regular deck using it for some sort of late game combo or just more value.

Malygos Druid no longer makes sense with no ways to cheat it out, and Quest Druid has better finishers like Zephrys the Great or Ysera, Unleashed. Some decks have attempted to play it, but they ran tools that could cheat it out on the board such as Eureka!

First of all — you need to put a bunch of mediocre cards into your deck because cards that give you random cards from other classes are pretty mediocre. Then, how quickly you finish it heavily relies on your draw RNG — you can finish it on Turn 3 2x Clever Disguise or not be able to get it done until Turn , and the latter is just terrible.

Blink Fox , which was a staple in the build, has rotated out, and so did Tess Greymane. Some players have tried it out in Spell Mage builds, but the truth is that playing it actually reduces your win rate. Even in a deck full of spells, it takes a while to finish it, and getting more completely random spells is just… not consistent enough. Yes, you always get some extra value, but you rarely get what you need at the time.

And value is not exactly what the deck needs — it needs some ways to close out the games. Sure, you might get some burn, or ways to summon minions, but you might get more card draw, some random Secret etc. And I really mean it. Before, two best targets to copy were Mechano-Egg and Mechanical Whelp — both of them are gone. Most of the Mech synergies like Annoy-o-Module or Zilliax , which made the copies even more annoying and the deck powerful in general are also gone.

Like half of the deck rotated out, and they would really need to print A LOT of strong cards that fit exactly into this build in order for it to see play again. Nozdormu the Timeless — At first, players have though that the extra Mana Crystals are full. Depending on the deck, it might be a solid card to drop on curve. Even in this case, the card is… not terrible I guess? There are some uses for it. If you play a Control deck, vs Aggro getting to 10 mana is an advantage, since you have more powerful late game plays.

Yes, it will revive itself… eventually. Waxadred works much better in slow matchups, where your games last long enough for the revive part to make a difference, although slow decks still usually have a way to get rid of it permanently Silence, Transform. Bandersmosh — Bandersmosh is too random for its own good. But the deck was already completely off-meta then. Cyclone Mage itself used to be a meta breaker, but it disappeared after Conjurer's Calling and Luna's Pocket Galaxy got nerfed.

Zzeraku the Warped — The Big Warlock Dragon is pretty interesting in theory, but too slow in practice. In slower matchups, most of the time it gets removed the moment its dropped with no extra value. Heck, most of the time even Lord Jaraxxus would be better for slower matchups.

The Year of the Phoenix consists of Ashes of Outland and two expansions yet to be released most likely out in August and December Keep in mind that these sets will remain in Standard longer than Year of the Dragon sets, meaning that these predictions might be less accurate in the long run. Ashes of Outland has a lot of high power Legendaries. But disenchant those only at your own risk — if I were you, I would not touch any of them.

They will be around in Standard for another 5 expansions, which means that the chance that they will see play at some point is huge. Ysiel Windsinger — Ysiel is currently one of the least popular and weakest cards from Ashes of Outland. Druid has no mana spells and little to none expensive spells in general and without reducing her mana cost, you can only play her with a single spell. She already sees some play in the Wild, and she has a lot of potential.

Her effect is very powerful and we might be one or two cards away from making her playable. Alternatively, Blizzard might tip-toe around her effect and not release any synergies whatsoever. Bulwark is a great way to save some life, particularly against big minions. The problem arises when you start analyzing the cards.

The reason is that its body is incredibly bad. Beastmaster Leoroxx — I thought that Beastmaster is going to be better. And to be honest, it absolutely would at the time when Big Hunter was a thing — the deck that played Charged Devilsaur , King Krush , Witchwood Grizzly and so on. You often ended up wtih some of them in your hand, and summoning all of them would be nuts.

Aggro decks are some of the most popular versions Face, Dragon , and even Highlander is playing a pretty fast game. A few bigger Beast or synergies can make it very powerful. Right now, however, the card is pretty bad. Magtheridon — Just like many players, I have overvalued Magtheridon before release.

I think that if we find a deck that naturally wants to play a bunch of 3 damage AoE removals anyway, Magtheridon might fit into that build as an extra huge threat. And while more aggressive builds like Overload or Totem can still work okay-ish, slower builds are pretty bad. Right now no decks like that exist, but if you like Shaman class, I would definitely keep those, because the chances are that they will become playable a few expansions from now.

A Hearthstone player and writer from Poland, Stonekeep has been in a love-hate relationship with Hearthstone since Closed Beta. Over that time, he has achieved many high Legend climbs and infinite Arena runs. He's the current admin of Hearthstone Top Decks. Check out Stonekeep on Twitter! You must be logged in to post a comment. QQ AoS having the more entries on this list than any other expansion 7 versus on the other 3 , despite them having an extra year of play left.

I only listed cards that are played in less than 0. Surprised by some card and even some comments on the cards. Example: Warlock build dont run Hellfire? Do we play different games? Also I see some cards being played frequently and the people utilizing them quiet well… I appreciate your effort of this guide. But I dont know if I have such a different view on the game… Also: would really love to see a wild legendary DE guide. I have some stuff to DE….

Which Warlock builds run Hellfire? And those are the only two in the meta. And what cards are you talking about specifically? The ones that are played frequently but are on the list? It would still be a pretty difficult comparison. We appreciate it! Either way, this list is great.

Shade of naxxuramus can suck the inside of my ass. My main poijt is that Nat PAgle is a creatuer of beauty and grace. Gruul is a ssaoft hearted cuddle bunny who kill without hesitation. I like how this list is not very accurate but you complain about the cards that actually are pretty garbage instead of the cards on this list that are pretty good. In the newest announcement, HS said the would be reworking the quests, so I would put in a warning or disclaimer saying that, Raid the Sky Temple might just become the best quest in the game.

Saviors of Uldum has some really good legendaries, proof is that only 4 made it here as disenchant candidates. I think some Quests should be reworked, though. Also, some rewards are really a joke. Ideally rewards should synergize with your quest, just like Paladin Quest, or Hunter Quest, for example. But no, Mage and Warlock have rewards that are actually pretty dumb Mage: I have to run tons of spells to complete the quest, what do I get?

More spells??? An ideal reward here would be a passive hero Power that summons a minion of the same cost of a spell you cast. Warlock: I have to draw tons of cards to complete the quest, what do I get? A discount on the few cards I have remaining in my deck??? Dropping Gruul x2 for 3 mana, oh yeah — Colossus of the Moon, hellyeah.

Spells that grant the Priest copies of cards in their deck, such as Shadow Visions , or cards in their opponent's deck, such as Thoughtsteal , will grant the Priest additional resources to complete this mini-quest while also counting towards the three-spell tally.

The card also has very strong synergy with Radiant Elemental and Lyra the Sunshard , which can give the Priest a limitless supply of cheap spells to use. Once the player summons a Dragon Spirit, the tally resets and can be completed again on the same turn.

Unless the player has Lyra on the board, it is unwise to cast spells purely for the sake of reaching three that turn and summoning the Dragon. The Dragon Spirits summoned by the Dragon Soul in Hearthstone bear some similarity to the Heart of the Aspects and Soul of the Aspects , a World of Warcraft mount and pet that are both luminous golden dragons said to have been born directly from the energies of the Dragon Soul.

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