bruce celebrated dragon golden lee life

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Bruce celebrated dragon golden lee life


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Release Date: November Publisher: Tuttle Publishing. Length: Pages. Weight: 2. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Many of the documentaries and biographies out there about Bruce Lee were unauthorized and created by shysters trying to cash in on his sudden death. This book, based on the recent video documentary "Bruce Lee: In His Own Words" is not only superior because it really is based on the master's own words, but the book and video are also endorsed by Bruce's widow and daughter.

Here we get plenty of great photographs from Bruce's films, training, and family life. Meanwhile, Bruce's thoughts on acting, family, and his martial arts style or, according to him, its dismissal of style are true revelations for any fan of Bruce's classic movies.

His thoughts on being a serious actor, rather than a martial arts "superstar," are quite a surprise; while his personal philosophy and attitudes toward martial arts mastery are both fascinatingly Eastern but surprisingly down-to-Earth and accessible for Western enthusiasts. So instead of fighting your way through all the frauds and fakes out there, get it from the master himself. Life and times of the true master Published by Thriftbooks.

There are no limitations , save those that we create for ourselves Bruce Lee This is a great book if you are looking for a compilation of rare photos and facts.. Unlike most books out there that beat around the bush , This book showcases the man as he wanted to project himself to the world. The perspectives are variable throughout the book , giving the reader a vast panoramic view of the life and times of the much hyped martial arts superstar.. Frankly, if you're looking for a detailed description of his persona , you will find exactly that and more..

Full of great photos that give a realistic insight on the master , this book is a good buy if you are interested in the glam.. If you are a martial artist however , I would strongly suggest that you do not buy this book. Great Pictures. A Great Addition. Published by Thriftbooks. This book is a great addition to my collection of Bruce Lee books of pictures, filmography, philosopy and techniques.

It has one of the best picture collections of all the books I've seen. The content isn't bad either. Talking about the life of the Little Dragon and some of the deep thoughts he had in his short life in this world. This book is not a dissapointment. It will be a great addition to any collection. Bruce Lee was his own man. He will never be forgotten. Like looking through a family photo album Published by Thriftbooks. Posting Komentar. Sabtu, 06 April April 06, Biography and Autobiography.

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