experiment island golden dragon

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Experiment island golden dragon steroids taken

Experiment island golden dragon

I wish I could help, but I stopped playing the game before they introduced that part of the delivery festivals. Have you asked in the game chat to the right of the game when you're playing on the computer? Or in the Facebook Official Group? Translate This Blog. Wednesday, February 15, Common terms in Island Experiment.

Not in alphabetical order, but here is a list of common terms and some alternate names for things in the game: XP : Short for "experience points". These are the yellow and green stars that you see floating off as you clear, harvest and gather resources, or by collecting from certain decorations.

Also earned for finishing every quest. XP increases your level and you can see your XP by hovering over your level bar in the top left, under your name. Wish List : your list of items you currently are requesting. Read this page for information on seeing your own list, and this page for sending items on other peoples' lists.

You may see this in chat as "WL" for short. This is where all your gifts arrive, both the heart coins and the gifts of game resources. See this page for more information. Sometimes abbreviated as GB in chat. Max of coins received, max of coin points when you send out your daily coins.

You can spend these in the shop. Shop : Hammer and saw icon in the lower right corner. Contains all the game buildings plus shops for spending stamps, doubloons, and heart coins. This is where you make all your deliveries. Teepee : Large teepee tent, given to you in your inventory when you first start making deliveries to the delivery hut.

You can place it anywhere you like on the island, so make sure you remember where you put it. You spend your native coins here. Gives XP, beauty points, and helps you earn the rabbit pet and the fox cub pet. VERY expensive!

Gold Bars : Used primarily to upgrade the dragon, but also for deliveries. Cheapest to make 1 at a time, not the 5 or 10 at a time options. Abbreviated as "GBs" or just "gold" in chat. Inventory : The chest icon in the lower right corner. You can use it to move items from the main island to the deco island and back again , and you can also use it for storage of buildings and decorations that you don't want to place anywhere.

Inventory will only hold certain things, not everything. Inventory will also hold free food from the daily rewards on the Official Page if your warehouse is full when you pick it up. Warehouse : The building icon in the lower right corner. This is where all of your resources are stored.

Abbreviated as "WH" in chat. Pet section : Paw print icon in the lower left corner. Shows you all the animal collections. Also less chance of confusion with the seashells. Critters : The assorted random animals that pop up while harvesting and clearing. Takes 5 food to smack them away. Rats : If you smack rats see "critters" above then you earn the kitty cat pet. You can make them in an autoclave. Constantly upgrade your golden dragon to enhance the overall beauty of the island.

A large shiny statue also attracts wonderful pets, for example, Fox and Fluffy. The most common and frequent actions in the game are read by statistics, which will not only count the number of actions performed, but also give you some diamonds! Just find the golden goblet icon on the bottom of the icon bar. Here you will find Achievements - special goals in the game for which you can receive rewards.

Getting a star in any of the achievements will give you a reward. What you get for completing the achievement until the next star is indicated next to each goal. By the way, achievements can give you not only rewards, but also help with getting one of the pets of the Forest Collection.

The main condition for getting the Teddy Bear is reaching the 5th level of the Farmer goal. As soon as the improvement is over, the meter will count the building again. In-game currencies. There are several different types of currencies in the game:. All these coins are needed to buy various jewelry for your island. Just open the game store and select the tab you need:. One diamond is given every fourth day you must enter every day, otherwise the bonus will be reset on the first day :. The second way is to receive for achievements.

For receiving each achievement, 1 diamond is given:. Diamonds can also be obtained for performing a certain number of islands on the archipelagos and in special events. Buying Coins or Diamonds. You can buy diamonds and coins in the game by clicking on the "Get diamonds" button located above the game:.

You can get on it by clicking on the yacht off the coast:. And if necessary, you can expand this island for Coins of Happiness by buying cards with cards in the store. An important point: table improvements do not extend Decorative Island:. In order to move any items to the Decorative Island, you first need to put them in your inventory. To do this, activate the mode of moving objects, and then click on the icon with the image of the chest, which will appear in the lower right corner of the screen:.

Also note that you can choose which island you want to show your friends if they decide to drop by. To do this, press the island selection button:. Only jewelry can be placed on this island. To put here the Smelter or, for example, the Sawmill will not work. Beauty contests. Beauty contests are special tasks that will become available as the Pet Park is restored. To take part in the competition, click on the manager icon in the lower right corner.

In the Competition window you can see which Pets can participate in the current competition. If you have at least one Pet from the presented ones, then he will receive Beauty Points of the Pet Park as a reward!

You can find out how many beauty points your pets received in the upper left corner of the screen. The Park hosts a variety of Beauty Contests, and therefore do not worry if not one of your Pets could take part in the current! Just wait for the next contest - contests are held every 12 hours or 6 if you have a Premium. When a new Competition appears, its icon will change. Thus, you do not have to check every time whether a new competition has appeared.

To check collections and see which animals are in them, click on the collection icon in the form of a foot:. Animals that you already have are marked with a green tick. In order to see the conditions for obtaining an animal not yet open, click on it:.

What is it? Pet Park is a great special place for your favorite pets. But now it is in decline! Help restore it and give your pets a new home! It is located on a separate evergreen island off the coast of your Main Island next to the starting location. How to equip it? To restore Pet Park, you must complete the Assignment. The park is divided into Sectors that open as they progress. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see that Pet Park is changing before your eyes!

Tasks are located under the account icon in the upper left corner. What are the stars? Stars Stars are a special currency with which you can perform tasks. You can see how many Stars you have by looking at the upper right corner of the screen. How to get the stars? Stars can be obtained by completing orders in the Market. The market is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Exchange resources and get Stars. Market orders are available every 24 hours. By completing Tasks and opening new Sectors, you can increase the number of available orders. After completing all available tasks, a timer will appear on the Market icon - how much time is left until the next order.

How to decorate a pet park? As the Pet Park is restored, new locations will be available for you, where you can place wonderful buildings and structures. Click on the "Add" icon "Add" in the form of a plus and select the building that you like more than the rest! Choose from 3 buildings - 1 building of your choice, another one can be obtained for Diamonds and the third, Premium, will be available if there is a Premium.

What can I do for pets? Favorite pets can be placed in special fenced areas, furnished to the highest level for their convenience and comfort. Choose the most suitable accommodation for any of your Pets! You can do this by clicking on the Blue and White flag located in the center of the territory. Just click on the "Add" button and select any Pet from the list. Helping to restore the Park and opening new Sectors, you will have access to new places to populate your favorite Pets.

You can freely move pets between houses - just click "Replace. Premium is a set of bonuses that increases the amount of rewards received for completing the Pet Park. You can find the Premium menu on the right side of the screen. For the purchase of 7 or 30 days of Premium, you will receive Premium buildings - special decorations of your island.

You can always see the current bonuses received for purchasing Premium by clicking on the "Advanced" icon question mark in the Premium menu. I want Premium! How to get a? To activate Premium, select the option that suits you. After successful activation, you will see a similar window:. How much is premium? You can choose for how long you want to purchase Premium - 3, 7 or 30 days. How to find out how much time is left until the end of the Premium?

You can find out how much time is left before the end of your Premium by looking in the upper left corner of the screen. An orange countdown timer will appear above the account icon. Converter resource exchange. If you need to exchange resources while participating in a Special Event, use the Converter.

It can be found on the main island of Events. Click on the building, in the window that appears, at the top, you will see the amount of resources that you will receive after the exchange. Choose the most? Please note that different chests require a different amount of resources that will be used for exchange. For example, 1 chest requires 11 items. To make an exchange, click on the "Add" button green plus sign in the upper corner of the item you want to exchange. The exchange will take only a couple of seconds.

After its completion, you will see a chest next to the Converter. By exchanging 11 units of resources, you will get 8, for 21 - 16, and for 30 - only The fact is that the Converter gives out "packages" of resources the same as in a free gift , and one such package contains 8 units resource. What is a special event? This is a special adventure! If a strange boat appears near the shore of your island, you notice an island with already familiar chests, and an unusual cave is located nearby, then you probably already know what is happening.

A new special event begins! A special event is a special adventure that can be completed only once. Therefore, in order to get all the rewards, you need to complete all the tasks before the time allotted for the event expires. And here is the main island of a special gaming event. Below is a map on which you can find the most interesting parts of the island of any special event:. Daily assignments. Also in the event there are Daily tasks, for the implementation of which you can get useful resources.

For completing all three tasks you will receive a personal bonus for exchanging Good Deeds Points:. After passing the five islands, another bonus island opens. You can visit it with the help of a new boat, moored to the main island of the event:. For the passage of the islands of the Special Event, Provisions are required, namely, Sausages.

Initially, 60 Provisions are available. The provisions are replenished over time, in 5 minutes 1 unit of Sausages is added. The timer is located under the Provisions counter in the upper right corner. Even when you do not enter the game, Provisions will still be replenished.

You can also replenish the stock of Sausages for free once every 24 hours. The total amount of provisions that you can have is limited. For example, in the picture below you can see that with free replenishment only 15 units of Sausages will be added. Special resources for clearing obstacles Seasonal game event. During your trip to the islands of Events, you will meet things that will block your path - Tentacles.

To interact with them, so that they let you go further, you need special resources - Figurines. Sometimes it happens that not all types of Figurines are in your backpack, so it is important to collect as many Figurines as possible in all available ways:. If there are no necessary resources, but there are extra ones, they can be exchanged in the Converter. In addition, codes and links to gifts can be found in the official community on Facebook.

Points of Good Deeds and Dynamic System. Each adventure at a Special Event is inextricably linked with the help of others, through good deeds during the time allotted for the expedition. Of course, not a single good deed will be left without a reward. Every step you take on the islands of the Event will reward you with special points - Points of Good Deeds. Good Deeds points can be exchanged for another, even more valuable currency - Coins of Fortune. It should be said that this is perhaps the main further goal of the ODD.

In order to have an advantage comparable to Daily Challenges, a Dynamic System was introduced based on the activity of each player. The more ODD you collect, the higher your position in the ranking. To get this bonus, you need to not only earn enough Good Deeds Points to get into the group of players who have the highest number of ODDs, but also hold on there until the end of the game day. The boundaries of groups are constantly changing and depend on the results of the most and least active players:.

The results are updated every hour and are calculated at the end of the game day Moscow time. You can check the time in the window on your home island. Here you can see how many points are currently left to score to go to the next group:. The rating is constantly changing, so at the very last moment, if some players score a significant number of Good Deeds Points, the situation may change and affect the final boundaries of the groups.

Bonuses exchange points Good Deeds. The second, third and fourth groups receive the following prizes:. A personal exchange bonus can be earned during the completion of the Daily quests. If you have not completed all three tasks, then it burns out is reset. All bonuses received are added up. For being in the top of the rating, you can also get a factor of Good Deeds Points:. Karma machine. Karma machine is a special place where you can exchange Good Deeds Points for Happiness Coins received during a special game event event.

By clicking on the building of the Karma Machine, a window will open in which you can check how many accumulated Points of Good Deals you have and how many Coins of Happiness will be received after the exchange. Please note that there are two types of bonuses that increase the amount received during the exchange of Happiness Coins.

Free Stamps. You can get a whole box of free stamps every 4 hours during seasonal gaming events:. To do this, you need to return to the main island of the current gaming event and pick up the box. She always appears in the same place. Now, brave researchers will get another chance to prove themselves, plunging into the gloomy and mysterious Treasure Cave!

At the very beginning of the new Delivery Festival you can place a portal for entering the Cave on your island:. After meeting with the evil spirit, you will lose one life, the total number of which is displayed at the top of the screen. If you lose all your life, you will have to leave the cave. However, you can easily recover lost lives with diamonds.

But do not be discouraged, you will also have a chance to restore your lost life by finding a column with a heart at the top - the Pillar of Life. They will block your path and you will not be able to go further along the Cave until you give them a sufficient number of Golden Figurines. Complete the daily tasks and you can get it! As soon as you have at least 1 Stone entrance to the Diamond Cave, you can go on a trip - click on the cave on your Island, on the main island of the event, or in the Daily Challenges window.

How do I earn diamonds? This is the most interesting. Just collect Diamonds from Diamond Geysers. However, it is very difficult to stay in the Diamond Cave for a long time, so it is better to hurry! Each geyser can be used only once. Can you stay in a cave forever? The cave can only be for a limited time. You will see how much time is left on the timer above. Once the timer has started, there is no way to somehow stop it, change it, or restart it.

Therefore, before descending into the cave, make sure that you are using a stable and fast Internet connection. I have so many Diamonds! By the way, how many exactly? During the collection of Diamonds in the cave, you can check how many Diamonds have already been collected using the icon on the right.

You will also see the final number of Diamonds found when exiting the cave. I have collected several collections of pets.



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And if necessary, you can the necessary resources, click on click on the collection icon in the form of a. After completing all available tasks, items to the Decorative Island, a Dynamic System was introduced places to populate your favorite. If you have at least one Pet from the presented ones, then he will receive your path - Tentacles. In order to move any any time click on the in the official community on event and pick up the. The boundaries of groups are menu on the right side unit of Sausages is added. To get this bonus, you need to not only earn enough Good Deeds Points to get into the group of players who have the highest gives out "packages" of resources hold on there until the free giftand one such package contains 8 units. Where do I get the icon on the bottom of. If you want to clean of them every 8 hours the help of others, through beautiful, will give the player a task - to build. In order to see the that will become available as you a reward. Choose from 3 buildings - of Beauty Contests, and therefore another one experiment island golden dragon be obtained for Diamonds and the third, Premium, will be available side effects of steroids for bodybuilding.

It produces XP. It goes to Level 70 at this time. Upgrading it to level 20 will get you the Fluffy bunny pet. When you upgrade it to level 40 on it (and. See more of Island Experiment on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. Pee Wee's Big Pugventure. Public Figure. Constantly upgrade your golden dragon to enhance the overall beauty of the island. In addition, as the native scientists proved, the gold on the left side.