dragon warrior 2 game genie gold

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Dragon warrior 2 game genie gold 9 dragon gold

Dragon warrior 2 game genie gold

You use monster codes from 01 Slime Malroth , but you can add 80 to the hex to access 19 special battles which reside in addresses bfc. January 11, , am - Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days. Also, I did try the free game genie random battle modifiers, and theoretically it worked, but the end result was the monsters constantly attacking Naturally, I was cold as a cod in no time!

I haven't figured out the full area of store contents either, but soon! Rom Order. See everything Categorically down below. Golden Card? Is there a text program that will allow me to define the bytes, and then copy and paste from a hex editor to easily get each word. I found 2 programs that completed my needs. Oriton and quiconvert Oriton lets you edit an existing. I think I have enough information to get started on my Dragon Warrior 2 Randomizer.

I'm going to program in C since that's what I'm comfortable with. I'm OK with this because VS has a free community version. I will post all source code on gitHub when it becomes available. This will be a GUI that will have various amounts of randomization. Say levels. The first level will have small variations between the item shops and what monsters you will meet in the field. It will go all the way to the last level which will completely randomize who can equip what, what item will be sold where, how much will it cost using a formula I haven't figured out yet , what monsters will be where, as well as all of their stats.

I have to be careful though: if one goes to level 50 with Midenhall, equipping the sword of destruction with the new values will overflow the attack power. I'm OK with this, though, because, well, it's a cursed weapon! Nice, Joe, thanks for sharing! I have discovered that addresses 19ed9, 19edc, and 19ee1 are treasures in the Spring Of Bravery. Not sure what the other three bytes of each four byte segment are though, but I did discover that whatever you put in there is the treasure you get in the item list listed.

But if you put down a 41 or a 42, you win the Life Crest, and a 43 gives you the Water Crest. I'd love to figure out the other three crests January 16, , pm - Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days. It "works" as in they say the monster is dead, and the graphic goes away, but the monsters still stick around invisibly! Wow, thank you so much for your work on this under-appreciated game! Or maybe introduce some new monsters. Thanks again for doing all of this and sharing your work!

I finally got my first attempt at the randomizer ready to go! Still a bit buggy though Can you show me a table of 0xe please? Perhaps these items might link to the monsters awarding said items? I missed two of the hidden treasures The Mirror Of Ra, 19f1a, and, ironically, The Treasures, 19f1e , and mistyped on a third. But I agree, Joe, we have to get everything bunched up into types instead of one garbled thread. This game has hidden developer credits.

Many contain either nothing, gold, or gold.. In the original version of Dragon Quest II , you can see parts of Rhone from the outside world: white mountains and ground. In the remake, you cannot. However, with the aforementioned walk-through-walls code there is a single-screen-sized map that looks nothing like Rhone and has a castle you cannot enter. Even weirder is that the mobs from Rhone spawn here.

You cannot enter the castle, but your ship spawns on the water even if you had the ship elsewhere. Hey guys, it's Razor here with another game review! Today I will be reviewing a great game none other than contra!

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Take these items and see Don Mahone. After saving, turn the game off make sure you hold in reset so you don't erase the files and turn it back on. Now go back to Zahan and get the Magic Loom again. Take the items to Don Mahone once again, and save. Turn off the power, then turn it back on, then go back to Don Mahone, and get your second Water Flying Cloth. The Magic Loom however, you can get again at any time. There's a place in the game where you can defeat a clown and win a Staff of Thunder, which sells for 19, gold.

Once you beat him, go sell the staff, save at the king and reset the game. When you come back, the clown will be there again, and you can get another Staff of Thunder. Continue doing this to get as much gold as you want. This is unfortunate, as the sword and armour are the most powerful in the game. Equip the item s. Go to the House of Healing and pay to have the character equipping the item uncursed. This will cost GP per experience level. This will remove the item s from your item list and remove the curse, but does NOT cause your attack or defense stat to recalculate.

Never again look at your equip screen for that character or gain an experience level. The game does not recalculate the character's attack or defense stats until you look at the equip screen or gain a level, so you do not lose the hefty attack or defense bonus granted by equipping the cursed item s. You are free to look in and use other menus, including item and status, or even save and reset, without losing the bonus. However, since leveling up recalculates your attack and defense, you may want to wait until you are ready to defeat the final boss to use this glitch, since it cannot be repeated without finding a new copy of the cursed item.

In the cave to Rhone, on level 5, fall down a hole any hole. Go to the lower left corner of level 4. Go one square up and one square right. You'll fall down a hole, and the sword will be right there. Best Sword in the game. You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. You can submit a problem report for any non-working or fake code in the lists above. Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? I just filled in some blanks. I find it amusing no one ever noticed that the skill codes are not in the 0.

It includes long lists of shark codes to change the more relevant monster data like setting ATK to which is power that should not be in the hands of those who are unable to extract the needed knowledge from what I have given them or find that guide. But that knowledge is lost, or at least not public. Sadly neilsugg abandoned the idea of an romhack as fast as he said he was serious. I might have given him some pointers from time to time where to find interesting data and how to decode it, but without someone actually being serious about making a hack collecting that knowledge is just a waste of time.

User Info: Trumeg. Thanks for the post. I recently started trying to replay this game and have been searching all over the place for some of these codes. I am having trouble with the exp codes though. My game crashes whenever I get into a battle with it on. I am playing on an emulator so perhaps that is the problem?

If anyone can help me out I will be very thankful. Going through the threads here will give more help then the faqs will. There are more in and out nitty gritty nuts and bolts things on these boards then the faqs have.

I've never once looked at any if the faqs period here. But I'm sticking to my post. A post about game shark codes was not necessary. As every code has been established at some point or another. Searching google for dwm2 gameshark will yield these results. Sure it came off as harsh. Just feel this was a useless post. And I saw dwm cobi board at top ten again I was excited for something fun and exciting.

And alas got this. It is a little disappointing to see life on the board only for it to be a dump from existing other sites. That said, I wonder about that EXP code. Does it modify the amount gained from battle, or set a monster's EXP to a value, or what? Because without knowing what it's supposed to do, it could easily cause crashes.

I tried it and it worked once than crashed the game every other attempt. From what I recall it changed the amount of experience received to or something similar. Since it is the only code I really want I am going to try to make it work. I'm not an expert at gamesharking though so if anybody more experienced can assist it would be greatly appreciated. Dark RPG Wizard 06 posted It overwrites two bytes where a pointer is stored during combat.

Then it crashes with an invalid opcode exception. However once the "Monster was defeated" line is displayed those bytes are used to calculate the exp earned. The codes give you If you have three monsters with you it shows Deactivate it when the exp is displayed and your team gets those 33k, also 3k for the farm. Leave it on until you are back on the map and everyone gets the full k, and i mean everyone, including the farm.

The code works just fine, if you set it at the right time. Keep in mind: gameshark codes are not "cheats". You are telling a computerchip to use your byte instead of the byte at the specified address because you think your byte is better. A chip won't tell you what the meaning of that address is or when that meaning changes. Things like activate when "Monster was defeated" is displayed, deactivate when the earned exp is displayed have to be known and done by the user. By the way: Calling k max is a joke, that is less than a trio of Lords.