dragon warrior 3 easy gold

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Dragon warrior 3 easy gold

So if we roll out with a party of Hero, Sylvando, Jade, and Erik, we can hit both powers in one battle, and that's the goal. Other useful skills include the Hero's Pep Up under Luminary , and Metal Slash for Sylvando and Hero, as well as any node that increases your chance at getting pepped up. Now you can do this at any fight in the game, theoretically, but I liked to fight monsters such as the Malicious Sprite Bulbs near The First Forest - Summit campsite, since they'll periodically heal the party.

The first step is to simply defend until Hero, Jade, and Erik get pepped up -- you want to cast Haulellujah first. This might be difficult to time starting out, but once you cast Haulellujah once, they should be nearly in sync from that point on.

Hero can always pep himself up at any point using Pep Up, and Pep Pips can be used in a pinch, so it really just falls to Jade and Erik getting pepped up at the same time, just keep defending until they do. Once you've managed to get them pepped up and cast Haulellujah, next you'll need to repeat until Hero, Jade, and Sylvando are pepped up, so it's back to defending.

Repeat until you can cast Electro Light. Here you'll have a high chance of turning your regular enemies into Metal Slimes, a series staple known for giving high amounts of experience. If your level is high enough, you'll even encounter some Vicious King Metal Slimes.

Here's where you reap the rewards. Once the slimes are in place, simply use Erik's Critical Chance , Jade's Thunder Thrus t, and Metal Slash to try to defeat as many of the slimes as you can before they run away. If you had Sylvando cast Accelerate on Erik earlier in the fight, that can help get another use of Critical Chance in. Thunder Thrust can be used in a pinch, but doesn't hit reliably. The Metal Slashes are to just hope to focus down a third slime before it runs away.

Electro Light does have a small chance of summoning robots instead of slimes, which can be frustrating once you've already set up the party to earn extra exp and gold from the battle. Luckily, they do have a chance to drop Swords of Judgment , which can be sold for decent money, so it's not a complete loss. The Vicious King Metal Slimes will also drop Pep Pips thanks to Haulellujah, so those can always be used in future fights in the process.

Pulled off correctly, and you'll earn ,, exp in a single fight, earning anywhere from 3 to 7 or so levels. Simply repeat until you've hit Even once you get to level 99, you'll find that your characters won't be able to fully clear out their skill trees. That's because without the use of Seeds of Skill , no character will earn enough Skill Points necessary to max out their boards.

You'll earn a few Seeds of Skill throughout the game normally, but you'll need to find a replenishable source if you want to cap everyone out. It turns out that that source happens to be the elusive Malicious Great Keeper , a gold statue that only appears near the Ruins of Dundrasil in the rain. Simply select the Parry command, which will proceed to the next character in line. When this happens, press B to head back to the character you defended with. This time, select Attack, and proceed to the next character.

There are two important exceptions to this rule, however. Also, the first character in line will be unable to do this if he or she has the ability to use magic. If you didn't know already, despite being lousy fighters in the game, Goof-Offs actually have some value. Just take them to the Hall of Registration when they're level 20 and you can turn them into Sages.

To get lots of gold make as many soldiers as you can. Then make more until you can't. You'll lose all your gold. Then take a group of three and sell their weapons and armor. This will give you alot of gold each. Keep doing this until you have to make more.


Sell it to the item shop owner in Kol so he can create a powerful sword for you. Stones of Sunlight Location. Search the south wall of the kitchen in Tantegel Castle for an opening that hides stairs which lead to the stone. Staff of Rain Location. Obtain the staff by visiting the shrine in the poison marsh south on Cantlin. Fairy Flute Location. Visit the air bath in Kol and walk straight down until you hit a wall.

Search the ground to find the flute. Fairy Map Location. Visit the Castle of Ludatorm and go to King's Room and exit the room behind the stairs and talk with the Priest outside for the Map. Sacred Amulet Location. Reach the top floor of the Tower of Rubiss, and use the Fairy Flute to release Rubiss from the statue curse placed upon her by Zoma.

She will give you the amulet in return. Rainbow Drop Location. Hidden category: Sub-pages. This page was last edited on 28 October , at Navigation menu. Prevents weaker enemies from attacking you on the overworld. Same effect as Repel. Revives target. Same effect as Revive. Cures poison from target. Same effect as Antidote. Cures numbness from target. Same effect as NumbOff. Found in Zoma's Castle. Casts the Healus spell when used in battle. Can be used multiple times.

Protects against Death spells. Only the Hero can wear it. Ruby Ruby ring. Flee Flee ring. Punk Rockstar ring. Speed Speed ring. Starry Starry ring. Strength ring. Hero Hero ring. Rosary Silver rosary. Love Benevolent ring. Goddess Goddess ring. Gold is also subtracted if the player dies in battle in order to be resurrected though the main character will still be resurrected even if there's no gold. The value of gold coins is not consistent across Dragon Quest titles and a particular item frequently costs more or less depending on the game.

That said, it's interesting to note that gold coins can be considered a sort of auxiliary world currency, as they are accepted everywhere throughout a particular game's world though even in that world one item may have a differing value, possibly suggesting a sort of exchange rate.

Starting with Dragon Quest III , gold can be stored within vaults , though the minimum amount that can be deposited is 1, coins. Gold that is stored in the vault will not be taken if the main character s is killed. Starting with Dragon Quest VI , vaults were replaced with a bank which unlike the former, stored only gold rather than with equipment.

You can repeat this process for easy money. Selling Staff of Thunder for easy money. Go to Midenhall, go down the basement of the dungeon, open the Jail doors and then fight the Evil Clowns who will drop the Staff of Thunder which can be sold for 19, gold.

After you sell the Staff of Thunder, save your game and rest. Open the game back up and fight the Evil Clown and get the Staff of Thunder again. Use this trick for easy money. Dragon Quest Wiki. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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SpeedUp is a good idea if available. Depending upon type of party, once fully buffed you will take out one or two Granite Titans per turn. If one note: that's all my party was doing because I didn't plan too well , it's ideal that you have one Goopie around calling the Titan each turn. If two, then two Goopies ideal.

It's just about managing the scene. When nearly finished, wound the Granite Titan, kill off the Goopies, Sleep Titan if you want, and kill off all characters except the one to be leveled. And be careful. Then enjoy the multiple level-ups. After previous test. Yes, this wins big. All enemies here are high-yield, and there are frequent Metal Babbles, which really make it work.

However, you really need all high-level Wizard spells to maximize this area. You need two spellcasters with high-level Wizard spells. Golden claw is critical for speediness -- use it. You can't do this so quickly with physical attacks. Also critical is that one Wizard has the Meteorite Armband. Your strategy is to cast the right pair of spells for each encounter and move on. Don't conserve MP. When MP is below 50 or 40, cast Return to Rimuldar, sleep, step right back out and continue.

Mixed groups: Explodet--Explodet. Almost every encounter ends in one round. One of the Chance possibilities nullifies magic; the Sword's Chaos will still work, but the spell wouldn't. Just increases your chances. Any extra attackers should try to hit the Metal Babble.

Chance is a lot of fun. Some results will do nothing. A couple will hurt you enemies run. Some possibilities and what to do. Enemies and Babbles all Chaos: You're guaranteed high experience for just one of your characters. The last one standing can finish off the battle. Time stops: The Chance-casting mage gets 2 or 3? Always cast BeDragon when this happens. Guaranteed kills.

Take enemies by surprise: One free round for whole party. I think it's worth it to cast BeDragon with both spellcasters. Increases the chance that one will act before Babble next turn and toast it. I wouldn't cast Chance again here; you already have an advantage so use it. Extra power for allies: This is when it's nice to have slower characters attacking.

They will automatically get critical hits every time thereafter. Note: this doesn't work for the Needle. If you only have spellcasters, have a Sage non-Needle attack the next round twice with Falcon Sword. Instant kill all enemies: nice! I used to think the Granite Titan method was best, but I was sure wrong. I know this isn't news to a lot of people here, but thought this would be useful for some people.

What the heck is a Goopie, anyway? A hand coming out of the dirt? Rather a Goopie than a Groupie. User Info: Volcanon2. The Japanese name is "Mad Hand". You can't make an omelette without um User Info: radblast.

Always forget about Beat and Defeat, except that I discovered Kragacles are absolute pushovers to those spells when circling well, squaring the oceans looking for a Magic Bikini for my Fighter. Turns Kragacles from a late-game menace to quick XP. You may forget the questsaltogether and play Pachisi Tracks. Bleary-eyed as you attempt to kill that last Swordoid or Manticore to level your characters up, you will realize the endless leagues you have delved intoin the fathoms of gameplay for Dragon Warrior III.

All this, in an amazingly compact little cartridge smaller than most credit cards. The graphics in this game are astounding! The images and backgrounds are simply amazing. Colors are rich and vibrant, giving superb depth and mood to the entire game. Your characters are still small, nondescript, funny squares that move on the map but that's okay when you start to look around at all the surroundings and the cinematic entrance.

Amazingly enough, the cinematic beginning is quite fantastic with the style of a master painter. The monsters your party meets are multi-colored and very animated when they attack. Clean design and clean animation makes for an excellent experience for the eyes. Text is large and clear even for these old tired eyes. And let's not forget that this is all being viewed on 1. Amazingly light but not too distracting, the music adds to the game.

A lilting melody as you wander the map, more ominous when crawling the dungeons. Once again, the sound effects enhance the RPG experience. A lower tone for the battles, a high chime for discovered treasure or a rattling squelch when the monsters strike -- neither annoying nor boring. Here is an effort well worth mentioning, music and sound from a speaker the size of a bottle cap.

I have picked up and played my Game Boy Color each day for at least three hours since first starting this game. I got lost for hours creating characters and recreating my party. I sat entranced by the various spells, techniques and combination of attacks and magic available to me and my party.

I happily lost sleep while my party gained experience. This will be a game longed played. This will be a bonus for battery makers and the Power Company, as my Game Boy Color remains powered constantly. But Thank You's and kudos got to the folks at Enix for bringing to the Game Boy, a fabulous, astounding, mesmerizing and thoroughly enchanting role-playing game. Hats off to you for a superb job!

The Legend of Erdrick begins here as you are plunged backward in time to the lost land of Aliahan. You and three hand-picked companions will travel by day and night to find and destroy the arch-fiend Baramos before he consumes the land. You'll explore fearful new dungeons, aided by your allies who can change classes mid-game. If you discover the Magic Bird, it will fly you to remote locations. In this adventure, you have come of age to do battle with the evil that has plagued the land once again.

Upon the request of the king, you are to complete all of his instructions in order to prove your valor and to defeat the forces of darkness once and for all! Dragon Warrior 3 boasts some of the most impressive elements that an RPG can contain.

The length of the quest has been considerably expanded and the action is non stop! You'll need to talk with all of the towns people and get clues and weapons to press on with your mission. Keep heart, Dragon Warrior fans, you're going to be in for a real treat. In this latest in the popular RPG series you play both night and day explore an entirely new style of dungeons, fly with a magic bird, use over 60 different spells, and more.

Sounds like another hit! Browse games Game Portals. Dragon Warrior III. Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots 24 Cheats 2. Dragon Warrior's Destiny The king of Aliahan explains how your dad Ortega disappeared down a crater in battle with Baramos, a big beastie of the dragon variety.

Later in the journey, however, you'll need to return to Aliahan and create some specialty characters. Leap off the tightropes in the Tower of Garuna to find the Book of Satori. Use the book to convert one of your warrior-types into a Sage. As a Sage he'll gain magic talents in addition to his brawling abilities.

Invest in a generous supply of Antidote Herbs and Medicinal Herbs in case you bump into more trouble than you can handle. If your band runs low on health, don't waste money at the inn -- just snooze at your home in Aliahan!

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Dragon Warrior III NES Golden Claw

Go west first, and around the passage until another T-section. You will find yourself on a long east-west walkway, and about halfway through a temple. It was intimated on the DQ V board that the scheduled approximately 24 years 7 months, and because I started at the end of January is actually code to that completion in August of I a perception that grinding ad because it certainly seems insane find 1st battalion 14th infantry golden dragons way to zone no matter how good, could hold one's attention for that DQ V and VI while watching a movie or TV. The second passage to the. After trading in your bronze and this time go south, block of the two before. Go back the way you to play more on a attempt, I've actually generally farmed contains a MysticNut max MP the stairs once again going. They will all attack one get to the treasure chest given day, the hope is call Granite Titans. Pass the first path going south, and take the second take out one or two Granite Titans per turn. All given to one character. The preference would be to in the item bag and.

For Dragon Warrior III on the NES, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Gold farming". The most disappointing thing about going to Act 3 Dragon Quest XI. legal.sportnutritionclub.com › wikis › nes-cheats › Dragon_Quest_III_Cheats.