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Maplestory red tiger or gold dragon


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The senior apprentice of each faction in Mu Lung administers entry exams. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Once you finished the quests. It's the most expensive medal and gives the most stats. Educators head to Marine boot camp - … Follow the quest line until you can do the quest called [Beasts of Fury] Endless Training.

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Twitter Facebook Replies: 20 Add a thread. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Nothing happens. Which should i choose? Rip have to get a new pet for my crash mule the chipmunch is so cute too. EZFebreezy , Oct 21, Updated with the new pet equips! Inusama , Apr 27, Vinilos , Jul 10, Inusama , Jul 10, Vinilos likes this. Inusama , Jul 30, Sen likes this. Added the new donor pets and the new pet equips! Now every pet has one. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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The sheep balloon is shared among all the worlds! Once the balloon consumes a certain amount of Helium Gas Drops, it will grow. The balloon will grow 4 times before it finally pops. Rewards will be given to the world containing the last player who fills the sheep balloon and causes it to pop.

The balloon will take one hour to reappear after it is popped. Rewards Baabaalloon Gift Pouch : Untradeable. Open to receive one of the following items: Gaga's Reward : Untradeable. Coupon disappears upon logging out. Buff lasts for 30 minutes. Stacks with other buffs. Using the treasure clues will show you an image that contains a clue to the treasure's location. If you move to the pertaining map and use the "Treasure Detector" you will receive a reward.

Regardless if the "Treasure Detected" succeeded in detecting the treasure or not, upon use the item will be consumed. If you use the "Clue to the Treasure" and find the correct map and use the "Treasure Detector" within 10 minutes, then you will receive the "Mysterious Treasure Box". If you use "Treasure Detector" after 10 minutes are up, then you will receive the "Treasure Box".

If you use the "Clue to the Treasure" while a clue is already been activated, you will be asked whether to view the clue you previously received again, or if you wish to discard the previous clue and view a new clue. Should you choose to select to view the previous clue again, the "Clue to the Treasure" will not be consumed.

Clicking on the pertaining icon and accepting the quest will take your character to the Black Sheep White Sheep event waiting map. There is a waiting period in the waiting map. After the waiting period is up you are taken to the Black White Sheep mini-game map. You must move around in the map while avoiding monsters for the duration of the time limit. Transformation will end when you are touched by monsters. If a monster touches you while you are not transformed into a sheep, you will be taken to the Black Sheep White Sheep Loser's Map immediately.

At the end of the time limit, among the black and white sheep, the color with the least number of sheep remaining will be taken to the Black Sheep White Sheep Winner's Map and the color with the most number of sheep remaining will be taken to the Black Sheep White Sheep Loser's Map. Example: When the time expires, if there are 2 black sheep and 3 white sheep, then the black sheep win. If 5 black sheep and 2 white sheep remain, then the white sheep win. If you force close during the mini-game, you will be taken to the Black Sheep White Sheep Loser's Map, and will not be rewarded.

Talking to the NPC on either of the winners' map or the losers' map will give you rewards. Then you will be taken back to the first place you received the event. Hunt monsters in your level range to collect numbers. Form with the numbers. This quest can be done daily per character. Listen to your fortune from Cassandra to be granted one of her blessings. You can do this quest once a day per character.

Collect Young Suns from monsters around your level range some monsters may not apply , and then turn the quest in through the star event notifier. This quest can be done every 10 minutes. Rewards Mini-Sun Box : Untradeable. The box must be opened during the event period. Open the box to receive : Mini-Sun Badge : 30 day duration. Mini-Sun Badge rank and stats are randomized.

Hunt monsters in the field no more than 10 levels below and 20 levels above your character, to collect Golden Sheep. Use Golden Sheep to add points to your total. Each time you use a Golden Sheep to add points, there is an in-game message displaying how many points you have accumulated. Once you reach points, talk to Cassandra again, and she will give you a random reward. You cannot collect more than points a day.

The event can be completed once a day per character. You can complete the Hunter's Race mission up to 8 times per day. Each mission must be completed by PM Pacific of the day it is received, or it will reset. Daily mission limit resets at midnight everyday. Once each mission is completed, you will one a random reward. These quests can be completed with party members as well. Rewards Rabbit Badge : Untradeable. Hunting Dog Badge : Untradeable. Hog Badge : Untradeable. Bear Trap Badge : Untradeable.

King of Beasts Badge : Untradeable. Rifle Badge : Untradeable. Rabbit Totem : Untradeable. Unique Item. Hunting Dog Totem : Untradeable. Hog Totem : Untradeable. Bear Foot Totem : Untradeable. King of Beasts Totem : Untradeable. Hunter Totem : Untradeable. Rabbit Foot : Untradeable. Pocket Item. Hunting Dog Collar : Untradeable. Hog Tooth : Untradeable. Bear Trap : Untradeable. King of Beasts Hide : Untradeable. Rifle Bullet : Untradeable. You will randomly receive one of 20 different sets of instructions for completing a daily mission!

Objectives can include: Raising another character's fame, hunting monsters, getting Multi-KOs, getting combo kills, and partying with specific classes! You can always check the progress and objective of the currently active daily mission in your Quest menu. You can only accept 5 missions per day per account. You may forfeit the current mission you receive, but it will still count towards your daily limit of 5.

Each mission must be completed by PM Pacific of the day it is received, or it will fail. Rewards - Depending on the daily mission completed, rewards can include any number of the following: Spell Trace : Untradeable Elixir : Untradeable. Power Elixir : Untradeable. Recovers all HP and MP. Master Craftsman's Cube : Movement is possible only within the account.

Hunt monsters within your level range to receive an attendance stamp. Day 6 - Reward Points Coupon : Untradeable, 7 day duration. Day 9 - Reward Points Coupon : Untradeable, 7 day duration. Day 12 - Reward Points Coupon : Untradeable, 7 day duration. Day 15 - 1, Reward Points Coupon : Untradeable, 7 day duration.

Day 18 - 1, Reward Points Coupon : Untradeable, 7 day duration. Day 21 - 1, Reward Points Coupon : Untradeable, 7 day duration. Quests are automatically accepted when logging into the event quest. Ongoing Events Mr. After completing the [Vintage Arcade] quest, you will receive a game coin that you can use to play the game. Travel to popular tourist spots around the world. As you progress through each location defeat the monsters and bosses you encounter and collect reward coins.

Click the event notifier on the left side of the game window, and then click the attendance notifier. You can check the participation and progress using the attendance notifier. Defeat monsters within your level range and receive an Attendance Stamp. Click "Complete" to receive the day's reward. Day 6 - Storage Room 4 Slot Coupon : 7 day duration. The following 1 users think this post is GunPowder.

Re: v. It's probably the Humanity's Strongest medal And it's limited to 46 days. Looks like I'm going to save my nx. The following 1 users give a about this post PoetryIsFail. The following 1 users think this post is xlxlxlxl. The new events which are a bit different, have crappy rewards. The only 3 things on there that seem good are the Hunter's Club events Powerful totems, badges and pocket items , Everyday Endeavor event Master Craftsman Cubes and Mix Hair Coupons and the Maple Rewards attendance event, but even that is a 21 day long slog of boring proportions that I will never get through.

Also this Darkhound android: Is it supposed to be that ugly? The following 2 users give a about this post Ironical , RenmazuoDX. Originally Posted by Razmos. Originally Posted by SaptaZapta. Isn't that android and the vampire virus event that goes with it a rehash of the zombie virus and the STAR android we already had? IIRC one was 25 attack. The new pocket items and totems are nice, but I'm getting sick of this random reward pomegranate.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Maplestory 2, Aanyeong. Maplestory "High Five" Private Showcase. Beast Tamer discussion thread.

A new test server patch has been released with an extension to Mu Lung Dojo and a bunch of events. The total number of floors in Mu Lung Dojo has been increased from 63 floors to 80 floors. Mu Gong will appear on the 80th floor, the existing monster placements have been changed, and new monsters have been added. When you enter Dojo, all buffs and summons will now disappear.

You will be placed in the Lobby map where you can buff up for 30 seconds before the timer begins to tick down. To reduce the deviation between classes, after floor 30, multiple monsters will no longer spawn at the same time. The Introductory and Skilled groups have been merged into a single Introductory group from level to level The Master group will begin at level The amount of Dojo Points given at the end of every week has been adjusted, and will be based on your rank in your group.

The prices of items in the Mu Lung Dojo Points Shop have been adjusted and new items have been added. This item gives 1. It does not stack with MVP. Certain achievements related to Mu Lung Dojo have been moved to the Memories section and new achievements have been added. Fixed an error where sometimes you would not receive skills from equipment potential immediately after equipping them.

Fixed an error where if you right clicked while an avatar smega appeared, you could cancel buffs that were not cancellable. Fixed an error where sometimes when using skills with cooldowns longer than 3 minutes while having cooldown reduction potential, the damage of the skills would not apply. Fixed an error where certain summon skills would not function properly when using the portals in Dream Breaker.

Fixed an error where if you changed maps the cooldown would be reset. Fixed an error where using a skill that creates a clone then using a skill that causes movement, the clone would receive the effects of the movement. The applicable skills are:. Fixed an error where if Eunwol right clicked the Spirit Incarnation buff while using it, they could not move afterwards.

If Wild Hunter has a captured monster that is on the list of non-capturable monsters, when Call of the Hunter is used, that monster will be removed and another monster will be summoned instead. Fixed an error where you could not use Erda Nova during Glory Wings. Fixed an error where if you revived after dying, the screen effect would remain.

Fixed an error where if Hoyoung died while using macroed skills, the macroed skill would continue to be used. Fixed an error where you could sometimes queue up for a boss without having completed the required quests. The Urus results UI will now show the amount of mesos given before the Golden Time 2x effect applies. Fixed an error where in Zakum, sometimes when the floating platforms disappeared the flame effect would not end.

Fixed an error where certain monsters in Korean Folk Town did not drop equipment matching their level. If you use a nearest town scroll in the Rose Garden area, you will be moved to the Desolate Field map. Fixed an error where certain quests in the Ancient Ruins of Partem did not use the navigation system. Equipment with the -required level additional option will now show the calculated level in the equipment tooltip. Fixed an error where items with required level 0 and the -required level additional option would not show the additional option.

Fixed an error where if your remaining number of expandable slots was 4, certain Selective 8 Slot Expansion items could not be used. Fixed an error where you could not search for maps in worlds other than the one your character was currently in on the world map. Fixed an error where certain unpurchaseable item names would appear in the Maple Auction autocomplete. Fixed an error in Maple Auction where hovering over Arcane Symbols would not compare them with the same type of Arcane Symbol.

When sending a message to an account buddy, if the buddy is offline, their character name will no longer be shown. Fixed an error in the SEED where on the 38th floor, sometimes the guide would say to hunt monsters. Fixed an error in the SEED where on the 39th floor, sometimes the clear effect would not be shown when you cleared the stage.