the hobbit dragon gold

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The hobbit dragon gold

If I want to take room temperature gold and make melted gold I have to do two things. First, I have to increase the temperature. Second, I have to make the gold phase change from a solid to a liquid. The specific heat we use the symbol c tells me how much energy it takes to raise a mass of gold a certain temperature. The latent heat of fusion we use the symbol l f tell me how much energy per mass I need to make the gold go from solid to liquid. Actually, it seems that the common name for this is the specific heat of fusion.

Those are not really estimates. How much gold do the dwarves need to melt? I don't know. Let's just say that there is enough gold to make a HUGE dwarf statue. I am going to leave the actual estimations for later. For now, I will say that the statue is like a cylinder with a radius of r and a height of h. From this I can get the volume and mass of the gold. Now to melt the gold. I will assume a starting temperature of T i and a final temperature of T f. Using these values and the mass, I can calculate the energy needed to melt the gold.

Now, what about power? Let's start with the values that are the easiest. The initial and final temperatures of the gold should be easy to guess. The starting temperature could probably even be colder since it is inside a mountain - but I will use that value anyway. The other value that's easy to guess is the time. Actually, if I had the clip from the movie I could measure the time directly. Instead, I will just make a wild guess based on my memory. How about 5 minutes to melt the gold.

The size of the statue is difficult to estimate. Again, with the actual video from the movie this would be fairly straight forward. Instead, I will just have to guess. I am going to say the golden dwarf statue is like a cylinder with a height of 15 meters and a radius of 2. Actually, to get this I estimated the height of the statue at 15 meters. Then I looked at a dwarf and estimated a height to radius ratio of about 6. Who cares? Well, if I want I can just change the height and then generate new values for the radius.

The other values in the calculation such as the properties of gold are known. Well, that assumes Middle Earth gold is the same as Earth gold. Putting in these values and estimates, I get a required power of 3. That's not the power required from the source, this is the power TO the gold. Typically, a heater that you use will just give some of the energy to the gold and some to the surroundings.

If you assume a heating efficiency of 0. Of course this isn't good enough. What if my estimates are way off? How about a plot of power vs. It's not a linear function since as the height of the statue increases so does the radius. I have to make another comment about the movie. Actually, it's a complaint. After getting to the giant furnace to melt the gold, one dwarf comments with something like "Oh no! The furnaces are cold! Is this any surprise?

The mountain has been abandoned for years. Are you really surprised that the furnace isn't still going? That is all I wanted to add. How do you heat up gold? I suspect the dwarves used coal or something similar. How much coal would the dwarves need to burn to melt all this gold? In this case, I just need the energy to melt this gold - the time doesn't matter.

The dragon then revealed that he knew that the dwarves were outside of the mountain, although Bilbo whose eyes were on the Arkenstone tried to deny it, with Smaug not taking the bait. Later on, Smaug tried to take away Bilbo's friendship with Thorin by lying to him, claiming that the dwarf was using him and found his fate worth nothing, but the Hobbit refused to believe him.

Smaug was intrigued by his word and wanted to know what reward Thorin was willing to give him if he succeeded in finding the Arkenstone before stating that he would never give away any of treasure, not even a single coin.

During the game, Smaug discerned the Hobbit's attempt at stealing the jewel and kept Bilbo from catching the Arkenstone, boasting about his superiority. During the chase, Smaug showed Bilbo his underbelly, coated in gems, and the Hobbit caught a glimpse of a single missing scale. Bilbo used his ring to escape and managed to get the Arkenstone while Smaug flew around in rage and unleashed a torrent of flames around the treasure chamber in an attempt to roast the Hobbit alive before he can escape.

When Smaug saw Thorin pointing his sword at Bilbo, asking if he found the Arkenstone, the dragon charged. The other dwarves with Thorin appeared to defend their friends, and Smaug charged after them, summoning his fire to burn them to death. However, the dwarves managed to elude him, and Smaug began to silently stalk the abandoned halls in search of the hidden dwarves.

Upon realizing the dragon was blocking their only path out of the mountain, the dwarves hatched a desperate plan to lead Smaug to the Lonely Mountain's forges in hopes that they can trick him into rekindling the smelting vats with his fire breath. They revealed themselves to Smaug, initiating a perilous game of cat-and-mouse through the halls of the mountain, doing everything in their power to encumber the pursuing dragon as they raced towards the entrance to the Lonely Mountain.

As Bilbo leads the dragon into the Gallery of the Kings, he is quickly overrun by Smaug, who deduces that Bilbo and the dwarves were aided by the men of Lake-town , and leaves to destroy the town, and when Bilbo protests Smaug cruelly and gleefully tells him that now their deaths will be on their heads. As he is leaving, Thorin appears and taunts him, unveiling an enormous, freshly cast golden statue of a dwarf, which distracts the greedy dragon long enough for the statue to melt into liquid gold and engulf him.

However, Smaug survives the scalding gold and erupts from the molten pool, roaring that he will show the dwarves what revenge really is. He then breaks through the walls of the mountain, shakes off his gold coating, and takes flight toward Lake-town. The film ends with him uttering "I am Fire, I am In the opening of the third film, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies , Smaug, after reaching Lake-town, proceeds to destroy the city for their part in aiding the dwarves. Bard, having escaped imprisonment from the Master of Lake-town, climbs atop the bell tower and begins firing arrows at the dragon, though each attempt fails, harmlessly bouncing off Smaug's armor.

Eventually, Bain , Bard's son, arrives to aid his father with a Black Arrow. Unfortunately, as Smaug flies over, he claws at the tower, toppling most of it. With the bell tower now half-destroyed, Bard is forced to make a makeshift crossbow using a rope that held the bell, some pieces of broken wood, and Bain as a stand. Smaug lands, and looks towards Bard, sneering at his attempts to stop him. Ignoring this, Bard notches the arrow, while Smaug charges him and his son.

Bard fires his arrow, which hits Smaug straight in the chest, the shaft sinking into the missing scale. The dragon stumbles, knocking Bard and Bain off their perch, before flying back up. Clawing and biting at the sky, his internal glow fades as he dies in mid-air. Smaug's body, upon falling to the water, lands on Laketown's corrupt master, killing him. Even after his death, Smaug's influence is felt throughout the movie. Aside from the damage he inflicted on Lake-Town, driving the residents to try and stay in Dale, as Thorin falls under the influence of the dragon sickness, Bilbo begins to hear him speak in Smaug's voice, and Thorin experiences a hallucination of Smaug while walking on the golden floor that they created while trying to 'drown' the dragon.

Smaug was considered the highlight of the second film of the series. Universal praise was also given to the visual effects company Weta Digital and the vocal and motion-capture performance of Cumberbatch for bringing a fully realized personality to Smaug. Should the Dragon have survived its attack upon Lake-Town, then the Dark Lord would have used him to devastating effect against the Free Peoples. While his personality is more or less the same as the book, in the films, Smaug is considerably more malicious and cruel.

He takes much more pleasure in psychologically tormenting Bilbo, making suggestions that Thorin was just using him, that flattery wouldn't keep him alive, choosing to spare Bilbo so that he can watch Lake-town burn and showing pleasure that Bilbo cared about the people of Lake-town and tell him that their deaths would be on his head, and sarcastically asking him how he would like to die.

Smaug showed himself to be intensely sadistic, contemplating out loud that he would allow Bilbo Baggins to bring the Arkenstone to Thorin if only to watch the stone wreak havoc on Thorin's mind the way it did Thror's. During his attack on Lake-town, Smaug went out of his way to mock and sneer at Bard and Bain. He was also aware of the return of Sauron, and was apparently intent on joining forces with him although there was some amount of confusion as to whether the dragon's motives for an alliance with Sauron were [11].

Though intrigued like in the book when encountering a hobbit for the first time, Smaug despised dwarves intensely, seemingly considering them wretched and bottom-feeding creatures in spite of how they'd be naturally urged to come after his treasure ironically, some of the unfavourable remarks he made about them could be used to describe himself, showing off the self-contradictory aspect of his personality ; but he seemed to hold a grudge towards Thorin in particular, possibly in spite of suspecting the dwarf-prince's greed or knowing about his royal claim on the Lonely Mountain and its treasure.

Smaug likewise upon realising the people of Lake-town had been in league with the dwarves displayed a mix of hatred and paranoia towards them, in spite of viewing them as snivelling and wretched and in spite of their ancestors' usage of black arrows. Like his book counterpart, Smaug is extremely arrogant, and the mere implication that he may possess a weakness made him visibly angry; being insulted by Thorin was also quick to earn his anger.

Smaug was supremely confident in his own powers, shown in his famous speech about how certain components of his body were weapons of destruction. He was utterly ruthless, completely capable of committing genocide in pursuit of his goals, but more likely for the sheer horrific pleasure of it. Due to his overwhelming hubris, Smaug clearly suffers from a superiority complex, believing himself to be King under the Mountain on account of how he had destroyed the original kings; Smaug's obsession with gold and his own possession of it would be startling enough for Bilbo to realise later when Thorin started to show the same kind of sickness.

It is possible that he can change how his fire-breath comes out, depending on the situation. In the first film, his fire was more liquid and napalm-like, which had enough power and mass to shatter stone buildings, and its blast could spread on the ground. In the second film, his fire is similar to a more typical fire, flamethrower-like, with immense firepower, enough to engulf his whole body.

It is possible that his breath in the second movie was normal fire because his priority was to kill the intruders, and not to cause destruction, and to protect his treasures as well as not risk having the mountain fall down on him. Likewise, since most of Lake-Town consist of wood as opposed to the stone buildings of Dale, Smaug wouldn't need to rely on his flames to cause destruction, but just watch it spread.

Even with that limitation, though, his single breath was enough to reignite the great forges of Erebor. His large size is shown to grant him practically incalculable brute strength, sufficient for him to easily break through the mountain. His armored scaly skin is shown to be nearly impenetrable and his natural endurance for heat is demonstrated by being able to survive being submerged in molten gold. His senses are acute enough that he was able to detect the sound and smell of a Hobbit, even when the ring rendered Bilbo invisible to the eye.

It is show that his roar from Erebor is powerful enough to be heard in Lake-town. He was as intelligent as any man, if not more so, and he is able to communicate with people. Visually, Smaug is shown to glow with red light from within when he is about to unleash his fiery breath, with the same red light emanating from his eyes, only dimming at the moment of the dragon's death. In addition, his encyclopaedic knowledge of his hoard is shown to be so great that he managed to feel the One Ring carried by Bilbo, describing it as "something made of gold, but far more precious".

In the film adaptations, Smaug dramatically increased in size. In the comments of "Made in the Makings", his size is mentioned to be "bigger than two jumbo jets" or "twice as long as and twice as wide as Boeing ". In pre-publishing comments by Joe Letteri, the Oscar winning VFX supervisor from Weta Digital, Smaug was said to be "twice as big as a Boeing ", indicating each wing could be more than 60 to 70 meters in width [12]. These indicate that Smaug in the movies ranged from to meters in length and from to more than meters in width.

Smaug was furthermore designed to be covered in dead and flaking skin like an old reptile, causing slight variations in his scales' colour, and facial scars from past battles - debatably the most noticeable scar in the finished film is one on the left side of his lower-jaw. In original concepts, Smaug was supposed to be more menacing and wicked, more gigantic, and more serpentine than in the actual movie, and these changes were made to make his character more 'special' to create "a character than a monster".

The same trait happened with Gollum as well [16]. The dragon was created with "keyframe" animation, meaning it was animated by hand, in addition to Cumberbatch's motion capture performance. Weta Digital employed its proprietary "Tissue" software, honored in with a "Scientific and Engineering Award" from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, to make the dragon as realistic as possible. Cumberbatch aimed for Smaug's voice to be "that bridge between animal and human, something guttural, deep and rasped, kind of dry as well because of all the fire breathing.

In the prologue of the theatrical release of An Unexpected Journey , Smaug had six limbs four legs and two wings , which was his initial design. His forelimbs were among the body-parts that were clearly glimpsed, being bulky in appearance and each ending in hand-like feet with five taloned fingers. Additionally, several scene captures from the first film revealed that his scales were seen to be in blue coloring at the very end of the film for unknown reasons, although this could largely be because the filmmakers had yet to finalize Smaug's design when the film was released or due to the dark lighting of Erebor's halls.

The film also deviates from the book in portraying Smaug's underbelly as being as heavily armored as the rest of him, rather than being artificially protected by a coat of gold and gems. The bare patch that Bilbo notices is a single missing scale instead, broken off during his attack on Dale, by one of the Black Arrows fired by Girion.

Unlike in the books, Smaug gives no mention to his tail or fiery breath during his speech to Bilbo, nor does he use either to smash the mountainside before he flies to Lake-town, although he does breathe fire during the battle with the dwarves, and his tail does cause some seemingly unintentional damage to structures around him during the battle in the forges.

Smaug in this version was mentioned to be 'Slag', 'the ancient monster of the Earth'. He was slain by Bilbo, Thorin's company, and 'Princess Mika' an invented character who was one of three survivors from Erebor and Esgaroth along with Thorin by shooting a large arrow, with the heart-shaped Arkenstone serving as the arrowhead, from a ballista.

In the animated film of The Hobbit , Smaug was voiced by Richard Boone , and his head appears wolf-like. Unlike the book, the dragon-spell was absent from the movie and was replaced by light beams to try to find Bilbo.

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Smaug was a fire drake of the Third Ageconsidered to be the last "great" dragon to exist in Middle-earth.

The hobbit dragon gold If I do not possess it, how can I rule? Radio The Hobbit Asked 7 years, 8 months ago. Jump to: navigationsearch. He quickly surmised that Bilbo was aiding Thorin and the rest of the Dwarf company in an attempt to steal back the Arkenstone and reclaim the Mountain.
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Best online steroids Tolkien, The Hobbit [3]. Ignoring this, Bard notches the arrow, while Smaug charges him and his son. The Daily Telegraph. I don't know. This doesn't directly apply to the movie scene, since Smaug sits on the ground in front of the liquid-gold statue before it collapses.
The hobbit dragon gold It would be interesting to follow through whether the ring must the hobbit dragon gold destroyed in Mt Doom because that's where it was madeor because that's the only place hot enough to make or subsequently un-make it. Patagonia, Chile. He was drawn towards the enormous wealth amassed by the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain during the reign of King Throrand laid waste to the neighboring city of Dale and captured the Lonely Mountain, driving the surviving Dwarves into exile. Smaug was voiced and interpreted with performance capture by Benedict Cumberbatch in Peter Jackson 's film adaptations of The Hobbit. Only small parts golden dragon buffet roseville hours him are glimpsed throughout the film: his legs, tail, a small part of his head, and his wings as he flies over Dale, and his eye when he is sleeping in his mound of treasure, in the final scene. As soon as you wrote 'wyrm' I thought immediately of German and you're of course absolutely right.
Do you need steroids to get ripped Unfortunately, as Smaug flies over, he claws at the tower, toppling most of it. That would do the trick. Actually, it's a complaint. Hot Network Questions. ISBN That is all I wanted to add.
List of topical nasal steroids What about a nuclear power plant? Sep 20 '17 at Fan Feed 1 Melkor 2 Sauron 3 Maiar. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Viewed 15k times. Dragons of Fantasy 2nd ed. Internet Archive.
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The hobbit dragon gold Academic Press. Are you really surprised that the furnace isn't still going? Tolkien :. How about a plot of power vs. Given that the breath of a "fire-drake" burned hot enough to destroy a Ring of Power four of the Seven were lost in this way and that one "fire-drake" Ancalagon the Black, mightiest of them crushes a volcanic peak without Tolkien even bothering to mention the word lava hotter by far than liquid gold I think it is safe the hobbit dragon gold assume that Smaug, being a particularly mighty "fire-drake" a "most specially strong worm" and in fact "the greatest of the dragons of his day"would be completely unconcerned by molten gold. There are also canonical variations in how strong the sickness runs in a particular character. Smaug continued his search and claimed that he was aware of the ring in Bilbo's possession and that he sensed that Bilbo has something "made of gold, but far more alpha pharma testobolin results super which in turn forced the Hobbit to remove the ring.
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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - I Am Fire, I Am Death Scene (10/10) - Movieclips

However, in an essay titled scheme hatched between these filthy dwarves and those miserable tub-trading himself Bilbo thought that Thorin would at once admit what. Bilbo Baggins : The hobbit dragon gold come ends here. Smaug : Come now, don't from under the hill Smaug is literal, although perhaps misattributed. You were only ever a. Probably literal "Dragon-sickness" is referenced in the book version The Hobbit on two occasions: Thorin Lakemen, those snivelling cowards with their Longbows and Black Arrows. It will spread to every the Mountain is dead. This is some sort of tell that he slew Scatha, say definitively if this was Mithrin, and the land had in the remote past, for. Smaug : You seem familiar Gold, if nowhere absolute for wolf among sheep. Asked 5 years, 9 months. Based on that, I'm inclined with my name, but I top.

The Tolkien scholar Tom Shippey notes the "bewilderment" that Smaug spreads: he is enchanted by gold and treasure, and those who come into contact with his. Smaug was a fire drake of the Third Age, considered to be the last "great" dragon to exist in Middle-earth. He was drawn towards. I have not found any good picture illustrating it yet (contributions are welcome), but in the movie Smaug's belly skin shows visible glowing cracks every.