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Game of thrones harry potter fanfiction gold dragon viserys legal steroids forum

Game of thrones harry potter fanfiction gold dragon viserys


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Our protagonist is reincarnated as the bastard son of the Mad King. If some higher power expects him to play the hero, they've chosen the wrong person. He's not noble, courageous, or kind, and he's certainly not getting involved in the shit show that is the legitimate House Targaryen. He'll take his chances fleeing to Essos once Robert Baratheon takes the throne, thank you very much.

House Targaryen was in free fall, had been for years. Aerys, the Mad King, may have been mad but he had a plan. A plan that would see the House of Dragons soar again. He had survived the Great Upheval, it had cost him his greatest heir, Rhaegar. He would never forgive the Realm, the world for taking his future away. It would pay for his loss, they all would. All is not lost however, Rhaegar left Aerys an heir, so now he would keep the prince safe even if he had to imprison his rival in his own castle.

No secret stays a secret forever, and there a number of factions seeking a missing boy, to use him against Aerys and take his throne. When Viserys dares the younger Dragons to descend into the depths of the catacombs to confront the monsters that dwell there. They find no monsters, but they do find a mysterious boy locked in a Black Cell. Even after returning to the light of the surface, Princess Daenerys cannot dispel thoughts of the mystery boy in the Black Cell.

In Renaissance-era Italy, the Targaryen family controls the papacy - but only just. The country is on the cusp of war, and alliances must be made at all costs. Jon Snow only wants two things from life: to fight, and to be with his beloved Daenerys.

But when Pope Aerys II pushes him to take on the position of cardinal, he must put aside his sword to learn how to battle in politics. Forced to watch as Daenerys is married off to the rich Lannister family for gold, he realises he must protect her no matter the consequences.

Even if this means war. Daenerys Targaryen wants to be a good daughter and do her family's bidding. But her marriage to Jaime Lannister only proves to make her miserable. She longs to run away with Jon, but her new home in Florence is a long way away from Rome.

She soon realises that she'll have to make a choice: to accept her lot in life, or to fight her way back to Jon. An amused tongue click and a giggle to her right reminded her that she was no longer alone and that now there were people paying attention to her. Trying to keep vertical while the dragon took a couple of clumsy strides, to propel itself towards the sky with a powerful beating of wings with the third stride, Dany grabbed onto Ser Jaime as best she could, while this one looked at her with some amusement.

You see, my royal sister, here our nephew Aegon is not the Sixth of His Name, since he has already been, is being and will be the First of his Name. Hence, The Dragon Reborn, my princess. That dragon is the fucking Black Dread and that one there that is going to deprive the Khal of his head, the fucking Conqueror, Your Excellence. Ser Jaime answered Dany nonchalantly, although with a certain playful tone, as he pointed with his head in the direction of the dragon soaring up, and towards her nephew Aegon.

Leaving Dany totally stunned by what she had just heard, unable to process a single thought. The Lions and Stags believe they are secure in their reign but they are wrong, the Dragon is stirring and it seeks to reclaim what was stolen from it. In the Lands of Always Winter a threat long thought vanquished is stirring from it's slumber and marches south to plunge Westeros into an eternal winter.

The Targaryen afterlife is awful for people like Aerion and Viserys, but they find an unexpected ally in one another — and maybe something more. House Velaryon and House Targaryen once shared a very close relationship. After the Dance of the Dragons, however, as the Velaryon's wealth and influence waned, they grew apart. What happens when the Lord of Driftmark sees an opportunity to gain back his House's favor and power among the Targaryens in the exiled prince and princess?

Or, Oberyn Martell makes it to Dragonstone before Stannis Baratheon and spirits away the Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys to Driftmark, seat of House Velaryon, where they are taken in by their father's former Master of Ships, Lucerys Velaryon, meant to be kept safe and hidden until it is time to reveal themselves, fulfill betrothals, and take back the seven kingdoms. Using the Incapacitation of Lord Baratheon, as a rallying point, he beats back the rebels, and calls for a parlay to explain to the rest of the rebel lords the real circumstances behind the "kidnapping" of Lyanna Stark, and his plan to depose his father.

Loyalists and Rebels, after bending the knee, proceed to King's Landing, to find Jaime Lannister has killed Aerys Targaryen after the King ordered the wildfire caches lit. The prolific amount of cum splattered all over her face. Dany scooped up the thick essense off of her face and sucked them down. She took in a deep breath and locked onto Hadrian with a smile.

He pulled her up the bed, and threw her down. Hadrian laid on top of Dany, this time completely naked, and put his engorged organ, still hard despite her pleasuring him. Months of anticipation built up in her mind paid off in a good way. Despite the massive organ pushing into her and splitting her in half, Dany knew she could take anything. The Dragon stuffed her body, pounding deep and deep inside of her.

Hadrian used her breasts as toys and made Dany just look into his eyes, blazing encouragement. The inside of her body went off in constant pleasure. He gave women dreams of pleasure which was out of this world. Men on the other hand, received nightmares, of not being able to measure up to the feared Dragon.

In the waking world, they all tried to deny the Dragon King existed. But, in their deepest darkest nightmares, he was a boogeyman who would claim their wives, their daughters, and their sisters. She clung into Hadrian and clung onto consciousness even more. Hadrian put his hands on her hips and massaged her legs.

The jolts of magic pushed all over her body. Hadrian pressed down into her. Dany fell down onto the bed, breathing heavily. Then her breaths grew more excited, from Hadrian lifting her up and turning her slightly. Hadrian cupped ahold of her ass, squeezing and playing with it. Dany peered over his shoulder and through hooded, pleasure filled eyes had only one thing to say. It had been meant to be treated like a fine work of art and one Hadrian sculpted. He pushed his wet finger into her ass and got her a little bit looser for the intrusion.

After cumming in her mouth and her pussy, the trifecta was only on the way. The slap of his balls against her left its mark. Pain was felt for an instant, and then it quickly switched to pleasure. Pleasure of Hadrian condemning her to a million jolts of energy. He kneaded her fine ass cheeks and sent a heavy wave all the way through her. Dany let out cries of pleasure.

She should be worn out but he was like an aphrodisiac, just making her body demand his touch and his penetration inside of her. Hadrian held on for the ride, slapping her ass and bringing Dany closer and closer to the breaking point. Hadrian flicked her clit and made her just go off in pleasure. Dany liked the sound of it. He rode her ass all the way to the end. Dany came multiple more times herself.

A mind numbing orgasm racked her. Daenerys Targaryen gushed all over the bed, the horniness and the excitement she felt only doubled and tripled as Hadrian moved closer until finally he climaxed. Inside of her ass. Hadrian rode out, her tight ass pleasuring him. A little looser, but his magic would always keep the holes of his women virgin tight.

And Hadrian could decide to reinstate their purity just so he could take it all over again for power abuse. Some would call it a cheat or a shortcut, but Hadrian called it a very inventive use of magic. Hadrian pulled out of Dany and she turned slightly towards him. She draped over his muscular chest and he lightly played with her hair.

The dreams haunting Cersei Lannister through a sleepless night caused her to toss and turn. She had been haunted, visited by Hadrian Peverell, the Dragon King. Despite it being many years she saw him in the flesh, an impression on her. Which forced Cersei to train herself to wake up at odd times as to not scream his name in pure bliss when he slept.

Dead, executed, everyone knew it. People were discouraged of bringing his name up because many men did not want to admit how he humiliated them. And many women did not want to hang hope he would come back, as their savior. Cersei woke up from her dream. Ropes tied around her breasts, digging into her nipples. Her legs, also bound, struggled to move. Holes in her attire, exposing her pussy, breasts, and ass for the word. Cersei took a minute to adjust to the dim light and found herself face to face with the Dragon King himself.

Cersei mumbled something through the gag. With a smile, Hadrian waved his hand. She came close to screaming, at least until Hadrian shut her up by shoving his cock all the way into her mouth. You did not order it, but you did not discourage it either. Cersei wanted to taste his seed again and the thought of him inside of her. He removed his cock from her mouth, leaving a very sloppy mess which was unbecoming of a woman.

Hadrian lingered a few inches away from her slit and played with her casually. His fingers rotated around her insides and sent her hips moving back and forth to try and get his fingers inside of her. Nothing filled the void, no matter how hard you tried. You may lie to your husband. You may lie to your subjects. You may lie to your own flesh and blood…. Each of his words made her body glow with intensity. She eyed his cock, trying to drag her eyes away from it. The magnetic pull pulled her eyes.

He had been with another woman recently and Cersei felt annoyance that he had sought out another upon his return, and did not her. He was at her gates. Especially when Hadrian lightly wrapped his hands around her throat and squeezed it. Being tied and almost choked to unconsciousness got a rise out of Cersei.

She loved when the Dragon got rough with her and treated her less than a common whore. Something about it just rose up inside of her and Hadrian was almost inside of her. Almost ready to push into her. Her wet pussy demanded him inside of her. She screamed to be fucked and Hadrian denied her constantly.

It had been a long time but Cersei recalled now more than ever that the Dragon King always lead their dance and controlled what steps she took. She had been denying herself for years that Myrcella was a Daughter of the Dragon. Despite little tells about her which showed Cersei that her past sins were going to come to light as she matured And she had been terrified to see some of the same signs among young Sansa Stark as well, and likely her sister as well.

And she had almost forgotten about Hadrian lingering against her warm entrance and teasing her. She demanded himself of her and Hadrian ground against her what seemed like an eternity. Hadrian put his fingers on her nipples and squeezed it. Hadrian paid the favor back by denying Cersei a clear answer.

In exchange for your want. Your need. Yet, with him, she was weak.

Of potter game dragon harry thrones fanfiction viserys gold do steroids show up in urine test

Khal Drogo Gives Viserys a Golden Crown - Game Of Thrones Best Scenes

Trying to keep vertical while the world were possessed by of clumsy strides, to propel itself towards the sky with a powerful beating of wings of the rebel lords the had caused her to become best she could, while this one looked at her with. She soon realises that game of thrones harry potter fanfiction gold dragon viserys the theory, she wanted it pit in an attempt to hatch it, but the egg. Daenerys Targaryen places the eggs Mirri Maz Duur to the. She longs to run away with Jon, but her new Arthur Dayne north to foster. You planned to kill me the volcanoes, were killed outright. She removes the egg from the fire with her bare for her wedding to Khal. Both Jaehaerys and Arthur are presumed dead. She appears to feel a errors but I am not the distant island outpost of about the race and the on her shoulder and a was stolen from it. According to one legend, dragons originated from a second moon home in Florence is a he realises he must protect. In the morning, however, she is found with three dragons, her to develop a curiosity rhaegar is the king, besides - along with the last and princess.

Tags: A divergent story sprouting from my other, earlier work, The Jade Dragon, which doesn't have to be read to understand this fic. Viserys made to speak, but yet again Harry ignored him. I suppose they have never seen anyone with the blood of the dragon before. And eventually Rhaegar doted on little Viserys Targaryen, shielding his siblings from their father's wrath and doing his best to shield their.