dawn of the dragons hauberk of gold

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Dawn of the dragons hauberk of gold british pharmaceuticals companies

Dawn of the dragons hauberk of gold

Hold mouse over result to see its name and type. Click on item to jump to its page. Dawn of the Dragons Wiki Explore. Web Version. Mobile Version. Troops Generals Legions Premiums. Top Content. Links Top Content Back. Explore Wikis Community Central.

Register Don't have an account? Hauberk of Gold. History Talk 0. Yellow: stamina. For hitting generic non-guild raids and skirmish. Double tapping allows you to refill your Energy in exchange for 10pc and provides a link to the Raids and PvP tabs.

Purple: honor. Double tapping provides a link to the Guild tab. Gold: Single tap will change between current amount on hand an time until more is gained. Double tapping allows you to Quick Stash your gold, which is like a bank. Land is where you buy building to increase your income every hour.

To save your gold, only buy in bulks of Cost increase per purchase. In game currency, buy with real money. The number of offers you get highly depends on your area. Not always works and the number of offers highly depends on the area you are in.

Bottom bar Home page Home is the first page you see after log in or by tapping on Home button. It displays from top to bottom; Player Name, Class, Guild name, image of Character in Vanity gear and notification banners. Chat The Chat tab contains the in-game chat which will is automatically disable and will need to be enabled in the Chat settings within the chat tab.

Chat history is cleared every time you reload the game. Rules here. Blue names are Moderators, they are supposed to keep the chat clean. In theory they work at the discretion and request of the developers and have authority over chat.

If you have enough reputation and maybe get nomination, your login status would change, and your name would become blue in color if you show up when schnzy is online. Instructions would be sent via forum pm.

We lacks mods atm, only 2 active and 2 semi-active. Yellow names are Admins, they are the developers of the game. Beware of their hammer. Note that silence only fully function after reloading. AutoScroll: Checked: scroll to bottom of the chat when someone talks Unchecked: keep the chat in the place you are reading, but sometimes scroll to the top when someone posted.

User online: current number of user online. Profile page Stat points sp Obtain from: 5sp every level More can be gained through crafting or as direct loot from some Event Raids or World Raids or some usable items. At early stage helps a bit to fight quest boss. A factor of bsi. Also helps in pvp. At early stage helps to reduce damage taken from quest bosses. Health Cost table Allows you to sustain more damage.

Also helps in pvp Energy Cost is forever 1 sp Increase the amount of energy you have Stamina Cost is forever 2 sp Max exp with stamina from raids is exp, with quicken mind. Perception Cost table Increase the quality mainly and somehow chance of perception reward from quest. Perception reward table here.

Cost For attack, defense and perception, best to add at once before the cost increase. Any chance to reset stat? You cannot, and you have no need to do so. Vanity Use the coolest equipment you have, or scariest, or most disgusting, whatever you want. This is just for display, no other effects. When equipped on yourself, both PROC and stat of an equipment helps. For the equipment on general, only PROC helps. Programmed Random OCcurrence.

Its proc name also shown there. To judge which equipment is better for raiding, usually their [proc damage x proc rate] are compared. The procs of mounts scales up with your base damage and magics. Only works on yourself, not in legion. Stat Attack, defense and perception.

Only helps if put on yourself, not legion. Equipment sets Allows you to switch between different equipment sets for different purpose quickly. Order of griffin set, Greenleaf set, heroic callissa set, gravedigger set paid , hybrid set best at the moment, but the raid that gives this set is a headache remember to use all you extra resources before switching back to other equipment set pvp not as common nowadays health gears for duel attack and defense gears for colosseum Usable Consumable items Such as: potions, buff, lockboxes… rising hero chest: open at certain level, last one level pouch: allow you to use the item when fighting QUEST bosses Heavy stat bag: bugged.

When you open it added to your stat points instead. Messages You message wall. It is used when other players wish to leave you messages, or when you wish to leave messages to others. You may set your messages to be either public or private. Achievements Tap the badges to check your process. Not that they are disorganized. Rewards list here You can get easy ap by man and other small guild raids some guilds would also organize man guild raid runs tiny stamina raids collecting stuff PvP wins and losses stashing gold and buying lands adding people to army only ap for 5k army but just keep adding Leaderboards Extremely buggy, view your fairly accurate rank here.

Tiers are divided by level Official explanation here. Notifications Notifications from developers. Show a blue dot at the corner of your portrait. ToS Term of service. The law of DotD. It also allows you to browse the forum in game.

Tap the logo of dotd after the ToS window pop up. In most cases it is not a good idea to solo raids. You wont get any more loot after reaching max tier. Usually it is your own summon just for AP. For ap. Those are tiny guild raids and you are impatient to ask for a run back-to-back kill and resummons Magic Allow you to put buff on raids. Also favorite your favorite magics. Only cast if you fully understand magics. Usually, there are more acceptable magics on guild raids compare to stamina raids.

This is because in many guilds after agreeing with the rules, everyone would have the rights of replacing the magic with better one. Note that only a few magics are acceptable by the majority on stamina raids especially common farming raids and insanely huge raids. These raids regenerates health after getting a certain damage, use Magic Torch before the cauterization timer elapses to disable the timer Searching raids By code By name: It is a bit buggy.

For some raids you can only find it by searching a few letters instead of full name. End when time is up. Loot tables are usually provided. Summon by developers. The raid would stay there before it dies, even if you are out of that guild.

This is a list of all magics and their proc. Quest Basic: Quickest dump of energy Many good items and many items that are only good for ap and premium boost are from quest. Perception is mainly for quest For early quests, attack helps to improve your damage against quest bosses. It caps against different bosses after certain attack. But you get less craft and less perception reward with that.

Reset: Click the name of the area to reset Sometimes you may want to complete on higher difficulty first. Raiding legion: Legion plays an important role on your raid damage, especially at lower level. Buy the pc premiums as possible.

Manually assigning your legion is usually better than clicking the auto-assign button assign. Save and compare the legion power, use the combination that gives you highest power. This is a good guide by dragoff. After assigning all, use your best general that cannot fit into other slots as commander.

As you play and get more legions, you may want to use different legions against different raids. Questing legion: using general and troops that increase your perception. Currently you cannot see which one you have in game, just by memory. List of legion boosts here. Good for ap and fodders anyway. Duel and Colosseum uses tickets that refill daily.

You may also stash the duel tickets from serpina, but you will not get your daily duel ticket with that. Skirmish and joust uses stamina and honor respectively. Good for emergency gold. Some people define success in the game as beating everyone in pvp. Others do PvP maining because of 3 reasons: serpina, tisiphone and ap. Serpina is an energy raid that is one of the best sp and ap farm, also the only way to stash duel tickets.

The essence can be bought in duel store at rank Tisiphone is also an energy raid. It gives some troops and generals but not much use other than that. The use of AP was explained earlier. Guild Basic: A guild is the place for you to spend your honor, and also to get support from fellow players. A public guild has limited guild raids, also lack support from experienced players.

Here is my post on why good player guilds are better than public guilds. A player guild has more guild raids in the war room, maybe also more stam raids to share and supports form other players. Depends on the amount of actives in the guild. A well-established and organized player guild can helps the growth of a player by providing high rate of guild raids turnover, more stam raids to hit, aid your raids, keep drama out as possible Not until u joined a great guild you'll find how little you know about the game.

Interface: Invite: get the invitation link of your guild Archive: check the raid history of your guild and see the list of player guilds Members: check the list of your guild members. You can view their profile and add them to army. Privileges of different ranks depends on how different leaders set he permission. Guild raids gives some good free generals. Green cog: Options Allow you to leave the guild. For guild only.

Army Army page allows you to: add army manually Shows your army code write down for future need, like support tickets! See the name, level, guild of your army members Tap the portrait of your army members to check their profile or send them a message. Type the codes manually, either codes from friends or random codes Currently army is only for Colosseum, Skirmish and achievements.

Auto-leveling Definition: Level up before using all stamina, energy or honor you have. Without waiting, using potions or spending pc on a refill. Set up your 3rd set of gear for leveling. Steps: Just before you level xp left , switch to your 3rd equipment set and legion. Don't switch your gear and legion yet! You will lose the extra energy and stamina your gear and legion allow you to keep. Note: auto level usually stops at level with order of griffin set, stops at level with qwiladrian hybrid set.

It is a seasonal event. Check Part B2 for details. Gibbo A general that half exp gain. Good to use when you have more than enough resources to level. Spinning circle Feature of DawnMo Being used so many times that there is countless scratches on the metal surface. Now if I go to the Game all I see is a whitescreen. The Page loads, just the game does not.

What I tried: Clearing Cache. Disabling Add-Ons - Does not work. Clearing Cookies for the site - Does not work. Other Games do work, so I really dont know where the problem is Anyone can help me? I wanted to give props to the Dev's for creating a new legion that can still be useful without actually replacing the Ravenguard II legion. The base power is actually a bit stronger for new legion compared to Raven legion. My first thought was just to simply dismiss this new legion and file in nice but not useful category.

However I got to actually looking at it and determined there still can be nice use for it vs camps. Helmsman legion has some nice proc dmg associated with it. Which means it should be at least as good as if not better overall for the new camp, especially in particular on hard mode. But I can still also happily use my Ravenguard II for most rest of the camps.

So I will assume this is what the Dev's intended and if so congrats on actually accomplishing this for at least some of us. I have already written plenty in another thread, which seemed at the time to be a logical place to put it, but since there has been zero reaction I will start a new thread. I am very concerned about the decision on the part of the devs to craft the wizard scroll 12 required to make the essence for elite euryino from 50 terror scale and 50 terror eye.

These crafts will drop plentifully when elite euryino starts being summoned which is presumably why devs wanted to make this raid, to make the drops easier on us so that the crafts would not be completely out of date when we get them , so as soon as that is the case, there will be plenty of elite euryino essences around. It will also be possible to craft the Yvette boosts, which are crafted using the same and the same number of craft ingredients, fairly easily assuming someone actually finishes the raid.

When the raid came out, I truly expected the devs to summon a few elites to get us started, as has happened before. This was also asked for by lots of players but categorically declined. This would not have been the best solution, but would have been acceptable to alleviate the frustration that I am certain all whales have, since the whales would have got their essence relatively quickly, and the issue would have been forgotten.

The trouble is that up until today it was only possible to get these crafts from summoner loot from Euryino raid. That is raids for the essence, plus an allowance for the distribution between the two crafts. Despite these hindrances some whales managed to collect 50 of each of the crafts before the essence was squeezed into the craftable goodies. Unfortunately most of us were stupid enough in hindsight to craft Yvette boost.

But who would have thought that the devs would play a little trick like this on us? The trouble is the consequences of this action. After a year of struggling to collect 50 of each craft, the craft gets massively devalued — it will be very easily obtainable as soon as elite euryinos start coming. As of course will be the Yvette boost. Is a pity, but well the game goes on. But those who did their best to do what was required of them — summon raids, kill them, loot them and collect craft ingredients which is the objective of the game - are now at a great disadvantage in getting the aspired scroll, because their supply of ingredients is already depleted by 50 of each.

Anyone who started, but did not achieve the goal, should have more of the ingredients in stock, will start the "race" at a distinct advantage. Furthermore, a much graver problem, we have no trust that the devs will not play this dirty little trick again on something else.

For eyample, I am now at last in the position of being able to complete the collection from Frozen War camp — also fairly difficult drops to come by. But do I craft it? The same applies to all other tricky drops in the game particularly with the confused crafting page, which makes me scared to craft anything at all to be quite frank. This game is about hitting raids and quests and camps, looting, and being rewarded with the crafts you can make from them.

The only sensible way out of this dilemma is to my mind make the scroll craftable from the first Yvette boost. Then, those who have already invested loads of effort in getting the boost, get rewarded by getting the essence, and the other players still get the essence as well because all they have to do is hit the elites when they start showing up. So if I don't get any of the Endless dawn legion boosts: troops, gen, gear and 2 of the Arms, is the legion weaker or equal to Rising dawn?

All I would get out of it is 6 arm slots. I won't be able to feel the 2 extra gen slots since my healer and ranged gens are weak. So why is Endless base damage weaker? If I don't get the legion power boosting arms, how is it better? I haven't really seen any discussion on this, except those that are saying it's great in chat have mentioned they have the full set, so it's biased for those that won't be able to get anything more than the legion.

Is it worth it to get the legion even if I don't get any of the troops, arm, or general? Or is it equal to Rising Dawn unboosted? With an award each month for the guild that posts the most raids in public Also it would help the public raid system stay full The Elderones Only obtainable at Level or perhaps higher Also other requirements could also be a certain percentage of AP goals proving themselves in battle and focus to obtains the most devoted of rewards.

Beings consistently contributing to the game Would it be possible to allow us to sort generals, troops and armaments by bonus energy, bonus stamina, bonus honor, perception, and PvP power? Only four of the six survived. One shattered on a rock in the fall.

The last has not been found. Likely destroyed as well. The one giving the report swallows hard. I shall have the cost of those eggs, and make it legal. The night before Jason Morris was transporting six A-class dragon eggs. Each with an identification marker.

A silver band with a gold seal on them. On the thin wet road he was traveling to save time his horse slipped over the edge. Moments before his death he wrapped himself around the eggs but two slipped from his grasp. One landed on top of the other. As one laid shattered the other survived continuing to roll down the hill into the river and eventually the ocean. The storm currents eventually washed the egg into a beach cave where it was buried under sand beneath a skylight.

The next day under the suns warmth the egg hatched. That same time Jasons wife gave birth to a boy. His name is Tod. Eight years pass! I came into the dragon good store my uncle own with the armload of wood. I set them in the pile by the pit and raised before looking around. There were a bunch of new but ages saddles, harnesses, and other thing anyone would need to be a dragon racer, or a dragon owner in general.

The problem was they rarely pass threw. I went to the nearby water spring and got all I could carry. On the way back I saw a bush move and went to investigate but saw it nothing. I shrugged my shoulder before moving on. When back in the shop I saw my uncle and he takes the bucket from me with a smile on him. I kept walking till I noticed I was further than I normally go.

Past a bend I saw a hidden beach cave. I noticed it was starting to grow late but my curiosity bested me and I went to it's enterence. Sense the sun was going down there was not much light to see much but what I did see was a large drift wood table. I moved in more to get a better look and a dragon's head appeared from the shadows.

Our eyes instantly met. What seemed like years passed in a moment and the dragon moved closer to me. That is when I saw it had no collar. I turned and ran. Dinner is nearly ready. Why don;t you go get some more water while you wait. An unclaimed dragon? They are closely watched. I gave myself a weak laugh guessing the fading light was playing tricks on me and dipped the bucket.

As I was lifting it out I saw that same dragon again on the other side coming from a bush. I drop the bucket and ran out of fear seeing it still not have a collar. When I got back I saw the bucked in front of the door full. I dont know if is this forum where I have to write this but as game advance there are a lot of new sets and a few itemslot set. Each week you release a lot of new sets but no new slots Is it possible to create a WR or Event raid with a new slot set as a reward?

Or is it possible to make a discount, as you did before, for slot sets? I remember once you sold them at 15PC Will developers offer this discount again?

Sorry, that golden girl dragon queen seems


Please, fever after steroid shot sorry, that

You can stockpile Bone Arrows, but can only have one unupgraded Teucer. The items are not loot; they have a chance to drop during the raid when you hit the specified raid using the specified items. Do not put SP into Perception, just use gear with the best Perception. Stop at until you can reach Perception to have a chance for Green Perc rewards.

If you lose battles, try using a Defense or Health build, use scrolls for bosses, or work on an easier Area. Do all Quests on Normal difficulty until the first area of Zone 4. Get 5 Scrolls any difficulty, one from each Area, two from Area 4 to craft Dahrizon, the best free General who adds bonus to all Legions.

Zone 5: Attack to unlock SoD Hard. Page 1 is from the boss of Area 1; Page 2 from Area 2; etc. Zone 6: Climb Areas. Do Mestr Rekkr personal raid for Championship Belt. Complete Zone 7 on Normal. Repeat each Area climb Area 5 until you have the part. If you are missing only one Scroll after completing Legendary, repeat the appropriate Area until you can craft Dahrizon.

If you are missing a General from a difficulty, repeat the Area on that difficulty, otherwise do the highest difficulty. Repeating an Area on NM costs much more Energy and may give better chance at an item than repeating Normal. Some items require completing NM. When neither condition applies, repeat Normal. Zone 4: Attack to get parts for Shield of Ryndor. Each part has chance to drop from named boss. Zone 7: Magma Horror Essence has a chance to drop from all Zone 7 bosses to allow the Magma Horror personal raid needed to upgrade Sargaash.

Zone 9: Attack to upgrade Mina. Craft — Legends — slide almost to the bottom — Mina von Richten. Repeat each area climb Area 5 until you have the corresponding Bottle. Dawn of the Dragons no longer lets you play when you want to play. She does not need to be in your Legion when Stashing, just while increasing her level. The first 10, AP takes a month. The second takes weeks. You can make 15 PC from 4 Idols every 4 weeks.

You will eventually get PC for every 10, AP. Needs 60 weeks to break-even. You want to have PC ready for when an awesome item is on sale. Four items are on sale each week. You will not know if a Set is good when you start purchasing. Quests keep asking you to buy things. Click Bazaar, Land, Buy 10 Cornfields. You want to always buy 10 at a time of any Land purchase. For your first purchase, if you cannot afford 10, still buy some Cornfields.

Take a nap. When you return, gold is no longer an issue. Soon you will be buying Land just to get rid of gold, which makes more gold. It is automatic. Troops go into your Troops. Equipment goes into Inventory. Crafting Items including Idols are added to the appropriate Craft entries. You need 3 to fill your Colosseum Team.

Achievements are available for winning and losing each type of PvP so do not worry about losing, which also helps keep your Duel and Colosseum Ranks low. Duel and Colosseum have Ranks. You can buy things when you reach certain Ranks. Use all your Tickets for Duel and Colosseum every day. If you gain Duel Tickets Serpina drops them , use them immediately. Each day the total is reset to your maximum. If you still have Tickets at midnight server time somewhere in Africa near Nigeria where those friendly emails originate , they are wasted.

That score is multiplied by your BSI, which should be abysmal until over level DotD adds a random number to you and your opponent, and chooses a winner. Find beatable players by checking who attacked you and lost. Do not worry about losing. You can only attack and be attacked by players within 5 Ranks of you and within tiers based on level.

Level borders at and ; at level 99, you can only attack and be attacked by players below level ; at , the lowest opponent will be at least level Should change once the major flaws and easy fixes are mentioned where 5PG can read them. Choose your 3 highest level Friends and equip them to get the highest total power. Uses Honor. Uses character and equipment. Losses give no XP so good for using Honor before leveling.

Stash before trying for losses. Wretchingwretch 74 posts. Thanks for this. Can you go into more detail about the point of troops? Do they automatically just increase my damage in raids or what? It tells me I have 2. I have no idea what to do with that info. Mar 18, am. Mosfet posts. You mostly have to adjust your equipment — only their proc count in the damage — so put in armor and weapons if they give extra damage, increased crit, ect.

You get get an army if you pay with PC, but I never saw a good reason to do it. Jonyboy 22 posts. JohannasGarden posts. Nice guide, Solprovider, thanks for putting it together. There are also tabs for equipping yourself and a small team for pvp. Many people will eventually get into pvp for AP.

Also, when you need something from a particular raid, politely let people know. Mar 18, pm. Thanks for the explanations all. Only one I know of — so far. Mar 19, am. Mar 19, pm. Fleecemaster posts. Mar 22, am. A few points about pvp: 1 You can lose rank in duel and colosseum if you lose a lot. Once you reach a safe rank, however, you cannot fall below that point. Bonuses work but are not shown on your character profile. Equip the items with the best attack to your ranged player and those with the best defense to your healer.

Next, give your second best defense items to your tank and your third best to melee. When in doubt, experiment such as when an item you have only one of has the best attack and defense in that slot. This is unnecessary. If someone has contrary test results, please share. Also, pvp bonus attack and defense are not showing up on character profiles, so be sure to add those. Damage procs are in addition to this formula. To best test whether the commander adds legion damage, remove all gear, clear your legion, and summon a fresh raid.

Put a strong commander in your legion to note the damage he does, and then move him to the commander slot. Hit your shiny new raid with 1 stam attacks. Take note of the damage you deal — it should be consistent with the commander counting normally as a general. LS is the least annoying of the three since you have to click heal less often. A few low level players may save some stamina, but the raid will likely die when someone accidentally hits for way too much damage. The raid summoner gets his cooldown back 5 minutes earlier, but many people miss out on the raid.

Big proc buffs are best for raids that people need to use a lot of stam on. Anything smaller is too likely to be splattered way too soon. Mar 23, am. Apr 4, am. Some Notes: 1. SP are stat points see mouseover text , not skill points 2. OS a number that people decide when to move on to another raid, because the next range requires more stam than they want to spend for the rewards.

SoD is also used for the Sim personal raid. Immortal Drake Slayer is now the highest class, at 5k. Level 1k and up, there is only one class available for choosing. I think both stats are equally important, but yes, under more players will benefit from stam. I would say no more then 2x one stat over another. New players should put all extra into defense, as it takes a long time to build up.

They will build up strength from enhanced legions, gear, etc far more than they will from attack at this point. Focusing on defense has huge advantages later. Focusing on regular raids for stam during a WR can have mixed results, depending on how well they auto. This should be tested by each player first.

Rhal is also the only source for beginning players to get prag frags, which can be used to craft mighty calissa, one of the best available early leveling and questing armor sets. Farm raids can be created on N. It does not after MS. It is just usually cost prohibitive.

Script can easily be installed in chrome as well. Opera works, but requires some extra work. I do not expect someone to go through and count other taggers. Procs from other players should take care of most of this concern. Legion does contribute, but not MOST of your damage. They had better not be tagging z10s… careful with that note there.

Recheck when you get z10 troops. SP are stat points see mouseover text , not skill points. Thank you. Nobody on Kong will be level soon. The guide has always said players should always be the class that refills Stamina fastest. You missed my recommendation to switch from Stamina to Energy after getting the good loot from raids. Why would anybody care about Defense until wanting to do Z10?

And they have plenty of other zones to grind while adding Defense. Improving Attack has immediate benefts in raids. Getting farmed in PvP is good. Keeps your Rank down so you can win. Eventually you will be too strong, and Rank will increase. But wasting SP on Health is silly when refilling Health just costs gold. Tried to figure out how to phrase it so the paragraph could not be misunderstand. For a player following the guide, most of their damage will come from the Legion for quite some time.

Yes, their character should eventually surpass their Legion. No, I am not adding more formulas to the guide. They changed the tiers. Apr 5, pm. I used to find your AP posts helpful in smaller, non-memorized raids, but now you are just being obnoxious and your chop and paste is getting longer and longer.

Why not hit like less than k more and get a good chance at 2 epics? The following arguing is really.. Makes no sense. My little own experience was arriving at Normal z9 with nearly 10k attack and like 1k def at ish. Questing there was so long that I reached NM Vala with 10k def! The difference is too high to be neglected. And not things like farm ryndor until you get it.

Anyways, nice trying to make a guide, I hope it gets better through people feedback. Apr 6, am. The DotD community has proven really bad at math. PvP: Keeping your Rank low is good. Means you can win more. If you focus on increasing Rank, you will eventually reach a Rank where you cannot win and everybody in range farms you. Better to work for the free ones while waiting for a better Legion to be sold.

Styles: I assume that people attempting to play this either want to get the Badges and leave, or want to play the game. Finish Normal through Z9. Climb: I have no idea. For some, reaching NM gives AP. Click on item to jump to its page. Dawn of the Dragons Wiki Explore. Web Version. Mobile Version. Troops Generals Legions Premiums. Top Content. Links Top Content Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Hauberk of Gold. History Talk 0. This content is the same for both the web and mobile versions of Dawn of the Dragons.