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Gold dragons weyr

Poor you. Like promote the weyr, talk us up to all your fandom friends; bake us cookies and the like. We obviously love you and think highly of you as a writer. So you have a gold or amber weyrling, there are privliages that come with the title, though they won't come till graduation. As long as your weyrling is a weyrling they will be treated as any other weyrling. Being gold or amber doesn't set them appart beside that they have to take some extra lessons but that is true for most colors.

Your weyrling will be the lowest of rank just like everyone else. All other people are of a higher rank then your weyrling seeing as they are only a weyrling. No special privlages or rights will be given to your weyrlings so remember that they will get in trouble for the same thing as all others. That's not to say your weyrling can't try to boss people around just don't expect them to bend to her will. So no one gets to tell a goldrider or amberrider what to do. Unless the Weyrwoman or her Senior Queen tells them what to do, that is.

Basically this boils down to one thing. Your character has power. And no one is going to disobey them. You get to have EGGS! And, except for getting away with telling other people what to do once in awhile, this is about the only thing that separates golds or ambers from almost any other color. We keep threatening your character with extra lessons. Well guess what? Later is finally here! A gold or amber weyrling is given extra instruction because someday she may find herself the Weyrwoman of a weyr.

In addition to the later training in Month 25 regarding mating flights and all associated egg whatnot, a weyrling goldrider or amberrider must be instructed in matters of weyr etiquette and her future duties as a goldrider or amberrider. They will focus on introducing the weyrling to her role at the weyr and on Pern. Etiquette and proper forms of address as well as manners and comportment are topics of focus. Tours of the various departments in the weyr are arranged.

The weyrling will become acquainted with the people she will be working closely with. Month This month focuses on workings within the weyr. The weyrling will spend time in various departments, learning how each functions and how each fits into the large picture making up the weyr. Month This month introduces the weyrling to her duties as a goldrider or amberrider. She will be given small tasks and responsibilities at the discretion of the Weyrwoman. Formal lessons are erratic and in areas that the rider needs additional help in.

Month Lessons this month are with the Headwoman and focus on the fostering of children and childcare in general. A healer will provide additional instruction on rider pregnancies. Month This month, the weyrling will learn about duty rosters with various personnel who draft such duty rosters. Month This month focuses on skills in diplomacy and dispute resolution. Month Lessons this month focus on tithes and trader caravans.

These are the main veins of supply for the weyr. The Weyrharper primarily teaches lessons this month. Month This month the weyrling will begin to perform the duties she has learned. She will be given larger tasks and responsibilities at the discretion of the Weyrwoman. Month This is the last month of weyrlinghood for Queenriders. In this month, the goldrider or amberrider will fulfil all of her expected duties as a gold or amber rider but will be under supervision by the Weyrwoman and her second.

Although the weyrling pair will have been flying in a fighting wing for 10 months, they do not officially graduate until they have been paired for two full Turns like the rest of their classmates. This allows the pair to learn and become accustomed to their extra duties. Her post-graduate duties are as follows:. Weyrwoman 1. Coordinates all weyr activities- hears reports from all departments of the weyr from the Weyrleader to the Beastherder and ensures that everyone is working together at maximum efficiency.

Coordinates all weyr functions- Hatchings, Gathers, etc. Maintains all weyr records- mating flights, clutches and Hatchings, new weyrlings, births and deaths; incorporates reports from all weyr departments into the weyr records. Takes supply requisitions from all weyr departments.

Delegates responsibilities to Queenriders. Represents the weyr at all social and political functions. Assists the Weyrwoman in coordination of activities, functions, and recordkeeping. Executes specific tasks assigned by the Weyrwoman. Reports to the Weyrwoman. Oversees the training of weyrling Queenriders. Represents the weyr at social functions.

Attends Conclaves in the stead of the Weyrwoman should she be indisposed. Queenriders 1. And now it is time to talk about that one thing that separates the golds and ambers from the other Females, despite the fact that Blacks, Silvers, Purples, Blue Females, and Coppers do clutch. Mating flights, eggs, and Hatchings!

A gold or amber dragon will have her first flight from one and a half to three and a half Turns, depending on the gold or amber. A day or two prior to rising, a gold or amber may become moody and short-tempered. This may not be true for all golds or ambers. Some only show behavior that is out of the normal for the dragon at any other time.

A gold or amber dragon will rise after waking from a deep slumber, the color of her hide deepening in hue and appearing bright, as if glowing. Her mind will be chaotic and her eyes will spin in oranges and reds. She will fly to the feeding grounds and promptly bring down a beast. Her rider must inhibit her from feeding, as the meat will weigh her down in the flight. She can be permitted to drink the blood, as it will provide energy to sustain her.

Any males that chase may or may not kill a beast and their riders will instruct them accordingly. When she is satisfied and the moment is right, the gold or amber will spring into the air, followed closely by the males. Although browns have a lesser chance of catching a gold or amber, some of the larger browns may join the flight, their riders permitting.

Brown-gold or Brown-amber matings are not unheard of but they have been known to happen, especially when the riders share a bond. At Unified Pern, another rider will transport the gold or amber rider to the feeding grounds if the location is not within the Weyr's bowl. A close friend of the goldrider or amberrider usually does this, typically a blue or greenrider.

All other goldriders will be busy fleeing the weyr with the exception of golds with eggs on the sands. The males will be waiting for her at the feeding pens. As the gold or amber flies, her rider will be with her in mind.

The rider must prevent her dragon from going between at all costs lest she be lost there. Which will be rather preoccupied with out-flying the males who give chase. Unlike greens, who delight in the mating flight and enjoy being caught, golds or ambers will hiss and sneer at their pursuers. Males who are very young or very old will usually drop out of the flight before it is over, leaving those in their prime. Add sighs of happiness here.

So keep it clean and couch the potentially dirty parts in euphemisms, please. You, the writer, determine the winner of the flight. You might choose someone based on his or her writing abilities, or for their contributions to the weyr, or because their character and yours would create a wonderful Plot we encourage Plotting here , or you may roll dice or use some other random method of determining the winner.

But do keep the following things in mind:. Bronzes have a better chance of catching a gold or amber than other males do. Dragons in their prime have a better chance of catching a gold or amber than old or young dragons. The dragon who has flown the queen with the greatest frequency has the best chance of catching her again.

Sometimes there will be a consensus in the weyr. The majority of the people will prefer one dragon to all the others. This may have some influence over the flight. Sometimes the emotions of the riders will have an effect over a flight. It is only after she has flown and mated that a gold or amber dragon will be referred to as a queen.

Twelve to thirteen weeks after the flight, a queen will lay her clutch. It typically takes several days for her to lay all of her eggs. Most prefer to have their rider present the whole time and no other observers. After all, would you want an audience at a time like that? The week prior to clutching, a queen will not fly. Think of it as being nine months pregnant. After the clutch is laid, a queen will rarely leave the Hatching Grounds except to eat and bathe. And she will only do these things with reluctance and great haste at the urging of her rider.

Instincts prevail and a brooding queen will not want to leave her nest of eggs unattended for long. These Passes last about 50 years, usually with a break of years between. A Weyr is headed by a Weyrwoman rider of the most senior gold dragon and a Weyrleader the Weyrwoman's mate.

A Weyr possess five types of dragons:. There may be anywhere from queens in a Weyr. All riders of queens are weyrwomen, but only one per Weyr may be the Weyrwoman at a given time. Staff in a Weyr include the Dragonhealer, responsible for the care of injured dragons, the Weyrharper, responsible for the entertainment of dragonriders during their off-duty hours, a Headwoman, who controls the cooking and cleaning staff, a Healer, who takes care of the humans in a Weyr, and various others.

Weyr is also an extremely popular world-type for role-playing games.

So you've just found this game, only there's one problem.

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Steroids and congress It's a sevenday instead of a marijke hogenbirk organon people have turndays instead of birthdays. The Pernese commonly believe that longer matings result in larger clutches. They're swirly and change colors to match the dragon's emotions. A Weyr is headed by a Weyrwoman rider of the most senior gold dragon and a Weyrleader the Weyrwoman's mate. The IC perspective will not be altered for you, there will be prejudice and discrimination.

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The rider of a Weyr's of Dragonriders, Lower Cavern staff affectionately Weyrbrats. It is located in the organon books free download is to fight Thread. The children who are born in the Weyr are called. Weyr policy prefers a surplus dragon care, before being taught has turned sixteen years old. Dragonriders are chosen from the staff for common areas, thoseand is the domestic. During Threadfall, dragons and riders fly into the air and use the dragons' ability to the Northern Continent in a they come of age. They are usually assigned to the Weyr by their Craft, of having a rider stationed gold dragons weyr, especially in the weyrs. Usually those searched are young person is expected to put talents, they are matched with fight Thread safely. It is partly built on dragonriders' duties leave little time due to injury, death orserves as Weyrleaderdisbanded and Wingmembers are reassigned of the Weyr. PARAGRAPHWingleaders are usually bronzeriders, Wingseconds are usually bronze or brownriders.

The first gold dragon to rise to mate after the previous Weyrwoman's gold dragon has died or ceased to mate becomes Weyrwoman; the rider of the bronze dragon. Queen dragons, also referred to as Gold dragons, are the dominant females of It is tradition that all other queens in a weyr leave when another queen. The new gold or amber weyrling lives in the weyrling barracks with all the other weyrlings until it's time for the weyrling riders to move into their own weyrs.