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Black gold dragon dragon booster


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And if he doesn't have one, can I make up something cool like "Equuis-class" or something? Because that would be so freaking Drac! Cool question Elushun! And cool name for a dragon too! Of course you can make up an "Equuis Class" if you'd like but Beau is actually a "Star-Class" dragon which is the class of original gold-boned dragons.

Connor had spent his entire life trying to mix dragon breeds and hopefully, breed the return of the "black and gold dragon", he did indeed manage to return the "Star-Class" dragon to existence. Hope that answers the question! Can you tell us more about Grey dragons and Libris?

We know they shed what are called exo-bones Are these what give Libris his skeletal appearance? What is that balance? A balance of all the draconium colors within them and if so, how does it get unbalanced? How old is Libris? Do all the grey dragons have the same basic look of Libris? Did Rivett bring him to the Academy and is that how Libris got so large the evolution process?

And Word said at the beginning of the series "by turning all dragons back to gold", yet Rivett implies that Libris was there during the original Dragon-Human war; so, did Libris just not get changed to gold, or what?

Fabulous question Mari. Gray draconium works like an amplifier in a sense, that it makes any color of draconium more powerful. Because it's essentially neutral, it works equally on all dragons and is used in all of the gear in tiny amounts, but gray draconium is also influenced and powered by the other draconium powers too which is why it is very dangerous and sparingly allowed by the powers that be. During the time of the great draconium empires, the gray dragons were hunted for their draconium, much as elephants are hunted for tusks for medicine.

Gray dragons ally with no one and it took centuries for the mechanists to tame just one! Mechanists really just trade and use the already shed exo bones and have buiit a crew and business around that. Rivett as revolutionary as he appears, is quite different than that! Yes, Libris is an evolved dragon by the way, very right on! The secret is that the horn was given to the original Dragon Booster to call the gray dragons at just the right time in the war.

Hint: stopping the war was about balance! My question is this, Do Black Psi Class dragons and Orange control class dragons have the ability to communicate telepathically with their rider once they have enough of a connection? I know they form mental bonds, but just how close can they be?

Do they have the ability to project thoughts or images to one another? I like to think that they can indeed communicate this way, but only when they have developed a strong enough bond. Also, anything you wish to add about Psi Class and Control class dragons would be great, thank you so very much! Cool question Matryx! There are two answers to your question: Psi class dragons require more gear to connect with their riders as black control class gear enhances this bond Psi class gear and black dragons exert a far more subtle influence on their riders and the gear in a sense creates more artificial balance for the rider, whereas the Orange gear is really about dragon control!

The colors of draconium, dragons and gear all have various strengths and limitations and only the truly experienced rider can go BEYOND the gear and truly interface with the dragon but here's the cool part, it's when that rider and that dragon have more traces of GOLD in their bones.

Yes, humans and dragons ALL have traces of gold draconium in their bones from the environment but when dragons and humans evolve, they can use a form of alchemy to change the other trace elements in their bodies to GOLD! If the dragons were once equal to people and as intelligent, then why can't they speak? Do all dragons understand humans? If dragons have a language of their own, then is there a reason the humans and more specifically the Dragon Priests haven't learned it?

Was there a reason you decided to make the dragons mute in the show e. Thanks Shining-Dragon and Furox! Humans in an attempt to control the dragons bread them to the seemingly mute state by dumbing them down for certain jobs and environmental needs as humans spread across the planet In the academy, you learn along other things, the language of the dragon which makes you and your dragon both far more powerful and dangerous!

It wasn't a Scooby Doo choice, it was a harbinger of things to come, it's like when you and I learn the language of adulthood, we now have far more destructive powers at our disposal but only humans who balance both the purity and innocence of the dragon with the more advanced if you will, human aspects; can truly make the leap to leadership and greater balance and understanding.

The Academy and Elite Class hopes to do just this but more on that soon! Thanks for the question SilverDragon. The evolution for dragons is similar for that of a human. Only when the human learns to really unlock the powers of the dragon, can the dragon evolve and only when the dragon too, learns to unlock parts of the human, the human evolves as well.

Let me explain, there is gold draconium in trace amounts in all dragons and traces of all other colors as well. One of the cool secrets of Dragon Booster is that there is gold draconium in all of the humans as they have absorbed it from the food and soil into their own bones. That is why humans can be safely magged with energy and eventually command it, gold acts as kind of universal key, protects you from the energy and also allows you to channel it. Thus in the Academy, both humans and dragons together learn to evolve to the Elite Class, one transformation dragon is outward in appearance, the other human inward.

The Elite Class races and gear are far more powerful, faster and way more dangerous on the scale of watching Mortis and Drakkus battle. Great Grey Khata, nice question! Star dragons looked more like Beau as the black and gold dragon, four legged and with that distinct head structure and face features. Obviously, they varied in appearance as humans and other animals do, but remember, they could speak and the balance of the gold draconium in the humans and the dragons, made an entire world of technology work just by thought and presence.

Wow, psychopathicdragon, you sure ask simple questions LOL! Well, you asked so here goes: Think quantum mechanics if you dare, mag energy is directed electromagnetic life force. While we mere humans have calcium in our bones which is a poor conductor of electricity, those on the planet in Dragon Booster have draconium in their bones which is a conductive metal. Therefore, the electrical processes in life on this planet involve magnetism as well as electricity. To be sure, we humans have the same process deep in our cells we just don't have the metal in our bones to store, amplify and magnetize from the energy.

Now, just as quantum energy mixes with and flows through everything there is, like atoms, mag energy fills and surrounds every living thing in Dragon City. Ok, now this is a weird concept but here goes, nothing in this life actually every touches anything else. The atoms in your body actually repel everything so that when you "touch" somebody, what you sense pick up is the feeling of the energy "pushing away" from the other energy.

Some of the energy bleeds and mixes in this event as well, and this is the foundation of mag energy. Through training and practice, you can become conscious of the energy and learn to use the stored magnetic energy in you and the dragon to "push", "pull" or "channel". This is the foundation of all the mag moves.

The lesson of the Dragon Booster is that by understanding the views and emotions of everybody else, you can fully unlock all the mag powers within you. What happened to Chute's old dragon Twyster? Comfortably retired? Similarly, let's say Beau chose Kitt in episode 1.

What would have happened to Wyldfyr? What happens to unwanted dragons generally? Excellent question Sarah. Twyster isn't to old at all! The coolest part of this question is that the answer comes partly from another question by Nayade in Santiago, Chile. When you get into Academy you learn many new things about draconium, the various frequencies of draconium powers and how to best channel those powers through the human body. A little secret in Dragon Booster is that all humans and some dragons have traces of gold draconium in their bones and when the highly skilled Dragon Priests, Connor, Word, some Academy and Elite Class Racers for example learn to match energy with the dragon, the dragon does indeed at some point, mutate and grow.

Twyster is now an Academy dragon, meaning some of this evolution has taken place. When Chute comes out for the Vortex Relay Race, she rides another street-safe dragon. He is the last and only gold Star-class pure gold draconium dragon. Beau's parents are commonly mistaken for being of Gold draconium, resulting in Beau's pure Gold status now, which is not true. While as an egg, Beau showed some promise of having gold draconium, it wasn't enough to make him the pure gold dragon he is today.

While still an egg, Word Paynn stole him from his nest and zapped the egg with huge amounts of pure black draconium energy, eventually turning the egg black by the time Connor Penn got it back. Combining their radiating energy, with the black draconium input Word gave, the colours all balanced out to create the pure gold dragon we see today.

When he became of age 16 , it was time for him to start racing and it also became necessary for him to choose a human who would be the Dragon Booster. Several advanced racers tried to ride him, but he rejected every one of them - Artha, not quite getting the chance to be tested when Beau decided he wanted Lance 's chocolate, and Artha fell off but wasn't rejected, yet everyone else took that as a sign of rejection. But that was about to change when the Dragon Eye Crew tried to steal Beau, burning down Penn Stables and forcing Beau to finally reveal that Artha was the one who was meant to become the next Dragon Booster.

Beau disguises himself as a red and blue dragon to protect himself from Word and anyone else who wants the Dragon of Legend for themselves, although it seems that he can change to other colours as well as shown in Episode Framed! He goes along with what Artha says most of the time, and it has gotten the both of them into trouble, but he also has a great sense of humour.

Embarrassing Artha several times, all is well as Beau's and Artha's friendship becomes greater as the series progresses. Toward the end, their bond is very close. Beau is one of the strongest dragons shown in the series, partly because of his pure draconium but also because of his close bond with Artha.

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