gold chest dragon nest pattern

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Gold chest dragon nest pattern anabol 10 british dragon

Gold chest dragon nest pattern

Increased Dimensional Stone Buff. Everyone's Banquet. Irene Dragon Egg Update. Reminiscence Hat Box. Ally Aid Kit. Dragon Nest. Changelog 1. Dimensional Tempest 2. Party Matching System 3. Seliana For Beginners 5. Lebreia Crest Quest 2 6.

Changes in Tasks 2. Enhancing Stone Exchange 3. Summer Event 4. Best Hero Tournament 5. Increased Dimensional Stone Buff Event 1. Everyone's Banquet Cash shop Update 1. Monthly Costume update - Irene's Costume 2. Irene Dragon Egg Update 3. Reminiscence Hat Box 5.

Same stone will be destroyed in your inventory when the Dimension Stone is dropped. Black Cliffs made of powerful energy from powerful monsters has special and rare stuffs Party Matching Request If you receive a requeset from Zephyrus, you will get a popup window.

Party Matching in Progress - While matching search, you will be applied for party matching and signed up for a waiting list for 4 player party. You can accept the quest only after reaching Level 50 with a Mechanic character. The buff will last 5 mins. November Costume: Oriental Silk Costume. Lancea - New Specialization. Specialization Tree. Job Description - Knightess. Although it does not deal damage, its invulnerable duration is longer than other parrying skills.

Job Description - Avalanche. Whenever it is used, own attack power increases and the effect can be stacked until a certain limit is reached. The more Ice Spears used, the higher the increase in attack power. Job Description - Randgrid. You must create a new character to raise Knightess. For a certain period after a release of a new specialization job, the Job Change Scroll cannot be applied for the new job.

Trial Nest. Key characteristics of [Trial Nest]. From playing [Trial Nest] once, you can get from 20 to 40 times more valuable rewards depending on the difficulty level compared to playing [Fission Nest] of the same level! You can only enter in a raid party of 6 players. That means entry count will be taken immediately after you enter and you cannot enter again when you give up halfway. HP and MP will not be recovered when you clear the stage. Elements that help players to clear the Nest have been removed and instead, elements that hinder players have been added.

However, [Monster HP per player] is the same as 4-player Fission Nest so maybe the 6-player Trial Nest may seem easier when you enter at the same level. Those who do not challenge themselves and settle at their current position will only be rewarded with rewards at that level.

However, those who risk themselves and take the challenge will get special rewards for their effort. Try taking the challenge of higher level Trial Nests in a 6-player Raid Party once a week to get fantastic rewards! Trial effect will be assigned randomly for each stage and it will not change until the stage ends.

Trial effect appears at a regular interval during battle. The interval will be reset each time an ordeal effect appears. Trial effects are usually [hindrance effects] that make battle uncomfortable, but some effects may deal direct damage. Trial effects are not related to monsters in battle and will affect players independently.

Fission Core. When you enter the dungeon, you will enter one of the randomly selected [Fission Nest ]. Items inside the reward chest that appears when you clear the dungeon are 4 times more than [Fission Nest] but 4 times more Blessing Points are needed.

There is no clear limit but a special [Entry Ticket] is needed to enter. Thus, players will find their own balance between [time and BP] and [amount to be paid]. Fission Core Entry Ticket. Fissive Dimension. Crystal Point Shop Update. Guardian's Enhancement Talisman. Seasonal Points Store Revamp. Forest Dragon Accessory Icon. Guides and quest list that hindered damage meter usage in Battle Training Ground have been removed. When needed, monsters can also apply debuffs on other monsters and a special icon will be used for such cases.

In this case, skill effect and icon will not be shown. If there are more than 15 buffs and debuffs applied, the icons will not be shown in chronological order. However, improvements still need to be made on icons for skills that inflict many special conditions and stacking the effects.

The improvements will be made in future patches. Tier Items. Combined Level Skill Revamp. Previously, 1 or 2 Mid Grade Luminous Dragon Jade Hearts were dropped when disassembled but now it has been fixed to 2. Cancelling Hero Synthesis Added. With the addition of Limit Break Nest, names of [Fissioned Crystal] items that contain Nest-related names have been changed.

Alliance Badge. Guild Base Store. Saint Haven Defence: Gorilla from the Star.


How about the rate of getting golds? However, the rate is I think quite better than the other gacha boxes based on system messages back then. Even tho this seems like a marketing agenda again of ED etc etc, I highly encourage people to avail this promo instead of buying from gold sellers which is illegal P.

Last edited by theredgumball ; , AM. I'm a slow learner, that's true. But I learn. I do not need to be watched over or minded or cared for. I'm not a child. I am the Lady of Winterfell , and I am home. Tags: None. Currently living in Philippines.

Comment Post Cancel. Gold Treasure Chest for single is , 11set is and the High Grade Treasure chest single is and 6 set is BabyKuri commented. But I saw some post where the price have increased to Php I haven't top-up for more than a year XD. Last edited by BabyKuri ; , AM.

Thank you so much! I would really love to buy those but still there are chances that I'll be getting less than 5kg for my pesos. My reaction to this is rather mixed. What if I get 10 50g pouches, straight. Should I be resorting to RMT instead? Spend 30, cash and get 5,g is not something I'd want.

We all hate Scammers and Hackers. Click [HERE] to learn more about their methods. Unification of Unique and Legendary Tuners. Balanced Contents Equalization changes. Monthly Costume update - Lifeguard Costume. Difficulty levels were expaned to 55 Levels. The higher difficulty levels, you will meet monsters with higher HP and Attack and better rewards. The more party members can challange the higher level, the higher possibility you can clear the higher level.

For example, Lavanock will no longer be weaker than Captain Druke in Normal difficulty level. Stage 1 : Wrathful Ruga. Stage 2 : Fire-breath Gem Stalker. Garden of Eternity Revamp. Unexpected event is undergoing in Garden of Eternity. Talk with Geraint to find out what is going on.

Death, my contract with you is like a game. Even the Nightmare eagers to see my failure, waits for my sanity to give in,. And my Soul to be thrown as a gambling peice by the power of Darkness. Event the Nightmare chockes my neck,. I will not stand back. The winner who will rule this game, is me. Press the shortcut key "U" and click "Remote Quest" tab at the top of the quest window.

Accept specialization quest to read the new story. Level 95 Equipment. Level 95 Item Crafting. Party Compensation. Homeless' Chest. Final Damage Increase. The curve as below. Changes in Slayer. Lebrium Enhancement Stone. Hero EXP. Additional Entry Ticket. Hero's Battlefield Reward. Nest EXP deactivated. Therefore, the right click menu related to Nest clears has been disabled.

Tooltip Changes. Item picking up. Cash Shop Improvements. Quality Garnet. Level 95 Dragon Gem Enhanced. Labyrinth Accessory. Advanced Unique Dragon Gems. Old Missions and Titles Removal. Store Preview. Ladder Points. Rental Equipment Gem Slot Removal. Blessed Stone. Cerberus Nest Beginner. Fury of the Owl - Cooldown reduced from 10 secs to 5 secs. Using Aerial Chain Shot requires basic movements.

Deathbloom - Increase in Final Damage has been removed. Ward of The Spirits - Two effects have been combined into a passive effect that enhances Spiritual Excel. Ice Cyclone - The input has been changed to Normal Attack button for rapid skill use. Shadow Step - Now it can be used in air. Only on enemies in front - Now it cannot be used during Dash. Blood Sign - [Bleed] effect has been removed. Phantom Drive - It inflicts [Bleed] on enemies that are hit accurately at a set rate.

Madness - From Level 1, cooldown saving is fixed to 2 times. Lethal Torture - Prerequisite action has been reduced for the attack. Changes in Attack Skill Damage - Attack skill damage for the jobs listed below have been changed. Sniper - Camouflage : Skill casting time has been reduced and gains Wind Arrows. Duration has been reduced. Wind shot's speed is accelerated more. Acquire 10 Wind Arrows. Increase in Attack Power has been removed.

Number of arrows is reduced. When you use Siege Stance after summoning the flower, its seed drops on the ground and explodes to dal damage on a wide area of enemies. Only on enemies in front Now it cannot be used during Dash. Deals additional damage on enemies with [Bleed]. When attacked right after the skill is used, all damage is dealt at once and the skill ends. HP recovery effect has been removed.

Blood Phantom. Attack Power remains unchanged. Summer Event. She takes out an old fairytale book covered with cookie crumbs. Oh, it's a tale of Hantel and Gresel. Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Hantel with his sister Gresel. One day, they lost their way in the woods and when they discovered a sugary cottage made of cookies and sweets, they chomped it down without a second thought. The wicked witch locked the children up for eating her house and started to boil a pot full of water.

Please save Hantel and Gresel from the wicked witch before they end up boiling in the cauldron! It can be taken only once. After a not-so-difficult battle, you can get the final reward. Escape the maze within the time limit. You cannot use skills. When you fail to escape within the time limit, the stage will end — Get failure reward There are 10 maze patterns.

Please refer to a separate document for more details. When you pass through the maze zone within the time limit, you will enter the boss zone and engage in battle. There is no time limit and the stage will end when boss monster is killed — Get success reward. Instead, we have enhanced items in the store that can be bought with the points. Monthly Costume update - LifeGuard Costume. New Mount - SS Ideal mk Dragon Nest.

Garden of Eternity Revamp 3. Lebreia Crest Quest 4. Level 95 Equipment 2.

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Doing this will maximize the value you receive for spending gems to open chest. Merge Dragons Wiki Explore. Main Chains. Life Orbs. Life Flowers Prism Flowers. Magic Mushrooms Mushrooms. Download Links iOS Android. Homepage Game support site Twitter Facebook Instagram. Categories Links Back. Events Categories Links Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?

Dragon Chests. Edit source History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Ruby Fire Mystery. Topsoil , Hills. Life Orbs , Magic Coins. Ruins of the Sky Palace. Golden Seeds , Golden Apples , Water. Ensnared Virtue , Dragon Trees. Necromancer Grass , Palace of Sky Ruins? Tanzanite Mystery Egg. Sapphire Mystery Egg. Hills lvl. Dragon Egg Chest.

Radiant Egg Chest. The framework of this guide will be as such:. Get paid to share your links! The first thing that should come to you as as player is how expensive some item crafting materials is. Note: These requirements varies with different weapon types but basically these 3 items are greatly in demand because many new players want to craft the suffix for their new level 50 items. The key to gold farming now will be the sale of these items.

These items depreciate over-time meaning as more and more players finish crafting their suffix, the lesser the demand for these items, and thus a lower price. Here are the dungeons that drop the respective item crafting materials:. Worn Gear — Armory West Side. The real question is Abyss or Master Mode?

From my experience thus far, the reason for master mode is because it is definitely much more manageable compared to Abyss Mode. Abyss Mode takes around 6. Currently have 4. Using Dragon Follower Base as an example, master mode only takes around 3. The reason why you want 4-man is because of the much faster rate in clearing dungeons and this will affect your consistent gold output despite bad drop rates due to zero FTG.

Now 8. Aside from covering repair cost, this gives you a very steady source of income especially if you happen to be extremely unlucky for that day. This 8. Especially for the point regarding the high grade revert cubes rare , it is definitely something that is constant as NPC Selling price for this item will NEVER change, so this method will always be viable no matter how long 50 cap is released. Armory West Side, last area before proceeding to boss map.

It is at the area where you need to clear monsters, central portal; right side. So what are other things that you can try to try an earn a quick buck at this juncture? Note that these things are only viable for the short term as it highlights the fact that these items in question definitely depreciate over time. They are:. Polished jewels prices are already falling except for Polished Rubies obviously. So what are other alternative methods to acquire them aside from getting them from dungeons?

So all those medals you have stocked up can finally be for a good use!


Gold treasure box is back! Posts Latest Activity Photos. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. As the title says, ED brings back these gold treasure gacha boxes in Cash Shop in an attempt to fight off illegal gold selling. There's a limit per account as to the amount of boxes you can purchase daily. How about the rate of getting golds? However, the rate is I think quite better than the other gacha boxes based on system messages back then.

Even tho this seems like a marketing agenda again of ED etc etc, I highly encourage people to avail this promo instead of buying from gold sellers which is illegal P. Last edited by theredgumball ; , AM. I'm a slow learner, that's true. But I learn. I do not need to be watched over or minded or cared for. I'm not a child. I am the Lady of Winterfell , and I am home.

Tags: None. Currently living in Philippines. Comment Post Cancel. Gold Treasure Chest for single is , 11set is and the High Grade Treasure chest single is and 6 set is BabyKuri commented. But I saw some post where the price have increased to Php I haven't top-up for more than a year XD. Last edited by BabyKuri ; , AM. Thank you so much! Did a try run to see how much you can roughly earn in an hour. Ran DTMI 18 times with an apprentice, which took about an hour. Went with just 1 key and 0 gold.

Here are the results:. After NPCing or deleting whatever that should:. Striked out a few parts of my thread that are no longer relavant to level 50 cap. Now that level 50 T4 damage is so insane, there is no need to discuss about what ulti to kill the spider boss anymore, or to level a char just for boosting.

Even priests can just go in and spam chain lightning lol…. Ok heres the shyt part. Make sure you do not let it hit 0, before proceeding to grab an apprentice for boosting. This makes the new grand total to be around g an hour……. It doesnt beat farming lvl 50 suffix mats worth g a piece, but the motivation behind boosting now is:. Dimension Keys: Use them to run chaos. Skill fragments are worth alot now. Octagonal Waters can be obtained from Free Adventure points too. They are worth more now.

Do not underestimate the cassius pouches. Had you bought them off TH with the pot, It would have cost you maybe K instead. As everyone is busy farming essense II, the supply of boosters in Westwood has dwindled quite abit. These makes asking for 2 keys easier. Still recommend solo boosting as your priority is still the bunny. Keys however are worth alot more now. FTG should be saved for farming essense II. Make sure to fully utilize your apprentice slots when boosting. You can keep 15 ftg left from your last daily quest to before adding apprentices.

As the price of cash items are so damm expensive now… a few of the cash items that I recommended previously in my lvl 40 version are no longer effecient. Price of horn has rose from g to almost 3K in Westwood, while the value of loot the pet helps to pick has dropped… in order for the pet to be worth it, you must earn at least 30K a month from boosting now…….

Price of 1 stamp is like g each… hardly anything is worth sealing anymore…. I agree with shadow. The guide is very helpful especially to first time boosters like me. But thank you for the guide. This guide is nice. I like how the author carefully presented the options about boosting. However, this guide is racist.

The only way for you to identify the race of other players is when they chat using their language and or tell that they are. Things to note as a Booster: Know your dungeons well. Familiarise yourself with what skills to use and when at each mob. Every seconds saved means more runs and more income. Sigh Canyon: The first map requires you to destroy only all 3 crystals. This will save you a lot of time from running up the hill and breaking the barriers.

A merc who boosted me SC did a nice trick. He ran up the hill furthest from the spawn point to destroy the first crystal. He then used the manticore Gravity Ball skill to snipe the crystal at the opposite hill. Nice The second map requires all monsters to be eliminated. The general trick is to lure all the monsters up to the Mino to the hilltop on the right where the kobold archers are, and throw off the biggest AOE skill you have.

This leaves you with only the shamans at the portal. If you however can finish the mobs without crossing too far out ahead of the bridge, the portal will open before the reinforcements arrive. This saves you a good 10 seconds. DTMI: Pretty much nothing to say, just kill all the blizzard spotted spiders in any way you can , Just try to kill them before they land their web attacks on you, which slows u down a lot, and watch out for the Royal Chest which appears to the right of the portal before the boss.

Know the right rates to charge, and other terms you may want or not want to impose: 1,2 or no keys? Be aware that your main source of income is NOT the keys that the lowbie pays you, but the loots from the run and the skill fragments that the rabbit drops.

Fewer boosters are willing to run SC, so the demand for SC boosters is higher, so getting lowbies to pay 2 keys for SC is much easier. Most lowbies are not willing to pay 2 keys for a very simple reason. They are left with no keys to obtain skill fragments which are very important to them, worth 2. The opportunity cost of paying 2 keys is thus 3. The competition for DTMI is too high. Even lowbies offering 1 key for DTMI gets invited up pretty soon.

Rather than insist on 2 keys, and waste minutes finding one who will pay u 2 keys, I personally would settle for a quick party, which could net me more runs in that minutes wasted otherwise trying to find one willing to pay 2 keys. As I mentioned earlier, your main source of income is NOT the keys. Meaning he will run away before paying you, and possibly even steal your loots, causing you even more losses, and wasting your time having to go back to town and get another lowbie to boost.

Other common terms and to impose or not: Besides charging keys, boosters also impose other terms and conditions. Some common ones are: No rolling on Incomplete Stamp. Worth 3. Low Grade Diamond Codes. Very few specifically ask for this. Usually it just falls under all loot mine. All loot mine; No rolling and no looting. Some offer this in exchange for not charging any keys.

Some still charge keys on top of this. If you get yourself a co-operative lowbie, good for you. Otherwise, if he is going to steal your loot, do you think he is going to pay you your keys?? Solo or multiple boosting: When I first began boosting, I used to think that solo boosting is stupid.

To add or not to add. April 11, at am. July 19, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website.

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