dragon nest farming gold lvl 50

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Dragon nest farming gold lvl 50 steroid side effects in children

Dragon nest farming gold lvl 50

There are other ways to earn gold and there are also different factors that might affect the results. There are other people who are better at that. Luck plays a big role in getting gold in this game. One day you are strugling to complete your set, the next day you get a 3rd stat FD plate and complete everything. Some days you really just get really lucky, and this guide will help you earn on a constant rate so you can get decent equips, till you get yourself that one lucky drop.

Whenever an apprentice asks me how he can earn gold and get good equips like mine, I always tell them to focus on getting to max level first. This is because your income will jumpstart once you get to max level, even with the new FTG sytem. But wait, your FTG consumption is greatly hightened when you reach level cap right?

Yes, that is correct. But even still the benefits still outweigh the disadvantages:. Before you get to max level, do not buy any expensive items. Restrain yourself from buying low level sets and save your gold. I would even recommend using overupgraded green equips till you are max level. That should be enough for you to participate in nests.

A guild composed of real life friends is the best guild that you can join. There are other more hardcore guilds out there who require really good gear and check out your skills in PVP before letting you join. Stay away from these hardcore guilds. You will get to that level someday. But for now what you need is a good guild that will help you grow along with them. More on that later. I consider my pet to be much more important than my costume because pets makes farming so much easier even with the Hybrid FTG system.

The pet pays for itself overtime and it makes everything so much faster. It also gives decent stat bonuses. You still have 28 days to maximize your pet. Buy one when cheap. Consider it as an investment. I have guildmates who have multiple characters in one account, all of them max level.

I know that having multiple characters would mean more nest runs which greately increases the chance of getting good drops. But that would also mean you need to invest more time and gold with these characters. This will also compel you to give them the best equips like your main if you are OC like me. I only have one main character and it already requires a lot of time and patience from me with the current content and when you follow this guide.

I only have one character, so all my gold are focused on him alone. It makes everything easier. Sure you can create a separate character if your main is slow at farming. But do not invest too much on it and still focus on your main. As of writing and with the current cap, I can bravely say that harcore gears are overrated.

These setup is awesome if you can get them of course, but is it really needed? Right now, not really. Yes, clearing Riverwort Ruins within 3 mins is cool, but does a couple of mins difference in dungeon clearing really matter? You might want to worry more about knowing the strategies involved in each SDN section rather than minding your equips, because clearing each SDN section is not as easy as releasing shamans at Archbishop nest. Knowing this will lessen the pressure and keep yourself from purchasing items indiscriminately.

Taking away the presure will let you invest your gold wisely. Having fun. Now that you have the proper mindset, are you ready to earn some good gold? Before going further, I would like to say that there is no secret way in earning gold fast. If you want to earn gold, you need to work for it.

Here are some of my ways in earning gold:. This is probably the most profitable way in earning gold as a beginner. When you hit the level cap, your FTG now consumes a lot faster. You will probably consume everything in about runs, and no FTG means incredibly low drop rate. To get around this problem, you need to get a random low level player and assign them as your apprentice click on them, then click master request.

Running dungeons with an apprentice will give you almost unlimited FTG and unlimited durability. Plus, Abyss dungeons gives you free Dimensional Keys when you finish them with an apprentice, which you can sell for more gold. Here you get a chance to get low level skill plates.

These skill plates are actually a lot more expensive compared to mid level dungeons because more types of characters need them. DTMI is also a pretty straightforward map and it has mobs that are tightly packed and easy to take out. With decent gear you can clear both dungeons in less than 2 mins, even around if you are fast. In an afternoon you can probably farm about stamps , even more, which you can use to seal plates or High Grade Codes. This is the traditional way of farming for gold and I want to include this because it is still effective if you know how to adapt in the new Hybrid FTG system.

Even at 0 FTG you can still get agates per run. Because of the new cap, you may now apprentice up to lvl39 players. Get a lvl32 apprentice and farm FIC Masters all the way. When I do this I can get at least stacks of agates in just a couple of hours with my pet.

That should still net you a couple of hundred gold. A lot of people neglect the NPC Gifting system for some reason. Each NPC have different associations and earns different points. Golden Goose points can give you VIP tickets to lessen repair costs and sell more from all the loot especially important if you have a pet.

Free Adventurer points also get you Octagonal Waters which costs g per pcs. But the most important one is the Cassius Palace points which can be exchanged for epic code pouches. Cassius Palace point farming is probably the best way to save money when you start crafting your epic equipment because you no longer need to buy the epic codes. Not buying codes for your epic equipment means MORE money to spend for other things like overupgrades or stat plates. So you still need to wait for CC to update that.

So how do you get gifts? Again, boosting apprentices. Green gifts will give you 60 guild points each. Thats Cassius points already. And thats just the gifts for Irene, not counting the gifts for other NPCs for more profit and the actual items that the NPC sends you everytime you give them a certain amount of gifts these are usually rough or ordinary gems, waters, or just plain crap.

If you choose to grind at Forsaken Islet Core, you also get ordinary grade gifts, which again, can be gifted to NPCs all around Saint Heaven for about 20 points. Having a pet is especially important for this, though. The next step is simple. Go outside the town and find the disassembler. Now disassemble the Rare equipment pieces and get ready to loot your comet dusts. There is a chance of getting Sun Spark which sells for Gold each. Hoard them until you get 10, or you can sell them for 50 gold per pieces.

Depeding your patience , the profit ranges from , Gold. Per day you can get At least Comet Dusts which sells for gold or probably more. I would suggest selling them in the Trading house as there are scamming Schemes going on. First off, the demand is moderately High. You can sell them immediately.

If you want to , then go. No harm done to people. No trashtalking, please. I am very much sensitive or sarcastic towards rude people. People labelled me as a male. I am not a male, I am a female. If you have any questions or clarifications, kindly comment or post. Do give this statement some thought if you are seriously considering entering the comet dust business CDB. CDB is all about luck. If luck is not on your side, expect to make negligible loss.

And if you have purchased your raw materials off the tradehouse, do be prepared to make a loss. In order to maximise the chances of profit, I would suggest you to: 1. For each type of gem, use the highest-value equipment. Based on the current market, the realistic profit from selling raw materials agates and weapons is higher than from selling comet dust most of the time. So when is CDB more realistically profitable? CDB is realistically profitable if: 1. The prices of gems, rough or ordinary, crash.

For example, below 50 silver each. The prices of weapons crash, especially for epic grade. You obtain your raw materials free, as loots from running dungeons. The other scenario when making comet dust from raw materials is profitable, is when you are the one buying comet dust. In this manner, the comet dust act as an alternative to receiving gold from selling in the tradehouse.

The comet dust can then be liquidated into gold at the time of your choice. I have a bag load of Agates, What to do next?


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