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Rwc 2008 dragon helm gold 1 steroid encyclopedia book

Rwc 2008 dragon helm gold 1


Is there a Bridal one as well? I wanted that so bad and the piece of white cloth. Yea, the Flying Evil Wing has so much swag xD. Sign In Create Account. Choose a background. Back to Website Forums Members More. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. We've recently opened a new server - if you'd like to give it a try, please check out our website at Anomaly Ragnarok Online!

Headgear Suggestion Started by nightmare , Jan 14 PM. Please log in to reply. Posted 14 January - PM. I hope you will look at this suggestion and I hope I'd hear something from you or the Staff. Thank you and have a good day. These wouldn't look bad in the server under Custom items or Donation items. Perry the Platypus Administrator Administrators 3, posts.

Cordelia Angeling Game Masters 2, posts. Beer hat plx plox. Posted 15 January - AM. Perry, how come its a bit of work? Can you explain more, im curious lol. Posted 15 January - PM. Posted 16 January - AM. Posted 19 January - PM. Posted 25 January - PM. Bomb Wick. Bone Hat 1. Bone Head 1. Bone Helm. Bone Helm 1. Bongun Hat. Bongun Hat 1. Boob Hat 1. Book File Hat. Boom Boom Hat. Boys Cap. Boy's Cap. Boy's Cap 1. Bra Hat 1. Brazil Beret. Brazil National Flag Hat 1.

Brazil Twin Ribbon. Brazilian Flag Hat 1. Bridal Ribbon. Bride Mask 1. Bride's Corolla. Brown Ayam 1. Brown Baseball Cap. Brown Beanie. Brown Beret. Brown Bonnet. Brown Deviling Wings. Brown Deviruchi Hat. Brown Drooping Cat. Brown Feather Beret.

Brown Gangster Scarf. Brown Glasses 1. Brown Hairband. Brown Helm Of Darkness 1. Brown Kawaii Ribbon 1. Brown Mage Hat. Brown Magic Eyes. Brown Paper Bag Hat. Brown Tailed Ribbon. Brown Wind Milestone. Brown Winter Hat. Bright Fury 1. Bubble Ring 1. Buck Teeth 1. Bucket Hat. Bucket Hat 1. Buckle Cap 1. Bulb Band. Bullock Hat. Bullock Helm. Bunny Band. Bunny Egg Shell. Bunny Hat 1.

Bunny Hairband colored. Bunny Top Hat. Burning Spirit 1. Bushy Moustache. Butterfly Hairpin 1. Butterfly Pin 1. Butterfly Wing Ear. Butterfly Wings. Buzzy Ball Board. Buzzy Ball Gum. Cactus Hat. Cake Hat. Camellia Hair Pin 1. Camouflage Hat 1. Camp Fire Hat. Can Hat. Cancer Crown. Cancer Diadem. Candy Cane In Mouth. Candy Hat. Candy Ring 1. Cap 1. Cap Of Blindness 1.

Capricorn Crown 1. Capricorn Diadem. Captain's Pipe. Captain's Hat. Carmen Miranda's Hat 1. Carnation Hairband. Carnival Circlet. Carnival Hat. Carnival Jester. Carnival Joker Jester. Carrot In Mouth. Cat Ear Beret 1. Cat Helm. Cat Lace Hairband 1. Cat o' Nine Tails Cap 1. Catfoot Hairpin 1. CD In Mouth. Celestial Dark Flame. Celines Ribbon 1. Censor Bar. Censor Bar 1. Chameleon Hat 1. Champion Wreath. Champune Hat. Charizard Horns. Charizard Wings. Charming Ribbon 1.

Charming Ribbon 1 colored. Chatty Parrot. Cheesy Snack In Mouth. Chef Hat. Cherry Twig In Mouth. Cherub Hat 1. Cheshire Cat Hat 1. Chewing Bubblegum. Chewing Bubblegum colored. Chick Hat. Chick Hat 1. Chicken Hat 1. Chicken Of Love Hat. Chilly Breath. Chinese Crown. Choco Doll 1. Choco Donut In Mouth. Choco Stick In Mouth. Christmas Bulb 1. Christmas Cheshire Hat 1. Christmas Star.

Christmas Tree Hat 1. Chung Hairband 1. Circlet 1. Circlet Of Kriemhild 1. Citron Hat 1. Classic Hat 1. Clock Key 1. Close Helmet. Clown Nose. Cola Can 1. Coif 1. Cookie Hat. Cookie Ring 1. Cool FB Hat 1. Cool Glasses 1. Corsair 1. Costume White Snake Hat. Cow Hat 1. Cowboy Hat. Cowboy Hat 1. Cowhide Hat 1. Cowring Cap 1. Cowring Hat 1. Crescent Helm 1. Cresent Hairpin. Crimson Rose. Cross Baseball Cap 1.

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Cyclop's Eye. Cyclop's Eye 1. Dark Age 1. Dark Bacilium 1. Dark Blinder. Dark Blinder 1. Dark Knight Mask. Dark Knight Mask Lower. Dark Pumpkin-head. Dark Randgris Helm 1. Dark Red Baseball Cap. Dark Wing. Darkness Helm 1. Day Ring 1. Deceit Crown 1. December Kanzashi 1. Decorative Geographer 1. Decorative Golden Bell. Decorative Mushroom. Defolty Doll Hat 1.

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Evil Wing Ears 1. Executioner Hood 1. Exodus Wings 1. Eye Of Darkness. Eye Of Juno 1. Eye Patch. Eye Patch 1. Fairy Flower 1. Fairy Wings. Fafnir Mask. Fafnir Skin. Falcon Mask. Fallen Angel Blessing. Family Hat 1. Fan In Mouth. Fancy Flower. Fancy Mini Crown 1. Fanta Grape Can Hat 1. Fanta Orange Can Hat 1. Fanta Zero Lemon Hat 1. Fantastic Pumpkin-Head. Fantastic Wig. Fashion Hip Sack. Fashionable Glasses.

Father's Mask. Father's Sunglasses. Father's White Moustache. Feather Beret. Feather Beret colored. Feather Bonnet. February Kanzashi 1. Ferlock's Hat 1. Festival Bunny Band. Festival Grand Circlet. Festival Pumpkin Hat. Fighter Moon Cat 1. Filir's Pinions. Filir Hat. Final Sacrifice Hat 1. Fin Helm. Fin Helm 1. Fish Head Hat.

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Freya Soul Circlet. Freya's Crown. Fricca's Circlet. Friend Recruiter Hat. Frog Doll 1. Frog Hat. Frog Hood 1. Frog King Hat 1. Frozen Twin Pompom. Frozen Wings. Fruit of Love. Funeral Hat. Galapago Cap. Galaxy Circlet 1.

Gambler Hat. Gambler Seal. Gangster Mask. Ganster Scarf. Ganster Scarf colored. Garuda Hat 1. Gas Mask. Geek Glasses. Geek Glasses 1. Gelato Hat. Gemini Crown 1. Gemini Diadem 1. Gemma Hairband 1. Gemmed Sallet. Gemmed Sallet 1. General Helmet 1. Gentleman's Pipe. Geographer Band. GF Recruiter Hat. Ghost Bandana. Ghost Of Fallen Bishop 1. Ghostring Balloon. Ghostring Cap 1. Giant Band Aid. Giga Puddi. Gigant Helm. Gigantic Majestic Goat.

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Golden Bunny Band 1. Golden Crown 1. Golden Fish In Mouth. Golden Gear. Golden Gear 1. Golden Laurel. Golden Savage Hat. Golden Tiara. Golden Wings. Gorilla Model Hat 1. Grampa Beard. Grand Circlet. Grand Peco Hairband. Gray Beanie. Gray Bunny Band 1. Gray Deviruchi Hat. Gray Drooping Cat. Gray Mage Hat. Green Apple Hat 1. Green Apple of Archer. Green Ayam 1. Green Baseball Cap. Green Bonnet. Green Bubblegum.

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Groucho Marx Glasses 1. Gryphon Hat 1.

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El organon de aristoteles libro completo Costume White Snake Hat. This page contains a list of ALL headgears, armors, and accessories that are and are not available in-game! Australian Flag Hat. Choco Stick In Mouth. Helm of Hermes 1. Green Bunny Hairband.
Bolus steroid Buck Teeth 1. NPC Sell: is equal to is greater than is less than King Prawn Hat. Blue Pencil In Mouth. Isabella Blue Ear 1.
Organon anatomy torrent Fantastic Wig. Angel Spirit 1. Nidoran Horn 1. Page Jump:. Noble Hat. Heart Earrings 1.
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If a player comes within 3 cells of the body, it triggers a mob of Maggot to spawn. Cloaking, Camouflage won't trigger the spawn. Once enough mobs have been defeated head to the central north area of the map. Here you will again find Himelmez chatting with Varmundt and Heinrich. The players should bring Stone-immunity e. Marduk Card equipment on this fight. Upon defeating the MVP, each party member should speak with Varmundt and collect Go into the north portal to enter the 1st Floor of Old Glast Heim.

Here Heinrich will again have a discussion with Varmundt and a portal will open in the west. Enter the west portal. In addition to the previous mobs the area will be filled with Corrupted Abysmal Knight and Bloody Knight. Upon clearing sufficient mobs, an announcement will be made stating the appearance of an evil presence. Find and defeat the 1st Commander of Destruction mini boss which will open a portal to the east.

Head to the east portal via the central bridge. Similar to the west side, clear all the mobs to spawn the 2nd Commander of Destruction mini boss and defeat her. A portal will open to the north. Shadow elemental armor combined with Fireproof Potion is a more safe option in this fight. Enter the north portal and as you walk further north past some Decomposed Bodies, you will see Heinrich confronting Himelmez again.

Once the dialogue is over the MVP will spawn at the location of the floating body. During the MVP fight, random mobs will spawn in the central area. The player can bring Amdarais to the northern stairs area to avoid the random mobs. Defeat the MVP and speak with Hugin. He will give 5 of each Temporal Crystal and Coagulated Spell the first time you complete the instance and 1 of each thereafter. After collecting the reward, the player can: A Speak with Hugin to warp back to the entrance, or B Go to the Treasure Room on the 2nd Floor to collect 7 Coagulated Spells and other loots.

Click on the fountain in the top right corner of the 2nd Floor to be warped to the Treasure Room in the middle. It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance. None of them uses skills: only melee. It will warp you into the Dimensional Gorge. Talk to Leon the Adventurer in Dimensional Gorge to start the quest 2. Click on Dimensional Device and select "Boot up device" 3.

When instance is ready, click on Dimensional Device again and select option 2 to enter. You have 1 hour to complete this instance. Talk to Sara Irene to start Story starts with conversation between Sara Irene and you taking place and later Doyen her father appears before long. As soon as all the conversations end, walk toward the nearest warp portal on your left and you'll appear on the upper left corner of Payon town. Defeat guards and monsters. Continue to look around for Sara Irene and defeat those monsters.

You should be moving in direction as below: First section: Kill all guards and wolfs, the portal to second section will open in upper eastern side. Second section: Kill all guards and desert wolfs, the portal to third section will open in southern side. Third section: Kill all guards, wolfs and desert wolfs, the portal to fourth section will open at northern center side. Fourth section: Kill all guards. The portal to fifth section will open at upper west side. Talk to Doyen again, then start walking west until you meet Sara.

Then the exit portal will open at western side. Talk to Leon again. You will get k base exp and 1m job exp non VIP for first timer; or k base exp and k job exp for repeats. When dealing physical damage, has a high chance to transform into Sarah for 60 seconds. It is suggested to bring Tokens of Siegfried in case the players die in the middle of the instance. Most of the monsters here are Insect race and Poison elemental. Bringing various elemental armors and element-proof potions will help players survive damage from the Faceworm Queen.

Poison or Undead armor will nullify the numerous poison damage in this instance. In case both are unavailable, Shadow armor will still be able to reduce poison damage but only by half. Spell Breaker can be used to interrupt various enemy skills and deal damage. Instance Information The Faceworm Nest instance is located at the right of the two large areas in the bottom left pathway in the Dimensional Space dali 83, The instance needs to be completed within 1 hour.

It can be done solo or in a party, and the difficulty setting can be chosen in the beginning when talking to Chaos. The Magic Scholar will create the instance when the party leader speaks to him. The Old sign shows players fastest completion time of the Faceworm Nest instance along with the name of the party leader and how many people were in the party.

If a new record has been made, it will be broadcasted to everyone in the server. The Interdimensional Device allows the party to enter the instance when spoken to. Inside the Faceworm Nest are Faceworms to kill. There are four main types of Faceworms to kill, three of which are required to be killed in order to move on. Regular Faceworms Dark Faceworms will have varying skills depending on the area they are encountered Faceworm Queen info in part 5 Faceworm Larva traps, not necessary to kill Note: For additional monster stats, you can refer to the Monsters List at the end of this guide Walkthrough The Faceworm Nest instance is divided into five parts.

Each phase will spawn a set amount of Faceworms that need to be eliminated to proceed. Once all Faceworms are eliminated or only less than 3 of them remain, the Dark Faceworm mini-boss will be summoned. A reward chest that appears everytime a Dark Faceworm is defeated When the mini-bosses are killed, a Treasure Chest appears nearby that can be opened to drop a garment, Giant Faceworm Snake Skin, or the slotted version Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1].

This garment will come pre-enchanted, possibly pre-refined, and also possibly slotted. The difficulty mode and how fast each part is completed will determine the level of enchants the Giant Faceworm Snake Skin will have. Choosing Hard Mode and having a faster completion time of each part will give the garment better enchants, higher refine rates, and a higher chance to be slotted. Each section's timer won't start until the player talks to Chaos, so the players can prepare beforehand by clearing the Faceworm Larva first and splitting up the party into various positions.

A suspicious mound of dirt that's hiding Faceworm Larva. Present around the map are Suspicious Mounds of dirt. Walking near theses will trigger up to 3 Faceworm Larva to appear, except while being invisible e. Hiding, Cloaking, Camouflage, etc. Though they do not need to be killed to continue the instance, it is advised to get rid of them quickly as they move fast and will overwhelm players with their fast attacks.

Also scattered around the map are Savages, Greatest Generals, and Beetle Kings, which do not need to be killed. Chaos and Iris will be found directly south of the entrance. Have the party leader talk to Chaos to initiate a brief conversation with the duo and choose the difficulty mode.

Once the dialogue ends, Faceworms will start to spawn all around the map. Once the Faceworms are eliminated, a Dark Faceworm will spawn in the bottom right area of the zone. This Dark Faceworm has 5 million HP. It will constantly spawn Faceworm Eggs around itself that will then attempt to hatch with a visual cast bar. Once the cast bar finishes, the eggs will spawn 1 Faceworm Larva each. Afterwards, the eggs will break and heal the Dark Faceworm. After the Dark Faceworm is defeated, a Treasure Chest will appear nearby, and a portal will open up near the bottom right area near the large rock pile where the Dark Faceworm had spawned.

Proceed through the portal to enter part 2 of the instance. A Dark Faceworm with newly-spawned eggs. Nonetheless, it would be desirable to directly break the eggs instead to also prevent them from healing the Dark Faceworm. Once its HP falls below half, it will start spawning 4 eggs each time. The amount of HP the Dark Faceworm recovers from the eggs is dependent on how many of them survive: 4 Eggs will heal it for , HP 3 Eggs will heal it for?? They will have a short talk about Faceworm hunting, how the Faceworms' skin is actually valuable, and how skilled hunters can yield Faceworm skins of higher quality through faster kills.

After they finish talking, the Faceworms will appear and the players will need to eliminate them once more. This area will have more suspicious mounds of earth than in the previous phase, most of which will be hidden underneath foilage, so it would be best to move through the area slowly if facing the Faceworm Larva is dangerous.

Once the Faceworms have been eliminated, another Dark Faceworm will spawn in the northern area of the map. Like before, this Faceworm has 5 million HP. This Dark Faceworm variant will frequently cast Water Ball, which can overwhelm unprepared players, but may be easily mitigated by wearing water element armor and drinking a Coldproof Potion. Once killed, the second treasure chest will appear. The portal to the next area will appear at the very south of the map, to the right of the portal that was used to enter part 2.

A Dark Faceworm "using" Waterball. Note: this only shows 1 out of 4 total waterballs being simultaneously casted at the same time. Boss Fight Tips - Waterball: The waterball actually comes from invisible eggs and not from the Dark Faceworm itself; so, although wearing magic reflect gear will return incoming damage, the reflected damage won't contribute to defeating the Dark Faceworm at all. Since the waterball-eggs are stationary and their range is limited, it is possible to avoid their damage completely by luring the Dark Faceworm away from where the eggs spawned.

One way to detect when the eggs are present is when an entity shadow or a "Miss" notification appears in an empty space on the ground. The shadow only remains visible for a few of seconds when the invisible eggs newly spawn, but the "Miss" can be seen when the player walks in range of the eggs this is when they start casting waterball.

Phase 3 Iris and Chaos are nowhere to be found. However, a high number of poison sacks will now spawn whenever players reach certain areas and they will respawn whenever players walk near. These poison sacks have a very slow timer and when they reach zero, they will explode and deals moderate fire damage, so the players should move away from them.

Although the damage can be avoided with either Kyrie Eleison or Hide, standing near too many poison sacks can prove fatal if unavoided. However, the poison sacks can be killed fairly easily. Like the mounds of dirt on part 1, being invisible won't trigger the poison sacks. The narrow canyon area on the first half on this part won't have any Faceworms. Follow the path north to the large open area to find more Faceworms to kill, while also being careful of the poison sacks.

The Dark Faceworm will spawn in the north area with 5 million HP as before. This time, instead of eggs, poison sacks will appear to help hinder players and heal the Dark Faceworm. Once killed, the third treasure chest will appear and the portal to part 4 will appear in the bottom right of the fourth area. Do note poison sacks will continue spawning if players approach the area so proceed to the next area with caution.

A cluster of explosive Poison Sacs. Boss Fight Tips - Poison Sacs: The sacs are stationary, so it is easy to avoid their damage by simply keeping distance from them. The poison sacs can be damaged and taken out by pre-placed skills like traps, Magnus Exorcismus, Blaze Shield, etc. Phase 4 Still no sign of Chaos and Iris. Instead, large clouds of bubbly poison fills numerous areas of this part. Approaching the center of any of the poisons will deal continuous neutral damage at a high rate, killing players rapidly.

This damage can be avoided with Kyrie Eleison, Perfect Dodge, and Hide like the poison sacks in part 3, but it is better advised to avoid walking too close to the centers. Kill all the Faceworms in this area, while being careful of the poison.

Since the poisonous area can heal the Faceworms, it is advised not to fight them inside it. The Dark Faceworm spawns in the west area this time. While also having eggs again to heal it, there will also be clouds of poison that spawn near it when fighting this Faceworm.

Avoid the poison if possible while killing the beast. When this Faceworm dies, the fourth treasure chest will appear, along with the portal on the west that will lead to the final area. Beware of the poison as it will not go away. A poison cloud. Also known as "Fatal Poison Zone". The poison clouds will heal all Faceworms for around HP for every second they stay inside the cloud.

Phase 5 Iris and Chaos are here now, and once the party leader talks to them, the Faceworm Queen will soon spawn. The Faceworm Queen proves to be a formidable foe with her high amount of HP and devastating attacks. She will spawn in her original Poison form, and can change her element randomly to Fire, Earth, Water, or Wind. An announcement will be shown when she does so. Elemental Forms: Poison - Default, White form.

Earth - Green form. She will constantly Heal herself in this form, as well as constantly cast Quagmire and Earth Drive under players. She will also sometimes use Earth Attack if the player is within melee range. Water - Blue form. Wind - Yellow form. Fire - Enraged Red form. She will enter this stage when lured too far from the center or when she receives a large amount of damage in a short period around 3m in less than 10 seconds.

Upon enraging, she will instantly recover around 3. For new and returning students, we have textbooks to buy, rent or sell and teachers can find books for their classroom in our education store. Skip to main content. Next page. Best sellers in Books See more Previous page. Mass Market Paperback. Most wished for in Books See more Previous page. Board book. Books at Amazon The Amazon. New Releases. Kindle Unlimited.

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Consider, that golden dragon led lights healthy!

Recent updates. Skeleton lantern Pumpkin lantern Spooky outfit Spookier outfit. Affiliates Requests Deletion requests Adminship requests. Databases Community Back. Guides Databases Community Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Brutal black dragon. View source. History Talk 0. For other uses, see Brutal blue dragon. Please add tips to the subpage, rather than the article below. Universal Conquest Wiki. This article has a money making guide here.

Black dragonhide. Dragon platelegs. Dragon plateskirt. Uncut dragonstone. Rune longsword. Dragon longsword. Rune platelegs. Rune full helm. Black d'hide body. Black d'hide vamb. Rune platebody. Dragon med helm. Rune thrownaxe. Dragon dart tip. Dragon javelin heads. Uncommon [1]. Dragon arrowtips. Gem drop table. Rare drop table. Ensouled dragon head. Different views of a Cordak Blaster. The Toa Mahri were released in the third quarter of They carried Cordak Blasters which fired red Cordak missiles.

The Cordak Blaster was based upon a pump system; by pushing the back of the blaster, the Cordak missile came flying out. The Toa also carried a secondary weapon, like a shield or a talon, except for Kongu , who wielded another Cordak Blaster. Their containers were not canisters in the traditional sense, but rather a large plastic frame around a transparent plastic window.

Behind this, there was a cardboard piece with the image of the set and plastic bags containing the pieces. The Matoran and Hydruka of Mahri Nui came in small boxes. There were two Matoran and two Hydruka available. The titans were also packaged in boxes.

The sides of the boxes were decorated with the image of a rusted, metal frame. These titans also featured the first appearance of a mask with a removable axle; until then, all axles of the masks were part of the mask. This year also marked the end of the playsets, with Barraki Deepsea Patrol , Toa Undersea Attack , and Toa Terrain Crawler being the last playsets released.

In January , the Phantoka and Av-Matoran were introduced. The first half of the year concentrated on battle in the skies, so the Toa, Makuta and Matoran all had means of flight. The three Phantoka Makuta carried Tridax Pods , which were orange transparent spheres that could break open, releasing Shadow Leeches, creatures capable of draining the light from an individual.

The Phantoka canister design featured a plastic box with a lid and a plastic frame, representing rock columns, fitted to the side. These canisters could not be stacked. The only box set of this first wave was Toa Ignika , the first set to include the Ignika , the Mask of Life, although it was silver rather than its usual gold. In summer , the Mistika were released. Like the Phantoka, this line featured three Toa and three Makuta. The Toa, as well as the Makuta, carried Nynrah Ghost Blasters, which shot rubber projectiles in either lime green or silver.

The Makuta were released as a mutated form of their original selves, but they too wore Kanohi masks, although mutated into insectoid forms. The canisters of the six Mistika featured a lid with a Kanohi Ignika on the side. The Ignika had two sides: one smooth, representing the mask when it was created, and the other scarred and pitted, representing the damage the mask received over time.

The canisters had a notch in the bottom so they could be stacked. The Matoran were the largest Matoran to be released, but also the ones with the least pieces, all of them having 14 pieces, except for Radiak. They did not have uniform weapons or even uniform means of flight; the Av-Matoran , or Matoran of Light, had jetpacks, while the Shadow Matoran had black bat-like wings. Their canisters were a mix of box and canister: the top and bottom part was a plastic piece, shaped like rocks.

The middle part, however, was made out of cardboard with an image of the set printed on it. In Spring the Glatorian were released, along with six Agori and two titan sets, Fero and Skirmix and Tuma. The Glatorian all wielded Thornax Launchers with rubber Thornax fruits as projectiles.

They also all had secondary and sometimes tertiary weapons. Rather than having masks attached onto the face, these figures had helmets that were attached from the top. The lids of their canisters wore an unknown pattern, which could be stacked using the bottom of another canister. These sets also had Thornax launchers and secondary weapons.

Their canisters had a different lid pattern but could also be stacked. The Agori sets bore a large resemblance to the Matoran sets, having nearly the same design, piece count and price. Their canisters weren't different from those Matoran canisters except for the color. The spring titan and summer vehicle sets were packed in boxes.

In summer a titan Mata Nui set was also released, wearing a golden Ignika. This set was bigger, but in the storyline it represents Mata Nui in his original size, not as large as the set was. As a tie-in to the release of the fourth film, a BrickMaster promotion was released: Click , the Scarabax beetle that befriended Mata Nui.

The sets used the same system as the Matoran and the Agori, but with armor on the chest and shoulders. Each set included a piece of the Golden Armour, which in-storyline was worn by Tahu. This set line didn't have uniform ranged weapons, like the Kanoka Disk launchers or the Zamor launchers. Instead they had different weapons, similar to the saga. Each set included a character from somewhere in the storyline previously. The canisters were smaller than previously released canisters.

The lid featured a Skrall shield symbol, the map of the Valley of the Maze. The bottom of the canisters had a notch to stack them. This left many questions unanswered and some story serials unfinished. The Hero Factory characters included new leg, torso, foot, and armor molds. The villains had the bending leg design from the Toa Metru, but usually with only Matoran limbs as arms. In , Hero Factory 2. The story is a reboot rather than a continuation of the original story.

The story takes place on the island of Okoto where they will be searching for masks; mainly the Mask of Creation, the Mask of Control, and the Mask of Ultimate Power. Makuta is now the evil brother of the noble Mask Maker Ekimu , who-though his body is comatose-seeks to dominate the island. After the defeat of the Skull enemies, the Toa were gifted new weapons and armor by Ekimu and set out to find and destroy Makuta's Mask of Control. To do this, they searched for the Elemental Creatures.

On January 1st , the Protectors were released. They were the elders of each village, similar to the Turaga. They were sold in canister-like carton boxes that can be stacked above the Masters' boxes. Each came with a Skull Spider , a unique melee weapon, a special mask with joints that are now where the figure's 'ears' would be, and a rapid-fire stud shooter that was previously used in the Star Wars line.

At the same time, the Toa or Masters were released in larger boxes. They also each came with a Skull Spider and a golden version of their elemental mask. Also, Tahu, Pohatu, and Kopaka have alternative melee weapons, since their weapon's secondary function is a mode of transportation.

One of the major antagonists, the Lord of Skull Spiders was released as well. It isn't humanoid like the rest, and includes an exclusive Golden Skull Spider mask. In August, the Skull Creatures were released. There were 4 of them and they were sold in boxes. They have unique armor, limbs, masks and weapons. They come with half gold, half transparent variations of the Toa masks, symbolic of the fact that they can drain the elemental powers from even the uniquely powerful Golden Masks.

Also, a large boxed set was released, Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder. In the second year, new versions of the Toa were released, similar to the original line, along with the Elemental Creatures. Five of each Uniter and Creature sets came in separate boxes, while Kopaka and Melum were in a single pack. A play feature of this line involved the Elemental Creatures being able to attach to their respective Toa, each of whom also came with standard and gold versions of their new masks; the Creatures also came with Shadow Traps enemies.

This line also featured a set for the shadow hunter Umarak, who came with a Shadow Trap and a unique mask as well as the Mask of Control. The summer line featured five boxed sets of varied sizes. The sets depict Ekimu and Umarak in new, larger forms; Ekimu comes with a new version of the Mask of Creation as well as a differently colored version of Umarak's mask from the winter wave. The game was released in The original figures were not poseable, but in the minifigures were redesigned so they had 6 points of poseability.

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